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What was learned during the 666 test run?

all right are we there yep shalom how are you doing let’s begin [Music] the east is where we’re from the 12 tribes of israel 721 bc the assarian king he took us down we fell with the great escape we went to the euphrates the lord held the water still [Music] to a land where no mankind dwelt we went the twelve tribes of israel [Music] is israel the arabs and africans told us [Music] together our wives and children [Music] by the rivers of babylon [Music] is [Music] [Music] is [Music] the mexicans that’s who we beat we [Music] is shalom my brothers and sisters i’m elder ricardian along with elder lawyer for another broadcast our weekly broadcast that’s done by the elders this week and we guess what every weekend we thank you for your presence and all the support you continually pour on the gathering of christ church the elders and and and our body brothers and sisters we cannot do this without you and i really appreciate all you contribute to help this work and we respect your viewership so thank you brothers and sisters and if you haven’t already do it do do us a solid as we used to say hit the like button please hit the like button for us and as you come in hit the like button and on top of that if you haven’t subscribed because youtube likes to unsubscribe people for whatever reason make sure even after the broadcast you check to make sure that you are subscribed to the channel or you must you know re subscribe if they just unsubscribe you i don’t know what type of demons they have working at night unsubscribing people but this is what what happens okay the other thing i would like you all to do and realize uh brothers and sisters is that we’re coming on some very trying times so we must link in closer together in the spirit stay fervent in prayer stay prayed up and send not as we come closer to the consummation which is the second coming of our lord and savior now i told you all that i was working on some guests of course we have to do it after uh the memorial after the uh tabernacle that’s coming up so we have a lot of things happening where we have to go out do some camping we have to go out there and and just be uh have some camaraderie amongst the body which we haven’t seen in a long time just to be out there amongst the campers and brothers and sisters and you know to make sure they’re they are encouraged all right so but hey believe it or not it’s okay because during that uh uh when we get back i’m gonna go on the street i’m gonna go near where there the tent cities are of course security is gonna be there and i’m gonna be in disguise probably with some sunglasses or something asking some very pertinent questions okay that and that’s another caveat we’re going to have uh we’ll have some pieces that we’ll put for the academy news as well as our weekly broadcast just ask people certain questions based on what’s going on real time and where their mind is right now concerning the different things be it covet being the new laws i don’t know if you all know it there was a new law that was passed um a lawyer you heard about the law which one which one they’re not they’re not publicizing this right the one in in uh in california the the thing related to pedophilia i did hear about that yeah oh no they passed the law this is all encompassed with lbgt the uh black lives matter the liberal party that’s really looking to destroy uh the infrastructure of our communities they just passed the law and the law is you know 14 years old if that child at 14 which is middle school okay agrees that his action with an adult 24 years old is consensual 24 and old you can be 24 years old with a 14 year old boy and now according to california law as long as the child say this is what i wanted to do it’s legal so it man it’s at the door it’s everything we were talking about in baruch and we’re going to go go into baruch about that because i’mma tell you they’re looking at using all of these events to separate us from our children it has always been about the children folks when you get a chance do some serious research on moloch and child sacrifice okay and it didn’t just start when esau came over here to the americas and all that the incas and mayans and when they went off they were doing the same things they were ripping hearts out of children throwing them into volcanoes this moloch sacrifice in which they’re aimed towards children is really the the spiritual foundation of all governments so we have to get this together folks i mean that’s why i wanted to ask brothers and sisters have they you know are they ready for what’s to come and i titled this what have we learned during the 666 test run this is a 666 test run we’re under what have you learned and what do you what are you looking to do to prepare yourself and to protect our children through this what was learned since early march when there was this grand hysteria this this overblown of the media concerning a cold that have snowballed downhill lawyer it went from a cold to racial tensions between cops and and citizens right like i said yesterday right it’s snow that is snow mall from there to racial tensions to rioting to where it’s not about black lives matter it’s about all of these crazy sicko fans these so-called liberals having the opportunity to break and destroy everything they can knowing that there’s no legal recourse okay folks i’m going to open up the lines around seven o’clock okay seven o’clock i’m going to open up the lines because i need to understand five one five six zero five nine three two seven and you tell us have you learned anything about yourself in which that you know must get corrected in the midst of in the midst of what we’ve experienced what have caught you off guard what were your plans that were actually foiled through this and above all what is the you personally just you what is it that the most high have been saying to you what has he been saying to you through this because the holy spirit speaks and the most high comes to us through the holy spirit and directs our paths what is the most high showing you do this that you weren’t prepared for when i say what you when i say what you weren’t prepared prepare for an example in your thoughts have you thought like man i knew i should have done a b and c a long time ago but this thing caught me off guard i thought i had time is that you well express that express what that is on top of that another point right outside of that i should have done a b and c i wasn’t prepared if this was martial law today i would have been out there i’d have been totally caught off guard right and what are you doing to implement to make sure you’re not caught off guard regardless of what the enemy might plan right what was learned during the during this 666 and it’s still happening test run what have you learned okay and what have you done in this in this uh smoke of confusion they have created what have you done to come out on the other side unscathed what are you working on what what have you done okay these are the questions or what are you doing better yet now we’re going to bring this around full circle because there’s a few things i wanted to go into to show you exactly where we are according to prophecy by going into the book of revelation i want to go there but before i go there okay i would like to i’m going to remind me around eight o’clock to put out a few thank yous for the brothers and sisters yes sir who have actually helped contribute and all this to um around eight o’clock we’re gonna put out that remind me please for those who have helped you know what i mean and i all of you have helped even if you sent a little bit two three dollars five whatever it is thank you okay but there’s some people in particular in the body who’ve actually donated you know a nice amount that can actually help us help those who are without okay all praises be to the almighty and because of that and i’m gonna have this meeting tomorrow uh with the elders around we have a we have an elder meeting at three o’clock tomorrow uh with the elders and deacons internationally i want to put that out there and uh right now our focus is the people mainly first we have to prefer the people in the body who are baptized and are under guidance in any respective area all right we understand that this thing caught a lot of people off guard we think the most high that we really didn’t lose anyone in the church really you know the majority of people didn’t fall for a lot of that stayed in prayer and just did what they were supposed to do and was guided by the elders and are safe even those who were confused concerning the time in which we no one knew exactly where this was going but they they did what they had confidence in the elders that were established and they came on the other side because they listened right so we think the most high for that our brothers and sisters are getting it together right hold on you know you understand they’re using faith and and they’re putting trust in those who are in a position to actually guide them now what we can’t do i’ll tell you right now but if we direct brothers and sisters in a certain manner it’s what we know and we thank brothers and sisters for their patience with us and even helping us through that and making sure that it wasn’t no hard task task guiding you through that because that was a test the most i was testing all of us but getting back on track right what we’re going to do for the brothers and sisters who don’t have much and could have been probably was blindsided financially in other and otherwise through this all of our locations that we have a church right now right we’re setting up a preparation help okay for all of our church locations philadelphia uh our california locale chicago wherever we are located we’re setting up a preparation help program which means for the members of our church who’ve always supported and all that and have been their tenured time and of course there are some exceptions but we have to start with those who have actually put in they’ll be able to go to their elders and we’re gonna let the elders are gonna make this announcement announcements during the tabernacles don’t worry about it you’re gonna be able to go privately anonymously to an elder that’s over your locale and say well listen i don’t have a month’s worth of preparations okay i only have two weeks so i didn’t have anything because this covet thing i lost my job things didn’t go right because some sometimes people are ashamed to say they’re going through something well well guess what the most i have helped helped out with brothers and sisters have contributed to where we’re here you can go to your elders and say well listen boom i don’t have a month’s ration or whatever in case something go down because what we told brothers and sisters a long time ago and we did this in a test run while overseas and it worked for brothers and sisters the arab spring and all that that happened we’ve seen that happen overseas before it got here and when people were all on uh what they call that tandem and square it’s called uh they think it’s called hatanum and square or something huh it was called something square in egypt in cairo right whatever it’s called and they were paying poor egyptians 5 to 20 euro to get on the bus and go out there and act like something was actually going on in a riot over the middle east and it was publicizing it in america as if there was this big thing where there it wasn’t that at all well that happened over here but what but what did happen was the governments in certain areas were shut down with where things couldn’t run properly and if there was no preparation how would you be able to get rations for your food i mean for your family excuse me the supermarkets was log jammed they were shut down you had people looking to protect their property overseas it happened in england also while we were in england okay so the whole deal is we were able to overcome all of that how because we made sure with elder rock and security and all that that we had two officers checking on each house and that each house was tasked with having one month’s preparation of water and food if anything went wrong so that if there’s an emergency the officers will come and get you out of that emergency but at least you’re not in the streets looking for food for your children in the midst of the smoke in the midst of the hysteria i called over and i spoke to elder arya texas now i was like ariana man what’s going on man that it’s you know the square is packed what’s happening he says elder we’re sitting there we’re barbecuing chicken i’m like everything’s fine he says yeah we prepared he says we got held everything you said to do it and guess what soon as everyone got their rations and water and everything together boom it happened and even the people in the country was still not knowing where they don’t get provisions but we wherever we were were fine so when the most high say he sent us out as he goes before the flock this thing is deeper than even even i would understand because fleeing going out setting up you a lot of that was on faith folks understanding that the most high would take care of us without knowing what the outcome would be that’s what faith was and the most high had us learn through those processes to understand what that fleeing is i’ll send you out as he goes before the flock like joshua and caleb sent out spies into the land before the israelites could go in there they had to understand the lay of the land what was going on what to do in certain instances and guess what the most high had us go out as he goes before the flock like i said jeremiah in jeremiah to prepare and guess what we came back unscathed and when we go up go again the most high is going to guide us but right now this is where we are so the members of our church especially the baptized members listen don’t be ashamed if you’re falling on the hard times whatever the case is that’s what the churches is for you go to your elder and deacon set up a private meeting and say listen boom i need this i only got two weeks i need an extra two weeks and guess what in no time your house will be ready for at least a month now eventually you may have to leave your food that’s fine it may be a situation where an emergency happens you have to go into a city where you can bring your food now you are an asset to those who are gathered together until the most high give us that next move to where we need to be the bible says be it be like pilgrims in that day or it may be a situation where you may have to leave the food all together but at least the food sustained you to the point of rescue it sustained you when you went out there and all that so that you can now calculate what to do who to contact and all that see what i’m saying and then when it was time the officers came got you boom you’re fine so that’s what it’s about it’s about putting the work into actions and that’s what i pray for about these churches these christian churches and all that because it it’s just repetition for them exercising the faith to actually move the people and and bring them into safety is not what they were you know groomed and educated to do to do okay when the most high told abraham hey you go this way abraham didn’t think twice he was gone he picked up what he had to do he was a pilgrim our father the father of faith of our faith was homeless okay when i say he was homeless they were living in tents in provinces and all that which was outside tents and all that and the most high told abraham you go that way i’m gonna show you the land abraham didn’t think twice he looked up he didn’t care what people thought get your stuff together let’s go and that’s our father that’s the father of promise in total faith so people say well i’m gonna wait for the most time that’s no faith you’re preparing guess what that’s foolish that’s a foolish mindset faith faith without works is dead it’s a fool that sees something coming and don’t prepare okay if that’s the case why didn’t the most hot just save egypt and save joseph during the seven year famine why did he tell joseph in the israelites i mean joseph and the pharaoh of egypt to do what store up seven years of plenius knowing a famine was coming if it’s all about just waiting for the most time they would have starved if they didn’t work first noah in the ark osaka just brought him up into the heaven and just kept him up there yeah most likely did many things but he told noah to build the ark in preparation for that flood yeah i mean noah a righteous man the most high could have just had the angels come around him and the angels could have been his ark right right but but he but he had he needed to put his hand in it his work into that salvation right faith without works is dead so it’s one thing to wait for the kingdom it’s another thing to put your hand into it and see this that’s what this is why we told brothers and sisters all over within the within the church make sure you prepare do what you can on your own because that’s your works you’re sustaining something not just for you for others right everyone cannot do what we’re doing but you can at least prepare right i’m getting i’m getting message skype i’m getting what you would you say you’re out now i’m just going to add something to it yes and just the point that you’re saying at that time it was like the people that were thinking carnally were panicking right but the reality is even when there was a brother that we couldn’t reach you know then we got this little little small meeting and they were like well what are we going to do like what you mean we’re going to go get the brother so literally just walked out the front door walk down the road a little bit get the guy here nothing happened yeah you know we were totally fine even though they were bugging out wherever they were and you know the most high just sorted it out the most high gatherers right so what’s called what square again tyre square in egypt we had brothers we have brothers man there’s brothers and sisters all over the earth that are scattered and all that and they’ll tell you those that was with now you have renegades whoever they are that’s on them but i’m doing people within the body they’ll tell you they were fine because preparation was made and that’s all we’re saying we’re not it’s don’t don’t let no one shame you into believing that it’s a lack of faith if you prepare okay no suppose something happens and there’s roadblocks for a while there’s cars that’s all jammed up or whatever the case is boom you don’t have to you don’t have to do what you you do not have to panic because the first thing you’re going to think about in a situation where you’re barricaded in or you’re closed in is okay how much food do i have first thing your baby’s there your children is there at least you have that piece sold up and then you got to have legally you got to have protection to protect what you it up okay legally okay so i don’t want to go too far on that because i want to make sure i open it up to ask you and give your get your insight on what was learned during the 666 test run but like i said you brothers and sisters in the body understand we’re doing this if you are part of a local and you don’t have what what’s needed for a month don’t worry about it go to go to the leader there and we’re going to make provisions we have a meeting tomorrow to make sure it happens and we’re going to roll this out not just in america we’re going to roll this out all amongst where there’s churches okay what we can give within reason based on what’s in the treasury and for those particular areas okay so we’re doing it you do you’re doing your part you’ve always sustained you’ve been patient through the ups and downs you’ve been going you went through whatever but you sustained there’s a lot of stuff out there tossing people to and fro trying to trying to sow seeds of doubt and dissension but you but you stayed rooted you stayed ruling and don’t let anyone ever make you believe that we’re just thinking about ourselves and all this other crap and when the time goes no that’s going to be td jakes in them on a plane by themselves leaving leaving their flock to be destroyed okay that’s that’s going to be them okay we don’t have any private jets we’re in it with you you’re in it with us that’s what a body is that’s what a church is just understand that all right what was learned during the 666 test run now speaking of 666 elderly speaking of 666. see this i’m going to tell you this is why they have always propagated and promoted vaccines and all that