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Moderna describes what they inject for a vaccine is an “operating system.”


Altering Human Genetics Through Vaccination


It’s a biological construct called coronavirus out of the Middle East and the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. It’s made its way into Europe to a certain extent, and eventually because of, you know, air travel, it will reach around the world. And it’s another example of where inoculations or vaccines are being derived or you’re trying to drive for. That, again, I always like to go all the way to the end. What’s the purpose? What’s the goal? If you have a man made a man made or engineered virus?

Why was it created? Is it simply just to kill people? Well, that’s one part of it. But if you go further and you go deeper than that, it is to get people to demand a vaccine, a shot, if you will. Why would if you’re in a position of control, of power, of ultimate power. Why would you want people to demand a vaccine? Well, it’s because something’s in the vaccine that you want people.

To then have as a part of their body what is in the vaccine that you want everybody to have inside their body? It is a DNA manipulated modifier. I mentioned earlier third strand DNA. There is already you can find this one here now in existence, the third strand of DNA constructed. So, again, we go back to the silicon chip and computers. The third strand is made of silicon and is also coated in gold. If you talk about nanotechnology and nano layers, this is extremely thin coating gold down to a billionth of a millimeter of gold that is coating the silicon from which you are building the third strand of DNA.

The purpose of the gold is to increase the surface area around the Strand so that more information can be digitally imparted. Reprogram you’re essentially what you’re doing is you’re creating a third strand of DNA. You are transferring that. We’re importing it into a person’s body through a vaccine that that person is demanding because they’re afraid of contracting the virus or avian flu or whatever it may be. And so the government, if you will, or the powers that be set back and they kind of chuckle when they say, well, we couldn’t force people.

To take this vaccine or to take this hidden third strand of DNA, they rebelled against it. But if we create the problem and present the solution, people will demand the solution. Thus, we achieve our ultimate goal of having this DNA in every person changed. Let’s go deeper. What’s the goal? What’s the purpose? Yeah, you go around, change everybody’s DNA, what do they become, they become a hybrid. The insidious part of this is that once a person is injected almost immediately, their DNA undergoes transformation.

Almost immediately. They lose all awareness of the fact that they’ve lost their independence, their ability to think on the right to make decisions and to affect them on a moral level, their moral independence, their beliefs, religious, moral, ethical, legal, all of those go away. If you remove the independent thought and that awareness that you’ve lost, your independence is gone. What then do the powers that be do with these new forms of human hybrids?

They can control them, they can turn them into a surf class. That’s you are surfers, SARS, a class of slaves to serve the elite, to serve the reoccurs wells of the world who want to achieve immortality. But they need to have labor to manufacture, develop all of the technologies and they have enough technologies. Now, the technology, the scientific world, if you will, has reached the level where they don’t care about fighting it anymore.

Their agenda is so far advanced, both politically, philosophically, their sense of morals and technologically, that no longer are they worried about you and me as the surf class and the coming surf class. They’re not worried about what we think. They’re not worried about us rebelling. And in fact, we want Rebelle partly because right now we’ve been so dumbed down through a variety of mechanisms. But once people demand the virus and they truly are dumb down to where they’ve lost that awareness, that something’s happening to me now, they can do what they want with us.

They are achieving what I call the hive mentality, like a beehive. Worker bees, soldier bees serving the queen, the queen, in my estimation, is this elite class that’s in power and it’s not the politicians forget the politicians. This has nothing to do with Republicans, Democrats, Tea Party libertarians. It has nothing to do with political structure or classes. It has to do with the small group that is in control and has been in control since ancient times.

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