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Found 2 new photos of Ahlayna (Elayna Sorsdahl-Unruh) today!

I refuse to call my daughter Elayna, because EL is a false deity. EL
The KJV uses Elohim as do many other Bibles which means demon.
The Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volume 1, page 817, we find the information that El or Elohim simply means demon.
A. In The OT. 1. Daimonism. a. Daimon. The Hebrew equivalent of “demon” (daimon) in the original sense is simply or (‘elohim), commonly rendered “god.”
EL was the given name of the chief deity of the ancient Canaanites. The Canaanites were the peoples who were settled in the area which was promised to Abraham and his decedents, which we now recognize as the area of Palestine and Israel.

So Ahlayna, I finally found 2 new photos of her on a dating site. Her mother still lists her profile as separated and she viewed the profile recently. I rarely ever go on there, but it was nice to see some photos of her. She has fine hair just like me.

She has a nice smile.

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