amongst our communities it wasn’t about health care it was about getting people sick getting them disoriented the attacks on the brain neurologically cancers you name it preparing us for when will will be too weak to withstand their next wave of health care see it’s deep that when you look in the bible the mark of the beast would be synonymous with being administered through the health care system see elder lawyer i need you to get the book of revelation real quick because in preparation understanding this is the test run you have to know what’s coming you have to know what’s coming so that you can stare out of the way now the angels are going to help us with this the most todd’s going to help us with this but all in all like i mentioned earlier brothers and sisters faith without works is dead you have to understand the full power of standing on faith but but god says ohio says in hosea 1 6 my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge so knowing is half the battle so you must understand the prophecies to know what to stare away from we’re not going to always be in your presence to make every decision for you every person is going to have their individual test and every test that they’re rolling out like this covet thing was a test it’s an individual test it isn’t a thing where i can carry you and you can carry me when we’re faced with that particular obstacle that’s the most high looking at his his sons his daughters who who he have strengthened for this moment to see okay let’s see what they’re going to do with what i gave them i gave you enough ammunition through faith to understand the time what are you gonna do with it okay now the enemy who’s less than the most high for whatever reason in circumstance and propaganda is moving you to a decision that you know is against him the most high is sitting there saying okay this has nothing to do with the what the elder said have nothing to do with the bible and the bible per se because the bible is closed and it’s real time action in which what you read has now is now being put to the test the bible’s closed and the real life scenario has presented itself right what are you going to do well knowing is half the battle elder lawyer real quick i need you to go to the book of revelation because i want to show something and let me first put this guy up here there we go there he is gates yeah gates the gates of hell and look look and look at he’s cheesing it’s like yo you see lawyer even before we began you said look at what what’s the smile on this guy’s face about what’s what’s in this syringe that he’s targeting black and brown people with but it’s deeper than this it’s deeper than this what they’re looking to actually administer and uh thank you shap because shapot brought this out and their next syringes are for you got it for your vaccine and others has a dna changing component the gates and mit are currently developing the human implantation quantum dot uh micro needle vaccination delivery system it’s a tattoo for the hand which will include our identifi our identification mark and vaccination records and it’s called lucifer race i remember when we we were talking about the mark of the beast years ago and people claimed that it was a conspiracy theory or it you know the the bible isn’t true or whatever remember that right right where are they lawyer lord knows or or what’s the other one mark of the beast is what sunday laws or yeah all kinds of madness people were coming with the market obese yeah yeah the seven day event tell me yeah sunday law they’re gonna make sunday law right i was having sunday law i was hand even with with the other israelite groups and all that uh upk was teaching that it’s you working for the system that’s what the mark is groundbreaking information on what the mark is the health care system was prophesied as a part of this whole component that would roll out the mark of the beast through a syringe through the needle and this also links in with the events that were created because when you look in past times in history they in history they they claim the image of the beast was nero and what nero was known for nero was known for causing false flags burning the cities blaming it on the black jews as a pretext to come against us to put us into submission and and under the subjection of esau and his god satan so the same time they’re dealing with all these different events which is the nero project they’re looking to administer a prophetic a prophetic brothers and sisters mark we’re the generation here the last generation folks we were prophesied to see this prophecy and i need you all to look at this on your screens here elder lawyer read what you got for the mark of the beast book of revelation yes sir revelation chapter 13 verse 14 and deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by means of those miracles hold up hold up hold up we have over 2 000 people up in here and only 1200 likes now i don’t care if you like a dislike it’s just that keep in mind the most you know time is precious and what happens is if you hit the like button more people come in and i don’t have to repeat myself right so do me a favor it’s too over 2100 people in here only 1200 likes just hit the like button i don’t care what i care about is the fact that it’ll trend so that others will get the information you’re receiving so do us a favor get those likes up please help us out and don’t they don’t cost you anything just hit that button you’re hitting it we’re about to go into revelations and show you something that’s groundbreaking but i just you’re not the only one you see it right thank you i appreciate it keep on getting that up now read what you have other lawyer revelation chapter 13 verse number 14 and deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast saying to them that dwell on the earth that they should make an image to the beast which had the womb by a sword and did live and he had now the beast that had a wound by the sword and did live is the roman empire it was our people who wounded the roman empire septimius avarius and persinius niger which were two black centurions generals who made it to generals who called the revolt in a split of europe that’s where our people began to you know build our own empire within europe during the dark ages king james came out of that his son the original prince charles came out of that the black mo the black nobility of europe came out of that so we’re the people jacob judah who wounded rome see so this slowed their process for a while until they were able to regather themselves and then once they regathered themselves they began to do what colonize and set up a new construct instead of it being a caesar they would work behind closed doors under or controlling secret societies because when when we know the enemy we engage the enemy so rome had to rest reshape their structure to where to where there will be a hidden hand operating that we could not readily go against but it was our forefathers in the roman armies that wounded rome around 193 a.d that those were black people but her deadly wound was healed and became america and america now will be controlled by those same you got it fraternities secret societies so that those that are actually attacking us you would know exactly who to direct your war against you don’t understand who’s doing what to you they have perfected the plan where you’re being attacked through stealth and have no idea who’s doing it they will even pay others to do it amongst our own people so the deadly wound was the deadly wound was healed read verse 15 and he had power to give life unto the image of the beast that the image of the beast should both speak and calls that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed and because of all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads let me put this up there because i put bill gates up there first because you think it’s about health care right now that was getting the system or the people acclimated into having someone shoot foreign agents into your bloodstream so they set fed up around the early 1900s and made these cockamamie claim diseases that weren’t really existing or harming anyone as a pretext to get to us for this particular times and which is second nature to have some a stranger sit before you and shoot a foreign agent into your bloodstream okay you talk about that it took took them over 100 years to really perfect this thing to where society would readily receive people that you don’t trust that you nev you never could trust shooting something directly into your bloodstream keep in mind folks when you go into the book of genesis genesis the fourth chapter where abel abel’s blood cried out to the almighty after he was slain by his brother cain the soul is in the blood okay the soul is in the blood so why would you readily allow someone to shoot something directly into your soul and think that there’s not going to be a negative effect a domino effect that would lead to something serious happening we are supposed to protect our blood our soul with our lives but through propaganda news media and through fear we’ve not allowed them to have access to our children’s soul the blood is in the soul the soul is in the blood see and then they make it where you can’t go to school unless you have it you can’t do this and you wonder why children are losing their minds and their brains aren’t right and they their attention span isn’t good that they have to go on ritalin and all types of drugs because what we have allowed to happen to their souls at a young age they’re tainted and even tell us in the apocalypse that at the very end that we would we would bring forth minstrels monsters monsters are created through splicing through something foreign going into your bloodstream and these are the people we’re seeing out riding right now the mentally ill that are really victims of the health care system finish read another lawyer verse 16. and because of all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads and that no man might buy or sell save he that have the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name hold up the name of the beast now we know that’s linking directly to satan that’s why these agents within the vaccine and the name is titled lucifer race these are luciferians that are behind this whole campaign that’s forcing people uh to walk around with masks on you know in a submissive in a what you would call submiss submissive posture this is they love it because all their parties it’s about submission that’s why and this is why they love to do what instill fear and harm and sex and all that and put all types of fear on children this is why they target children they love to instill fear in children so someone is having a good time right now because now they have done this to the whole earth everyone is under submission in preparation for the next run they’re right out telling you that lucifer is a part of this dna they’re shooting in children or what’s to come okay that’s right just like christ has a body through the holy spirit satan is looking to mimic that mimic that artificially on earth by inseminating inseminating himself with those who bow to him and this is what john seen on the isle of patmos finish reading verse 18 here is wisdom let him that have understanding count the number of the beast now now the breakdown is coming let him that have wisdom do what count the number of the beasts count the number of the beast here’s the sign that the righteous would understand at the very end once the seals were broken read for it is the number of a man a number of a man what is his number and his number is six hundred three score and six six six six lucifer race look at your screens brothers and sisters look at your screen i have e sword up here in eastward as you can see here it says three score 666 you see that i’m going to blow it up a little bit more so you can see it see that in the middle there look at that greek right there it says greek five five one six so i’m going to drill down on that for you right now once i drill down on that i’m going to move it over so you can see exactly what it says look at that there right first of all let me get it 666 let me drill down on it it says five five one six chai zai stigma which is a cross the greek alphabet used as numbers denoting respectively 666 from the greek 47 42 so when you drill down on 4742 look what it says check it out brothers and sisters eastward i’m gonna move it here 47 42.
look at that from a primary word to stick that is to prick a mark insist which means an incision or punched for recognition of ownership that is relatively scar of service mark it was prophesied that whatever satan would bring that would actually have himself inseminate himself throughout society and people would come through a stick or a syringe a prick the syringe and the vaccinations was prophesied on the isle of patmos folks almost two millennia ago almost two thousand years this was shown what was shown lucifer race so if you think this is about a cold you have something you have another thing coming if you think this is about a flu you have another thing coming because this thing that happened this year was a total economic world reset in preparation for this because they can use a code for anything they can use a flu or disease for anything they can say well hold up money’s bad because if that person has coveted and you touch it you might get sick you may have to go on house arrest for two weeks so we have to take the bad money out of the system well because there’s no money out of this system we don’t need any tellers in the bank anymore everyone have their own apps so we can shut down no more brick and mortar you do all your banking online so that we can control you with no physical substance once we roll it out and connect both you’re spending with what the administering of the mark of the beast you cannot have one without the other yeah i also just want to say real quick just the the bottom line is we’re still you know making it clear you don’t want to take any versions of this stuff because someone will say well they just point to this exactly right and i’m glad you emphasized that because each of the vaccines which for years they’ve been studying the brain and i thought they was telling you is to make people smarter no it was actually to break you down incrementally to dumb you down so that then you’ll be fully prepared to take the image of the beast in which you’re fully controlled and which they don’t have to worry about you resisting them because you will not have the mind to resist them okay so any vaccine you take is in preparation to this all of it works in combination just like they got these sickles out there that are triggered out there these we’re looking at the product of a highly vaccinated generation that generation x i remember growing up we would have two or three vaccines throughout our whole life we’re looking at the children that were convinced in their communities folks to have vaccine schedules from the time their baby comes out of the womb and then when you’re in school they would target you with all types of ritalin and psych medicines and all that that therefore you would have the conscience to fight the spirit that have been what implemented through the beast they want total control of your temple you won’t exist no more mm-hmm yeah this is the main thing someone mentioned this in the chat yeah that’s how i looked it up let me see okay thank you shapan thank you for all the news we get at real time from all of you really appreciate it uh connecticut governor skewered for suggesting black churches should lead support for covet 19 vaccines [Music] hold up hold up matter of fact me let me put it here let me let me put it on the screen that this is so good i don’t want to try to hit let me get this let me i’ll put it on your screen one moment brother and sisters this is real time information it’s a give me that title again okay governor go ahead governor connecticut governor okay hold on go ahead and probably just you are searching just put black churches okay one moment because the brothers and sisters have to know that you know real time they have to know real time what’s going on here okay here okay and don’t think so they don’t think we’re making this up all right one moment let me put it on your screen so you all can follow us here brothers and sisters i’m gonna put it up here okay one moment capture okay here it is right here for you there it is look at that look at that connecticut governor skeward for suggesting black churches should lead support for covet 19 vaccine that it’s all about leading having black people leave this like guinea pigs while the other races just sit back and look at us just die and be controlled through the beast this is a this is a racial attack folks you can you can’t see that this is a racial attack that’s deep but getting back to it right it shows us right here to stick to prick a mark insist punched or recognition of ownership that is scar of service mark folks they’ve always sought to kill us or to destroy us from the womb because why the most high told the prophets i knew you from the womb um all that stuff you are a fetus you’re this you’re that no those little things that be coming around and men see folks and when it fertilizes a woman’s egg a spirit comes it’s not a fetus that’s a spirit those two combinations bring forth life miracle a heavenly miracle on earth and this is why the most i told the prophets i knew you from the womb mm-hmm from the womb folks what you got of the lord jeremiah chapter one verse five come on before i form thee in the belly before i form you in the belly i knew thee and before thou camest forth out of the womb before you came out of the womb i sanctified thee i sanctified thee and i ordained thee a prophet unto the nation and i ordained thee a prophet unto the nations folks if they could have done if they could have perfected what margaret singer did folks moses would not have been born christ would not have been born they would have targeted mary and told joseph he can stand outside because it’s her body her choice folks now that they understand that we know what they’re really trying to do they’ve ramped everything up because why they understand that there’s a reckoning going on in the heavens there’s realm wars and the most high is releasing the children of israel from captivity and they realize once we’re fully released there’s nothing else they could do this is the end of their empire so this is a test run folks if if you’re not ready now if you don’t see everything that the what the most have been saying out of this bible is true i don’t know i don’t know what to say further further than this there’s a test run but the next one won’t be so the question is what was learned during this 6-6 test run what did you learn what weren’t you prepared for and what are you willing to do now to get right on point to get right on par lock step with the almighty so that you’re not so that you’re not or we’re not taken off guard for their next plan because there is a plan everything we see is orchestrated nothing that we’ve seen this year was by chance or by coincidence you can’t have a disease that pop out of nowhere and then the whole earth has already an infrastructure prepared for it and every business have a infrastructure prepared for it commercials are already shooting with people having mass and all that right so you can’t tell me that okay it’s because of some something that popped up in wuhan this is a government process throughout the earth against jacob the question is what was learned during this 666 test run and what are you going to do to make sure you’re prepared and guess what i need to hear this and be honest what what were your plans what were your plans that you fought you thought there’s going to be a year like any other year didn’t you what was for you because guess what this is what how christ is saying even christ told you listen i’m coming like a thief in the night and if you understood that the robber was coming you would have prepared you’d had bars up you’d have security up you he says listen so if you’re not ready for this you’re definitely not ready for me okay so things are not going to be all put in a cushy preparation box so that you can receive and prepare for what’s coming i’ll tell you that right now and then this there’s guess another thing if you don’t prepare as an individual you’ll have no one to blame but yourself you’re not going to be able to say well because of this that and the other and this is why i’ve been coming down the last