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There Has Been Just One Buyer Of Stocks Since The Financial Crisis

This was taken from the article;


It shows that corporations have been buying stocks while consumers have not. As the population gets older pensions will continue to sell off shares.

I don’t know when a crash will occur in the market. There has been an inverted yield signalling a market downturn. The world banks are going into negative interest rates as well. Even though its been less then a month, my 20K TFSA is already up $400! Since I am out of debt and saving CASH each month I can afford to take risks. I hold $13K in Cash to buy on a market crash, that or fix something in the house if it breaks.

My sister Kathy is handling my investments. I will continue to buy each month or save up cash for a year and then invest. Consumers might be missing a lot of growth even after a 10 year bull market run up. Only time will tell. The one thing is for sure, consumers have missed out on 10 years of gains in the market. My time was spent getting out of debt and building the scriptures.

Buying gold and silver is also a good thing to do. My fellow Brother has been building a great Shimatah list which shows historically the important scriptural and news events leading up to the “end times” http://walkinthelight.ca/Timeline.pdf

There may not be much time left to get your house in order. So the stock market may continue to go up as corporations own more and more of themselves.

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