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Did Jesus Warn Us of the “Christ” Paul Met in the Wilderness?

https://youtube.com/watch?v=NwMHfgn_Gsg This is a presentation by Jesus words only calm here we ask the question did Jesus ever warn us about many being led
astray by the voice and light Jesus whom Paul met on the road to Damascus here’s Jesus’s warning from Matthew 24
verses 4 to 5 and jesus answered and said unto them take heed that no man lead you astray
for many shall come in my name saying I am the Christ and shall lead many astray and we read in Luke he jesus replied
watch out that you are not deceived for many will come in my name claiming I am he and the time is near
do not follow them so Jesus is identified in misleader who says I am the Christ or says I am he
and he’s coming in jesus name that means he’s saying I am Jesus where are we to be especially on guard for the Smiths
leader or false Christ to appear is it to be in Jerusalem or on a mountaintop or in a wilderness or desert what does
Jesus say she says it’s not me if it’s in the wilderness listen to Matthew 24 verses 24 to 27 for there shall arise
false Christ’s and false prophets and they shall give great signs of wonders so as to lead astray if possible also
the chosen lo I did tell you beforehand if therefore they may say to you lo in the wilderness he is you may not go
forth lo in the inner chambers you may not believe for as the Lightning doth come forth from the east and doth appear
unto the West so shall be also the presence of the Son of Man and we need to know what is a wilderness
in the biblical sense the word wilderness is used in the Bible means an area outside a city Gill the famous
commentator in his expositions of the Bible explains the term wilderness as Paul used it in 2nd Corinthians 11 verse
26 and he says it may be understood not strictly of desert places but of the country in distinction from the city now
let’s turn to the supernatural voice that it paul encountered on the road nearing damascus this is an axe 9 verses
3 to 5 as he paul near damascus on his journey suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him he fell to the ground
and heard a voice say to him Saul Saul why do you persecute me who are you lord Saul asked I am Jesus whom you are
persecuting he replied now get up and go into the city and you will be told what you must
do so the supernatural voice said I am Jesus in other words I am he and he’s
identified himself by saying I’m the one you persecute meaning he’s telling him I’m the Messiah I am the Christ but what
did jesus warned of the misleader he will say I am he I am Christ Jesus now where did this event take place in acts
9 3 Paul came near Damascus in the King James the pertinent Greek word is in design meaning to draw near this Paul is
outside Damascus but what did jesus warned of the Miz leader this false Christ who appeared to someone he’ll be
in the wilderness he is and what does Jesus tell us to do you may not go forth in other words you may not follow that
Jesus that’s Matthew 24 verse 26 so now how did Jesus’s words also apply to Luke’s account of Paul’s vision in acts
9 7 jesus warned us about what quality of appearance he would have in the future
but here in acts 9 7 we read the men traveling with soil stood there speechless
they heard the sound meaning someone saying I am Jesus but did not see anyone acts 9 7
but Jesus already warned us about this in Matthew 24 verses 24 to 7 in verse 27 we read for as the Lightning doth come
forth from the east and doth appear unto the West so shall be also the presence of the Son of Man in other words when
Jesus returns and someone says I am Christ you’ll know it’s in because every eye will have seen him but if every eye
has not seen him you know it’s not Jesus so how do you identify the misleader he’s going to say I am the Christ I am
he he’s going to come in Jesus name basically fulfilled in acts 9 5 by the person who said I am Jesus it’s going to
happen in the wilderness according to Matthew 24 26 and that’s what happened in acts 9 4 where we read that Paul’s
encounter occurred as he neared Damascus and then she said not every eye shall see me and if unless its presence is
seen throughout the entire world it’s not the true Jesus and this matches acts 9 7 where the men traveling was all did
not see anyone although they heard the voice now was Paul already protected from any error at this point had pole in
other words converted in this experience just before or as it happened is there evidence the Holy Spirit protected Paul
from error in this encounter here’s all we know about Paul at the time he meets his voice in light Paul is still an
unrepentant murderer admitting he was in the party that murdered Stephen when he spoke later and that’s in acts 22 verses
3 to 21 Paul is still a Pharisee he’ll tell us much later I am a Pharisee in the present tense in acts 23 6 thus all
the evidence indicates Paul was lost he was not even a good ground as Jesus identified someone in the solar power
ball now did anything actually change in the encounter we’re reading in acts 9 no there’s never any record of Paul
repenting to Jesus at the scene or later nor is there any evidence that Paul believed in Jesus as Messiah son of God
during the encounter so there’s no conversion that we are aware of so we have to assume he
had darkened spiritual understanding so how did Paul know who was the voice of light Paul himself later actually
explained that the devil goes about as an angel of light he says this in 2nd Corinthians 11:14 but before we go on
there’s one more proof to consider remember we quoted Luke 21 verse 8 earlier Jesus said watch out that you
are not to seed for many will come in my name claiming I am he and the time is near
do not follow them now compare Luke to Roman’s 1312 in Luke the time is near is the Greek ho Kairos a geeking the time
is near and compare this to Romans 1312 the day is near in Greek it’s mr.eddy Ken the days near in other words the
person to whom Paul is giving allegiance as Jesus has communicated to him the days near and the word day is inclusive
within the word time therefore the person to whom Paul is listening gave Paul a message that fulfills what jesus
warned would be the message of the false Christ the one who would say he is Jesus in a wilderness where not every eye on
earth would see him so let’s go now and examine whether Paul properly tested this event Paul himself
said the devil goes in disguise he’s an angel of light the theology professor Della’s McCown in his work behold the
Antichrist states apparently all it took to convince Paul that he was hearing the voice of Jesus was for the voice to say
so and from what we read in acts that’s all we know is what influenced Paul was the words from the person saying I of
Jesus also concurrent with blindness being inflicted upon Paul which is something more like what Satan would do
than what the Lord would do well jesus warned us about what we’re supposed to do with such an impostor we do not
listen to them that is Luke 21 verse 8 so who was the light and voice and remember the companions with Paul only
heard a voice let’s quote this again the men traveling with Saul stood there speechless
they heard the sound but did not see anyone Saul got up from the ground but when he opened his eyes he could see
nothing that’s acts 9 verses 78 to Paul in this particular vision he will later describe that Jesus was a light a light
brighter than the Sun this is in Paul’s account in acts 26 verse 13 in other words that light is what blinded Paul
this is mentioned in the Wikipedia article the conversion of all the journey is interrupted when Paul sees a
blinding light and communicates directly with a divine voice those are what he assumes so now let’s compare that to
Isaiah 14:12 which is translated into English as Lucifer in reference to the angel no we now know as Satan so let’s
examine what people say about Satan as a blinding angel of light Isaiah 14:12 reads how art thou fallen from heaven o
Lucifer son of the morning how art thou cut down to the ground which didst weaken the nation’s now the word there
translated as Lucifer is a word hell L the original Hebrew word translated as Lucifer and Isaiah 14:12 o-l comes from
a verbal root that means quote to shine brightly and that word is halal which is Strong’s number 1984
so let’s examine whether Lucifer is also to be understood as a blinding light this is an article quote I’m going to
give you from entitled Lucifer angel of light father of lies so let’s listen the Hebrew word Hallel
which is translated Lucifer in Isaiah 14:12 entered English through Greek and German in the Greek we have Helios the
Sun God in German this became Helen from which came the word Helder meaning clear or shiny but
there is also sense of blinding that is blinded by the light in this and thus how L entered English as hell a covered
place a place of darkness as if blinded a place far off from God Hallel when split apart can read bright or clear God
or God of hell the early Christian church clearly understood that hell L was a proper noun and that Lucifer
matched him not only in the meaning of the name but also in his character so his character matched the meaning of
his name and his name and blinding light and his character therefore was to blind you by his light that’s exactly how God
allowed Luke to depict this encounter Luke apparently unaware of what the Hebrew word for Lucifer really means so
what are the attributes of Satan Paul said it right and no wonder for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light
2nd Corinthians 11:14 no truer words came from Paul’s mouth than that verse now let’s look at the
attributes of Satan and actually Paul will have a lot of other interestingly true statements about Satan will be in
this list this is from the article Satan in the Victorian Bible dictionary from his
honor of in 1971 where we read he Satan snatches away the Word of God sown in the hearts of the unsaved Matthew 13:19
he sews his counterfeit Christians among the sons of the kingdom that’s Matthew 13 25 30 39 he blinds the minds of men
to the gospel that’s Paul in 2nd Corinthians 4 verses 3 to 4 and he induces them to accept his lie that’s
Paul again in 2nd Thessalonians 2 verses 9 to 10 often he transforms himself into an angel of light by presenting his
apostles of falsehood as messengers of truth oh that is so true thank you Paul 2nd Corinthians 11 verses 13 to 15 so
let’s reach our conclusion jesus warned someone coming same I am he I’m Jesus the Christ he will say the time is near
a geekin he will be in the wilderness and Paul will encounter a blinding light and voice and that voice says I am Jesus
and signifies he’s the Christ was saying why do you persecute persecute me and then Paul later prophesized the day is
near eggie ken and ladies and gentlemen you can just see there is absolutely a complete congruence between acts 9 and
the warnings of your Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 24 verses 4 to 5 and verses 24 to 27 and the lesson for us is we
need to follow Jesus and his words alone you can read more about this at our website wwe’s words only calm thank you

Note: This video uses Jesus, there was no letter J 500 years ago! His name is Yasha, which means Saviour in Hebrew.

The Apostle Paul was the anti-christ according to the first Christians

The agenda of Paul there were significant differences in the agenda of Jesus to that of Paul one of the most
important verses in the New Testament is Matthew 5:17 in 5:17 Jesus states why he is here after you 5:17 or 19 says don’t
think I came to abolish the law and the prophets I came not to abolish them but to fulfill them I would be easier for
heaven and earth pass away even for a jot or tittle to pass away from the law the law that he is referring to is the
Torah which is the first five books of the Hebrew Bible and what Christians called the Old Testament the Hebrew
Bible and the prophets Jesus speaks of comprise the foundation of Judaism Jesus is saying think not that I have come to
challenge Judaism but to fulfill it Jesus was a reformer his mission was to bring the Jews back to the old ways of
theology he goes on to say you change not a jot or a tittle in Scripture what does that mean that means that a job and
a tittle are the little decorative squigglies that you put onto a Hebrew letter he says you don’t change it he
doesn’t say you don’t change a law you don’t change a philosophy or a thought or a paragraph or a word you hear even a
letter you don’t change the tiniest little part of the law for the prophets you change nothing this is what he
wanted to get back to that practice of of what the scriptures say because Jesus is depicted as rebutting in advance
Christian beliefs about what Jesus came to do Paul says the exact opposite of Jesus Paul could not convince Jews that
Jesus was divine so he went outside of Israel to the Gentiles a Gentile is anyone who is not a Jew
wasn’t getting anyplace again for two main reasons number one was the dietary law he restricted the things that they
enjoyed in a county of wine the biggest one was the circumcision in the first century or so most all Christians were
Jews but Paul said you don’t have to keep the Jewish law that’s a legalism and you are saved by the blood of Christ
not by keeping the Jewish law so that admitted Gentiles without circumcising them without requiring them to observe
Jewish dietary policies or going to the synagogue on Saturday as a result there developed what we call today two
confessions or two denominations Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians but it took a long time for that bifurcation to
take place a lot of the so-called Gentile Christian church were Jews but they didn’t continue observing Jewish
practices thanks to Paul but the point that I’m making is that Jesus says I’m here for this and Paul says I’m here for
that Jesus says you change absolutely nothing and he brings it to an extreme degree and Paul says we don’t have to
obey those courser laws Jesus has freed us from them of course that’s not what Jesus
remember the word apostle was reserved for those who are with Jesus and witnessed his doings Paul claimed to be
an apostle and the Christian Church calls him an apostle even though he was not involved or even knew Jesus he had
died long before Paul well if you take the conventional Christian Lutheran sort of a view of Paul he is a convert from
Judaism to Christianity Paul not only becomes a follower of the sect he persecuted but imagines himself to be an
apostle and an authority on Jesus I don’t know where the guy says you know I’m not only a Christian I’m an apostle
I’m on the level of the guys that Jesus actually taught and he however it happens he doesn’t say and the epistles
the stories in Acts of the Damascus Road or transparently borrowed from the conversions of Pentheus and Euripides
The Bacchae and Healy odorous in second Maccabees chapter three well-known works at the time but however it happened he
he becomes a Christian and decides that the Torah is no longer binding that Jews may keep it if they wish but they’re
they’re grossly mistaken even to the point of spiritual peril if they think they must he describes himself as being
born into the Jewish tradition but he does not think we should follow the law as Christians and he’s being opposed
there by cephus a lot of people say it’s Peter who was an actual disciple of Christ now in any argument between Peter
and Paul guess who would have the advantage right it wouldn’t be Paul it would be Peter
Peter could say to Paul all the time listen Paul I was with Jesus I was a friend of Jesus and you are an
interloper you’ve never even met the guy right so who are you to tell me what Jesus thought I was there
and you weren’t so it’s actually interesting that this non disciple of Jesus ended up being so
dominant in early Christianity because you know he never met Jesus by his own account everything he got he got from
revelation how are we to verify that Jesus actually revealed anything to Paul and clearly a
lot of the early Christians did not agree with him so Paul insists in Galatians that he was
sent by the resurrected Christ and made the point I’m as much sent as you are and if you knew Jesus before the
crucifixion that doesn’t make a bit of difference everything is new now in second Corinthians now this seems to be
the tip of an iceberg though where he’s trying to decide a larger issue if these Gentiles who really like our new
religion want to join but don’t want to become Jews and this is very common there were loads of Greeks and Romans
going to the synagogue every sabbath I said this is great this is better than the pagan garbage we were brought up
with is bed hopping deities and so on these people have a real faith here but I tell you the truth I don’t want to get
circumcised I don’t want to stop having shrimp cocktails and ham sandwiches I do you mind if I just attend and listen to
the scripture and the Serling juice it come on no problem you’re not Jews but that’s alright well
that’s the kind of issue facing Paul I got these people lining up to be baptized as Christians do I have to tell
them they’ve also got to be circumcised and no more ants anxious because if I do they’re going to leave you and it cannot
be that important this raised a huge problem with the edia knife they said look I mean it may not be the most
important thing but Jesus is the Jewish Messiah I mean what’s the last thing you think the Jewish Messiah is gonna do is
say let’s just drop the Torah of Moses we don’t have no way that this is all right it’s the least of the commandments
but there’s no way that Jew besides going to say that Jewish law is unimportant as I said this Paul is an
antichrist he’s a false apostle he’s a servant devil especially the media Knights over they really anchor them
but Matthew did do but remember what Jesus said keep saying Matthew 5:17 think not that I have come to destroy
the law or the prophets but to fulfill them and then he goes on he says you changed nothing so critically if
somebody today wanted to be a true advocate of Jesus he’d be a Jew that’s what Jesus was if he wanted to be like