couple of months in in the last year on anyone that make excuses an excuse in that day will mean death children separated okay so do you you don’t just become and get to a point of lock step it doesn’t happen that way okay it’s putting down the excuses during these times and getting things together and buttoning everything up things up now so that you’re ready whatever it comes i knew this was coming just like we knew what was coming so we had food we weren’t out there we weren’t out there all you know scavenging like the walking dead we were preparing and folks we were doing this when people in america was every thought everything would just last like this forever you talking about fleeing and look look we still got our jobs i got an interview today oh look yeah yo obama’s gone look trump is here listen life is gonna go on mary and guess what during noah’s time when you read the records they were mocking noah rain what’s rain look at this guy building a ship on dry ground look at this fool man knowing you missed this party tonight man we had it listen that party was lit last night noah what are you doing your son’s out there working for what he’s not getting paid you out of your mind noah you fool and guess what noah got on that art and the angel shut him in the angel shut him in and he’s sitting there screaming you look in the book of joshua he’s crying on the other side because there’s people he know out there on the other side and they say noah listen you know what i’ve done for you please and noah says i cannot open the ark the angels have shut me in i told you i can’t i want to help but if i open i die too so that the most i knew that noah had a heart of mercy that he would have killed himself to help these people so he had the angels shed noah in so these people say oh you’re going to treat me like this and let my family die noah i know you and they went and got all types of gardening tools and tried to break in the ark and what did the most high do the most high says noah stand back and here it is the most hided storm earthquake and all that and sharks came in and noah is hearing screaming on the other side where the sea creatures are coming through eating the people that are looking to break in the ark because they didn’t prepare they’re still trying to blame noah well if if you don’t save us then we’re killing you too folks babylon is going down are you on the ark are you preparing will you be an asset in these times or a weight in an anchor will you be the one on the ark or the one sitting there with a shovel in the hammer looking to break it because you didn’t prepare what was learned during the 666 test run anything other lawyer man i think from the uh let me take it back a little bit um i think we had the perfect example with 911 with the ability of one event changing and reshaping the whole world around us and i mentioned that because i know a lot of people we we all have our ideas based on history based on re-scripturally based on what’s in the news asked how they’re going to bring things forward and the time it would take to bring things forward but i think with uh this event i think it was a reminder of a lot of those speculations as far as what it would take you know they would need to put boots on the ground they would need to put this in place and that in place in order to do you know or put the whole earth and lock down or at least put one portion of the earth and lock down we saw with this event then being able to put the whole earth under one vibration with just the scare or the threat of an unseen unknown unconquerable enemy yeah and by doing so it just showed the the swiftness and the quickness in which they will be able to really put the whole earth in subjection and bring in the system it’s not going to take this whole elaborate thing of you know they got to put boots on the ground and they got to do this and it got to be troops at the door they didn’t i don’t think there’s you know how many troops have showed up to your door in order for them to have you stay in your home and have you uh uh really adhere to what’s being brought forward from a news telecast masterful plan masterful i mean it’s beyond genius yeah honestly this is so cold that they had the people going to the military to get tested yeah exactly yeah exactly yeah the psyop is so cold it’s so strong that the people are volunteering themselves to the beast exactly and in that is something that i think they’re like we need the military exactly help us with the military exactly and i think we’ve been bringing that out over the years even before this happened we’ve been bringing this out over the years that the way they’re gonna do this they’re not necessarily gonna have to force the whole earth to come up under this thing there may be a few people who may be a little rambunctious that they may have to stomp down just as an example yeah but for the majority of the population people are going to willingly hand themselves over for the sake of yeah you know not losing or not having then being able to continue to continue to function under some level of civility and normality yeah people get themselves over and you know what’s deep about this is and this is a deep there’s a deep thing about this folks i’m gonna show you the mercy of the almighty and i know there’s going to be some people even close to me would feel a certain type of way about this but there’s a lot of people that are saying all types of things and trying to come against the church and all that and i know the most high even through these times will bring it around full circle to where a circumstance may happen in which they’ll need what we prepared exactly and you know what we’re gonna do if we have food we’re gonna feed them and i know people people are gonna be like what what no no while you was out there cursing us out going against us saying stuff about us you know what we’re not going to do anything to make what you put out there right christ told us not to mentor render evil for evil if the opportunity come to help even an enemy and the most high blessed is with it we’ll do it now of course we’ll have security see that’s why your rock had one eyebrow up like the rock like elder listen what are we preparing no we’re gonna even help we’re gonna have to help even those that have come against us right that’s what you’re here for right but that’s scriptural it says here in the book of proverbs chapter 25 verse 21 yeah if thy enemy be hungry give him bread to eat and if he be thirsty give him water to drink for thou shall keep coals of fire upon his head and the lord shall reward thee because that’s a reward from the almighty so it doesn’t matter what people say about us we you know if the most high habit we not see one of our brothers sister suffer or die because of something they put on youtube or say something now we’re going to watch them click click carefully but this is an opportunity to win a soul for christ and you know for a can of beans hey you can have you can you can have a can of beans [Laughter] okay so that’s all i’m saying folks it’s about living it out real time and even if it’s against what you would do do naturally because that’s these are the times that that’s upon us and i thought about it and and you know the carnal man be like no way that’s what the carnal man would say but like you know what who knows who knows why the most i have that brother sister there at that particular moment you know that person that might might have something that’ll save us all might okay so the whole thing is it’s above what the carnal man would normally do what would christ do i mean he said at the table with a guy that he knew was going to portray him for 30 pieces of silver and love that man he loved it so here we go here we go here we go it’s going to be a good discussion tonight because we’re going directly to the the lines we’re going straight to the lines five one five six zero five nine three two seven anything else you want to say other lawyers yes sir before i go to the lines first of all i would like to say a special thank you uh first of all brother bobby brown california the water thank you for the help and it’s going to go a long way into helping the body man i i really appreciate it um sister carlin i did receive your books thank you during the tabernacles i’m going to be reading some i really appreciate it also we’re going to send out a prayer we’re going to do that this weekend for sister ronda we’re going to pray for you sister and as well as sister uh ariel sister arielle i’m gonna send out a prayer for you that the most high will heal you and keep and protect you okay uh the other thing before i go into the the calls please be precise wake up put a pep in your step please do not do not do not talk like you just rolled up over your bed out of your bed and no bring some energy tonight and be able to articulate articulate yourself to edify right all right to edify don’t get nervous because you’re on the phone with elder i’m not i’m being patient the most high’s working with me so i’m gonna allow you to be able to get out what you have to get out but please articulate yourself because this is what i realized and i had to realize it within myself also i’m like what’s going on in the earth with communication folks we cannot sleep on what technology has done to our normal everyday communication abbreviating words not using words in context not talking to people normally but chatting that have actually gotten in the way of normal social interactions when it comes to communications so it’s to a point now i’m like well okay i can’t deny the technology and its usefulness but i have to work to make sure it doesn’t have an effect on communication because when this stuff goes down i’m gonna need to communicate so i’m like you know what i have to take my time and make sure i think before what i’m going to say and make sure it’s correct we have to retrain ourselves because this system have totally broken us down where grammatically we’re not correct we don’t know what to say normally because we used to be in silent and typing it had it had a profound effect so i realized that to say this that i understand that is out there it may not be the reason but it’s probably one of those and i have to be more patient to let brothers and sisters especially on a broadcast which is time sensitive time sensitive get their points across for what edification the only time i try to cut things off is when there’s when there’s no fruit coming from it when there’s nothing that can help the listeners better themselves or understand that’s the only time i try to interject i’ll try to give you as much time as as you need if if it’s fruitful if it’s bringing something that’ll help someone who’s here to hear your circumstance and maybe dealing with the same scenario okay so 515-605-9327 come on in come on in come on in and i will be amiss if i didn’t tell you about the hebrew bible academy october 11th you don’t want to miss this okay we have a newfound lesson the purpose man and woman according to the purpose of god and the conflict what’s the conflict this is going to be the battle between man and woman on steroids week two of the hebrew and bible academy elder lawyer the man the purpose of god man and woman and the purpose of god for them and the conflict the purpose of man and woman according to god and the conflict why are we at odds week two week four we’re going to inject a new lesson the rome the unholy city holding the scarlet dagger the child sacrifices of the roman empire week four now we’ve identified who’s edom even in your jewish encyclopedia it tells us that’s right edom is rome and then it even goes further into the battle of jacob and esau where when check it out other lawyer when rebecca went to inquire of the almighty she went to speak to shim in his last days and she went to sp she went to mount moriah to talk to shim [Laughter] and shim told her i’m gonna tell you something something rebecca but you are not to tell anyone not even your husband not even isaac she says why are the children struggling within our womb he says for power you have one child in the womb which is your younger son he will build the temple and that elder son he will destroy the temple of god and the world is not big enough for the both of them and that’s what your womb represents that’s what your stomach represents that battle the world is not big enough for the both of them because they both have rulership and king’s blood and then when you go into the commentary in the jewish encyclopedia it shows solomon building the temple and vespasian tearing down the temple jacob and esau so that tells us in the jewish encyclopedia that they have always known that the [ __ ] in europe the [ __ ] are europeans and that the romans were were [ __ ] i’m going to be going into more of that those details because they’re sources that were cited from that encyclopedia that i will bring forth in the next hebrew and bible academy so when it says she went to inquire of the lord she went to talk to shem at mount moriah i’m gonna leave that out there because there’s so much this is that race war that’s going on in the earth right now that battle because the world is not big enough for two rulers rulers okay either they’re either either the white man is gonna rule or we’re going to rule that’s it everyone else are just role players on the chessboard this real battle is between the black pieces and the white pieces in the academy week four rome the unholy city the s holding the scarlet dagger how they’ve always aimed towards killing the children young understanding the prophecies that are on the children of promise whom you call black people latino people indian people caribbean people african people no we’re the children of israel and this is why you have guys like this holding a in it what you would call what we would call an advanced golden dagger this is liquid metal folks see back then they had the daggers now they’ve learned to liquefy the metal and shoot it in the bloodstream but it’s still the same thing rome had a specific dagger that they’re going to kill christ with folks i’m gonna be going into all of this and guess and guess who’s up holding rome’s program and progressing the program people say cia fbi this that and the other no non-folks jesuits you have jesuits over the music industry you have jesuits over regular industry they’re over the cia the fbi they’re the dark knights apologetics are jesuits when you see apologetics jesuits look what school they went to loyola university that’s a jesuit school listen folks we’re going to rip the roof off in this next academy be there october 11th okay october 11th go to historytimes.org hit on that link and guess what it’s only two payments of 75 and it’ll be the best 150 you’ve ever spent in your life three months of packed information that’s blowing any religion away any religious institutional way you’ll learn more in one lesson than you have learned all your life in any religious religious institution and we guarantee it now let’s open up the lines let’s let’s put the devil away had to put the gates of hell away but let’s open up the lines now 515-605-9327 all right all right all right we’re live on blog we’ll go live in five seconds four three two one all right we muted it on purpose you are correct okay we’re live on blog talk five one five six zero five nine three two seven guess what the so-called covet thing caught the world by storm on purpose they blindsided people with with what you would call a cold nothing more than a cold and even the test was proven okay the test was proven that anyone can test positive for their test if you’ve ever had a cold or flu in the past so it’s predicated off of finding that in your system if you’ve ever had a cold or a flu ever in your life you can be tested positive for covet 19 and by by that criminalized which means forced into house arrest for two weeks right oh hold on they say the video is freezing up oh this is why you know why it’s the power right here it’s only six percent that’s why uh the okay the power is going down it’s kind of tilted yeah get get not not that one hold tight one moment not the other one yeah plug it in is it now i don’t hear it one moment one second folks yeah right you there i didn’t hear it yeah it should be honest it is charging right okay one moment one second folks all right one moment before the broadcast hold on let me make sure one second one moment i want to make sure our uh oh yeah it’s good now it’s good it’s good you see how it’s now in black so i mean it’s charged right right one second one second yeah it’s way behind because yeah yeah it’ll pick up yeah it’ll pick up one moment so in the meantime don’t worry about it let’s now go through the calls six zero five nine three two seven five one five six zero five nine three two seven if you have to refresh your computers hit refresh all right five one five six zero five nine three two seven all right all right [Laughter] oh yeah when we dropping bombs like this we dropping information stuff just start wigging out i knew everything was fine but don’t worry about it we’re good now all right uh we good now okay all right make sure that if you’re waiting online that you uh when we call your name please make sure that um [Music] that the audio isn’t playing through the background it’ll feed back and make for a bad broadcast okay so make sure that when we call your number have headphones on please don’t have it and please don’t be looking at the chat feeling certain a type of way thinking that okay what they’re saying in the chat just focus on your point so that we can edify okay uh elder lawyer oh bring in the first call yes sir we’re first going to take the 702 area code uh the 702 area code after that we’ll take 917. okay all right 702 you’re live going blog talk follow along with how you all doing we’re doing well i could call it on the regard of a solution situation today i have a four-year-old daughter i’m a single dad but making long story short to their school called and asked about my daughter getting shot and i said yes i received the paper in the mail but no my daughter is not getting no shots but the shots consist on the measles and and there was some other vaccination shots that they asked well i had to pull it up hey bro do me a favor hold up let me get your name my name is edward okay edward work with me man i i’m not gonna be rude or nothing all right i need you to understand that these particular broadcasts are for edification and and i’m saying that we need to keep these within the confines of of the subject okay i don’t know if you heard it you probably came in late but i’m gonna state it so that you can recalibrate and i’m gonna get back with you what have you learned from the 666 test run what have you learned through this is there anything where it caught you off guard listen if there’s anything happen in which it caught you off guard what were you prepared to do that you couldn’t do and what are you making what are you what are you listen what are you implementing to make sure that when the beast run comes you are prepared go this was like caught me off guard or the situation that i’m asking for the solution now you know because what caught you off guard getting my daughter in the school system brother what caught you off guard brother are you brother do you i said i was gonna get her in the school system but i did wanna like call sooner myself but i was saying to the sisters like what’s the purpose of them getting shots and they already doing school on a computer so the sister kept telling me well it’s mandatory it’s law it’s law so i said look let me speak to somebody that’s running this because my daughter is not getting no shots there’s no purpose because she’s doing school on she doing school on a computer so i just wanted to know the solution the next thing what i should do in that matter okay bro let me ask you when i was when i was saying something did you hear me speaking at all or no no okay okay there’s probably a delay then all right so it’s like this brother when you ask what should you do you’re doing what you should do there’s no need in someone listen this i’m going to give you i’m giving you a definition what’s your name again edward what’s my name your name is edward right edward just say mr hendrix don’t say mr hendricks h-e-e-n-d-r-i-x yes edward brother edward here’s what’s mandatory i’m going to show you what mandatory is someone has a gun to your head and say if you don’t do this i’m going to blow your brains out see what i’m not going to do ever is buy into this idiocracy when it comes to them