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Climate change SHOCK: Sea level rise forecasts were wrong by 80%

Climate change causing Glaciers to melt?
Climate change causing Glaciers to melt?

Climate change SHOCK: Sea level rise forecasts were wrong by 80 percent, scientists warn.

Climate change and the effects of global warming will produce between 19 and 63 inches of sea level rise around the globe. Climate scientists at the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska Fairbanks fear these effects will become evident over the next 200 years. And if greenhouse gas emissions remain unopposed and global temperatures continue to rise, Greenland’s ice will melt at higher rates than initially expected. The climate forecasts are now up to 80 percent higher than previous estimates of 35 inches of sea level rise from Greenland ice melt.

The latest news from the climate religion cult, is pushing more dire consequences if you don’t act quickly to buying into the carbon tax.  Their fear they are pushing is sea level rise if you don’t pay.  Their climate models have all failed, but now they are screaming that their model is 80% out and we will see a faster sea level rise!  Corn crops have been failing in the US, because of cold weather!  There has not been any warming happening, we have had a cool summer and a very cold winter.  Glaciers have also been increasing in size due to the cold weather we have been having.
I have been praying to Ahayah (Father=I AM that I AM in Paleo Hebrew) and His SON Yasha (which means Saviour in Hebrew) for colder weather to happen and it has. End that false climate religion!
The global warming carbon 666 climate religion is a SCAM!  Their models have constantly been wrong.  But they want you to pay a world carbon 666 tax.  Praying to the Father Ahayah and His Son Yasha for cooler weather to happen and it has happened.  Hopefully the real science will prove that CO2 is good for life and that it does not need to be sequestered or taxed.   Climate change is a false science and a false religion.
Glaciers are increasing in size, proving that Global Warming is a false religion. They would’nt be increasing in size if it was actually warmer weather.  2020 or 2030 they said the glaciers were disappearing by, but they have not melted and the climate does not follow the CO2 carbon tax.  Their climate models will continue to fail as they have been praying to Satan and all his other false names.


A new study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America finds that climate change will not only increase the risk of food shocks from world corn production but that these crop failures could occur simultaneously.

“Increased warming leads to global crop failures because plants are not adapted to really high temperatures,” explains Michelle Tigchelaar, a research associate at the University of Washington. “Most of our crops are really well-adapted for our current climate. There is an optimum temperature at which they grow and beyond that their yields decline. Extreme heat has really negative impacts on … the flowering of crops and also increases their water usage.”


It hasn’t been warming weather to cause crop failures its been COLD weather instead!  Praise be to Ahayah and Yasha for proving that the climate religion is a scam and a fraud.

corn crops are failing this year due to cold weather.
corn crops are failing this year due to cold weather.

Just like the carbon 666 tax is a scam, the names of Jesus and Jehovah (YHWH) is also wrong! There was no letter J 500 years ago, so the Father and Son cannot have those names. John 5:43 proves that Jesus and Jehovah are not His name, because they are NOT the same name!

Ahayah and Yashayah(Our Saviour), both have the same name HAYAH which means to be.

Hosea 2:16 the Father wants to be called “Ishi” which is Ah-Yasha in Paleo Hebrew. Yasha means saviour in Hebrew and the Father and Son are both Saviours with the same name fulfilling John 5:43.

Praying to Ahayah and Yasha for things you need has been working for me. But you need clean scripture to have your prayers answered. You need to follow Him and not false idols. It takes a lot of practise to not use Pagan terms we are so accustomed into using. God is Pagan and most people pray to it. I explain how that name is actually Satan and have solid proof that God is Satan!

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Glaciers increasing in size from cold.

Our Father and Son only have one name. I explain in the Yasha Ahayah Bible Scriptures how a carbon 666 tax is linked to the rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon for the antichrist in the back of the Book. It explains on how evil will use a carbon tax to create a one world religion. I have a PDF of the Yasha Ahayah Bible Scriptures here;


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