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Bought a book called Everyday Millionaires

According to a study from Spectrem Group’s 2017 Market Insights Report,

there are almost 11 million millionaires in the United States today. That’s more

millionaires than ever before. That same report, though, shows the number of

people living paycheck to paycheck is on the rise, with one in three unable to

cover a $2,000 emergency with cash. You may be surprised to learn that even

some affluent two-income households are struggling to make ends meet too.

What’s going on here? How are there more millionaires than ever before and

more people living paycheck to paycheck than ever before at the same time?

What do the millionaires do that everyone else doesn’t? That’s exactly what we

set out to discover.


Since it is boring saving a small amount each month for investment, I figured a book on becoming a millionaire might help especially with the magic of compound interest.

I thought you might like a book on research into Millionaires and how anyone can get there. A lot of millionaires whom lost their wealth have found ways to get back there. This book might help you, it is from a Christian Dave Ramsey foundation.I just bought the book to read myself, as my goal is to also save a million.

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