forcing certain things on people through propaganda by using words what’s meant it’s meant so my question is and this is my question i would ask back it’s mandatory for who so the only thing this person said brother is words that’s it it’s their job to say these words and it’s my job to make sure that nothing no poison is administered or shot into my child that’s your inherent right as a parent to protect your child so first of all you can’t be pressured with words like mandatory she said it’s mandatory and i’m looking at it and i’m saying well okay because obviously it’s mandatory for her but mandatory isn’t mandatory doesn’t mean what it means for her it doesn’t mean the same to you brother what it means mandatory for for for the righteous is you got a choice based on a gun at your head that’s what mandatory is so the question is i’m going to ask you and you can answer this before i go to the next call because i have a lot of calls in queue right what did you say is going to happen if you don’t get the vaccination will they no longer allow her to own homeschool this so that was the next question that i did ask a young sister so you know what the sister did she put a nurse on the line from the school that couldn’t even speak english they didn’t want to ask your brother brother brother i need you to i need you to focus for edification just answer please answer the question the question i ask you is did you ask what is what will be the what will be the actions if you decide not to do it but listen so that’s what you need to know you need to know that because really the only thing you you she stressed you with conversation that that really meant nothing you need at the end of that you got to ask excuse me if we don’t do this what you what’s the next move you have to have that documented how can you prepare for what’s coming when you don’t know their their moves so so when they’re on the phone you’re there to gather data you’re not there to be through some gestapo to be rolled over you’re there to just navigate and get information well you understand so you’re listening and you’re saying well okay i understand what you’re saying listen that’s great what happens if we decide not to do that and you take that information that’s what you need to know and then that will allow you to make the informed consent decision okay okay i got you so that’s my solution right here that that that’s what all i wanted to do yeah you got to get yeah brother because what happens is when you’re hearing things you don’t want to hear normally what happens is and they’re used to this psychology they used to get people flustered and when you’re flustered then then that that puts you in what you would call a subservient a subservient submissive posture see but when it comes to a man and his child you’re the first line of defense no you’re not going to be in no level of submission at any time when it comes to the protection for you of your child and guess what that’s gonna be conveyed respectfully over the phone they’re gonna know who’s boss here it’s mandatory for who i know you paid you know no it’s mandatory for your children that’s what i’m thinking in my mind hey what i’m trying to figure out is what happens if we decide not to do this what is your next move i need to know what what is it because they probably don’t know they probably say i’ll get back with you right and get on the covet line and get some further information they just they just they they’re reading from a script they’re doing what they’re paid to do i don’t i’m not blaming them brother because that’s their job they’re there to tell people yes it’s time for vaccinations roll up your sleeves that’s their job so once they do that they’re covered they don’t they don’t really care one way or the other so it’s up to you to understand and navigate and say well okay well right now my child is doing fine this you know she’s not threatening to anyone because how can she catch the measles a month you know homeschooling at home so what happens if i decide to just cool off from that for a minute and just give up give her a respect give her the rest from some of that uh what what’s the next move okay oh they go my man i i see i see you guys i’m gonna bring you in in a moment i’ll bring you in in a moment all right all right so i’m gonna place you on hold brother you you got what you’re gonna do next uh the next call otherwise let’s go yes sir moving on to the 917 area code you are live on blog off 917. excuse me i i haven’t eaten anything and i’m going to eat me a piece of this doughnut here without it sister you’re live with the others talk to us how you doing you’re doing well great so um one thing that i’ve learned about myself is that um definitely before the pandemic with a plan democrat we wasn’t ready so you know you guys have been saying for a while now stock up all food stock up on water try to have enough gas and young so that if in the event that you have to get out and you know you can be able to drive and not have to depend on you know the gas stations and things like that that we didn’t really but we we planned a little bit but then when everything happened it kind of forced us to wake up and say okay you know what we got to start buying more food we got to start buying more water we have to be um more self-efficient and start growing food in our own homes because in the event that when they do shut everything down again i just believe what they’re saying that you know you’re not going to want to be out here in the streets because we already see that the stores are they’re liquidating their food or their supplies in any and everything so you know time is not really on our side we have to get what we can get now because it’s not just food i’m noticing that a lot of supplies are just not coming into the stores anymore so this is what we’ve learned and then also too because i’m in the academy i listen to what you guys teach us and what you guys say and we you know we follow instructions okay using that academy huh oh yeah and another thing that i learned right yeah that’s like jackson video oh my goodness all the things to you i can’t look at it the same anymore but i’ve kind of learned that you know just within the whole music scope those who are serving satan i guess like you know they they hide their message out in the open so when you when you said that it was like damn man like i did not know that but you know again you know all praise to the most high for allowing you guys to be able to bring this stuff out because you’re not gonna find it in the christian church and you’re not gonna really find it anywhere so it’s really really good and then like one more quick thing you know it also helps your brothers and sisters to be a part of a body to you know be in a congregation because you know we’ll also hold each other accountable too like oh assistant you start did you get the the gardening um oil or the seeds or or the or the soil or whatever the case may be you know how are you coming along with this how are you coming along with that so it’s also true when you’re a part of a body and you have yourself surrounded by like-minded people you’re not so quick to be so um and hurry and and so so scared or so like an anxious like oh i want to flee and i want to play because it seems like almost every other broadcast you know you guys are talking about probably from what you’re getting on the outside you know when is the time to play i think that we have the most like really look at the most high and focus on the most high and be guided by several locks and then they will guide and lead us well thank you sister and uh i know you’re ready now right if something wasn’t going down if something was to go down in those streets you wouldn’t you and your family is safe right now as far as having provisions correct oh yeah well my husband just bought the kelty bag today and you know we’re buying our stuff and we’re also buying ourselves the table and apples too well thank you sister bless you i bless you bless you and uh yeah see these people are getting ready let’s see we blow the trumpet and guess what when you blow the trumpet the people prepare and that’s what it’s about and yeah people was asking what mj video folks y’all don’t know we’ve gone into all types of stuff inside inside the academy first week we went into the throne of the almighty and went into secular religious information like even what the east indians the east indian and masonic temples how they constructed it with your texalated floors or your checkered floors they constructed the checkered floors after the throne of the most high the floor of the most high how satan witnessed it in the heavens being suspended by the throne by what you would call the stones of fire black white but but the fire every other square was a fire where the angels reside and go in and out of gates into the realm that’s why you have your checkered floors we broke that down in the academy and how and we used michael jackson’s uh billie jean video to show to actually illustrate the esoteric masonic message behind that video the fact that every time he walked the one the stones of fire lit up like the like the floor that’s before the almighty before you go into the holy of holies in heaven okay and how when he went up the steps the stones of fire like the angels did because don’t forget in billie jean michael jackson wasn’t seen by the people who was investigated he was an angel and that’s why at the end he disappeared and you see the lights going off because he wasn’t meant to be recognized he was meant to come down into the earth like satan and the angels genesis the sixth chapter go up the steps and to consummate with the woman and leave her with a child a virgin child without a father so when they came to investigate upstairs what happens michael jackson disappears and the woman has already been dealt with to bring forth the child satan’s child let me tell you billie jean drops the whole thing okay it drops the whole thing even the golden city so what we did was we we broke it down in the academy and then we showed the we showed the comparison to the other religions that understand the same things like the east indians and others but folks we’re going to make that a segment in the academy where we’re going to bring out even more videos and other things to show you the hidden esoteric information behind it so let me tell you the academy a lot of different things that you never know is being taught in that academy right so she’s saying she’ll never see billie jean the same hey but anyway next call yes sir moving on to the 912 area code yeah again the 912 area code you’re live on blog talk yes shalom shalom you’re live what have you learned from the 666 tesla can you hear me yes hello yes can you hear us yes this is the sister carla how are you hey sister carla bless you can you remember do you remember me absolutely sister carla how could i forget you [Laughter] okay drummer for me i was the first one from area code 858 i remember you i just wanted to say to you and bl and bless you all so much for the continued work the father is doing in you all and also for me continue walking this since may 11 2009 with the first when i first found out about mother’s day so anyways i just want to be able to ask permission to bless y’all with a scripture from the wisdom of solomon go you when lawyer was like 17 blessed young man but i’ll say to the most high for you brother as well all praises shalom sister yeah sister assistant sister calling man oh my god sister carly you’ve been there from the beginning [Laughter] yeah you was one of them you was one of the original the original subscribers to every page that was taken down over and over and over again right yes sir yes sir and the very first caller on every queue yeah i remember go on i’m that just i’m that’s just the car okay wisdom of solomon chapter 7 verses 24 and 25 for wisdom is more moving than any emotion she pass it and go through all things by reason of her pureness for she is the breath and power of a higher and pure influence flowing from the glory of the almighty therefore can no default thing fall into her and wisdom of solomon chapter eight verse one i like to conclude wisdom reaches from one end to another mightily and sweetly do she order all things and doing this for spans anytime child i’m just going to say every day you got to continue to work with a higher and pray that he continues on the holy spirit to teach us all every breath every minute every hour every day thank you sister bless you and i’m i’m glad you holding on bless you sister caller i hey i just wanted to say you know i was happy if i may also share this um i was having um a little uh issue uh within myself within my spirit and then multi laid upon me to look for a video of me dated may 11 2009 when the recall and radio show was in queue and again i’m on there and i sent the email to gathering1 aol.com but i don’t think they understood my my message that i was trying to send to y’all uh but anyways longer short that video have me on there talking about how i talk to my family and everything and at that time how they would at the same token disown me because the enlightenment that the father has placed in my life it’s like you know so so far it’s it’s been a lonely walk um but however i’m still allowing a father to use me to do his will not my will and guess what before they’re still shining baby that’s all i’m gonna say well bless you sister and thanks for all your support you’ve always been there bless you and look okay assistant come on we we i got your number we’re going to call you now we got don’t we we have to wrap on the outside of this we had a lot of people on cue they’re like let me in let me in we’ll talk to you sister caller okay okay all right all right and you know you know what we’re going to be breaking down and you we got one or two videos we break down every academy and i’m going into the the throne of the almighty who is the most high and why did amalek hide him i’m gonna go into that first week of the academy elder lawyer and i need and you know we’re going to break down in this academy you got it kanye’s west video it’s only a couple of seconds right where keep in mind kanye west have put stringent responsibility on those who would work with them right he says well listen we’re not going to be dealing with these parties these freak parties and all that boom boom boom boom boom we’re not gonna do that no more we’re gonna fast certain times of days right you gotta be separated and not deal physically now i’m gonna tell you something people think that bull crazy the most high’s working with that brother he’s he’s not where where he don’t see everything that we see but guess what folks we’re different members of the same body we don’t see everything he sees or have seen either and that’s why we have to be patient and long suffering let me tell you that brother through his music is sounding a trumpet that’s what he’s doing he’s sounding a trumpet and i’m gonna break that down in the academy i’m gonna have that video up when he says close on sunday you’re my chick-fil-a and all that notice how he’s in wyoming next to a mountain with all acres and have and and preparing to live in the wilderness check out the clothing they have on total humble clothing where it’s not about the fashion it’s not about the glamour anymore it’s preparing for what’s to come knowing something he knows something and i’m just waiting for him to say close on sabbath that’s god’s holy day clothes on sabbath that’s god’s holy day grab your family i’m ready for him to go that way right not close on sunday right right but i’m just waiting for him to go close on sabbath that’s god’s holy day and i’m going to tell you folks we’re going to break that down in the academy you can say what you want to say but the more he separated himself from the world and keep in mind i checked out his video when he say run away it starts off with a fallen angel coming down and at the end of the video it’s metatron being worshiped as michael jackson metatron under esoteric learning is satan the horn god the pan god that boy have seen more things than any of us would want to imagine and walked away from it folks so we’re gonna be breaking down that video elder lawyer in the academy but anyway all right next all right let’s go to the next one here all right moving on to the next call we’re on the 501 area code again the 501 area code you are live on blog talk come on listen listen some people say he’s friend with joe oldstein i i don’t listen joel osteen is the son of the devil i have nothing to do with joel osteen okay but like i said it comes down it comes down to this right every individual have their walk and you have to let someone go through their walk you don’t know why the most high has taken him into these paths with certain people just because this is where he start is it’s not where he’s he’s ended it’s not where he where in so i’m not even dealing with the joel osteen thing i’m checking out what he’s doing because one thing we know for sure joel those things don’t have no control over what kanye west is doing okay he’s a free man and the reason why he’s with joel’s theme because he choose to do that okay so i’m gonna put it there all right what’s next uh 501 area code you’re live on blog talk october 11th hebrew and bible academy you don’t want to miss it historytimes.org get in now because you don’t you ain’t gonna keep our administration up all night coming in the last minute come on let’s go 501 area code okay now let’s go to the next one uh five six one area code five six one area code let’s go five six one area code again the title what have we learned during the 666 text run this year what weren’t you prepared for let’s go 661 area code and if you waited in the queue hit one if you have a question or comment a lawyer shall warm charlemagne from the florida body bless you my brother what i’ve learned from what i’ve learned from everything that’s going on is israel as a nation has been heavily indoctrinated by this babylonian religious construct in the united states and everywhere else see but that’s everyone else let’s talk let’s talk about brother let’s talk about you what have you learned because everyone let’s listen because everyone else is not going to be before before before the throne of judgment when you’re standing there with with your personal choices so let’s this question is i want to see how many people reflected on what really happened and how and the impact of it for each individual who have experienced or or who are now living through this what is the positive aspects of this that that you’ve experienced and what have you what have you learned concerning yourself or about yourself during this time doing this covet run what i’ve learned is that i have a strong faith and belief in the most high and what he’s able to do and i’ve learned that what these people are saying no matter what it is that the most high is mightier and greater than whatever it is they’re putting out there or trying to put out there so i’ve learned to stay faithful and stay strong while yes preparing myself and my family for what is to come which is whenever it’s time for them to do whatever they’re going to do cut everything off then we’ve we’ve already been preparing by buying food and water and and non-perishable items and and and things to be out in the wilderness whenever that comes becomes necessary so instead of blowing you know my money or on unnecessary things that i don’t need i’ve learned to um reserve my money and spend it only on the things that we’re going to need when this whole thing shuts down it and that’s that’s what i’ve learned well thank you brother see that’s now he got there it took him a while to get there but that’s key what he said there that at one time he used to just spend money for frivol frivolously right not realizing that this thing can stop all at once and you didn’t take any of those paychecks you’ve you’ve earned in the past to actually prepare for a famine okay so now what he’s saying is well listen i used to spend money on anything it’s time to budget it’s time while i have something i have to get something tangible and make sure that this money goes to good use it’s not about flossing not about wasting each dime is precious in times like this so i gotta watch how i spend i have to budget i have to get the things i need more so than what i want okay i have to become a little bit more frugal in certain instances it’s not about flossing anymore and that’s why when i go in philadelphia and i go see these stores out there and i see