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Found a Lifetime Stock Trading advice application

I live in Canada but have bought US stocks before. I have made good money on the trades and have also lost a killing in the Oil Sands. Well, this morning I found an application that helps you buy stocks on the lows, to later sell on a high. It’s called TYKR which means nothing to me. The returns on Mutual funds are normally about 6%, these guys bring in 10% to 95% per year!


Here is their normal pricing for their stock advice.


In Canada I can trade stocks with no fees with wealthsimple.com

Right now, funds are tight, but I bought the application and will slowly start to invest. It was only $50USD to get in on the deal!

I may need a cellphone to get zero trading fees with WealthSimple. So far, I have been using Ooma $6.26 a month phone with a high-speed internet connection. I’m happy with Lending Loop, but it’s good to diversify your basket. Currently, I have been spending my LendingLoop savings and investing to spread the WORD. I’m excited about getting TYKR Lifetime. Dec 31st found out I could install WealthSimple on my android iPod and was able to tell it to move funds into my account. 3 days I must wait for the funds to clear, but you appear not to need a cellphone to get zero trading fees (minus a USD conversion for USA stock purchases).

I’d like to be able to buy a stock and make 95% in a year! Now I have a trading platform that will email me when it’s time to sell a stock. I can focus on making the Yasha Ahayah Scriptures in other languages and just wait for a trading signal to come in.

For those who miss the Lifetime deal, you can still get in cheaply here.


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