1West Hebrew on Trial | Lashawan Qadash vs. FACTS

Lashawam Qadash is correct!

https://youtube.com/watch?v=0WyrdydhzdY More than a decade ago I made a video titled la chuan Kadosh ancient Hebrew in 2015
Zion Lex re uploaded my video onto his YouTube account one of the first people to raise an objection in that regard
happened to be a gentleman named al-azhar bond lawyer also known as guerilla Hebrew and there’s I like video
he calls himself coming against the last ones with das founded in one place he called sober but that charter refuted
using basically plagiarized information be original honey please because that was plagiarized information I was
browsing vocab Malone’s Facebook forum which is dedicated to Hebrew Israelite and Christian debate and discussion and
dialogue and there was a post in there from vocab noting that the Sicari group was doing a live review of video footage
of vocabs recent interaction with another Israelite group called one body in yahuwah shy apparently during the

(We do not worship the Tetragrammaton YHWH, we worship AHYH A’HâYâH)

course of the review of the exchange the Sicari group received some criticism in the video live chat from still
another israelite group known as israelites tried and refined and so al-azhar bond lawyer took a break from
his review of the exchange between vocab and one body in yahuwah shy to offer some counter criticism to this group
which had apparently been criticizing his group another group of Christians have to get exposed today not just vocab
in them the guys who call themselves Israelites tried and refined we call them their proper name
it’s called Israelites try it and refute it because we’ve refuted them through the spirit and power of you how about
you me I was shot so many times and if what we’re teaching is wormwood and Dogma right why do you still stay here
how are India how is shy why do you still say that because that you got that from the same guys that taught you
everything else that you said was wrong yet you you still follow their former Hebrew Israelites tried and refined is a
group which splintered off from great millstone so and apparently since breaking away from great millstone
they’ve rejected some of the things which they were taught by the great bill Stone group such as for example the 12
tribes sign so Allah Sobhan lawyer was pointing out that they still despite rejecting some GMS doctrines they still
hold on to lhasa wonka – so al-azhar was asking if they now reject the teachings of GMS of great millstone why do they
still hold on to lhasa wonka – I find that question very interesting because it seems to come very close to positing
or tacitly assuming that it’s not possible to reach a conclusion in favor of lhasa wan-koo – on one’s own like
after an examination of the available evidence rather it has to be inherited from another group very similar to a
statement which Tahar the leader of GMS himself had made in December of 2017 oh you guys that left GMS with that kicked
out or whatever the case may be you are you guys still call on the name of your how about send me I wish I which you got
for musters birth didn’t come down hey a man in a grey suit didn’t come in your kitchen and tell you what the Mossad
name is your heart when it said his name do you have a shot you got that from us and you believed it through faith that
that was his name you guys still keep your same ancient Hebrew names and the last one for – you
still say Hebrew words in the last one or the so called last one could – all right whether whether it’s made up or
not according to a vocab Malone you got that from us and you believed it through faith in the first clip I played from
2015 Allah’s are described lost one kadosh as founded at one west and rediscovered by
one West while others might take a different view I interpret that as likely meaning that he believes one
would not have La Shuang kadosh were it not for the Israeli Church of universal practical
knowledge which was at one West 125th Street in Manhattan it also seems to potentially entail that no one would
know of the system and no one knew of the system the system of pronunciation before one West brought it out meanwhile
in the clip from Tahar he rather flatly says that former members of his group accepted la chuan kadosh on faith and
al-azhar likewise seems to think that former members of GMs who still hold the lodge Wang Kadosh simply received that
system from GMs which is to say he does not seem to think they arrived at that conclusion after their own personal
examination of the evidence the Sicari Public Enemies account aired a video in which follows up on lawyer and another
member of his group reviewed vocab Malone’s exchange with GMs Dallas from a little over a week ago
it’s in an ear it’s a nearly three our video titled vocab Malone vs. GMS Sakaki live reaction it’s a situation it’s
actually the first part of a three-part series which they made on the subject of vocab and GMS Dallas and at about the
one hour 41 minute mark of this video of this first part they devote some time to vocabs argument against lanka – okay so
then why did you go and ask brother from one body of a bishop jephta about Paraclete
but they did say pericles say Holy Spirit when vocab had his exchange with the group called one body and yahwah
shine which was the day after he had his exchange with GMS dallas at one point in their discussion he used the term
Paraclete which the bishop of that group was familiar with and since then some have
poked a little fun at the way the man expressed his unfamiliarity with the term to clarify vocab was asking the
question because he was under the impression that the bishop might be conflating Christ and the Holy Spirit
and vocab himself made clear that by Paraclete he was referring to the Holy Spirit in John doesn’t Jesus say he’s
gonna stand apparently Holy Spirit doesn’t say that who is that doesn’t the Holy Spirit think AB was not using the
word Paraclete in place of the phrase Holy Spirit rather he was using Paraclete instead of the word comforter
as found in the 14th and 16th chapters of the Gospel of John in the King James Version as well as earlier translations
the reason why is because the Greek term is Parakletos Paraclete is an old anglicisation of that greek term now to
be fair to vocab he spends a lot of time in Muslim Christian debate he’s been exploring the subject of Islam far
longer than he has been exploring the subject of one West Israel ism and he’s more well known for his videos on Islam
than he is for his videos on Israelites now I think that’s worth mentioning because the word Paraclete is very very
common in Muslim Christian dialogue so while I would agree that there’s no shame in the one body bishop not being
familiar with the term it is a common term in vocabs experience and thus one can understand why he might initially
have been surprised that someone with long history of debating the Bible was unfamiliar with it the word Paraclete
the English word Paraclete appears in a translation of the Bible which predates the King James Bible that being the
Douay Rheims and in fact it appears in specifically the trend that translations New Testament which was published by
itself in 1582 in reims or Hass as the cities called in French nearly 30 years before the King James Bible was
published in fact the original Douay Rheims had a marginal note at John 14:16 explaining why it employs the word
correctly reads as follows quote Paraclete by interpretation is either a comforter or
an advocate and therefore two translated by any one of them only it’s perhaps to abridge the sense
of this place and the term is very common in the circles that vocabs move more vocab has moved in and second the
term has been part of the English language since before the publishing of the King James Bible so it’s been part
of the English language for quite a while so the point is that vocab using the word Paraclete in place of the Greek
product let those is fair and not exactly analogous to one Westers using the much more recent fringe innovation
yahwah shine in place of yes Seuss or Yeshua or even the English Jesus I mean ironically even if we treat the English
pronunciation Jesus and has only roughly 400 years old or so that would still be centuries older than our earliest
reference to yahwah shy but all that aside vocab wasn’t really complaining merely about diverging from a given
translation as surely he’s fine with the idea that words have semantic ranges which can be expressed in a variety of
ways the issue here is that one Westers think how a shy is the one and only correct rending rendering of christ’s
name and vocab was alluding to the fact that that rendering is unjustified as it’s rooted in the unfounded modern
system of constante Don West called Lhasa wonka – and it’s also contrary to what is implied by the text itself well
can you prove to me that they were valid points that were employed in the day-to-day communications of ancient
Israelites during that time period if you can’t then you can’t substantiate that the loss along kadosh was not being
spoken foul points would be employed in written text and therefore it wouldn’t be employed in spoken speech and you
know an audible conversation but whatever the case if he means did these vowel points which we see that the
diacritical marks the dots and dashes the Niko dog that we see in the master etic text and did that exist in the time
of Jesus no it did not exist those diacritical marks those symbols had
yet been created but that’s actually relevant to vocabs point because while these symbols diacritical marks
representing those vocalizations did not exist how can you prove that I would love to see this [ __ ] prove dat he can
prove it by showing recordings which imply that Jesus employed vocalizations which are not part of logic or not I
think he did make that prediction in his mind that he anticipated it and the reason why is because the argument has
been around for as long as all Azhar has been involved in the one West Israelite spectrum and it’s also come up in videos
which al-azhar is I’m sure familiar with it was in my video from 2009 which was the first video ever online to be
critical of Lanka – or over in the summer of 2016 when vocab was really starting to explode onto the scene onto
the Israelite scene thanks in part to his appearances on James White’s dividing line as well as the debate that
he managed to set up between James White and Rakesh Aiyaa of gathering of Christchurch GOCC around that same time
in the in June of 2016 vocab himself had James White play the very same video on James white show on the dividing line so
this video and I think we’re gonna show a clip of right it’s a little brief exposure of how they came to speak the
Hebrew they speak they believe it’s the pure the holy tongue not modern-day Masoretic influenced yiddish tracer
police there he is the shaolin Kadosh is purely from I can’t see it the imagination of high
priest area Arya so he gets into a place in Matthew where he saying it provides evidence against
these claims pretty interesting so you can see he did a super bang-up job on this video in my opinion just the level
of detail Matthew 20 I got to see this okay bring it up bring it up this is Greek text of Jesus crying the cross for
a news which applies very specific Hebrew phrase yeah Eli Eli lama sabachthani in other words the Greek
transliteration captures the pronunciation that’s true Lamas Eli Eli yeah and it would not have
it is no difference in the opening line song playing to save the fact that it employs here Aramaic went too fast sorry
note that Eli is pronounced Eli and not Alya which is true note the final character yo is
pronounced E not yah thus in the first century Hebrew characters have multiple vocalization vocalizations which
components of Shaolin kadosh claim are incorrect most importantly it shows of just and hustlaz Shaolin cannot that was
Brian given the New Testament creates time in the mez reads by many centuries but we can go back further still and
consider the transliterations in the septage in a pre-christian para translation of the Hebrew Bible into
Greek only one criticism of the of the of the video why keep that music I see I think it was so God before the
foundations of the world roulade could give James white a chance to spit some bars I don’t think I do believe that al
azhar has long been familiar with this argument I think many one Westers many who have been within one West for a long
time have been familiar with the argument unfortunately I feel that no one has really grappled with it for all
these years it hasn’t been adequately addressed that doesn’t prove anything
Mathew was taken from Hebrew into Greek and then transliterated back you didn’t want a double transliteration that does
not substantiate the actual vocalization of what actually came out of Gauss eyes mouth during the time of that it doesn’t
do it nice try to a dump double triple transliteration he’s trying to use that that doesn’t work
when you think we were born yesterday men literally and we’re from Hebrew to Greek right back into English and into
Hebrew that way as crazy English is not relevant here I know that vocab appealed to the English somewhat but that’s
because he was dealing with a crowd that works on English but at the same time he also appealed back to the Greek text and
the Greek text is simply a transliteration of Christ’s statement this sort of appeal to personal
incredulity does not really explain why this ancient writer transliterated it that way even if you say that he was
transliterating a piece of written Hebrew it still begs the question why did this ancient writer look at Aleph
lammott York and conclude that it was pronounced Ehnle unless that was the ancient understanding of how the word my
God was pronounced at that time suppose you have the string of characters Aleph la med Yoda we would say that word
meaning my god is pronounced LD proponents of la xu oanh kadosh would say that that word is pronounced alle
yah but here’s the issue we have ancient transliterations corroborating the view that it’s pronounced nd the proponents
of la chuan kadosh have no ancient transliterations corroborating their view regarding what they think it’s
pronounced as Allah Ya Allah Ya Allah [Music] you transliterating like this why did
they transliterate it that way well cuz you’re German you Nazi you’re doing you not the one but what’s being spoken now
is Yiddish granny you have what they call Biblical Hebrew that’s not exactly Yiddish but it’s not the ancient Hebrew
and Benjamin Netanyahu went on record saying that Christ did not speak the same thing that they speak in their time
in Israel now they did there’s been and what I feel is an unfair shift in the focus or a misrepresentation of vocabs
argument he wasn’t arguing for modern Israeli Hebrew rather he was focusing on the language that Jesus spoke and how
that measures up against logical – I seriously doubt that vocab believes that Jesus spoke specifically modern Israeli
Hebrew so the argument is not for modern Israeli Hebrew rather the argument is against Lhasa Wonka – for example later
on vocab makes an appeal to the Septuagint the Septuagint corroborates some of the pronunciations in modern
Israeli Hebrew but it does not corroborate all of them in some places the Septuagint transliterations imply an
older form of Hebrew which in some respects and some pronunciations is closer to Arabic has more phonemes than
modern Israeli Hebrew does so again the argument that’s being put forth is not designed to somehow prop up the entirety
of modern Israeli Hebrew rather it’s simply being used to show that lhasa Wan Kadosh is not ancient Hebrew you have to
understand that this isn’t some sort of a simple dichotomy where either it’s modern Israeli Hebrew or Launcher
one kadosh wins by default or vice versa [Music] to me there’s an e sound in Hebrew at
all without them dance if you don’t have them darts next to those letters you don’t know to make any of those sounds
when were those dots added to those letters who are the Mazarin vocab has already demonstrated that with his
appeals to the New Testament and also to his appeal to the Septuagint and so forth now the question might be how so
here’s how so what we see is that centuries before the master reads we have all these different sources that
show these same vocalizations that show a recognition recognition of these vocalizations so let’s focus on the
sound this idea that when the string of characters are left la made in a reference to a God is supreme ounce el
this that that this was pronounced el before the master eats we have evidence of that we have it in the
transliterations in the Septuagint we have evidence of it in the transliterations in the New Testament
and we go to other sources such as the transliterations in Josephus and the writings of Philo and so on it’s very
very clear that many centuries before the time of the master eats people were already vocalizing this word in that way
so vocab has already demonstrated it that this was the way it was pronounced in the time of Jesus aside from that the
next question which al-azhar asked touches on a bit of a complex subject especially visa vie trying to convey
these things to proponents of martial uncle – so but listen to this next claim how did Israelites talk before those
things were introduced to their language as we already covered the vocalizations implied by the pointed text of the
Masoretic text long predated the introduction of those diacritical marks of those dots and dashes now by the same
token while we don’t have transliterations predating the somewhat speculative
metallic the onus it’s nonetheless the case that we don’t have any reason to think that the introduction of this
writing convention brought about a significant change in pronunciation as was the case with the with the pointed
text in the mathematic text we could say so too with them out that elecciones that they were introducing a writing
convention to reflect vocalizations that already existed rather than proposing this idea where
people were all talking one way and they changed the way they wrote and suddenly the way they wrote spoke somehow change
the correspondence of the writing and it seems to make more sense to me that the writing introduces these new conventions
to reflect already existing vocalizations to clarify their vocalizations that’s a total cut if
anything it provides yet another example in support of his position for those who don’t know they were referring to the
transliteration of a Hebrew word which appears in Revelation 9:11 the relevant word is a biblical hebrew term which is
to say it can be found in the Hebrew Bible the Masoretic text renders that word as Abaddon there’s an O
vocalization in there so it is a vocalization which is contrary to logic or – but did the mass reads introduce
that vocalization no they did not as centuries before the mass reads the book of Revelation likewise