people still in line like the parties are still going to be out there and all that and let me tell you folks the what we’re looking at and it’s it’s a shame we are witnessing the walking dead that’s what we’re witnessing because you’re gonna look at all the money you spent on on on frivolous things excuse me things that you didn’t really need things that you would just use cosmetics and throw out the next day that was that was a bag of rice that was a sack of potatoes what i thought would happen through this to some degree i thought that brothers and sisters would look at this and say whoa it’s time to recalibrate but we’re looking for an opportunity to jump right back in and have the world we used to have and and that’s scary because the other nations that i’m looking at that are preparing aren’t thinking like that they aren’t thinking like that i’m gonna tell you i’m and also i’m looking at in philadelphia you know things haven’t stopped i’m looking at the roads being built built all the regentification that we complained about that no one was talking about it’s actually been sped up last year everyone was talking about the regentification how they taking the land right from abundance they say you know what let’s under covet make a racial situation where the black people will come along with the crazy white liberals and carry thing down there then we can speed up our regentrification if they tear it down then we can just regenerify right there right on the ruins let’s speed up take let’s speed up the process of taking over their neighborhoods because you know what we’re going to give them a vaccine and throw them in camps for covet anyway so by being you think you’re you think you are hurting the system by saying defund the police breaking stuff up and all they say listen this is this was the plan we knew they would do this because now we can regenify quicker with insurance money too folks the businesses made more money during coving than when the country was opened so what are they really harming by breaking things up this they’re actually speeding up the process of regenerification and incarceration which is what internment camps i mean this plan was masterful i’m looking at right next to where my mother there’s regenified new buildings being put up and all that not for us they just need you to run around as simple as a daiso and break stuff up so they can leave it like that and say i need that insurance money i need that and we’re going to rebuild it and we’re going to blame these people for doing it thank you for regenerifying your own neighborhoods thank you joe biden or trump when the process is getting rid of you being pressed on either side of both parties okay next call what’s the anything other lawyer you have to say oh you had to say something you’re wrong yeah just the point of uh the kanye west thing because it’s like people think like you’re wearing kanye west t-shirts around here or something right but the the the confusion that people are missing is yeah regardless if he’s good or evil he’s going into certain arenas where our people are and it may charge them to get in that bible more seriously yeah you know they come our way yeah just like with alex jones all the conspiracy theorists people started there first exactly so it doesn’t really make a difference you know that argument about yes program it’s a city yeah right yeah yeah so listen kanye west is not going to benefit from any promotion from the gathering of christ church i think he’s pretty known right so what up but but see that’s why the bible says wisdom is known of her children you can see when someone’s moving on the outside of this construct as far as how they’re operating and and guess what you can tell when there’s outside intervention that’s not from this realm working in a person now whether he endured to the end and come the way we are and actually make it to the end that’s another thing but all of us we must endure to the end the righteous is scarcely saved so i’m not no i’m not no high horse to look at kanye because he was in the business and he chose a relationship that most people don’t want or whatever the case and now i got to paint him with with the red brush and just brush him off no i can see that in his own quirky way he’s revolting against all all the lavish lifestyles and all that he’s revolting against the system the way he know how and because he loved christ and he do love his people now whether or not he has what we have that’s not that that’s not his part what we’re doing is what the most i want us to do and what the most i have him task to do is what he’s doing imagine his circle where you had a bunch of people acted out and doing all types of evil things and freak parties and all that and now they are amongst him where he’s saying no you can’t be a part of this unless we pray together unless we fast together the same people that’s out there doing all that so what i’m saying is it’s not like i’m sitting there with some kanye pom-poms with a pair of easies on that ain’t what it is right i’m recognizing something in order for him to buy that territory and just say unconsciously he didn’t even know what he was doing what is the most high showing see that’s another level because some people just be operating through the spirit and really it aligns with the prophecies of the bible they don’t even know why they’re doing it but they’re doing it but a person who’s reading the bible can recognize it the most high is sending a sign just like that that guy uh what’s his name uh the one did this is america what’s that guy name uh y’all know him the one where he the brother is very artistic the actor uh i forgot his name y’all know him i knew somebody all right let me let me look in the chat y’all know the guy that did this is america the rap the rap singer the brother is multi-talented yeah i’m not into the hip-hop like that so i’m gonna look in the chat somebody gonna let me know his name uh let’s see well why are you getting that the point is it’s not about focusing on him as a person right about the point that look at the what can happen through that exactly nobody may wake up exactly you know what i mean yeah not to his whatever he’s doing yeah yeah not kendrick lamar not not well hello what’s his name let me get him here childish gambino that’s the guy name people look people seen this video that came out and thought well hold up this guy must be a prophet at the end of it he’s seeing the he’s giving you the realistic understanding of what america is really about at the end he’s running trying to get out of it right it was symbolic these are symbolics but where are they getting this artistic understanding what are they showing and he did i’m going to be going through some of these things in the academy but i’m going to leave it there thank you brother childish gambino yeah but what i’m saying is i think an opportunity going to come where some of some of these brothers who are walking a certain type of way right now are going to choose the right side well at least i’m hopeful right yeah i’m hopeful if he if he doesn’t if they don’t christ exactly exactly see but that’s the point because there’s seeds they’re dropping some things they’re dropping may be for someone else and to save someone else exactly it may have nothing to do with kanye west i mean i had a guy send me up i had a guy thank you brother i know his name now i had a guy send me a uh and he called me on skype and all that and sent me an email because one of our videos popped up on a ron paul speech ron paul a republican oh ron paul this i’m like i’m like where did you learn this he says there i was looking at ron paul and uh your videos popped up and yeah and he’s in the church now do do ron paul teach what you see ron paul with the metro right exactly exactly they don’t have the very unorthodox on how he bring people in it a lot of you who are looking at this video right now when y’all was looking at youtube y’all wasn’t intended on watching this the most i had you looking at something entirely different mm-hmm and somehow it led you here and that’s the example we can make of kanye okay kanye he’s dropping seeds right now and and how many people can still be as popular as he is and still glorify christ now of course he called him jesus or whatever the case is but that’s against all odds and you have to commend them for that okay danny glover that’s his name that’s his name bring gadget in someone says bring gadget in let me bring gadget in they’re ready for some they ready for some fire huh i’m just joking we’re god’s at my brother where is he oh there he is elder gaga how are you i’m blessed by the best elder how are you doing i’m blessed by the almighty you wanted to chime in on this on this conversation uh what was what was learned during the 666 test run what was learned right for me personally um taking things for granted you know taking the gathering granted the ability to gather you with me the ability the ability to we can link up link up and pray i took you know you know we’ve been on a curfew and a lot don’t know for for six months you’re with me can’t gather the way that we used to be we used to be able to i mean before before this whole um psyop um plan demik uh and all of this before that we you know we could have gathered we could have had the passover we’re looking to get the passover going you know um maybe three thousand people or more would have attended you know just that ability i’m looking in in the book of second israel it tells you that a man shall desire to see go into a city to see another man but we live in that right now you with me we’re living it after after being indoors by a certain time so took a lot of those things are granted you know so it it is it is it is a lesson in itself that we can’t do that anymore what what what little time that we have is precious but a little time we have we have to make the most of it so that’s a lesson in itself that you know that a realization that that came to me without with with with all of this you with me things that we took for granted we can’t we can’t do it anymore you know um it’s like it’s like this like the ability to do a broadcast you with me um to come on to come on youtube or are blocked up these are these things able to happen you with me a lot of people might say oh yeah we can you know or just wednesday night oh i’ll catch it later you with me all the videos all that you know all the opportunities that that we have right now where we can get lessons and get and get fed us a matter of fact let me let me let me grab my precept real quick okay okay let me grab a precip real quick i’m in the book of amos one sec you know just you know it’s taking you know taking taking taking these things for granted that’s that’s what that’s what i i have you know i have learned you you’ve learned to and you’re saying guys and i noticed that sometimes we don’t appreciate we don’t really appreciate things to the level that we ought to because we take it for granted that it’ll it’ll always be there exactly we take it for granted like we take for granted that out of out of nowhere brothers and sisters can know no matter what’s going on in their lives if they need some information or inspiration they can find the elders and we here for them on on wednesdays and sabbath but but we don’t we’re not going to appreciate it to the fullness until the opportunity comes in which it’s when when there is no opportunity for it that’s we’re going to realize that these were golden moments exactly exactly yeah that that that’s something that that i you know i’ve been reflecting and looking at and going yo listen a lot of times we take a lot of things for granted and we can wake up tomorrow literally we’ve seen it we can wake up tomorrow where we’re where every every dollar that you think you had in the bank is no longer there that’s that’s a reality that we’re in right now today i i i i can say shalom right now right shalom to you right now tomorrow morning i wake up and hear that listen the the u.s the us dollar is crashed and we we we we’re going online we’re in digital right now or the the pay for money is no no no no more useful because of kovit we can’t hear we can hear anything tomorrow so you know saying that it’s it it’s i’m saying that to say this that we should we should right now make use of the opportunities that we have right now i’m in the book of amos the eighth chapter and the 11 verse and it reads behold the days come say the most i hire that i will send a famine in the land not a farming of bread nor a thirst of water but of hearing the word of the most high so you understand me like i said what whatever we can absorb right now whatever we can get right now we should get it take it and apply it with me yeah because tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow is not promised for no one for nobody we don’t know what the page will turn you with me yeah you know things change when the clock of the hand goes around we don’t know what’s up so that’s been that’s been a personal reflection for me with you know with everything going on that yo listen i i i might be guilty of taking some of this for granted you know i might be guilty of taking that taking um what we are for granted like we can like you know we could go on the streets and preach and talk and be out there for hours and we can’t really do it right now police coming out you’re with me we can’t we can’t drive from one spot to the other spot like like like we were able to all of these things so that’s that’s what i’ve learned and seen and and i i i don’t believe that when the government takes away any privileges are in a privilege for the people they give it back for example 9 11 the world hasn’t been traveling hasn’t been the same since 9 11 since that whole um that whole you know whatever that was you with me the the imploding other towers yeah they used that took away the rights of traveling you you can’t go in unless you go through extreme security and that’s that’s 9 11 was what um almost almost 20 years ago yep it changed how we travel yeah it changed and it and it never it never went back the same never went so so this now what we see going on right now with the mask the pandemic the the what they’re looking to roll over the vaccines things will never go back to the way it used to be so we have we have to see it and recognize that and use the opportunity that we have now to set things all right yeah there there’s one god you go ahead i’m sorry come on that’s it i’m going to tell you this right in the corporate world right there was this saying elder lawyer you probably you weren’t in the corporate world we got you when you were just coming out of school yes sir there was a still there’s a statement that people have out there uh gadget and especially in the united states that you were able to actually get along through some type of uh facade or the appearance of bali the statement god you was i’m going to fake it until i make it you heard that before right where you don’t really have it going on like that but if someone was to run up to you and see the car you’re driving and the clothes you have on and all that they would believe that you that you that behind you is the work that’s presented but really there’s nothing there the facade is all that exists and i’m looking listen i’m i’m checking this out because look how many people that were in that mindset because that’s what america is that’s america was made on an image even though there’s nothing behind it it’s decrepit it’s bones it’s it’s it’s graves it’s it’s decrepit but the image was the image of the beast and so many people begin to follow suit and say well listen it’s not about what you have it’s what it’s it’s what you can make people believe what you have and so many people that was in that spirit of faking it to make it have totally been brought to earth whatever you have sown in this earth as far as works is concerned was materialized one way or the other when all this went down what you was really worth what you really had going on all of that came into full fruition and highlighted in that moment when they pull the rug right from up under us there’s no more faking it to make it there’s no in between oh this this i’m gonna tell you right this is the surviving of the fittest only the strong is going to survive through this you’re not going to be able to fake it to make it mm-hmm you cannot have substance exactly and so many people and and it goes down to it like like god just like uh elder lawyer and us was saying this plan was masterful the fact that they they gave everyone debt and put everyone in debt for years for decades on purpose because with with the debt you can appear that you’ve made it you can you know what i mean you can have a card you can you don’t have no money behind it you can take a card and go get yourself the bag you want the clothes you want you styling and profiling don’t worry about it pay me later the bank you can you can trade your car and then get another car and have a bank note but the card is worth 50 or 60 000 but you don’t got 50 or 60 000 but everyone who see you is witnessing you stepping out of a fifty thousand sixty thousand seventy thousand dollar car oh you have the image man it was masterful because now through the debt i wondered how are they gonna get people in these voluntarily into these internment camps well when you can no longer afford where you live and they provide free living if you work off your debt this is the way they’re going to actually acclimate you into slave labor they had to first give you everything you wanted so that you can be an indebted slave so when they pull the money because don’t forget the debt isn’t going away mm-hmm you’re going to have to comply now someone said well listen i’ll tell you what let’s make a deal and you know it’s lucifer’s lucifer sitting there red fingernails horns let’s make a deal okay you got a hundred thousand dollars in debt for a degree that you’re not using don’t worry about it i’m gonna pull i’m gonna put that off the table don’t worry oh that car oh we’ll that that house we’ll work it out okay we need those children we need those children fascinated and then we need you to bow get on your knees with your mass and bow to your master you owe me because guess what that’s what lucifer’s going to tell you you owe me because the guy that forgive depth is my enemy you have to pay your debts here so this i’m gonna i’m gonna tell you right now it was masterful how they use the credit the cash system so that everyone can ha can look look like something that they really can’t afford mainly aiming it towards poor people because you give me an opportunity to give for me being poor growing up poor to get a car i know i couldn’t afford and pay you later hey where do i where do i where do i sign i remember that zero dawn for a house zero dawn for a car you’re with me yes okay in two years time hey it and it’s hey that they did it like you said it was a well-crafted masterful plan so people right now you know egypt again people people in and people and slavery that’s what it really is yeah capitalism and delivery that’s that’s that’s exactly what they do and see even check it out even when i let me tell you man even my father told me a long time ago he said son and i i give this story every academy whatever and i talk about it my son say let my father say listen if you can’t go inside that car dealer or to a store with your money and get it you can’t afford it he should tell me that because every time i’m looking he got another car that was broken down he had a 1500 limit and he would drive that thing he was a mechanic to a carpenter mechanic he can fix it as much as he can but when he couldn’t drive it no more after putting luke stuff all in the engine he i’m like my father must got it going on every time i look he got a new car no it’s because the old car broke down that’s what he could afford but he but he kept the car he said son he said his credits he said his credit stuff is for the birds he says people running around with stuff they can’t afford he said son don’t ever buy anything you can’t afford and i never understood the depth i didn’t understand the depth of what he was saying back then until later because don’t forget they the money changers wanted to kill christ because he was getting in the way of the money they wanted to set up this debt system starting back then even christ even christ went and beat them out elderly out of the temple because they were selling in the temple they were setting up a system to control the people through the priesthood to control their buying through