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Found an online Backup Lifetime Deal

I found a way to protect the Yasha Ahayah Scriptures and my Sorsdahl art in the event of a fire, or hard drive(s) failure. I found an online 10TB backup solution called Degoo.com which is offered on stacksocial.com for $90USD Lifetime plan 99 years.


iCloud storage costs $9.99 a month for 2TB and I have a 2TB drive on my computer and as a backup. Degoo is cheaper long term. One of these is Degoo, a Swedish business that only began in 2012 but has already attracted 15 million users. So they have been around for a while. That way if my computers get stolen I will have a way to recover from it as insurance would only cover the hardware and software (possibly). I have a bundle invested in software and hardware. I plan on opening up an online church or Assembly for Ahayah and Yasha and it would be nice to have a backup of the lessons. Today is Sabbath, I have started the backup. I have ordered a webcam for making a webinar online Assembly that will start first on my Facebook page and later on, it will be on Youtube. This backup will be handy as I get older and someday need to pass on the files. It will even handle a nuclear disaster, as the files are stored elsewhere.

Well its Saturday morning and my 2TB backup stalled, no extra storage was transferred. So I have decided to start with my computer files which are important and start with that. It says it has “more than a day until your file transfer is finished” and its moving now on a reboot with Kbit/s so its good to see progress now being made. Now the download has settled in and it says it will take 2 hours to transfer my work files at up to 270Mbit/s, which is a good start! OK that rate was unsustainable the rate is now more like 4Kbit/sec and more than a day of transferring files, just for my work backup.

NOTE: If you’re experiencing slow speeds, please enable “Turbo mode” under “Preferences” from the desktop version of Degoo. The service is running a bit slower than normal due to an influx of users, but the speed should be improved in the coming weeks. Here is the download link for the desktop version of the mac;


Here is the desktop version for the PC (Windows);


I have been investing my income from work and Scripture sales into building a site for Ahayah and Yasha. The cost of the scriptures is going up to help build this. I have invested a lot of hard earned money and time into getting everything established.

An external drive is the fastest. But what happens if someone steals your drive, or your house catches on fire and burns? There is no protection then.
The cloud backup is used only when you have no other drive to access from.

I have thousands of dollars of software, that if my place burns or is robbed, I will be out of pocket.
I have years and years of research, the Bible files I have are one of a kind.
My art is also unique, if someone comes into my home and robs my computer and backup drive, I would be out.

My art files were lost when I took my only backup drive to the lake. I lost a lot of good files when my one of a kind drive burned out, that I really never recovered from. That taught me to think of a “Backup Plan”.

The cloud backup is stored encrypted files with a unique password, on different computers spread throughout many areas. If one drive fails, they have raid backups to restore the file.
I cannot afford to have even a raid backup.
This backup is slow, but effective against a TOTAL LOSS TYPE EVENT.

$89 USD for 10Terabytes for 99 years. Storage good for a lifetime!
Degoo Only needed in a COMPLETE LOSS TYPE EVENT.
That is cheap insurance. Less then $1 a year!

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