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Divorce My Wife Because She’s Overspending? I did not get a choice, an answer was handed to me.

99% of the youtube comments said the man should divorce her. You can read the comments here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMfO_-XYXh0 I like this video because the man makes a similar income (not great). In my case Deanna divorced me, I didn’t have a choice, she took our child and moved to British Columbia. She took a $30K settlement out of court and we are done.

When making monthly payments on the house and groceries it came out of “my rental income money”. Deanna’s money and income playing and teaching piano was kept to herself, I don’t know what she did with her full time income. When she pressed for divorce the $30K settlement was enough to pay all her student loans, car loans etc., so I don’t know how she is doing now financially.

Financially I am out of debt, paid off 3 houses and just put $20K in a TFSA this year, with 13K CASH in case a furnace breaks or a roof needs replacing as I have no credit cards. Deanna really put a lot of pressure on me to accept “Trinity”, which after 5 years of solid research was invented by a man “Tertullian”. I could have spent those 5 years making more of an income, but being married into a Pastors family and having a near death experience means my responsibility to find the TRUTH was of upmost importance. Now that I found this little known truth and Yasha and Ahayah, it is my duty to the FATHER and SON to spread the TRUTH.

I’m well educated and that 5 year research window could have been spent making a better income, but I was charged with finding the Truth. I have now spent more years finding and building a Holy set of scriptures. I did not want to risk my soul accepting Trinity to make Deanna happy and now I know its a false pagan term made by a man and not Holy at all. Now that I’m 52, my goal is to continue to work my full time job and save what I can, with what I make. There simply isn’t time to go chasing higher paying jobs, this last year my income will jump quite a bit from my union seniority and at least the job is stable and matches pension plan savings.

I will continue to work full time paying child support and saving what I can. I am also working on making a line of t-shirts with the holy name of Ahayah and Yasha so that others can easily spread the word and the truth. Hopefully this balance of saving money, working full time and spreading the truth is the right balance in Life.

I tried contacting Deanna to thank her for posting 2 old but new to me images of Ahlayna (Elayna), she deleted her ad that said she was “separated” and did not reply to my email thanking her for the photos and educating her on why Elayna was a bad name chosen by her as I have known the day she gave it to her. I don’t log into POF.com but I know she does quite a bit, so she has been looking for another man. I wanted to call my daughter Sarah and did not get a choice on the name chosen, but I will call her Ahlayna because at least that is Paleo Hebrew fix and does not use “EL” or Satan in her name.

My goal now is to simply practice good spending habits, save some money for when Ahlayna is older and be there to teach her the WORD and sound money practices, by showing her what I have learned.

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