the priesthood this is why they wanted christ dead this system that have put us in debt is what christ was fighting against but now here it is so i’m putting this out there because it’s time for us to recalibrate everything folks when i got a chance i would i wouldn’t paid off all the debt that i knew existed because i know the games they gonna play with this thing okay they got debt prisons waiting folks oh yeah you want a scholarship hsbcu’s and all this yeah yeah you can get your scholarship yeah just sign your name on this line and get the loan i mean you and your children gonna pay this back later folks in the bible don’t forget these are those people that are behind this follow judaism they don’t believe in christ under the old law if you owe or is in debt to a household or to a person your your whole family is indebted to that person that’s under the jew law so they be like don’t worry about it just comply you and your children you’re my slaves that’s all just just work out work it off you know give me your children you you see the laws that was passed in california give me your children they belong to me and it’s going to be consensual what i’ll do to them don’t worry about it it’s it’s cold and get this back seat go ahead go ahead go go go go go on gadget yeah element i mean that’s that’s exactly what it is man you know the irony of it is that you know and when you look at this these same jewish people that that are that are doing these things sorry if i can say that when you look at the old the old testament a lot there’s a law against user there’s a law you know of not putting people in debt usually puts you in debt usually usury you know keeps you indebted according to the jubilees after a certain time that the debt would have to be it would have to be paid back or written off you wouldn’t be so if you know if you know i mean it it it it’s crazy how how they how they would use that how they would use use that system claiming to be the people and use using going using this very laws that the most eye has implemented to keep the people have been bonded you’re with me so hey we’re here well someone asked a question and you know we have a lot of knowledgeable listeners that all praise be the most talking viewers someone asked well can we pay in gold folks we’re going into a barter system and understand that that will only be able to sustain us for a particular amount of time until we have to throw the gold in the streets go get it i’m we going into this wilderness here’s the goat everybody here going and we we’re going through those seven streams written up in the book of isaiah hall telling into that wilderness take the gold but it’s going to come a time where yes if you can get yourself some precious metals for bartering when that system goes down there’s going to be a certain amount of time when you can do that where where can the beans and and some shavings off of your goat can get you a ship uh give you get you a boat ride just just just just just add to that person yeah you know the skills at your hands be able you know have a skill that you can trade you can use exactly a carpenter whether it be a mechanic whatever whatever it be yeah because you’re gonna have to use them treat them skills to survive you with me um you know i’ll fix your car for that or you can you hit me you can build my you build my house i’ll do the roofing after you know we we’re gonna have to get back into a system of of that because i believe that this whole societal aspect of what we are used to i believe it’s it’s god i believe it’s done the the the the beast has made its move you’re with me yeah that’s the beast that’s and that’s where we are you know but anyways um having a conversation before uh we began the broadcast and iraq said that there was a scenario where there was a person who has a family member said listen when the you know a woman who said when the vaccines come i’m definitely taking them right out black woman like when it comes i’m definitely taking them and let me tell you folks let me tell you this is not a regular vaccine the regular vaccines are deadly what’s coming and guess what this happened at the path of the mark i did the path of the mark over what over 10 years ago and i had a woman sitting there after i broke down everything according to the bible and say listen if my if my son is suffering and needs some food and you mean to tell me all i got to do is get a chip shot in me i the first thing i’m going to ask is where do you where do you want to put it and so i’m going to tell you i it’s a brothers too but there’s a lot of sisters that are saying who’ve been socializing and believing that it’s okay but let me tell you folks this changed your genome you are actually taking on nephilim blood you are changing you will you will be more this will be the walking dead you will no longer exist this is why hold up elder lawyer stay there lawyer let let’s get revelation 14 real quick you will no longer exist now a lot of this stuff i keep on mentioning we we dropping the academy folks you will no longer exist with this luciferase that’s coming what’s coming is a genetic change where you’re taking on the blood literally of satan let’s read it otherwise revelation chapter 14 verse 8 and there followed another angel saying babylon is falling is fallen that great city because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication come on and the third angel followed them saying with a loud voice if any man worship the beast and his image and his image and we show the images of prick in the skin you see it right there on the screen go on and receive his mark in his forehead or in his hand the same so drink of the wine of the wrath of god which is poured with poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the lamb now why will you be tortured in the presence of christ in the most high in the angels because that’s the judgment for satan when you take on this you’re taking on satan’s body so anything attached to him will be destroyed with him there will be nothing left of lucifer so he extended himself to a point where there’s a bloodline that he created in the earth called nephilim and through this bloodline just like in the days of noah where it says they were marrying and giving into marriage when you break that down that’s changing the genetics of what the most high made in the beginning natural man and woman so there’s a this stuff is chemical it’s nephilim blood it’s changing the image of god the natural man and the natural woman but in order for them to roll that out they had to roll out a movement in which now gender neutrality must be accepted first [Music] so that you’re used to going after strange flesh but what strange flesh it starts with you thinking just a regular man and a regular woman now they are injecting themselves within this society and it’s all about the plasma it’s all about the blood the other day i heard donald trump was teaching he says yeah yeah everything is going fine everything is going fine this is wonderful we got a vaccine coming and i mean plasma’s up plasma i’m like what is he talking about plasma is up he’s talking about blood so you’re not listening to love then i’m like whoa why are they taking blood why this thing is about swabbing people and getting dna what are they making folks i’m gonna tell you right now and barack obama did it under the health care act where he would put all people under one database claiming that it’s the healthcare for all when they say healthcare for all is to be able to track everyone to make to find out who rejected or who received the mark who belongs to satan so when you when this stuff get injected in you folks it’s going to change everything about you it will be the walking dead you will be utilized and triggered and used as a monster against all that’s good so it’s not gonna it’s no longer gonna be a thing where they’re gonna have to do false flags and have the news do photo ops with propaganda you’re gonna really we’re gonna really need to protect ourselves from demons these people will become hosts of demons and and satan’s war against us so it’s going to be real people going to be really shooting cats coming after them trying to bite them and all that crap this is what this is folks is going to be bath salts on steroids when people get this vaccine regular person next to you he wake up his eyes green and all that he’s sitting there looking who looking to grub on you like listen it ain’t going down like that dude you out of here he look you know he’s looking at lawyer like a philly cheesesteak you know with extra onions it ain’t going down like that dude listen we’ll see you on the other side in with revelations 14.
all right all right anything else you want to say god okay just put yourself on hold let’s go down the line let’s do it all right moving on to the 662 area code yeah and 662 area code you’re live on blogs off all right moving on uh we have the area code again a60 uh eight six zero area code your live one and see that’s how you know it’s a bunch of garbage if if if there was an epidemic of a disease why in the midst of the disease they talked about we need we need more plasma we need more blood donations wouldn’t you be afraid of getting tainted blood during a time of pandemic where you don’t know where everyone is claimed to be walking around with the disease that tells you right there they talk about they need a blood drive at the same time they claim that anyone anywhere must wear a mask because you might be covered these people are they’re vampires folks i mean they found al gore a few years ago uh he you know they pulled him in the back where he was walking through an airport with a suitcase filled with blood plasma what’s this about dude folks this thing is way deeper than a lot of y’all think what’s the next one come on let’s go yes sir this is 860 area code you’re alive on blog talk they’re talking about no onions please you don’t know you you don’t know what to do with a cheesesteak philly cheesesteak if you tell me no fried onions yeah that’s what sweet that’s what sweetened that thing up yeah that’s blasphemy right there you ain’t wait listen don’t be talking about no cheesesteak without fried eggs hey you about that you but you about to get blocked right right come on nope that that’s what sweeten that thing up some caramelized onions and brown things come to philadelphia let me show you what time it is that’s blasphemy that’s right that’s like a swine sandwich let’s go how are you elders how are you um my name is shamaya um first and foremost i just want to say all praises to the most high higher for um bringing me into finding you all and learning so much from you and from your academy it’s been an absolute blessing so i just want to first start off and say that because i i really appreciate all the knowledge that you guys put out there i wanted to hello yes yes the floor is your sister hello okay um i i did want to answer the question that you put out um pertaining to how we’re preparing for myself um i could definitely say prior to uh you know the 666 rollout or the covet rollout however referring to it i had a very i would say according to the world successful life um in radio and tv what people call quote unquote the strong independent woman and um for me a lot of things change almost overnight because a lot of things as you know entertainment and radio and all those things kind of ended right away so i’m one of those people that got you know a lot like hit almost overnight with you know the changes in real time but it was i saw that as a blessing i never actually saw that as a curse or anything as a dysfunction because it just brought me and gave me the time to connect more and more spiritually and to be honest let go of that independent woman need to do all of my own you know situation and it led me you know with that thought process and really accepting that thought process to thankfully find the man that’s now in my life that i’m submitting to and that we actually didn’t come married so that’s just a big blessing and you know together we have prepared we serve our work um my husband actually has his own company so we are fortunate enough to not only prepare and stock up for ourselves but we constantly are thinking about how we compare and stock up for people in our community um we’ve even helped out for a couple people to be able to make it the tabernacle this was speaking as well so we’ve been trying to prepare as much as possible and um for me personally aside from the servile work the biggest preparation that i’m that i’m most proud of is now being baptized in the body and um during actually this tabernacle coming up me and my husband actually will be baptized in the body we just went through our entire you know orientation and it’s just been a blessing ever since we found gocp and we’re just so grateful so i just wanted to tell you guys that in person oh thank you assistant welcome to the body let me let let me ask you this so what you did realize out of nowhere abruptly is that uh you realize you didn’t understand how vulnerable you were because america because yeah you had things that secured you outside of you know that distracted you from how vulnerable our women are like like when it struck like i couldn’t imagine a sister by herself having to stand in some long line with some children or with the children home in the midst of chaos and anarchy to get food with no man around i couldn’t imagine lately and i actually felt i’m sorry go ahead i’m listening uh i was gonna say i actually you know being in the syst and i’ve heard you say it a million times so i’m walking testimony for any woman who disagrees with you that says that doing that whole independent life doesn’t feed you into a life a lesbianism it 100 does i’m walking testimony of that after being you know making so much money not quote-unquote needing a man you know i definitely found myself feeling like i didn’t need one and at times dating women so finding the you know the truth of what the motive said and accepting that with my whole heart i i repented on that um nature repented on that and within myself even felt uncomfortable now even when i see that kind of thing so yeah i definitely believe you when when you tell women that that is something that comes out of that life style of trying to be independent and that’s not just you making that up yeah and with that i found this man i love submitting to my husband i love you know the work of what it means to be feminine and not having to stress myself out 24 hours in the streets working hustling you know i found crafts within the body that really you know help our community and make me still feel fulfilled so i just definitely wanted to tell you guys i know you get a lot of women that say you get wind bashing and all types of things like that but i see where you’re coming from i see what the doctrine says about that and you’re 100 right and i just wanted to be a woman to say that for you all so it’s not just you guys always having to bring that out see when you hear words like women bashing that’s like any time we point out what amalek is doing they’ll say it’s anti-semitic it’s only a word to divert us from the truth and not to correct our our our core issues the bottom line is and i’ll say this over and over again the only woman that don’t need a man is a lesbian right that’s it that’s it now the the the next thing we’ll put out there you should have learned this sister you was in the academy what is the purpose of a woman well the core function is procreation no no no no let’s make it clear because see we got to get that we got to get that independent woman out of it because there’s no woman who’s going to reprocreate without a what without a man that’s someone okay so let’s go we believe it or not we’ve been programmed to subconsciously discard the man and go straight to reprocreation so i’m going to ask the question again what is the purpose of a woman well the purpose of a woman is to be well the perfect woman is for foreign man okay let me let me make a little no no let me hit you with it let me hit you with it you got your bible and i’m you coming into the church you got a good husband we’re going to set it straight not just for everybody yeah so when someone asked well what is a woman’s purpose you know what you answer let’s get it elder lawyer in genesis know what your answer is in genesis 2. you know what you answer my purpose my purpose is for a man right my purpose is to help meet a man that’s it you’re not gonna be it’s not independent because either you’re helping your man or you’re helping the enemy who’s a man but either way you’re going to help meet someone right so the whole deal so absolutely so so so we gotta we gotta re emphasize that we have to reemphasize that that the only purpose for a woman is a man nothing else let’s read it genesis 2 verse number 18. greek the lord said it is not good that the man should be alone i will make him and help meet for him there you go so that was the almighty the creator who formed man from the dust of the ground man was first and woman means from man she was pulled out of man to help meet man’s responsibility any other thing outside of that is the devil right absolutely i’m good absolutely and you know what and actually and i and i should have known i should have said that because every day that’s exactly where my husband said here to help me but sister sister let me be honest now that you got that man aren’t you so aren’t don’t you don’t you feel more fulfilled than you were being some independent woman what they call out there i’mma be with heels and all this mess don’t you feel better aren’t you happy now 100 times better yes a hundred times better and without without even thinking about it a hundred times better because i don’t feel the same the stress that i had on myself trying to do everything and i realized that trying to do everything you’re trying to fulfill both goals yeah and it’s not necessary exactly and see you see but the most high is reshifting things he’s reshifting things so that’s going to lead to i know you’re going to be in this next academy week two will be going into man and woman in the conflict man and woman’s original purpose through god man this thing is gonna be off i had to keep that strictly for the academy based on how we gonna deal with that and it ain’t going to hurt feelings or nothing it’s going to just say this was god’s purpose man’s opinion and his feelings out of here woman’s opinion and feelings out of here this is god’s purpose anything else you just play in house that’s it week two of the hebrew bible academy thank you sister thank you so much have a great night thank you and another thing i want to put out here real quick right is that usually when things come out when it comes to you know i would say impactful information life-changing information or logical information sometimes what we deem to do is we look at it and say well what about the outliner see but the most high is not the author of confusion the most there’s no gray areas with the most high no it doesn’t matter what it is man was man whole duty is to serve the most high and keep his commandments and and use that for dominion on earth that’s man’s purpose period woman’s a woman’s purpose is to be helped meat to that man to facilitate him in that dominion that means the man is the corporation okay he’s the corporation she’s the hire okay president vice president and you never seen a time where where michael pence is sitting there next to donald trump saying well move over because we’re equal okay the purpose of a woman is a man and you’re happier for it because i see some of these tough scenarios where these women with these this hard posterior and all that and i’m like look how angry she is she’s not happy is this what independence is conflictive combative argumentative is that you you you’re not happy the only thing that makes a woman happy that can fulfill that and actually fulfill that that part and which in which she’s totally at peace is a man and the most high made it that way week 2 2 of the hebrew bible academy okay october 11th is the academy and week two man and woman the purpose of god for man and woman and the conflict the conflict i’m not gonna put it out there button it up next call the other lawyer because you know i’ll be drawing up i’m out of formulated the whole thing i’m ready to just drop just drop drop all the juice get this lawyer get back at the academy or you can get the one already out there it’s not going to be as in depth but it’s a good lesson the battle between man and woman on our a gathering 144.
