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Discovered how to speed up my websites even more!

I was looking into Cloudflare CDN subscriptions to help speed up my websites, only problem is they are cost prohibitive.  Listed prices range from a fixed fee of $20 (Pro) to $200 (Business) per month!  Today I figured out how to warehouse images in Rapidweaver (https://www.weavers.space/stacks/warehouse-image) and I found a free source that stores images in the cloud (imgur.com).  I tried out different methods, but finally found one that works!  So, in order to speed up my site around the world for people browsing on their phones I will have to rebuild the sites again by hand, but it will be well worth it.  When done, the webpages will load fast all over the world!  The images are already compressed with ImageOptim and ImageAlpha.

Ahayah, Yasha and the Ruach have really been guiding me on this journey, learning all the needed components to help build a faster loading website.
Early this morning I finished Yahuah.ca in https:// so it is now secure and youtube videos finally load.  3 sales came in on my website this week, so the learning curve on making a secure site has really been paying off.

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If you like this knowledge of Ahayah (The Father) and Yasha (The Son), please consider a donation using the PayPal button. A lot of years of research has gone into bringing out His Holy Word. I currently pay 1 cents per click on a banner ad and hosting fees, about $100USD a month maximum.

There are plenty more terms in the scriptures that are PAGAN (SATANIC) which you use everyday.

Reading CLEAN SCRIPTURES will help train you to follow the REAL CREATOR & HIS wishes!

Only the YASHA AHAYAH SCRIPTURES fixes all the pagan idols and false GODS, so that you follow and worship the REAL CREATOR & HIS wishes!

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