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Found out Elayna Unruh (Sorsdahl) looks like me!

At work today one of Deanna Unruh (Sorsdahl)’s friend was buying gas and I asked her if she knew anything of Deanna and Elayna. She said that Deanna Unruh is teaching music at the school, which is good to hear that she is doing well financially. I asked if she heard anything about Elayna and she said she saw recent photos of her and she looks just like me! The only photo I have ever seen of her is found on Deanna facebook profile from 2015.

Deanna Unruh and Elayna Unruh

She is eight now and I haven’t seen any pictures of her or heard anything!

When my back went out when we were together, Deanna “forgot” to get me crutches to use over the weekend, as the chiropractor was closed. I got upset at her and yelled at her, for being so cruel. In the middle of the night I ended up taking the closet rod, spilling all the clothes on the floor, so I could use it to walk to the bathroom as I was bedridden all day. I told her then that I would also be cruel one day just as she was forgetting to bring me crutches. 8 years later and my back has never gone out again from my car accident. But when Deanna left I refused to see her after she left and then totalled my car. I expected her to come and see me instead, which she never did, but for one meeting when I called her for lunch and she was distant and I could tell she was “over me”. The only other time I yelled at her was when she demanded I pick up the dog on the day she had the baby, it was very early in the morning and I had not slept in days and I refused. She would not let me sleep, as she is a night owl. I never once hit her, only really yelled at her twice, but that has meant I have not seen my daughter at all since!

I wonder what Elayna Unruh looks like now? The only thing I can do is keep my profile online so she can call me. My website ahayah.com has Novocall which she can call me on my cell phone anytime for free. She put a corrupted NIV Bible on my pillow after she left, from the publishers of the Satanic Bible from Harper Collins Inc. She told me to accept Trinity and left me with that corrupted NIV bible I told her parents to shove where the sun doesn’t shine. Well after she left I did years of research into Trinity and the cleanest lines of Text of the Father and Son and that is now published in the Yasha Ahayah Bible Scriptures Aleph Tav. I now know that Trinity is a lie and I know for sure that the NIV Bible is fully corrupted.

I was upset when she left and also got wroth and sware, just as the creator did in;

Deuteronomy 1:34 King James Version (KJV)

34 And the Lord heard the voice of your words, and was wroth, and sware, saying,

I hardly ever swear, I don’t get violent, but I was upset that she was using a corrupted pastor who was NOT following the word of the Bible, but was demanding I leave the house, which I refused. Approximately 30 days before this Deanna put $30K of her debt onto me and promised she “would never leave me”. Well 30 days later she did leave me! My friend Craig left the house under the same circumstances with his girlfriend and she changed the locks and called the RCMP and had a restraining order placed against him and he lost his own house in this lopsided Canadian court system, which does not follow the Bible scriptures at all. I didn’t want to also lose the house that my Dad leant to me, so I did not leave. I also stayed because I wanted to spend time with my new daughter. That was the main reason why I did not leave.

I was battling the carbon 666 tax, just as I promised the Father I would do, on the day when the finger of our creator lifted up my shed and smashed it to the ground, after I said it would be easy to rebuild Solomon’s Temple. More explanation of that here;


Well its been a long 8 years. In that time I now have a set of scriptures which I feel comfortable as being as close to what the Father and Son wanted. I have no problems putting it under my pillow as Deanna Unruh did. I also follow the Ahcad which means ONE just as our creator defined it in Deut 6:4, rather then Trinity which is man made. The Aleph Tav’s has been restored into the scriptures and that was over a year long project!

I haven’t done much art during this time, also because the scriptures warn against making idol images. I could probably do abstracts and basic landscapes because that is not depicting fish under the sea etc,. I just wanted to clean up the scriptures from all the translating it has gone through going from Hebrew into Greek and Latin and english etc. The last 8 years I have not focussed on making money, yet I have managed to payoff Deanna’s debt and own 3 houses free and clear. I’m planning ahead for when Ahlayna (Elayna) is of age to not be under Deanna’s control. I’m still her Dad and would like to see her despite her moving so far away. My other friend James also had the same situation happen to him and he would borrow and spend all he had just to travel far into another province just to see his kids, when his family split up. He had hardly any money to feed them when he saw them and he would put them in tents in summer and a room in a hotel in winter. I don’t want my daughter to go through that, just because Deanna has moved so far away. So I’m working on what I can do. Spreading the word and building the funds so that when she is of age I can spend time with her, not in a cardboard box.

I refuse to buy a car right now, but am saving the money for I know that a car in another 8 years will be worn out and the money invested will help provide another house in Melfort for her to stay. I have decided not to buy a 1 bedroom house in Melfort, because it is not good enough for her, so I have decided to save the funds instead and walk to work. Now that I am out of debt I am saving $1000 a month, now have $31K saved for retirement and seeing Elayna Unruh. I’m also maxing out my Pension plan at work they put in 5% and I put in 5%.

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