transliterated it yes or I love Lamech yo-you right but guess what it still doesn’t make Ellie Wow al-azhar declares
that a little Amedeo cannot produce Ellie he nonetheless has yet to explain why this ancient text transliterated it
that way it seems that the ancient writer understood the that string of characters to be pronounced in precisely
that oh well I’d if I look in the ancient writers of Hebrew I don’t see Val if my
vowels al-azhar means the dots and dashes of the Masoretic text the Nick would mean decode though if that’s what
he means and by this point it should be obvious that those symbols are not required to vocalize the text in that
way the symbols represent vocalizations that existed before those symbols were developed that’s the key point here this
ancient text is clearly showing that the word was vocalized that way in the time of Christ no it’s not no it’s not
because those barrels were not there with all due respect to al-azhar while he’s saying no it’s not honestly the
response is I’m sorry but yes it is we’re referring to a transliteration in the New Testament in the Gospel of
Matthew that is before the master reads Matthew was written before the time of the master reads
[Music] no the septuagint is not let you know it actually the Septuagint does provide a
number of transliterations which are relevant to questions about Hebrew pronunciation and we’ll get to that in a
moment still is it paleo ancient pre-exilic Hebrew that’s the point vocab I’m sensing another shift in focus here
note that vocab when he started this out he started out as a question about whether or not Jesus spoke Olajuwon
Kadosh weilnau al-azhar is talking about pre-exilic Hebrew this raises an interesting question does al-azhar
believe that the Hebrew spoken by Jesus by Christ was fundamentally different from the Hebrew spoken in pre-exilic
times that’s an interesting question but if his answer is no that Jesus was speaking essentially the same language
that were roughly similar language to what was spoken in pre Israel times then we would be able to get a sense within
the paradigm of that assumption we would get a sense of what pre-exilic Hebrew was like because we have a sense of what
Hebrew was like in the time of Christ and that’s the issue here but let’s consider the other alternative let’s
suppose al-azhar says while actually Hebrew in the time of Christ was fundamentally different from pre-exilic
Hebrew okay working within that paradigm it seems to be that his assumption is that in pre-exilic times they were
speaking lhasa Wawa – even though there’s no evidence for that but in the time of Christ they weren’t that would
beg the question if people weren’t speaking lhasa wonka – in the time of Christ why do you refer to him by Allah
Siobhan kadosh name wouldn’t it be the case that in his time nobody was calling him quote-unquote yahwah shy wouldn’t
that be the case if people weren’t speaking much longer – then I think with all due respect to these gentlemen
they’re being a bit too flippant nonetheless even if you have disagreements with the way certain texts
were translated that doesn’t lead to the conclusion that these men the
translators of the Septuagint didn’t know how Hebrew characters were pronounced their transliterations show
an ancient understanding of how various Hebrew words were pronounced and so I want to take a look at the Septuagint to
show the significance of this facts let me show myself to agenda we’ll take my Septuagint off the shelf and we’ll take
a look in here we’re gonna take a look at some of the transliterations that appear in this text so first let’s go to
a first chronicles chapter 6 you have the the name a seer which is spelled with an Aleph it starts with olive and
so here it is right here I see it it’s spelled with an olive yet it’s transliterated with an alpha yet in the
same verse or the verse before you have Alpana also spelled with an olive yet it’s transliterated with an Epsilon now
let’s go to 2nd Samuel and where you have the 1 the name each table also spelled with an olive yet transliterated
within iota aside from that let’s jump to Genesis 36 where you have the name or mod right Oman spelled with an olive
transliterated with an Omega and let’s jump back to 1st chronicles chapter 6 again and you have the name udl spelled
with an olive but transliterated with an Omicron oops alone think about the implications of
what was just shown we have five different biblical terms all starting with olive yet that initial character is
transliterated five different ways and this touches on a central point here one major premise of Lodge wan-koo – is that
each Hebrew character has essentially only one possible vocalization meanwhile the standard understanding of Hebrew
along with other Semitic languages like Arabic and Aramaic posits that each Hebrew character has multiple possible
vocalizations the ancient transliterations that we just looked at provide clear examples of such we see
that in the ancient understanding the olive was not simply pronounced ah rather it could be vocalized
alternatively a ah II or ooh and we ensure similar a similar spectrum for the other
characters now al-azhar wishes to voice his disapproval of the Septuagint but we see a similar spectrum of vocalizations
also appearing in the New Testament in the writings of Josephus and in the writings of Philo thus we have a
collection of ancient evidence in favor of the conclusion that in the time of Christ the Hebrew language had a
spectrum of vocalizations which proponents of Lhasa wonka – claim were not part of Hebrew now to be clear this
is not an argument in favor of modern Israeli Hebrew however it is an argument against Lhasa wonka – I would put it
this way we have evidence ancient evidence in favor of a standard understanding of
ancient Hebrew meanwhile Lhasa wonka – has no evidence on its favour no no no no no well now he dissed unvalidated his
own argument he say no that’s not true with the missouri’s but now you’re saying that the missouri’s had it right
but they just introduced the vowel points how can you say how do you go about substantiating that it has been
substantiated has been demonstrated that the vocalizations we see appearing in the Masoretic text predated the
Masoretic text in so far that many of those same vocalizations appear in ancient transliterations which were
written centuries before the time of the masteries so therefore vocab is correct the master
reads didn’t just introduce a whole bunch of new vocalizations to the Hebrew language rather these vocalizations
already existed and the master reads introduced symbols dots and dashes which represented already existing
vocalizations then Oreos invention of lawful Wonka – do you know quad – kadosh kadosh is
something different you’re playing the game and you know it if you know the Ebro you know he’s playing a game I’m
actually glad that I Lazar touched on this because it gives me an opportunity to briefly discuss something that people
have asked me about when I transliterate the the phrase la chuan quad – I often but not always transliterate quoi – qu a
and so some have given me a hard time about that why are you putting a you in there when there’s no you and Asha Wonka
– and I I do it just to to convey to make it more clear how the proponents of this system pronounce that word however
in other cases I might leave the you out just because for the sake of search engines because everyone else who uses
the system transliterate sit without that you nonetheless invoke abs defense yes he’s pronouncing a kadosh and the
proponents of la chuan Quran said quoi – but in his defense when people are consistently transliterating it without
the you it’s sort of natural to just pronounce it kadosh right it’s just sort of that’s sort of a natural inclination
and it winds up being a mistake that even longtime proponents of la chuan kadosh make in certain settings like for
example take a look at recall from GMS listen to the way he pronounces the word quad Arwa which should be quad Arwa
according to their system of pronunciation turn up money and they take their up
language black black music that does that work I’ve even seen meat zealand made a high
who by the way I consider to be the perhaps the most brilliant critic of Lhasa Wonka – around today at least that
I know of and I would certainly recommend to anyone interested his Facebook page where he tackles fringe
alternatives to Hebrew or fringe alternative forms of Hebrew not just lush wan-koo – but also this whole avait
position and other alternatives as well and he does so from the position of someone who’s done serious study in
Semitic languages anyway what I was saying is I’ve seen even meat Zealand who’s been a critic of Lhasa Wonka – for
years I’ve seen even him sort of fall into this tendency to say hadass you know I think it sort of comes naturally
for people who have studied Hebrew you know to not think of this character as qua you know that honestly let’s be
honest only a person thinking within a purely English paradigm would render that
character qua because you know in English almost every word that starts with Q involves acute is pronounced qua
like quiet quest quotes quota etc you know it’s very rare to see an English word with a Q and not with that sort of
UW sound immediately after it you know it’s it’s a it’s a function of the fact that Lashon kadosh was created in in an
almost monolingual environment so I hope it can be forgiving that certain people slip up and refer to it as is kadosh or
pronounce the character car instead of quoi as was just seen even longtime proponents of Las wan-koo – make that
mistake on occasion whatever the case that this is as I said earlier this is precisely the reason why
I transcribed it with a u qu a quad to convey this fact about the system of pronunciation to those who are reading
about it bro the question was was Hebrew in the time of Moses the same as the way it is today and vocab said no and how is
that a problem for vocab position yes modern Israeli Hebrew is different from ancient forms of Hebrew that’s not a
controversial position into the the only way you could think that’s a cut is if you’re arguing against a straw man in
which vocab was trying to argue that modern Israeli Hebrew is identical to the Hebrew that Jesus spoke which is
clearly not his position that was never his position so you know the to say that modern Israel Israeli Hebrew differs
from biblical hebrew or differs from the hebrew that was used in the time of jesus that in no way causes a problem
for the position that people in the time of christ were not speaking washu on kadosh it’s possible to affirm both a
modern Israeli Hebrews different formation Hebrew and B ancient evidence works against washa washa washa washa
has no evidence in its favor so I honestly don’t see how that’s a cut with all due respect to al-azhar I think this
may be indicative of a misunderstanding on his part okay but what I’m saying is the loss of awkward – it ain’t changed I
disagree with all Azhar even on this point ironically even though almost no one uses Lanka – it has still managed to
evolve in the short time that it is existed consider first and I’m gonna give a few examples but consider first a
clip of a person who knew Bivins and this person recounting how the language was when bib ins were still alive
use a teacher okay you know it’s all over ma you know and you know it was it was uh you know our told me that he was
reading within that one time you know and uh some man appeared in the kitchen with a green suit as a choice a yeah and
then man this man taught him how to read it and that that’s my god Erica bought but I didn’t really like it you know but
I learned it we don’t you notice how the gentleman said that back in Bivens time they would say Shalimar now those who
have been following one West’s development since the 90s know that throughout the 90s they consistently
said Shalom however now it’s becoming more and more common for people to say Shalom and you can find proponents of
Shalom and shallow home disagreeing with each other online and this is certainly believable that they may have once said
Shalom ah because think about how consistently the word for Israel has been Joshua Allah but there’s people now
who say yeah sure ah and while one might say oh well you know the people who say yeah sure ah they
changed it it nonetheless relates to the question of how do you know when to vocalize the last character and when to
leave it unfocused now uh yeah sort of developed an arbitrary system where he has the connectors and the disconnectors
you know the thing that looks like a smiley face and the thing that looks like a frown and can we at least admit
that this is something that was introduced by aria it’s his own form of diacritics and that in itself would be
an evidence of the language evolving you know in this very short span of time that even ariana is introducing his own
diacritical marks it’s also interesting to see how proponents of law Swan kadosh used the system on social media
I remember once seeing a post where someone shared some ark artwork that they had made and a friend of his
replied Zach ah ah that’s a minor example but it is clearly an example of a person
recasting la chuan Kadosh terms in a modern American English matrix as he was clearly trying to say that’s hot
Zaha there are serious linguists who when writing about modern Israeli Hebrew have noted that while much of the
vocabulary in many of the grammatical structures are Hebrew because the language was quickly adopted by large
numbers of Yiddish speakers and large numbers of English speakers day to day speech in modern Israeli Hebrew
unwittingly produces lots of examples of Semitic terminology being plugged into a sort of Germanic syntax I mention that
because I think the declarations aah-ha-aah is a similar phenomenon and I know someone might say well that’s just
something on social media but we see this in allegedly more learning context this example of this came up in the
recent controversy between GMS and the older gentleman known as Horeb where hob was trying to talk about his past as a
Rastafarian and trying to do so with within Josh Wonka – he was using Lankan kadosh to recount has passed and the GMs
elders including Orion blog who’s supposedly the lexicon of GMS GMS is resident linguist the GMs elders not
actually knowing the language they promote misunderstood what rob was saying and wrongly took it as him
endorsing Rastafarianism in the present day but putting the misunderstandings of GMS aside I’d like to focus on a key
statement at the center of the controversy to explore its grammar as now as you watch this keep in mind that
a number of one Westers apparently consider this gentleman to be the closest thing to an expert in Lhasa
Wonka – recall that when the man said quote anyakara a lehayim Haile Selassie and quote he was trying to say quote I
called or I used to call God Haile Selassie he was trying to say that he used to call God Haile Selassie so he’s
referring to something from his past now I want to focus on that phrase those two words anyakara
putting aside disagreements about pronunciation is that not obviously a first-person singular pronoun with a
third person singular past tense rendering of the verb and a quick disclaimer and confess that I wanted to
say perfect tense as per Biblical Hebrew but I say past tense instead is that’s how I’ve seen it taught by proponents of
Lanka – who attempt to teach verb conjugations if it’s the case that that that anya qualia is a first-person
singular pronoun with a third-person singular as tense rendering of the verb doesn’t it seem obvious that he was
using masha wonka – terms but still thinking in English isn’t it obvious that he was merely
plugging Lanka – turns into an English framework wouldn’t the first person past tense rendering of the relevant verb in
Lhasa one can touch pronunciation the quater Athiya as you contemplate the proper way to say I called past tense in
Lhasa wonka – give some thought to the point that modern lation want that that la chuan kadosh is following a similar
pattern to what occurs in instances of popular modern Israeli Hebrew speech where the Semitic elements are entered
into an essentially Germanic matrix aside from the evolution of pronunciation vocalization syntax
grammar there’s also the evolution of vocabulary which should be obvious but Tahar actually gave a humorous example
and I actually remember this because I saw once many many years ago more than a decade ago I got the seasoned class
notes relevant to la chuan collage as taught and won West somebody had saved it and within that it was it offered the
the ancient Hebrew word Lanka – word for television and so it’s interesting to have Sahar remembering this as well I
remember when I taught the Hebrew and it was certain words like the word for television they would say they were kind
of saying in a and a Hebrew sounding way I’m trying to tender some words that they use
that have not actually Hebrew words unfortunately too hard didn’t share what the word was for television I myself
don’t remember it but I do remember seeing it in a piece of paper more than a decade ago I also remember there was a
word for Fork which I found curious you know an ancient Hebrew word for fork but uh you know like fork that you used to
eat with but I guess I don’t remember that either but one thing I do remember it was
within the numbers I remember as recently as 2005 someone showed me the class notes from 1941 Madison for Rosh
wan-koo – and they were teaching the numbers I don’t know if other schools are also doing this other groups are
doing this but when they were teaching the numbers they went all the way up to a million and the Lanka – word for
million was Mali Awan now it should be obvious what that is that’s a loanword from English or Latin I guess but a
loanword from outside of Hebrew being recast into a Lhasa wonka – pronunciation million Mali Awan that’s
for real so the point that I’m making is that Nashua – despite being spoken by a very small number of people is clearly
evolving the pronunciations are evolving the vocalizations are evolving whether or not it has diacritical marks is it
has evolved that’s something that was introduced the grammar is evolving the syntax is evolving and even the
vocabulary is evolving and that should be obvious and I mean if this is the case with such a small group imagine if
you had millions of people speaking at as a first language you know what would be the launch of one kadosh word for
platypus or kangaroo or how would you describe how would you describe to my Kanak so the engine of an automobile in
lhasa wonka – I mean languages have to naturally evolve so the this language that one Westers promote isn’t spoken by
anybody but it still manages to evolve a little bit in the short time and space that it’s existed in if it actually was
spoken by millions of people it would have evolved to a significantly greater degree