sorry moving forward we’re in the 612 area code again 612 area code come on okay now we’re not going to have a full we’re not going to have a marathon tonight we’re only going to go another 15 minutes 20 minutes and then we conclude because we have a lot to do this weekend okay so we’re going to try to drill down on these make your point and we’re gonna end it with uh whatever scriptures we have elder lawyer to bring some resolve to this whole topic on on how we we must operate going forward understanding that the next thing that that’s rolled out after this will not be a test run and folks i’m looking at this next three and a half years and a year in before that year in with the next administration usually it’s the second administration or term of a president where they actually implement their true plans for the administration for their presidency usually the second term because why they don’t care anymore because why they can’t be present in another four years so anything they’re really going to implement to the fullness usually happens in that second term and usually there’s three and a half years between every administration in which they’re actually bringing forth legislation leading to the beast so we’re gonna have a window but the whole thing folks what they do with that next three and a half years is going to be it’s not going to be a test run so i’ll be going into some of that we we’re dropping week 12 we’re dropping the secrets of the times this coming sunday in the academy so we’re gonna we’re gonna leave that thing with an explanation point but folks it’s going it’s about to get real and your family members and all that whoever got this thing shot up in them you have children losing their mind and all that you know what it’s going to be real news after they get this stuff shot up in them it’s this will be the walking dead you’re going to look at people that’s out of their minds real news where people have to be shooting people down to protect themselves it’s coming let’s go all right 501 area code if you are already on 501 just let us know and we’ll go to the next caller again 501 area code 501 area code let me see oh and then i did let’s go to the next one okay uh let me see now let’s go down here nine zero four let’s go down yeah yeah nine zero four we got nine zero four area code again nine zero four area code hi um shalom elder shalom your name and location my name is stacey and i’m in jacksonville florida okay okay what what i’ve been praying to the most part of that now what have you learned during this 666 test run this year that they that they’re blaming on the cold i i have yeah i have learned that i’m new to the body well to i have learned that i wanted to i want to be um saved you know i want to be baptized i want to be um with the most high because there’s no other way and he’s very scary and i’ve been trying to get someone to get in touch with me in florida so i can get baptized and i need help with that can you guys help me well what a slick way to put that in there right i mean i mean that was that was cold blooded you you you must you calculated that right because what we what what yeah yeah what’s your name we’re going to put your number down another lawyer is going to link you in with the elder but this is that was a smooth way of of adding something that we’re not talking about baptism tonight but but how can how can we deny water right how can we say well hold up we’re not talking about baptisms when it’s about saving souls let me get you let me get your name i mean that was slick let me get your name my name is stacy stacy how old are you stacy i am 54 years old bless your soul are you married okay uh no i’m not married okay all right i’m not married but i have a lot of wisdom and and i’ve seen a lot so that’s how i know this is the truth so i’m i i praise the most high that i have um that he’s allowed me to come into the truth well okay sister stacy we’re going to give you a number to a brother in florida uh elder fernell he’s gonna greet you okay okay that sounds good okay bless you bless you too all right see i was more so in that you know i’m open for any answer to this because i don’t want to pitch and hold someone into you know out and into what i would normally say or think or whatever the case is i was thinking more so as man i had this business that you know i had you know i had my money down on this business and we were going half on this scenario and boom the whole thing blew up my whole life changed because of this one situation i had everything planned for the year and now you know i don’t know my hair from a hole in the ground which way to go this wasn’t planned this is how this is not how i thought my life would be this time of year i had some grand dosey plans for this year i was really or i was really on my way up i was on cloud nine and covet came and now everything i planned has has imploded those were the things i was looking for but it’s okay it’s okay on any level we only got a few more minutes and they talk about yeah they say then they say yeah elders say only a few minutes and three hours later but nah i’m gonna hold myself to this one wait what’s next uh next caller yeah before you go to the next caller let me show some of the shirts that elder uh your rock has all right elder your rock from the california body made these shirts check these out i mean well i am apparel made the shirts but your rock designed them nap dolly look was light-footed as one of the swift stags and he would go upon the ears of corn and they would not break under him talking about what nap valley the south pacific’s net valley hawaiians and the fiji islands native israelites not native americans but native israelites tell me that ain’t bad uh yes and benjamin raven like a wolf great work you can get these on i am apparel.org it goes into our clothing uh line the enclosing department we have we have a whole station strictly for clothing we have the fringes borders of blues monitor power for women modest power for men and guess what it goes towards what we need to do because eventually we have to throw the money industry there will be no money so we have to make sure we we get something tangible to utilize when the system goes down so your support helps us with that and who knows we could be storing to help you hey who knows that’s right and you get a shirt out of it all right what’s the next call next call all right moving on to the three three six area code again three three six you are live on blog talk come on let’s go to the next call 336 i’m sorry about that oh did he pop up yeah piece on that now okay 336 your name and location brother great work you can get these on immaculate.org okay all right i’m sorry we gotta move on to the next caller uh 206 area code again two zero six area code you’re live on blog talk hello can you hear loud and clear clear hey uh i just wanna say uh my name is tony by the way bless you tom and i’m in seattle i just want to say i’ve been listening to you brothers for about 10 months now and it’s been a tremendous blessing i mean i’m 58 years old and i’ve uh and i don’t have nothing to hide there’s no reason for me to be putting on airs but i i spent 13 years in prison and uh for my what my hands cost uh however uh during that time i uh had a all that time to read the scriptures and study the word and everything that and even as a small boy i knew that uh jesus wasn’t god and i knew that uh from studying that jesus wasn’t his name because the jay didn’t come into the alphabet until the 1600s and uh you you guys have really brought clarity to everything uh thus far and i’ve seen numerous things that you talked about like they’re working on the street right now and uh preparing for tanks to roll the tanks down the street spent three years in the military so uh i able to see and tell what they’re doing however my question is is this uh are you still there i’m here i’m listening oh i’m sorry i couldn’t i didn’t know anyway um i i’ve seen uh you know false people out here on the street preaching and stuff and getting back to your question about the vaccines and stuff i i i’m not i’m not getting no vaccine i don’t care what they say i’m not doing it but when when the feast days come around and the holy days i’m not i’m not able to like cook food or anything like that i’m i’m basically almost homeless but i i honor them just like the other day uh yesterday with the fast uh and i’m not there with with everyone i’m i’m here like by myself and i feel like alone you know and uh i walk down the street sometime and i ask guys uh you know this time to repent it’s time to uh get back in the word and study and follow the most highest commandments and statues and learn them and uh i plan on taking part in the next academy on the 11th the question i wanted to ask you is that with these holy days and the most high sabbaths and stuff and is part of the is the meal part of the uh the holy day do i have to eat the meal in order to have it be recognized by the most high well that’s the whole point of the grace through christ uh sacrificing his body okay the cardinal ordinances which are the sacrifices or the meal we had to eat was blotted out and put and put out of the way was blotted out so that’s not a necessity even if you ate whatever you could afford in respect of that holy day and honor in that day as a sabbath and honoring christ and rending your heart and your mind that’s more so the purpose behind the feast than it is the actual meal like we eat lamb because we could afford to eat lamb on the passover but if there is no lamb guess guess what guess what lamb takes its place christ the passover the passover lamb so brother it’s more about serving these holy days according to the conscience than it is whether or not you can afford the carnot the carnal artifacts and the things that it would take according to the old testament that’s the whole and see the most i knew that the israelites were going to captivity and we wouldn’t have access to all of what’s required for that holy day he understood that so that’s christ is grace more so you are you are observing it as a sabbath and whatever you eat that day and pray over is accepted okay okay thank you and then uh something else i wanted uh but hold up hold up hold up oh oh because make make it clear whatever clean you pray over is accepted okay we doing we ain’t doing no pork rinds and bowls of chitlins around here okay you know we we’re not doing no ham hocks smothered in gravy all right but god all right next point because we have to get the next call because we’ve got to get out of here soon okay um as i said you know when you when the academy uh comes up uh because i’m a babe i don’t i’m still drinking milk um however uh can you uh give me some advice as far as um with me just being as i stated uh just here and feeling like a long ranger a long book you know by myself um if i acknowledge and observe the most highest commandments learn to learn his statutes be baptized and uh and watch what i what comes out of my mouth and how i deal with people will will i be accepted absolutely in god’s kingdom absolutely absolutely brother so so listen hey brother listen i have to have a conversation with you on the outside of it this is a conversation i got a broadcast so what i can do is i can listen let me take your name down and we’ll call you off broadcast give me your name my name is tony okay let me tell you my last name oh no that’s not necessary tony from seattle we will give you a call okay and we’ll discuss anything i’m looking right at your number the 206 area yeah that’s right that’s right all right so i’ll call you up off the show okay please call me sir no problem i’ll call you bless you now see i’m gonna use this as an opportunity to help brothers and sisters understand certain things all right because a lot of us don’t even know that we do that we break in laws when we put certain things out there in the chat and all that you don’t even know you’re breaking a law like and that’s why i have to correct you when someone say is elder saying this this this and that no elder is saying what came out of his mouth you don’t even realize when you say that you are implying which is assuming which is also putting out a false witness or listen again bearing false witness when you say is elder saying no see that’s why christ said let your aba and your navy nay you don’t ever have to ask is elder saying anything because what’s coming out of my mouth is what i’m saying okay now i made it clear with the brother that if he don’t have access to lamb being poor that christ’s sacrifice is acceptable he don’t have to find lamb that’s where grace comes in at i’m not saying that we don’t eat lamb because we can afford to get the lamb but if he’s somewhere remote down on his luck don’t have anything you don’t have access to get lamb you think the most high is not going to accept him sacrifice in that day with whatever food and acknowledging christ and the meal he’s using in appreciation for his nourishment that day on passover see so i use these sometimes i use the chat for an example because we don’t even know subconsciously we we as a people do that never never ask someone is this is what you’re saying when you just that means you didn’t listen to them that’s what it means or you’re making a statement that’s implying that i’m saying that lamb isn’t a prerequisite for passover you turned that into put it out there into a statement i didn’t say you see how barren false witness happens but you don’t subconsciously you don’t know you do it a lot of people do that when someone’s saying but if they don’t like what you said i don’t agree with you saying they’d be like well are you saying no i’m saying what came out of my mouth see we have to learn to get these things out of us where we are implying things and putting things on people that they’re not saying in a nutshell i was breaking down what paul breaks down grace [Music] passover requires passover laugh but grace comes into play when one like this brother can’t get access to it so there’s a greater lamb that covers that food that brother can’t afford christ being crucified on the cross for his sins all right next call yes sir we have the let’s see here let’s try the nine zero nine area code listen i’m not shaming i’m not i’m not coming against anybody i’m just saying because we don’t even understand what we do what we put out there because what and the reason i have to clear it up is because it’ll take just one brother or sister to look at that just coming in not knowing the context right and say well the gathering of christ church or clint are saying you’re not supposed to have lamb on passover it’s that easy that satan to use that one moment where somebody will pop in and see that comment and now the stumbling block happens before people not understand the context how many times i look back at a video where someone made a comment and they said oh i have to take it back because you you made it clear once i listened to the whole video so that’s why i have to clear it up because when i’m looking at the comments i understand that it’s not just your common and even if you don’t mean it that way i know the impact it can have through those gray areas of communication all right and it’s about edification i try not to ever when i’m speaking to someone or listening to someone reply back with are you saying because not not now i’m about to make up something and put words in the mouth because i don’t have to ask the person what they’re saying they was just talking that means i wasn’t listening they were talking okay just word to the wise it’s just words for thought i mean right what’s next all right we had 909 but it sounded like a lot of noise on there yeah and um oh we have one more call and then we have to uh end it for tonight uh we’re gonna go for 352 area code 352. this will be the last call for tonight what have you learned for the most time what have you learned from the 666 test run you have been blessed to be our last caller for tonight all praises how are you doing now the recall as a lawyer blessed by the almighty water brother yes sir yes sir what was learned during this 666 dia well i tell you elders uh first of all this is brother ralph with the uh orlando body and yes i am blessed to be the last caller uh been a while since i’ve talked with you guys and uh i tell you hold up hold up someone says they’ve been we are oh hold up hakeem said he’d been on the call for an hour oh man that’s messed up don’t worry about hakeem i got you hold tight but go on yes yes sir yes sir uh not a lot has caught me off guard because i’ve been with the body uh elders and i’ve been uh making sure that my family and myself are you know staying in tune with uh the academy you know savage lessons and all of those things help to provide and identify and keep us on point but you know my conversations that i have with my family and friends and you know they’re they’re pretty in-depth because i’m pounding in the importance of not running up in these hospitals because last year this time you had a cold you had a headache you know you you you you may have lost your sense of taste or if you had a bad cough those things are some of the derivatives of what a cold is anyway and they tell you this and they they programmed us so that we think that we have to run up into these facilities and then and uh now we we end up in a predicament where you know we can’t we we can’t come back from because now we’re labeled they’re labeling you with these uh uh now you’re you’re a copic 19 patient or it has gone to the point where i’ve seen and one of my my good childhood friends his father died today they had them on a ventilator they’re not understanding that these things are put in place to kill off the people and it’s happening day in and day out so i’ve learned to you know talk to my friends talk to my family uh make sure that they’re aware that these things you know as it says in romans 13 11. it’s high time that we’ll wake out of sleep for our salvation is near then when we believe we have to begin to understand that if we’re not coming back to this bible