Bill Gates Altering of our DNA with Vaccines


Bill Gates Altering of our DNA with Vaccines is SCARY STUFF!

One final way that’s new and is promising is called the RNA vaccine with RNA and DNA. Instead of putting that cheeping, do put instructions in the code to make that sheet do put instructions in the code to make that sheet.

Everything that I’m about to mention is currently being developed by Bill Gates, often in partnership with the C.V 19 Playbook Mizzi, all of which is backed by the United Nations and the Rockefeller Foundation. Due to ongoing mutations with covid-19, the KVI vaccine currently being developed will alter our DNA through an actual synthesising of our individual genetic code using RNA and CRISPR technology, which acts as scissors by cutting DNA at a designated spot and removing or inserting a new sequence with an artificial code to make sure every man, woman and child complies with the one world orders mandatory implementations.

Gates and MIT are currently developing the human implantable quantum dot micro needle vaccination delivery system. It’s a tattoo for the hand, which will include our ID mark and vaccination records. It needs an enzyme called luciferase in order to make it work, the transhumanist agent on every person’s head will glow with the bioluminescence of the light bearer, a ship you cannot remove with a knife.

This tracking system will alter your DNA and its permanent third degree.

Freemason and occultist Manley P. Hall once wrote, quote, The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands.

So this is urgent and it’s going to require incredible collaboration. It’s going to have to go to seven billion people.

Vaccines RNA/DNA Mark of the Beast!

Picked up another Facebook video that is impossible to spread the word, so here it is! It’s good info.


We are living prophecy, no question in my mind, we are living Bible prophecy, a man by the name of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., you’d think he I don’t know that he’s any king, but he says that almost no one understands what’s at stake. Stake, he said no one understands what’s at stake. Farmer has 80 COVID vaccines in development, 80 of them. But Bill Gates and Foushee pushed modernities Frankenstein jambe to the front of the line. What are you talking about?

Preacher, scientist and ethicist are sounding alarms. The vaccine uses a new, untested and very controversial experimental are in a technology stop for a moment. DNA is the code that is in your body. That code is passed from generation to generation, but it’s simply code. It’s like an encyclopedia. It’s like a book of knowledge. All this information are in a region and are in a text what it reads and through its own process disseminated into the body.

So here we go. It tells us that the vaccine uses a new, untested and very controversial experimental RNA technology that Gates has backed for over a decade, have, instead of been injecting an antigen and adjuvant. As with traditional max vaccines, Moderna plug’s a small piece of coronavirus genetic code into human cells, altering DNA throughout the human body and reprogramming our cells to produce antibodies to fight the virus. Anma are in a vaccines are a form of genetic engineering called germ line.

Gene editing modernises. Genetic alterations are passed down to future generations. Here is a doctor. Her name is Dr. Kari Matt Desch.

She is an osteopathic trained internal medicine physician and she’s talking about genetically modified humans and she’s talking about genetically modified humans and she’s talking about genetically modified humans and she’s talking about genetically modified humans. She says the cause of the so-called covid vaccines deploy recombinant DNA RNA technology that rewrites the genetic code. Much as Monsanto, for example, rewrites the genetic code of tomato and other seeds. Genetically modified organisms can be patented and owned. Monsanto owns the GMO seeds once DNA vaccines are used on humans and it has never been done before, humans could possibly be owned as well.

We could be, in theory, be patented. None of this has been discussed at length and very little about this isn’t publicly known.

Scientist do not know how this affects our DNA, recombinant RNA and DNA technology, Will argues Métis calls permanent and unknown genetic changes in a person’s body. Not just that for a moment, because this is coming down the road. What happens to you in this generation, according to these people, will be passed on from generation to generation. You can mess with DNA, you can get into problems with this. And there’s a thing called a teratoma I mentioned to you the other day.

What is that? That is the cell that shows up where it’s not supposed to show up. For example, a nose can grow on your arm, eyeballs or something that is hideous in appearance can grow in parts of your body. They’re not supposed to be there. When you start messing with DNA, you are messing with the very program of life. There’s only one door to God. There’s just one that can make DNA. A man is a fool to think that something so complicated could evolve.

That could only come from the hand of an almighty eternal God. You were programmed to be who you are and what you are before the foundation of the World Cup made man in his mind, bringing forth when he created him from the dust to. The ground. This is where an RNA and nobody’s talking about it, the media is not talking about which becomes possible. You had the virus’s genetic sequence. Then you have to ask yourself this. Why are they not covering something so critical as what I discussed?

Basically, we have our genetic code that’s encased in this double helix strand, what we call the DNA. And then there’s another component that helps to rewrite that DNA called RNA. Viruses are fragments of this genetic code of DNA and RNA. DNA and RNA fragments get back into the cell, getting corporate within our DNA structure and rewrite certain parts of the DNA in order to help us adapt to our environment and to adjust to environmental triggers. Now, viruses exist inside ourselves if it wasn’t for viruses.

The human system would no longer have survived the planet because viruses are how we evolved, because viruses, these DNA and RNA fragments get back into the cell getting corporate within our DNA structure and we write certain parts of the DNA in order to help us adapt to our environment and to adjust to environmental triggers. Which becomes possible, and you have the virus’s genetic sequence and you know, which genes code for which proteins, making yourself do the work of creating this viral protein that is going to be recognized by your immune system and trigger the development of these animals.

There’s never been an RNA vaccine ever developed. What Moderna is planning on doing is creating this RNA vaccine. This is a company that’s never put a vaccine out. First. Second, they have never made any product that’s been consumed by humans. Utilizing the third, they have bypassed all animal testing RNA vaccine, which will actually introduce RNA fragments into our system. And what that’s going to do it it’s going to get incorporated inside our DNA and literally rewrite our DNA.

He will rewrite our human code. Had to go. This is basically taking the human system and making it into something. This is going to generationally be so catastrophic because we have no idea what the implications we are talking about rewriting the human genome. A human genetic code will be rewritten by this vaccine because once it goes in there, it’s not like just using X or Y or Z. It’s introducing in something that is going to start replicating. And it’s going to be like a chain reaction, something be like a domino reaction, and it’s going to start causing a rewriting of the genetic code within our system.

It is going to Adultry and Aetate our DNA so that we are not even human anymore. When I say that, I’m not saying it metaphorically. I’m talking about generations. That’s exactly what will happen. It’s going to start changing how our systems evolved again.

My name is Dr. Keri Mariah Carey, and I’m an internal medicine physician. Osteopathic trained. Also important to know that DNA is similar to a computer code or binary code. So if you’re familiar with those where it takes a small change in the pattern or code and we’ll have a very grand effect so you can insert a genome or gene sorry, into the genome, so you can put it something extra in there. You can take something out. So that’s missing.

One you can translocate, meaning you take one part of the genome and put it into another area and, you know, flip flop then or you can take another synthetic or from another organism, a genome and cut out part of the genome of the human and insert that other genome in there.

When you’re doing this, you are rewriting your genetic code. You are writing your software program. And how much change of that code would it take to then be considered not human? An interesting point is that we cannot patent anything natural or from nature, but we can patent something that’s been created, modified or engineered. Good examples, Monsanto. It can genetically modify the seeds. Therefore, it’s created something a little different. You may see the corn or the tomato or whatever in the grocery store.

It looks the same as a wild type, but it’s not. They change some things on the outside. It looked the same on the inside. It’s not so that therefore they control they own those seeds. Now, if it’s a wild type one that just grows from nature, they cannot. Patent that they can’t own that. OK, so. You know, translate that or transpose that onto a human cell line or a human, that could potentially mean that we could be patented or human cell lines could be patented.

And if it’s patented, it has to have owners. So I think you might see where I’m going with this. This is not a sci fi movie or a future event. This is right now today. This is called recombinant DNA and recombinant RNA technology. And this is what is proposed for covid-19 vaccine. The coronavirus covid-19 vaccines are designed to make us into genetically modified organisms. That is the same lingo and terminology used was for Monsanto seeds.

OK, so the front runners for this recombinant DNA technology are synovial, which is backed by the Gates Foundation, GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi, also Moderna is in there, too now, but that’s also Gates backed foundation. I will add that this type of DNA vaccine has never been used on humans before. Let me repeat that. Please understand this has never, ever been used on humans before. Never. They are now proposing to take something we’ve never used and to inject it into everyone.

Vaccine trials are being fast tracked at a level at a rate that I have never seen in my life, nor did I ever expect to see this. They’re skipping over the animal trials, going directly to human trials. They are not using good scientific methodology at all.

They have no randomized placebo-controlled trials for any vaccine, which is the legal standard for any therapy to be approved by the FDA. There are not following any sound scientific protocol to make sure this is safe for us, to make sure it would work for us to know anything about it. And they want to inject it into everybody. In 2010, DARBA, which is the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency military agency, is focused on focusing on DNA and RNA vaccines.

And they had a synthetic DNA vaccine that could be delivered via non-invasive electro operation, which is using kind of a sticker with micro needles in it on your skin. You can barely feel it. Go in there. And in their words, in quotations, it is is to enhance and subvert and importations humans at a genetic level. This is around the same year Bill Gates Hagley started to fund the DNA RNA vaccines with the companies mentioned before in 2012. DARPA acknowledges a brain machine interface that is A.I. artificial intelligence and the human brain will form a neural network and therefore have the ability to communicate by thought alone or being influenced or controlled remotely.

OK, so this is the idea you go into maybe your smart home, think about turning on the air conditioner, the fan is your favorite program and the stove start cooking something, who knows what. And it happens because it’s Wi-Fi. That sounds cool, right? But think about that, if it’s going one way, it’s coming back another way. What is the smart home can give you messages to? This all ties in together, so very.

So another DAPO program around that time is Next Gen Non-surgical Nanotechnology entry program involves non-invasive for minimally invasive brain computer interfaces to read and write directly onto your brain.

Do you understand what this this is about the fight for the human species, the fight for our survival on this planet? Because if this RNA vaccine is allowed to come into our systems, we will not be the same. We will not be the same. Our genetic code will be altered forever.

But what’s really going on with these vaccines is never what they tell you. And this new DNA vaccine that they four companies he’s got, it’s not like traditional vaccines. It goes in and reprograms the nuclei of your cells. And I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels, go your ways and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth. The first went and pulled out his vial upon the earth and they fell and noisome and grievous sort of on the mend, which had the mark of the beast and upon them, which worshipped his image.

And upon them, which worshipped his image.

Stop!  Do not take the COVID-19 vaccine!
Stop! Do not take the COVID-19 vaccine!

COVID-19 SCAM is the biggest crime of the century!

Got this video off of Facebook before they deleted it, it’s hard to post this in my blog but I did the best I could.


Thank you very much. My name is Shinning, I’m a medical doctor from Hamburg, Germany, and I’m one of the co-founders of Doctors of Enlightenment in German outside of Cleveland and on Spanish Medical School Avodart. This organizations of medical doctors represent more than 4000 international doctors worldwide, sir. And what we say together is that this story with COVID-19 is not on any scientific basis is just a lie. And so we need to say that this is just something to try to turn around the economy.

So in the center is not any health problem. So believe me, the coronavirus sars-cov-2 here covid-19 is not the problem. The real problem is the economy. So this is a good story for all people in the world, for all people who are now forced to wear masks. And as Bobby said this before, so these models are bad for health. We have scientific studies that show this. We already presented all scientific facts that that showed that these masks are not good for the people they are not protecting from any virus.

It’s just ridiculous. Well, but what is much more serious, of course, is the abuse of our civil rights. And these civil rights are very important for health as well, because it gives you a better feeling better for your immune system. And in Melbourne, Australia, we see now from the beginning of August 2020, a locked down stage for what does this mean and who implemented this? This lockdown, stage four in Melbourne, Australia, means that the people are not allowed to go onto the street, have more than one hour of sports that they were locked down like in martial law from eight o’clock in the evening up to the dorm, up to five o’clock in the morning.

All shops are closed over there, only a very few for for living. The children and especially the children are suffering. The children are not allowed to go to school. We have the same situation here, partly in Germany, and our children here are suffering. And this is not based on any scientific facts. I need to emphasise this again. So we need to ask ourselves, cui bono, who profits out of this? And we will. We see that these are highly criminals.

These are oligarchs. Oligarchs are not only in Russia, they are in the United States and in other countries as well. And they have these companies, like you said before, they own Google vexingly or Vaccinator as well. And I just want to point the thing on the company and merchant bio’s solutions for my name, Biocon. We have this story that we have a deadly virus or bacteria. We had this story before. It was the same pattern.

And I just would like to remind you, just shortly in 2001, we have this anthrax attack with this anthrax panic. And it’s very similar to the Corona panic as well. And guess what? The same people behind the same company emerging bio solution. Now, they made the big money out of this. And today in Germany, the they and the minister of health bought 300 million doses of vaccines against covid-19 from the company AstraZeneca. But guess who is producing this?

It’s American company. And same again. It’s emerging bio solutions for formerly biotechnology. So we have a criminal line. We need to investigate this and we need to charge these organized crime. It’s nothing else. We have no health problem here. All day to show this, we have a problem with organized crime and in the center of the economy. Thank you very much indeed.

I just received the message that on the to side that there is a lot of violence by the police. So I have to check this. I pass the word to borrow and I come back when we fix this. OK, thank you for the invitation. I’m very honored to be on the other side of, like Kennedy in this fight against the crime of the century. This is the crime of the century. I want to remember you. It’s the fourth time they tried this.

It was anthrax. It was the bird flu. It was the pig flu. And now it’s covid-19. They tried the same thing, the same phrases, the same thing with the vaccination. That’s the solution for the problems in the world. And the only thing behind it, everyone knows right now, right here on the channels, we have to tell the truth. There is no danger for the people. The thing is, it’s like the people believe in this mask because they think they can get back in control and they are frightened to death.

And this is the way also Goebbels said you mentioned it in your speech yesterday. Goebbels said you don’t need fascism or socialism. The only thing you need to control the public is fear. But right now, we are very, very much people who have recognized that there is a problem. We are censored, I feel by myself, my to introduce myself. My name is Paul Shifman. I’m just an hour owl doctor and I make YouTube videos and I started making YouTube videos and got a lot of information because I have another few on the on the on the curves and on the numbers of the deaths and of the old people.

And I said there is no need to worry. The very startling thing on this is that they are not lying. You can read these scripts for these pandemic on the side of the Bundestag. You can read it on the World Health Organization, World Health Organization, the scenario to one and how to treat the covid-19 disease and something like this. You find a totally script like for a movie and they are not lying about the numbers. You can get the numbers from the what constitute or whatever you like to.

The numbers are correct, but the people, they are not listening. The only thing they are listening to is the mainstream media. And the other side, we are the dark side of the mainstream media. We are the alternative facts, as Donald Trump would say. So when you have a look at them, you won’t find them. Right now in the press there is they speak about yesterday. It’s about thirty eight thousand or fifty thousand people on the street.

The only thing mentioned is the problems at iStock, where a few people who go to the Stateway of the very stock and there is no word about this friendly revolution thing in the streets and nobody talks about this. We are right now and it’s hard to say this in a totalitarian fascist state in Germany, they’re controlling the media. They’re censor our meaning. They’re not hearing the opposite side. And I’m very, very the thing why I do this is because I have two trials, one in the age of nine years, one is fourteen.

I don’t want them to grow up like this. And they are not wearing masks. I am not wearing masks to and I strongly believe in God and I’m a Christ and chance for all people, for all religions to get together across borders and also the Muslim people or the Jewish people. And everyone knows we are all in the same boat. We all have to fight against this. I think Diabolik side of the people Hiko mentioned before and Mr Kennedy mentioned before, I think about.

Educate the public on the real scams of COVID-19

Huang’s Law Is the New Moore’s Law and Explains Why Nvidia Wants Arm

The rule that the same dollar buys twice the computing power every 18 months is no longer true, but a new law—which we named for the CEO of Nvidia, the company now most emblematic of commercial AI—is in full effect


I took engineering and Moore’s Law held for many years, but now artificial intelligence and Huang’s Law by the sounds of it will run for the next decade. I’m looking forward to eventually getting a new silicon Arm mac, but for now, will have to be happy with an Intel Macintosh computer.

Huang's Law
Huang’s Law

09/18/2020 | 10:14pm EDT

By Christopher Mims

During modern computing’s first epoch, one trend reigned supreme: Moore’s Law.

Actually a prediction by Intel Corp. co-founder Gordon Moore rather than any sort of physical law, Moore’s Law held that the number of transistors on a chip doubles roughly every two years. It also meant that performance of those chips — and the computers they powered — increased by a substantial amount on roughly the same timetable. This formed the industry’s core, the glowing crucible from which sprang trillion-dollar technologies that upended almost every aspect of our day-to-day existence.

As chip makers have reached the limits of atomic-scale circuitry and the physics of electrons, Moore’s law has slowed, and some say it’s over. But a different law, potentially no less consequential for computing’s next half century, has arisen.

I call it Huang’s Law, after Nvidia Corp. chief executive and co-founder Jensen Huang. It describes how the silicon chips that power artificial intelligence more than double in performance every two years. While the increase can be attributed to both hardware and software, its steady progress makes it a unique enabler of everything from autonomous cars, trucks and ships to the face, voice and object recognition in our personal gadgets.

Between November 2012 and this May, performance of Nvidia’s chips increased 317 times for an important class of AI calculations, says Bill Dally, chief scientist and senior vice president of research at Nvidia. On average, in other words, the performance of these chips more than doubled every year, a rate of progress that makes Moore’s Law pale in comparison.

Nvidia’s specialty has long been graphics processing units, or GPUs, which operate efficiently when there are many independent tasks to be done simultaneously. Central processing units, or CPUs, like the kind that Intel specializes in, are on the other hand much less efficient but better at executing a single, serial task very quickly. You can’t chop up every computing process so that it can be efficiently handled by a GPU, but for the ones you can — including many AI applications — you can perform it many times as fast while expending the same power.

Intel was a primary driver of Moore’s Law, but it was hardly the only one. Perpetuating it required tens of thousands of engineers and billions of dollars in investment across hundreds of companies around the globe. Similarly, Nvidia isn’t alone in driving Huang’s Law — and in fact its own type of AI processing might, in some applications, be losing its appeal. That’s probably a major reason it has moved to acquire chip architect Arm Holdings this month, another company key to ongoing improvement in the speed of AI, for $40 billion.

The pace of improvement in AI-specific hardware will make possible a range of applications both utopian and dystopian, from the end of automobile accidents to ubiquitous surveillance. But it’s also enabling, right now, a less fantastical application with huge implications for how we shop and the fate of millions of retail jobs: cashierless checkout.

San Francisco-based tech company Standard recently announced a deal with Circle K to turn some of its stores into “grab and go” experiences in the mold of Amazon.com Inc.’s Amazon Go stores. The three-year-old startup installs cameras throughout stores, then routes video from them to Nvidia-powered systems in the back, which perform tens of trillions of calculations a second. As shoppers grab objects off store shelves, the system tallies it all, and bills them through their mobile devices as they walk out.

For perspective, a system performing this many operations a second is faster than the most powerful supercomputer in the world was as recently as 2012, at least at AI inference tasks.

“Honestly we could do nothing and just wait and Nvidia will drop our prices every year,” says Jordan Fisher, Standard’s founder and CEO.

Another category that Huang’s Law affects is autonomous vehicles. At San Diego-based TuSimple, a rapidly expanding autonomous-trucking startup, the challenge is making a self-driving system that can fit the power and space limitations of a diesel-powered semi-trailer truck. On a typical TuSimple vehicle, that means cramming the entire system, which can’t draw more than 5 kilowatts, into an air-cooled cabinet in the sleeper cab.

Given such power constraints, what matters most is performance per watt. TuSimple is seeing performance double every year on its Nvidia-powered systems, says Xiaodi Hou, the company’s co-founder and chief technology officer.

Similar boosts in performance have been occurring since the mid-2000s in a very different area of AI: our mobile phones.

In 2017, Apple introduced the iPhone 8, which included its Neural Engine. Apple designed the chip specifically to run machine-learning tasks, which are important to many kinds of AI. (Its chip-manufacturing partner is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.)

Apple’s decision to make the chip accessible to any app on the phone — as well as the introduction of comparable chips and software on Android phones — allowed for new kinds of AI businesses, says Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz, co-founder and chief technology officer of Nexar, a company that makes AI-powered dashboard cameras for cars. By processing on users’ phones streams of video captured by dashboard cameras, Nexar’s technology can alert drivers to imminent hazards.

Uses of mobile AI are multiplying, in phones and smart devices ranging from dishwashers to door locks to lightbulbs, as well as the millions of sensors making their way to cities, factories and industrial facilities. And chip designer Arm Holdings — whose patents Apple, among many tech companies large and small, licenses for its iPhone chips — is at the center of this revolution.

Over the last three to five years, machine-learning networks have been increasing by orders of magnitude in efficiency, says Dennis Laudick, vice president of marketing in Arm’s machine-learning group. “Now it’s more about making things work in a smaller and smaller environment,” he adds. Arm’s smallest and most energy-sipping chips, tiny enough to be powered by a watch battery, can now enable cameras to recognize objects in real time.

This movement of AI processing from the cloud to the “edge” — that is, on the devices themselves — explains Nvidia’s desire to buy Arm, says Nexar co-founder and CEO Eran Shir. Nvidia has a near monopoly on AI processing in the cloud. But where two years ago, Nexar performed 40% of its data processing in the cloud, Arm-based chips have enabled it to do much more of that processing in mobile devices, and faster, since it doesn’t have to be transmitted over the internet first. Today, the cloud is doing only 15% of the work. In addition, some functions, like a vision-based parking assistant, were not even possible until recently, when the chips in phones became much more capable.

Experts agree that the phenomenon I’ve labeled Huang’s Law is advancing at a blistering pace. However, its exact cadence can be difficult to nail down. The nonprofit Open AI says that, based on a classic AI image-recognition test, performance doubles roughly every year and a half. But it’s been a challenge even agreeing on the definition of “performance.” A consortium of researchers from Google, Baidu, Harvard, Stanford and practically every other major tech company are collaborating on an effort to better and more objectively measure it.

Another caveat for Huang’s Law is that it describes processing power that can’t be thrown at every application. Even in a stereotypically AI-centric task like autonomous driving, most of the code the system is running requires the CPU, says TuSimple’s Mr. Hou. Dr. Dally of Nvidia acknowledges this problem, and says that when engineers radically speed up one part of a calculation, whatever remains that can’t be sped up naturally becomes the bottleneck.

It’s also possible that like Moore’s Law before it, Huang’s Law will run out of steam. That could happen within a decade, says Steve Roddy, vice president of product marketing in Arm’s machine-learning group. But it could enable much in that relatively short time, from driverless cars to factories and homes that sense and respond to their environments.

The Nero Project: The Feast of Tabernacles!