elders and and and taking our time and being uh one that’s watching what’s actually going on in this world not being a a part of this world watching what’s happening following these long stretches and commandments we can avoid a lot of this stuff my wife and i we are both retired and we’re we get up every morning we’re in gold’s gym man 5 30 in the morning man you know uh we’re in there getting it in that those gentiles are in there they’re in there brother so i mean it’s incumbent upon us to begin to uh prepare for what’s to come i mean you guys are uh are putting uh valuable information out here for us okay you’re making it accessible okay and we have to begin to take heed to these things and and begin to incorporate it into our lives and this will allow us to continue to persevere man and get through these times because we’ve come back to this bible because we’re doing the things that are necessary to do what we need to do man so i i just wanted to bring that forth uh i mean you guys are doing a a magnificent job i mean i’m blessed to uh be in another academy i’m looking forward to the next when you’re in that fire every every week every week so uh man you you guys keep doing what you’re doing uh you know barack obama i mean perfect you you got me excited brother hey brother let’s continue to do what we’re doing man continue to keep us fed with that information you uh elders and uh you know i’m looking forward to the next one man you you you’re getting hyped every time you start talking about it hey everybody know boy i wake up in the morning i’ll be ready to go i get that one drink i get that one drink i get that one drink of joe boy you get it yeah i don’t know what shap is going on with that news but he he gets me steamed up every time i’ll be ready to just punch a wall but hey i’m it’s going to be good this academy is going to change it’s getting better and better thank you brother [Laughter] all right okay indeed and you guys be blessed man bless you brother get ready brother we’ll we will roll babylon into the wills fell off and guess what this thing is on despair listen to what the bible says that we the mindset we must be in now and then i’ll parlay it to you elder lawyer for the last word and this is why they took the apocrypha out of the bible it also breaks down how the north american indians came over here to the americas in the apocalypse which is a part of the original king james version so they know the baliquataino indians the the the mexicans the aztecs the mexicans the mayans the uh the the hawaiians and all that uh they knew that we were israelites when they came here and the lord says he’s going to deliver us christ is prophesied to deliver the 12 tribes who were scattered and was colonized by we were colonized by a big brother esau rome so what must we do it’s in this apocrypha this is this holds the key present time and and guess what it it says i mean i’m in second here 16 i’m going to just shoot through this real quick uh iim 16 and 24 reads there shall be no man left to till the earth and to sow it the trees shall give fruit and who shall gather them the grape shall ripen and who shall tread them for all places shall be desolate of men so that one man shall desire to see another and to hear his voice for of a city there shall be ten left left and two over field which shall hide themselves in the thick groves that’s talking about what prepping and in the clefts of the rocks also in an orchard of olives upon every tree there are left three or four olives or as when a vineyard is gathered there are left some clusters of them that diligently seek through the vineyard even so in those days shall there there be three or four left by them that search through houses with swords with a sword that’s all about military coming into the house and the earth shall be laid waste in the fields thereof shall wax old and her ways and all her paths shall grow full of thorns because no man shall travel their through and you notice what they’re doing they’re not raking the forces in in oregon or in california on purpose okay so they can become more brush fires and all that for more destruction it says here the virgins speaking of the young ladies shall mourn having no bridegrooms no a lack of men the women shall mourn having no husbands and their daughters shall mourn having no helpers and that’s why i told sisters they have to understand their purpose because you’re going to need one you’re going to need a man hear now these things and understand them ye servants of the lord now it’s talking about those who claim they believe in god behold the word of the lord and receive it believe not the gods whom the lord speak don’t believe anything coming from these false religions nothing all the propaganda they’ve set up through media behold the plagues draw nigh and are not slack and as when a woman with child in the ninth month bringing forth her son within two or three hours of her birth great pains compass her wound which pains when the child comes forth they slack not a moment so that means the closer we get to deliverance as a people the worse the pain even so shall not the plagues be slack to come upon the earth and the world shall mourn and sorrow shall come upon it on every side oh my people hear my word it’s like the most high is begging us to hear his word to hear what he’s saying oh my people hear my word make you ready to the battle you notice the last couple of weeks we were talking about making sure you get fit making sure you exercise making sure you’re strategically thinking about whether or not you’re going to be able to do certain things physically as well as spiritually make you ready to the battle and in those evils be even as pilgrims upon the earth that means be ready to pick up and go wherever you need to go knowing you’ll never step foot in your home again or the place you reside again because what we’re pilgrims anyway we’ve always been pilgrims ever since jerusalem jerusalem was sacked by the [ __ ] by the romans by the white men we’ve been strangers in the earth so there’s nothing new for us don’t let our houses or the things or the things we possess become our idols to a degree in which we look to worship and stay there because we feel all of our life work been put into this place that will become our tomb be ready to walk away if need be oh my people hear my word make you ready to the battle and those evils be as pilgrims upon the earth he that selleth let him be as he that fleeth away that means you have to start looking at your assets and what what you need to liquidate so you can have some tangible things to be utilized one thing to the next i’ll look at anything that i used to go out with or you know or do things with that that’s no value that somebody else might think is valuable and liquidate that into and make that into something tangible like food like making sure your family have the right identification passports and all that make sure you need do what you you can to get up from under any debt if that’s possible oh my people he that said let him let it let him be is he that fleet of the way and he that buyeth as one that will lose understand everything that you’re getting it’s only to get you from point a to point b and then you you you must be totally satisfied with leaving it there he that occupied merchandise as he that have no profit by it don’t put your heart into things and he that buildeth as he that shall not dwell therein all the work you did like man i worked and made this thing all nice guess what you made it nice with someone else you out of there he that soweth as if he should not reap so also he that planteth in the vineyard as he that shall not gather the grapes they that marry as they that shall get no children and they that marry not as the widowers then it says then the 68th verse 2nd edge 16-58 i mean uh 16 and 68 excuse me matter of fact 66 second after 16 and 66 reads what will you do or how will you hide your sins before god and his angels behold god himself is the judge fear him leave off from your sins and forget your iniquities that’s why i thank the most high for the atonement opportunity to get it right to meddle no more with them forever so shall the most i lead you forth and deliver you from all trouble so first of all it’s our actions that will lead us to safety right for behold the burning wrath of a great multitude is kindled over you and they shall take you away certain of you and feed you being idle with things offered to idols watch what you eat and who these people are serving that are serving you this food for there shall be in every place and in the next cities of great insurrection that’s talking about riots and all that upon those that fear the lord they shall be like mad men sparing none but still spoiling and destroying those that fear the lord it’s talking about these sicko fans that are running around burning things up when you’re listening to them this one this video out there they talking about hell satan they talking about excuse my word f jesus they’re out there and then they’re attaching us to it with black lives matter when this was prophesied we’re dealing with high demonic forces that are behind all these riots that’s what we’re living in and then they’re trying to blame this and trying to attack attach black people to these movements we have nothing to do with this nonsense it’s our enemies out there doing those things enemies of god and it was prophesied they would be doing it it says and they shall consent to them matter of fact it says and and they shall consent unto them and be had in derision and in reproach and tried and underfoot there shall be in every place in the next cities of great insurrection upon those that fear the lord they shall be like mad men spirit and none that’s those sick demons that are out there in these riots right now but still spoiling and destroying those that fear fear the lord i seen this young black lady look at a preacher when the preacher was saying repent saying f you f your jesus elf your christ a black girl say i’ll murder you right now what did that got to do with george floyd and the police who are these people mentioned in the chat just real quick on this point someone mentioned they’re buying uh guns you have to be very very careful what you put in the chat as far as what you you’re doing you understand you know it’s about planning and things of that nature but you know be very careful of the information you put out there listen i have to assume that that when people put things out like that i have to assume that that particular person even if they’re not are plants because who would actually put not saying you are i have to assume that because why would you put in the midst of a spiritual teaching i got guns so that someone else can look at that and take that on and become radical and then they’ll have this video show it and then link you to a person and do a sh to be a shooting somewhere and say well it’s because of what they read in a gathering of christ church chat you don’t even see that do you how you can be utilized inadvertently even if you really don’t mean it that way you don’t put that on no chat that i got guns this ain’t the nfac i’m i’m the not effing around crew i’m gonna get you sucker that’s not us you job turkey that’s not us i mean when they made up that name i’m like if this is not a 70 black spoof movie i i don’t know what it this is uptown saturday night think they’re going to name himself the not effing i’m not i’m not effing right i’m like sucker i’m like oh my goodness anyway but now yes please be careful please be wise why would you in this environment why would you put that out there that yeah i got guns i’m gonna get i’ma get no no we ain’t into that here it is right here this is our weapon our weapon is the bible okay don’t ever put that in our chats we don’t believe in none of that uh the weapons of our warfare aren’t carnal okay the great the greatest weapon on earth is the bible okay now now what you do legally and privately at your own home with wisdom is your choice right but you don’t you don’t put stuff like that on a chat that’s not wise you mess around right there somebody looking at this because you know they have bots and all that and you have the fbi somebody rapping on your door knocking on your door saying well look was you in this chat you know all this crap is monitored which is on it delivering you the word to protect you don’t make yourself a a you know a target then shall they be known it says for they shall they shall be like mad men sparing none but still spoiling and destroying those that fear god for they say what for they shall for they shall waste and take away their goods and cast them out of their houses because no money no house then shall they be known at that point shall they be known who are my chosen and they shall be tried as the gold in the fire here o ye my beloved save the most high behold the days of trouble are at hand but i will deliver you from the same be ye not afraid neither doubt for god ahaya is your guide he’s given us this information on what to do telling people listen don’t worry about it if you’re a part of the church and you’ve been actually contributing and a member of the church go there we’re going to help you with your month’s provisions he’s guiding us to all this so we’re not out there when stuff the chaos hits and when the chaos hits through the smoke we have officers and get you from one place to the next because you’re not out there trying to get food that’s the most high guidance with the understanding of what to do in this time he knew we would be here he says but be not afraid i’m in second after 16 and 75 finishing out neither doubt for the most high is your guide and the guide of them who keep my commandments and precepts saith the lord god those that keep my word let not your sins weigh you down and let not your iniquities lift up themselves so if we cleanse ourselves and keep keep ourselves right with the most high and do his bidding on earth by keeping his commandments he’ll guide us he’ll continue to work with us elder yes sir and as we’re mentioning this about preparation food shelter water planning uh precious metals and things of that nature you may have a certain segment of those who uh claim to be believers and we’re not here to question there be belief in the most high we’re not here to question your faith in the most high what you must understand is that the bible tells us that faith without works is dead we started the conversation with this earlier i’m just going to read a little bit of that from the book of james the second chapter starting at the 14th verse it says would doeth it prophet my brethren though a man say he have faith and have not works can faith save him can you solely rest your belief and your survival in this time on what it is you believe on your faith without backing it with works okay here’s the answer verse number 15 in fact here’s an example if a brother or sister be naked and destitute of daily food and one of you say unto them depart in peace and be ye warmed and filled notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body would do if they profit so what good is it to tell a brother or sister who is in need and many brothers and sisters is going to come in this time in need what good is it going to is it going to be for you to simply tell them depart in peace be warmed be clothed and be filled but yet you don’t give them the things necessary to be warmed and to be filled let’s see it says here verse number 17 even so faith if it have not works is dead being alone your faith alone it’s a powerful thing it’s a beautiful thing and we need faith in this time but along with the faith we’re going to need works the most high is looking for us to say look if this is what you believe what steps are you taking to show and prove that this is what you believe last verse it says verse number 18 yea a man may say thou has faith and i have works show me thy faith without thy works and i will show thee my faith by my works it’s time to show forth works towards what it is we believe through preparation in this time and as the elder often states the most high will lead us from point a to point b and yes is going to take faith but along with that faith is going to take work through preparation and with that i yield shalom well thank you and guess what it’s to a we got to use these hands it’s time to work welcome to the work we’re the children of israel and guess what we’re back and like i said before let me put it out here again the most high is what he’s calling back israel you know we’re going to end it with our song on an upbeat okay if you if you need to somebody some of you may not understand the uh the depth of this conversation tonight but we’re going into tabernacles in preparation and and guess what we’re going to be outside both of us says be like pilgrims in those days we’re going to be outside amongst the body because eventually we’re going to be dwelling in tents anyway in the wilderness so we’re physically exercising the righteous acts doing what the most high commanded us to do in preparation for the wilderness that’s what these holy days are about first trumpet prepare yourself for your sins to cleanse yourself atonement and then after the atonement out in the wilderness amongst the body being protected by the angels it’s coming up this weekend with that i’m going to say shalawa may the most high be with you stay prayed up sin not we will soon see zion and guess what the most high is doing let me put it up here he’s calling back israel that’s right the water of the lawyer and of the iraq all the elders you know all you officers all you brothers get ready we were born for this moment [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] allah the east is where we’re from [Music] the 12 tribes of israel [Music] 721 bc the assarian king he took us down we fell with the great escape we went to the euphrates the lord held the water still to a land where no mankind dwelt we went [Music] the twelve tribes of israel [Music] the lord is

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