Feast of Tabernacles is Today!
September 19th sundown starting using the Calendar of Enoch!

https://youtube.com/watch?v=qbnPW4_1U4g Need to win and mess y’all up a little bit but i’m saying this the most high holy day
you understand when that last truck is [Applause]
let’s remain standing we’re going to pray this it’s right here okay
[Music] on this piece of tabernacles we’re asking heavenly father in the name of
your son to fill us fill us with the anointing fill us with your understanding lead
your people heavenly father guide us into understanding and knowledge
and heavenly father let us leave whole new person from this day forward let us learn your ways and be humble and
work together until we see your face heavenly father join the elect to the elect
on your holy day we all pray our father which are in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come
thy will be done for on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive our deaths
as we forgive our dead and lead us not into temptation but deliverance but deliverance but deliver us
from all evil the liar of the kingdom the power and the glory forever [Music]
[Music] the lord our god as one lord let’s give the most time
[Music] we can set this atmosphere here and overlook the spirit of the most high
[Applause] all right now you all know what to do
[Music] i know the adversary is throwing up animals
so we gotta throw up arrows back [Music] all right
[Music] [Applause] this is the combined this is oh man
[Music] okay right
all right [Music] hey
[Applause] all right let’s do it come on
[Applause] come on [Music]
[Music] rate hey [Music]
[Applause] [Music] [Applause]
[Music] so [Music]
[Applause] [Music] [Music]
me [Music] right
magnifiers [Music] [Applause]
is [Applause] [Music]
oh [Music] [Music]
foreign this is [Music]
is [Music] [Applause]
[Music] [Applause] [Music]
this is this is [Music]
[Applause] [Music] [Applause]
foreign [Music] here we go
[Music] is [Music]
is [Music] [Music]
is [Music] [Music]
[Music] [Music] is
[Music] [Applause] [Music]
[Applause] [Music] is
[Music] [Applause] yes
it is [Music] is
[Music] every way [Music]
every prayer [Music] say
[Applause] [Music] is
[Music] [Applause] [Music]
right [Music] [Music]
ah [Music] [Applause]
is [Music] [Applause]
[Music] [Applause] [Music]
[Applause] yes [Applause]
[Applause] [Applause] [Music]
[Applause] [Music] [Applause]
[Music] [Applause] day
[Music] [Applause] [Music]
[Music] [Applause] [Music]
[Applause] [Music] is
[Music] [Applause] y’all why i got a certain type of
intensity brother rob got a certain type of intensity but i’m gonna tell you something
and i’m gonna let him tell it to you [Applause] right
[Applause] bishop all i want to do is come back to church and leave the choir
you all don’t know about the battle he had to go through throughout the year don’t you see him on the feast day
but he wasn’t limping last feast day you have to understand the most high [Applause]
delivery [Applause] oh
[Applause] [Applause] are
[Music] [Applause] some spirits
[Applause] are you kidding yeah [Applause]
[Music] [Applause] [Music]
[Applause] [Music] [Applause]
[Applause] [Applause] spirit i looked and i said you know what
it’s funny right because that’s part of the ministry you got plenty teachers but i came from
a different club i’m here to tell you we gotta celebrate and worship the most high functions
[Music] spirit [Applause]
[Music] [Applause] [Music]
[Applause] [Music] what’s up
[Applause] [Music] [Applause]
[Music] [Applause] but um
i was suffering with back pains and i thought it was uh just being old age and working at
vehicular factory and that kind of stuff you know pressing my way through
um but even that last target that was something was wrong with my mobility and um by
you know walking my grandsons to the restroom they took off running i tried to take
off running top part was moving but there was nothing happening and walking
and stuffing so we went home at the tabernacles and everything on october the 9th
woke up and i was numb from my waist down went to wilmington hospital er
cat scans the doctor came in and said mr robinson cat scan shows that you have cancer
and you have a tumor resting on your spine pressing against your nerves that’s
affecting your mobility and you can’t walk that’s why you can’t walk and stuff
and the first words out of my mouth to the doctor was cancer i
convinced me of this and i kept telling the doctor doctor i don’t have cancer and i don’t want to hear your evil
reports i was diagnosed with prostate cancer and i didn’t walk for two months
um stage four stage four and i eat away my left femur and i had a rod inserted into my my left
leg it’s still there and it took me two months to get off that
bed of affliction to be able to learn how to walk again but i just wanted
anyway but in october october my psa who said don’t know what psa is that’s your cancer level
that they covered my psa was 60 right with 60 but
as of last month my psa is 0.2 come on
one of the things too i want to cut a short giveaway to the bishop is
[Music] the doctor my wife and i we’re in agreement and it’s it’s
powerful to have somebody in your corner because the word says he that fine is the wife
we never finished that verse he that finds the white fine is a good thing a good thing and what obtains
favor from the lord all right no matter what oh they did give me five
treatments of radiation i did submit to that to to reduce the tumor on my back and
they did return they reduced the tumor and i kept on answering asking the question where’s
the tumor and nobody knows where it went it just rumbled
[Music] my daughter and everything we’re not going to get chemo no matter what we’re
just going to believe the most high we’re not going to get chemo right went to the doctor chemo doctor
who said i’m going to need chemo who said when the cancer comes back
you’re going to have to do it so we went in there ready to fight i’m going to go to the toe with this
doctor doctor looked at my chart looked at me looked at my chart looked at me again
and said all your cancer cells are dead [Applause] bed and i was sitting there watching tv
and looking out and all of a sudden a blood clot broke leg broke free from my right leg
and traveled up my leg and rested on my lungs and covered both my
lungs you know and after all the treatment the doctor looked at me and said
one out of two people die from that aneurysm pulmonary aneurysm whatever it is and
then you and one out of two people die from that and the doctor looked at my wife and i said
somebody’s praying for you [Applause] magical things happen no the holy spirit
is what wisdom so what does the scripture say when someone’s sick
you bring them to the elders and the is free i went to the hospital we put a plan together we said listen
get that soursop tea start sipping that tea we started to grow and anoint your brother with oil
and with his belief his knowledge his understanding his studying he was healed so
understand brothers and sisters this ain’t no thing where it’s just magic words a miracle no
no you you see it you see the miracle right now you see in the most high work
right now you seeing what’s true right now [Applause]
i know i see i made this i went through i battled with i know what this family went through i was with
them every step of the way just so we can be here the most high ordained for us to be here
so don’t let anything hold you back [Applause] please
there’s one song that we learned last year while i was in the month of october at
the hospital wilmington and i played that song every night the whole month of november i was in the
rehab and my prayer was lord just let me get to the church so i can just direct this
choir and direct this song oh
[Music] [Applause] right now right now
right now right [Music] oh
[Music] is this morning
[Music] me [Music]
me [Music] [Music]
[Music] [Music] so
[Applause] [Music] oh
[Music] foreign [Music]
[Applause] [Music] so
[Music] [Applause] [Music]
[Applause] me [Music]
[Applause] right now [Applause]
[Music] [Applause] [Music]
[Applause] [Applause] [Music]
is blessing me right now the lord is blessing me right now the lord is blessed to be
right now the lord is blessing me right now the lord is blessing me right now my lord is blessing me right now the lord
is blessing me right now the lord is blessing me right now the lord
[Applause] [Music] this morning he started me on my
[Applause] [Applause] hello
[Applause] hello [Music]
[Applause] is [Applause]
[Music] [Applause] is blessing me
[Applause] [Music] right now
[Music] yes [Applause]
that’s right [Applause] is
[Applause] where’s um
[Music] [Music] turn it up
[Music] [Music] [Laughter]
[Music] is [Music]
oh [Applause] [Music]
[Applause] [Music] [Music]
is my soul [Applause]
is [Music] we’ll try
[Music] control [Laughter]
is [Music] his own blood for
my soul [Music] [Music]
[Applause] [Music] [Applause]
[Music] [Applause] [Music]
[Applause] [Music] [Applause]
is [Music] [Applause]
[Applause] is [Music]
[Applause] [Music] hates the day
thy faith shall [Music] be
[Music] shall we down [Applause]
[Music] is [Music]
me [Music] oh
[Music] he is [Music]
[Music] is [Music]
[Applause] is [Applause]
oh [Applause] [Music]
my sins but the home [Applause]
praise the lord praise the lord [Applause]
[Music] [Applause] is
[Music] soul [Music]
[Applause] [Music] is
[Applause] [Music] [Applause]
[Music] [Applause] [Music]
[Applause] is [Applause]
[Music] [Applause] that’s right
[Applause] that’s how you praise the lord [Applause]
[Applause] is [Applause]
[Music] so don’t leave here and come in and not be willing
to impart your spirit in this service because you need to lead with something it’s one body one spirit one faith one
baptism we all want in this thing so children of israel [Applause]
thank you [Music] [Applause]
[Music] oh [Music]
[Applause] raise the most up [Applause]
breathe [Applause] [Music]
switches on [Music] here
[Music] just turn the microphone up man check one two i need more mains
more four more more there you go shalom brothers and sisters can you all hear me clearly
i need you all to give the most time [Applause] [Music]
give me some microphone please we have people out here waiting all right can you all hear me clear
all right we got brothers and sisters all over the earth yeah do that
brothers and sisters there’s a lot going on right now there’s a lot going on
we’re living in a time that you have to strategically move your camera so that people can’t be
seen while praising the almighty this is a deep time right now a time in which if you have a molotov
cocktail you can turn it down just turn it down because there’s too much echo turn it
down give me some lows please give me some lows
turn down the eyes i think i got i have to mix the same time i’ll teach it
give me some loads turn down the highs and bring up the mix all right okay you can turn now all
right now we’re good to go we’re living in a time now that
i have to tell brothers to strategically put a put the camera and face it on a ceiling so that
it’s crazy to me we can’t even praise the most high anymore
and you know what it’s one thing prophesying it it’s another thing living it’s another
thing reading the bible and understanding it it’s a whole nother thing going through
it and seeing the direct attack against the most ties
praise now if you want to go out and ride and burn something down and harm somebody
and get in the race war you know what there’s not enough cameras that can film you for that and guess
what you don’t have the social distance for it but to praise the almighty to get
together and read the bible and praise god and thank them for another opportunity
i’ll tell you it’s almost become criminal man when i heard that quiet today man
something about that choir on this tabernacle the testimony let me tell you brothers and sisters it
took personally it hit me personally i don’t know about you
but when i heard shirley hit that high note [Music]
[Applause] and it fell right in line with why we’re here and what this lesson
is what we’re going to talk about tonight and i’m going to purposely and i know a
lot of you saying the wink wink it’s not going to happen i’m going to purposely make this short sweep
[Laughter] [Applause] man when i heard that brother on the
drums i’m like brother this brother have to be the one bringing us in when the saints come marching in
when i heard that the lock just the pocket the brother catch
i’m like you know what something is different about this night
on this holy day and then i begin to reflect when i seen that choir folks
i begin to reflect back at five years old ninth and collihiel
bishop little the first church my mother took me to and i sat back and looked at the choir
and i said you know what mom i want to do that and what kept me coming back each week
was that music to see mother little on that piano on that organ and i asked i asked her could i say and
she says she says you want to sing and i don’t think i know how to sing was little
michael jackson whatever the case is and and her nurturing spirit and then i hear shirley
it takes me full circle praising the almighty how the most talking for each morning
sing before the angels sing before the most high the sons of god sing
and i’m like you know what even when i learned and grew up and understood that i was israelite and knew that we
were the jews that the bibles speak up there was something missing even on those streets prophesying and
showing the people who we are and who are the who the other nations are it didn’t resonate
all the way because we didn’t have that praise we didn’t have that humility
to say it’s okay to break down it’s okay to sing it’s okay to show that emotion and appreciation to the most high
through song then it came around full circle here we are
and we will bring in that same truth the breakdowns the prophecies the understanding
and one day sister shirley came the elder elderclebar and said y’all got all this truth
but why don’t we praise it came around full circle brothers and sisters
we’re in a deep time we’re in a very deep time um where aca
okay it’s okay it’s all right it’s all right now yeah bring ac over here real quick
because i don’t want i don’t want the people out there who may be viewing this worldwide to hear
this message this evening brothers and sisters this might be one of the more important
messages we’ve had up to date okay do me a favor one moment
i don’t want brothers and sisters worldwide because i know everyone is listening
even those who don’t fully agree and understand what this is even those who don’t even like us or
like me personally are looking and listening and i don’t want anyone to miss
this message tonight because the same spirit that has attacked the word of the most high because that’s
all this is they’re trying to stop god’s people from gathering now that we’re no longer under
their spell under their influence no slaves no empire
so i know the same evil workings that are politically working will soon
make it where even what we’re doing today coming before you and streaming and all that
will be non-existent okay so what i’ll do here one moment here
i’m gonna record this on my i’m going to record this on my desktop too in case
something happens i’m not going to say anything provocative or
controversial but i’m looking at the stream tick up and down and i what i don’t want
what i don’t want is to lose the content of this particular video so i’m going to record this on my computer at the same
time okay because right now i see it blinking red yellow green
here and i don’t want anything i want this thing to flow for at least one hour straight
you think it’ll happen um you can try to record offline just to be safe because this signal i can try to boost
it yeah yeah do that and let me finish what i have to say
lawyer yes sir grab name is statement 11. brothers and sisters
christ said he that endured to the end the same shall be saved and i don’t think a lot of us understand
i don’t think a lot of you may understand the depths of all of you enduring up into this time
satan have thrown everything at us left right sideways to break our faith
and i’m talking about you individually to make you doubt what is this what am i a part of what am i missing
why did i choose this is this correct are these brothers that we that we’ve
learned from are they sent to help us through this is there something better
what is my part in this world i want to do something there’s things i would like to do what is my part
brothers and sisters guess what your part is coming there’s going to be enough work for
everybody to rebuild us from the ashes speaking to the elders certain things i
could say to them privately and that’s why i had to meet with them earlier let me tell you something folks
nice ringtone no spanish stuff let me drop this folks
certain things i say to the elders will be coming out in lessons to come in our private need let me read this
first appreciate these moments with your family
with the church praising the almighty in public folks what we’re going through right now
is the exact the almost to the letter the exact things that happened
right before jerusalem was totally sacked in 70 a.d and i’m going to go away with you
there was many opinions even of israelites even pagans and others of what that time was it
depends on your belief system how you would interpret that event
be it a gentile or an israelite and i’m going to go with you because we
have some testimony from tactics and others and josephus that recorded the fall of jerusalem
do us a favor and please turn all of your phones off that would help us out
let me drop this on you folks the gentiles only seeing our actions and what went down
with in jerusalem politically as what was publicized our people becoming a menace to the roman society
that’s how the gentiles perceived it that we were getting in the way of the worships their worships
to the gods that we were getting in their way of the power
for them to take our children and to do whatever they would like to do with them according to
the gentiles and moral codes we were in the way so the senate the republic and the
senate would have continual meetings on and against us
not because we were doing anything wrong in particular but because of the false reports that
were engineered through nero that’s why i’m titling this lesson
tonight the nero project because the romans believed everything
nero was falsely reporting in their mars and in their
arenas they were reporting the conspiracies of these jews these black jews
these mobs who were conspiring to tackle wrong and the people of rome believed it
see that’s how they recorded the fall of jerusalem i’m going to read that today and let me
tell you folks it’s airy the irony the eerie spirit with knowing that
we this is the generation that’s going to go exactly through what we went through
but this time even though it’s trouble brothers and sisters god’s people who persevere and endure win
not before the trying time let me read this for you real quick el dolla let’s get amos 811 real quick
folks let me tell you appreciate the most high thank the most high every day for
sending his son for your sins repent for anything that you may be that you know
any vice or darkness we need to repent for anything that might be dark in our lives love our wives love our
husbands love our children and prepare everything we talked about for years
is happening right now and what are we doing in the midst of it praising the most high check it out
this is how we were even back then we worshipped we were struggling during 780 to find a
place strictly to pray and praise the most high even through trouble
read amos eight and eleven eleven read it amos chapter eight verse number eleven
the old the days come say of the lord god that i will send
a famine in the land not a famine of bread nor a thirst for water but of hearing
the words of the lord look at that what family
will he be married tonight but satan is doing whatever he can to stop this word from reaching
throughout the end of the earth to god’s people the third it says there will be a famine
in the land not a food and water but of hearing the word of the almighty and here it is i’m asking
my brother in the midst of us praising the most high on his holy day
to make sure he strategically aim his camera so no people are shown praise in the most high
the same way they came with a false narrative in 70 a.d they’ve come with one now
and at the end of it they want to blame god’s people like they did at 70 a.d they blame
the black jews now when people hear black jews they hear something that could be incinerating
politically because it’s been told or been shown the negatives of knowing a black man
knowing he’s israel that’s synonymous with oh you’re an israelite
you’re a racist i’m a racist no christ wasn’t a racist the disciples weren’t
racist but they were black jews folks i’m going to show you how deep
this is folks how great how wonderful the most high is there was
a family that greeted me on my way here who said they came in
after a debate they seen online i don’t know these people i didn’t know these people they’re my
family now came in with their children and the wife said well
i i couldn’t stand anything i didn’t know what this was if that family is in the building can
they stand up you and your children stand up now that family
listen that family have three little boys if you don’t mind brother bring your
bring your wife and your children to the front real quick if you don’t mind [Applause]
[Music] now i didn’t seek this brother out i came down the hill to set up for the
tabernacle and him and his family sort us out come on up brother
don’t worry no come over here come around here now you got to stoop down a little bit
to get the camera here [Music] brother drew what video brought you
into the gathering of christ church the debate with james white but look what christ means
[Applause] let me also say this his wife was adamant against this but he’s
he secretly served the most high so what compelled you to be here amongst the family she says
this is family and i don’t see any other way we me and my sons my children
can be saved [Applause] come on come on
no [Applause] you know it’s one of the things i have
been in the truth for three years that it’s hard it’s a hard thing to accept as a gentile
in the and it took me a long time but uh i learned our officers that they came in secret i wouldn’t even let
my husband talk about the trick around me because i found it so offensive and the our officers prayed for me and
my family that i would come to the truth and lord white gods and i never felt so accepted
all my sisters and from our church again they’re like oh we didn’t realize you were entered when he came to us and i’m
just so thankful always is to the most high [Music]
they experience love we embrace you because of what backgrounds are and there’s love
in the room and guess who is [Applause] see brothers and sisters
raised by people [Music] because you will have someone that looks
just like you someone straight blessed but i have tonight straight to the point and i’m
going thank the most high that we’ve made it i do every day
to this point to this day don’t take this for granted the most have much work for
you to do beyond this right now looking for a lot of things you i’ll talk
your strong home will spread the life as we as hate this thing well beyond america into god’s kingdom
you were chosen for reason it’s been a lot of persian a lot up and down
but it was really about who was about those who were sick [Music]

https://youtube.com/watch?v=s8r_kjrHpEc Less understanding than those who endured then you’re going to come in the last
moment and say well i’m an israelite too i believe too or hey i’m a gentile to believe in christ
and i believe too if christ said what what did christ say i know you’re not
read it read it from the beginning again let’s go yes sir yes sir verse number i’ll matthew 25
let’s do it yes sir matthew 25 verse 7 then all those virgins
arose and trimmed their lands and the foolish said unto the wise give us of your oil for our lamps are
going out come on but the lies answered saying not so
lest there be not enough for us and you now i need y’all to understand this during the time of preparation
the most high has always spoken to god his people through people when we read isaiah jeremiah when we
read ezekiel we look at it and say well man these
must have been some great men these must have been men of the most high but guess what
during isaiah jeremiah in the prophet’s time to a lot of people who knew them they were just people they knew oh
that’s jeremiah even christ wasn’t known and he wasn’t respected in his own town because
everyone’s seen him grow up they’ve seen his straight knees they seemed you know that they seen him as a
child and didn’t appreciate the spirit the most time is told upon it so even during this time the most time
would send messages he says your eyes will see your teachers and what happened what happened to it
not for our sake who are teachers we just prophesy what the prophet said and what
christ said do at this time to give everyone an equal opportunity to prepare equally
but what will happen what happened in certain areas of our life we might
become some of us we might become lazy not to say that so but
you know as far as prioritizing will prioritize what we should prioritize last
and what will happen we’ll go to someone and say well hold up let me get some of yours
and he’s like well no i only got enough you were told to prepare the same way the same
time i was told to prepare i don’t think i don’t know to get my family through
well that ain’t christ that ain’t the most high then that going other scriptures you see
your brother hungry you should feed him well listen brother you were told the same time then
we were told so so let me tell you he that is faithful and little is
faithful and much is faithful in the big things so what happens that person comes and
say well hold up man um let me get some of your life the life is to get to the
the finish line he’s like bro dude i only have enough in my lantern to get my
me and my family through and those who prepare through listen to what christ is saying
listen clearly read verse nine but the lies answered saying not so lest there be not enough for us
and you but go wrap it to them that sell and buy for yourselves verse 10 and while they went to buy the
bridegroom came and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage
and the door was shot and it was what and the door was shut and the door
was shut listen i only have enough for me and my family to get through you go ahead you got to go do whatever you
got to do you ain’t taken from me and now you’re going ahead i’m in the spirit now
this is let me tell you folks time is precious it’s one of the few
things in in life any of us can get back okay so when it comes down to it
what are we doing in this with our time during the time of preparation what are you doing with all this
fruitful understanding if it’s not used tangibly to save you and those you love
there’s more let’s read it yes sir verse number 11. afterward came also the other virgin
saying lord lord open to us but he answered and said verily i say unto you
i know you not i know you not i’ve spoke to you i’ve warned you you wasted time
i warned you even christ himself he said listen you think
my daily going to the things i did deli you know do you really believe that you know i
wanted to choose not to go to the cross you think you think no i had to go to the cross
each day i had to get up and nurture these men knowing i had a short time
after he had to teach these men i have to show them the spirit every day was another work towards
his sacrifice every day he can look at the cross and say man no
i’m gonna do that tomorrow no every day he says listen i don’t know you
because if i knew you you would pick up your cross and your crucifixion like i picked up
mine my servants have work they don’t have a bunch of talk
what you mean you’re an israelite are you the israelite where’s your love where’s your
compassion where’s your works where’s your preparation have you trimmed your land
i don’t know you why not that i don’t want to know you i came to you to see it was planted through men
the fact remains it’s evident you don’t know me you don’t know me
[Music] the [Music]
watch therefore for ye neither know the day nor the hour wherein the son of man
cometh for the kingdom of heaven is as a man traveling between our country
who called his own servants and delivered unto them their goods and unto one he gave five talents to
another to and to another one and to every man or to every man according to his several
ability and straight way to his journey then he that
had received five talents went and traded with the same and made them other five talents and
likewise he that had received two also gained other two but he that had received one went and
dig in the earth and hid his lord’s money every long time the lord of those
servants cometh and wrecking it with them and so he that had received five talents came
and brought other phy talents saying lord thou deliver us unto me five talents
behold i have gained beside them five talents more his lord said unto him
well done thou good and faithful servant go ahead now has been faithful over a few things
i will make thee ruler over many things enter thou into my joy or into the joy of thy lord
enter now into the joy of my lord he’ll take from the person who had nothing who had the seed who had
the works but then but did nothing with it he’ll take from that person and give to the
that person the one who’s multiplied and worked all the way to the door
all the way to the point where the porter who opens the door who is christ himself would say you know
what come on in son you have words come on in daughter your works i mean your works has been
recognized in the heavens come on in any work you do towards this kingdom is
being recorded in heaven that might shock you isaiah was just
doing the work of the most high but now we’re reading the book of isaiah jeremiah ezekiel
moses was just doing the work now we’re reading of moses in the deliverance you are written the bible tells you that
every one of the most high is written in that book and don’t let our sins
blot us out of it we have works there in heaven that’s why i wanted to make sure
before i go into the nero project and i say this to the elders before we actually
uh uh broke our conversation our our brief meeting today i said we need to make sure that there’s a message to the
church for the brothers and sisters to prepare and words of encouragement so that they
can endure because eventually the door is going to be shut
it’s not going to be no time for prosthetizing and converting it’s going to be a time to save those
who the most are called into the body and be able to scarcely help save us
it’s going to come a time folks and i told elder gabon things are changing we have to focus on
who we have and work with who we have baptize those we can on the way out
but it’s time to work inwardly amongst the body we need a message for us
in the body who’s baptized and we have to give heed or give a warning to those
on the outside of us you have the five wise and the five foolish
how many times been prophesied and talking every time someone looked no matter what
country we were in if we were if it was a hotel room we were filming if it was in between we had no place to
stay we were warning we never stop it doesn’t matter the circumstances
why because we were brought with a price that’s why some days we did it without food without finances
without money but we did it to warn you and what i fear is that so many people
have heard it and took for granted that it would always be there that’s nothing to celebrate that’s i
fear that okay that’s where we are brothers and sisters and this is why i’m going into
the nero project right now because this is where we are donald trump ran on building the wall
that was symbolic on every level as soon as he mentioned the wall i would boom in my mind we did the lesson
the tribulation i i think we named aimed towards against the children of god
youtube took it down there was nothing incinerated nothing wrong we didn’t break any rules
they took it down because we were prophesying now look the video just was gone
the nero project what’s that the nero project is where we are where nero would do what systematically
work and come up with a political event that political event was to burn parts of the cities to blame it on us
and as a pretext begin to come against our people where we are condensed
with the missing where we are in number in any particular city now that happened in jerusalem
but folks i know you all can’t see this but i’m going to put this on the screen and then we’re going to read
nero they said he fiddled why wrong burnt he was having a party at the same time
rome was burning now he systematically burned the areas of the merchants
so it can affect it could affect the economy through that negative sentiments
were now publicized throughout all of the roman citizens against our people
you have another lloyd let’s get it in luke real quick i’m gonna put this on the screen because
what what do we see here i want you all to see this right here
this is how rome for those who can see it on youtube and other places there
i need y’all to look at that this is how it looked some of the pictures
concerning the fires that led to them coming against the black christians in jerusalem and now i need you to look
at this picture here from cnn
look at the picture here’s the fires that are burning in california with the with the american flag waving
in the frame of the fires i need you to look at that and i need you to look at nero
same exact narrative who are these rioters who are these people burning up our
cities messing up our businesses because in order for them to shape certain certain legislation
they have to turn the sentiments of the everyday citizens against
us now elder lawyer i need you to read this for my brothers and sisters in here i’m
gonna make this nice and short ain’t gonna be too much of it tell the lawyer if you men hold on
this is breaking down because don’t forget what did trump say he ran on
i’m gonna build the wall right you’re gonna find it would be a wall
eventually after what the event the event was to do what incinerate certain marketplaces within rome blame
it on the jews as a pretext of coming against us taking jerusalem into captivity
that’s what led to us going into africa hiding from the romans and that’s what led to us being enslaved
here in america as was prophesied in deuteronomy the 20th chapter
elder lawyer i need you to read the capture of jerusalem the siege the siege of jerusalem the fortified
capital of the fortified capital city of the province
quickly turned into a stalemate stalemate unable to breach the city’s defenses
the roman armies established a permanent camp just outside the city digging a trench around the
circumference of its walls and building as a wall as high as the city’s walls themselves
around jerusalem building a wall reed anyone caught in the trench
attempting to flee the city would be captured and crucified and lines on top of the dirt
wall facing into jerusalem with as many as 500 crucifixions occurring in a day
the two zealot leaders john of gestala and simon barr giora only ceased hostilities
and joined forces to defend the city when the romans began to construct rappers for the siege during the
infighting inside the city walls a stockpile supply of dry food was initially burned by or intentionally
burned by the zealots to induce the defeat defenders to fight against the siege
instead of negotiating peace as a result of many city dwellers and soldiers died of starvation during
the siege tackiness a historian of the time notes that there were
those who were besieged in jerusalem amounted to no fewer than 600 000 that men and women alike and
every age engaged in our resistance that everyone who could pick up a weapon did
and that both sexes show equal determination man and woman preferring death to a life that involved
expulsion from their country josephus puts the number of the besieged at near one million a near
near one million plus now check this out look at what the z lots did though
see this is what you have to be very careful with they needed to get our people engaged in
the war it was other people who didn’t even want to deal with any of this instead of
doing say following the process of christ and getting out of jerusalem they were like well no we don’t want all
that but since they were still there what happened you had zealots out of their mind
radicals who said you know what let’s burn the food
and then we’ll get more of our people involved in this war against the romans then they’ll fight so
we had our own people destroying what belonged to us to get us engaged in the battle sounds familiar
the riots burning stuff up their own areas and all the markets and all that not realizing a lot of these businesses
aren’t going to come back same exact thing now here’s something that’s even more airy
i need you to look at your screen here there’s a guy by the name of mike adams i’m going to see if i can get him as a
guest on one of our shows now what mike adams did is he sat down with a few of his
so-called sources politically to give him some insight on on
what’s to come in the united states and what american citizens need to do to prepare
okay that i’m using the american citizens loosely here and i’m going to tell you why
because really mike adams and you know i i really respect some of some of his research
but really he’s speaking of a certain demographic what he’s speaking of mike adams in
specific is saying what those that believe in god in christ he’s saying that specifically in this
article here understand what it is now i never had a conversation
with mike adams but could he run into some of the videos who knows but he’s quoting in this particular
let me read it here he’s written a whole prepared paper on what they suspect will go down
between now and 20 between 2020 and 25 but directly illegally and elderly all
that ahead but directly in preparation for what might happen at this year’s
election folks this was area everything this guy is talking about
is exactly what happened in 70 a.d before 70 a.d the interim between the buildings burdened
the army’s coming against jerusalem what would happen with our people in fighting up unto the degree in which
the government is going to have to come in against us they’re going to have to
because it’s going to be totally it’s going to be total mayhem now what he stated is he don’t know
what’s going to happen this year the election or a little afterwards within trump’s administration but he
said listen and i’m going to read it here in a moment he said listen
i’m going to tell you right now they’re going to cut off the ebts and they’re going to cut off the welfare
they’re going to cut off the food they’re going to stop all trucks from coming in it’s in the article
and they will build an invisible wall around all the cities where our people began to riot
and that’s when the great insurrection amongst the blacks are going to happen in which the people on the outside who
have to protect themselves from the board now listen to what i’m showing you here
i’m going to pull it up it’s on the screen so on the screen and i’m going to read
it i mean how many years have we been talking about this
let me get in here elmo yes sir i’m gonna put it here closer and i need
you to come over here because i don’t want to move this computer and mess it up here
and ac i need you to direct this camera in case we have to move because this thing is
fickle here for me can you see it lawyer just sir okay let me enlarge it for him
that better yes sir now this is mike adams dropping a few things a few a few things concerning his
sources who told him who worked within government in other places that what are they preparing for now
this is these are chest and case scenarios now am i saying it’s going to happen
exactly how he put it together absolutely not what i’m what i’m dropping here it’s airy it’s it’s
i mean it’s it’s ironic that everything he’s talking about is exactly what we we’ve been saying for
years and it’s exactly what happened in 78e and we’re going to read
one excerpt from tackiness tackiness reported what happened during the time of nero
how really they burned cities merchant cities on purpose so that they can get the sentiments of
the citizens of rome to come against us in jerusalem so they need it you got it they needed
the pr be more so politically on the side of the senate
so that they can pass rules in which the romans because the romans a lot of romans cared for us
so they had to turn the romans against us by making them believe that we’re we are
the problem we’re the reason that rome cannot go back to its glory
and what it used to be because of these people here sounds for me
and this is why you notice they’re incinerating things every anything public is race
black lives matter they’re doing that on purpose so that all the all the other races of people
who don’t even understand geopolitically what’s going on and prophetically what’s going on so
they can say all of this is because of black people black lives matter
we hate black lives matter that’s what they’re going to start saying they’re burning stuff up they stopping
we’re running around with masks what are we going to do about these people
that’s their plan folks other lawyer read it i’m like i’m going to let eva rule it just hold the mic
read it all the way through come on it says the truth is that this civil war is going to be
in the cities if you’re in a role if you’re in rural america you do not
physically have much to worry about they’re probably not going to come to you
on your farm way out in the middle of nowhere unless you are right along the highway which is
a very bad idea i’ll talk about that later if you’re out on the end of a long
country road they are not ever going to make it your place or make it to your place
because they are lazy remember these are not rugged people who are willing to work hard
and hike miles and earn something no they want to loot for free they want free stuff that is easy to get
and those are the homes on the highways so they’re going to cruise down the highways and just raid
every farmhouse that they can find that is close to the road that is visible from the road so
part of the answer is not is don’t be visible from the road right and there are some other things i’ll
talk about too like how to make your house look like it’s already burnt down
you can think your house being burned out and we will talk about that in an upcoming recording as well go ahead
a lot of things you can do but if when you are in the country mostly what you’re going to have to deal
with is disruptions so the food supply disruptions
the fuel disruptions the telecom disruptions and the power grid disruptions yes
the power grid is going down in a lot of areas too but probably brought down by leftists
but we’ll talk about that too you’re going to have to be able to hunker down and survive
while this phase of collapse gets worked out folks this is my
the first time i read this was today how many times i’ve been on these broadcasts telling you to prepare
fuel food whatever the case is with the officers that will come to your house in case of an emergency because we
did it years ago overseas how many times and i’m reading an
article that this guy is saying this isn’t like this guy is it is it my head
he’s in our meetings listen to this ultimately what happens is the us military gets
activated as trump as the president he involves the insurrection act
he invokes the insurrection let me read i’ll read it he invokes the insurrection act and he
deploys the military on the streets of america and what i’m told is that troops are
going to quarantine cities they are not going to go
into the city’s block by block and building by building they’re going to quarantine the cities and let the
cities burn and destroy themselves yes i know that is a big realization right
there is that not what happened in 70 a.d reservation
they’ll kill each other first we’ll just come to clean up the carnage these people aren’t going to look at
this as an opportunity to get together and work together they will begin to loot kill and rape each other
that’s what happened in 70 a.d listen basically listen to what this guy mike adams says in this
preparedness piece he put together basically they’re going to build a wall
not a physical wall but a metaphorical wall around cities like chicago and los
angeles nobody goes in and nobody goes out and whoever survives
listen to this and whoever survives survives no police defund the police no national guard
no military help so he’s going to do this but if he do it this way then they can’t
claim he’s overriding possible titus he’s just doing it to keep the peace
because they’re saying police he had to use it to protect and to keep order
and saying well if they’re going to destroy and burn and pillage let them do it to themselves that’s how they’re
going to do it because they did it this way in 70 a.d if you were stuck in l.a with the walls
come down and the highway checkpoints are in place man listen to this unless you have a
plan to get out on foot which by the way will be very difficult because you live in a freaking desert
and not many people have ever tried to walk out of l.a by the way unless you have that kind
of plan you’re probably going to die there so we will talk about why you should get
out of these cities in advance and it says here ahead of elections
now is this absolute i can’t say that maybe i know it’s going to happen but whether it happened this november
or a few years from now [Music] is the question
but all in all we’ve been preparing for a long time for this time
either way the nero project is an effect let’s read talakis real quick elder
lawyer and then i’m going to go into what we should do
right let’s go back here real quick hello sir here’s the anals of tatacus
what part of tank is uh that we have there uh
15 and 38 on your screen and i’m going to read this they can see it out there on youtube but i need you all to hear
this at the tabernacles because eventually you get used to being outside
because eventually we’re going to be outside okay finished reading 15 and what a
lawyer 15 and 38. this is what tanek has recorded
recorded during nero’s false flag blaming our people it says a disaster followed whether
accidental or treacherously contrived by the emperor is uncertain so there were still some
questions but people were still questioning back then was these fires done by the roman army
they were questioning that back during the time of wrong it says here like it’s coming out that
even the fires you see in different parts of l.a outside of different parts of portland
and all that these are paid for incinerating i mean arsons
you had they showed a picture they showed a video excuse me of a guy driving into my black lives matter and
taking this molotov cocktail and thrown it on the road in a brush with a fireworks
listen to this clearly it says as alphas have given both accounts
worse however there were some people reporting that the jews did it the christians did it
and there were some people reporting that the government was behind even back then we’re going way back
to about 64 a.d it says however in more dreadful than any which had ever happened
to this city by the violence of fire so they used fire as a pretext then later
nero sanctioned best faith vespasian and his son titus to come against jerusalem the first time
our family in israel ever seen a foreign army occupy our land
the desolation of abomination was in full effect they’re doing they’re doing the same
plan of 70 a.d in every major city in america right now
so why brothers and sisters because i’m talking to people everywhere even overseas this thing is more so
concentrated on doing what systematically pulling the plug on this particular
country that’s what this is about right now the other countries have went back to
normal outside of england they have gone back to normal
let’s get the next thing elderly so we can end it on that real quick
we’re going to the middle of 44. this is the paper tackiness who reported the fall
of jerusalem right 1544 it says but all the human efforts all the lavish gifts of the emperor
whose nero and the pro the pro the propitiations of the gods
did not banish the sinister belief that the the conflagration was the result
of an order consequently to get rid listen to this to get rid of the report nero fastened the guilt
and inflicted most exquisite torches on a class hated for their abominations called christians
after the fires they aimed their vitriol and political fortitude as well as their military might
against who the christians and back then all the christians outside the gentiles that were converted
were black same exact plan there’s nothing new under the sun so he ain’t this vitriol
towards us he sanctioned vespasian and titus to
come against us and and titus wanted to bring the orange just go right in
to jerusalem but but festivation said no sir no they’re used to us bringing
provisions into the city let’s cut off all the roads blow the bridges and build a trench in a wall
around them and don’t let any food in so what happens
when they build this invisible wall through military like mike adams say in in major cities
where you used to a metropolitan city cannot thrive without what resources and supplies coming in
24 hours a day within the city to keep to actually preserve you know a population of millions
that means no trucks coming in that means no provisions coming in and how many of us
learn how to plant yeah that’s good but what happens when they break this
down who become the power or the aggressors or the leaders in our communities
the criminals the criminals so it’s not even about those
who have legal arms to carry or whatever the case is to protect themselves because there’s more arms in the cities
that are unlicensed so what happens the same thing that was prophesied
that happened to us in 70 a.d where the robbers began to come in and rob brothers and sisters and do all types of
things and rape people and all that because there was no police
no guard that’s what’s coming that’s what’s coming folks so the question is
because when you go into josephus let me get this out of the way so the question is
what are we going to do what are you going to do the elders we all discuss this today we
say well listen it’s okay the same as our forefathers in the past
and the forerunners the remnant in the past who believed in christ understood this would happen
and were born for that time we were born for this time hello give me that babylonian book too
real quick that it was estimated that one million jews fled into africa
this led to us doing what the fall of jerusalem through the nero project in them building a wall
led to those who would take heed to christ’s prophecies it led to those who understood to get in
front of the prophecy and prepared and be out of harm’s way and have the elect in the rhythmic
out of the harm’s way because it’s not like even after they do this america is going to just go down america
is still going to thrive the party is going to be happening on the outside of the cities
that’s when things go back normal for a time in america once the problems are
quarantined okay so there will be some time in between
we just have to make sure that there’s preparation for every brother and sister in his house
to do what we’re asking you to do and be prepared to be as pilgrims once you’re persecuted
in one area go to where we guide you we’ll help you with next
that’s what we’re gonna ask you to do and you’re not gonna have to do it yourself i’m gonna be some brothers
there to facilitate that with you to help you do that because why because you’ve endured
this is not about us this is why the most high after we or he goes before the flock this is
why we’re back with you some of you believe when we were gone
that oh my god they’re going what are we gonna do we gotta fit for ourselves the most time seen something different
he said i would send you on his egos before the fly but we’re back amongst you
to let you know it’s safe that the most time will have us no matter where we go because
where we are because we’ve always been strangers since we left jerusalem since we lost
jerusalem of the lawyer reading from babylon to 10.2 page 84.
in the year 65 bc the roman armies under general pompeii captured jerusalem in 70 a.d
general westfashion and his son titus put an end to the jewish state with great slaughter during the period
of military governors of palestine many outrages and atrocities were committed against the
residue of the people during the period from ponte to julius it has been estimated that over one
million jews fled into africa fleeing from roman persecution and slavery the
slave markets were full of black jewish slaves look at that
understand what’s going on right now folks the powers that be are trying to do as much as they can to
do what to hold on to god’s people no servants no slaves no
empire now guess what folks it wasn’t you just were warned you just took heed to the
one and that’s why i wanted to go into that five versions five wise versions and
five foolish versions there’s not a brother or sister in america or in this world that didn’t
hear that we’re the children of israel and we must repent for our sins some of our families rejected this
but now even the government the governments of this world who they’ve always trusted on
have no answers for them a lot of you was preparing and we was laughing who was talking to me
a lot of you could have prepared other people looking at you for paying saying yeah i don’t know what’s up with you but
uh i know when things go down i know where i’m gonna be i’m gonna be at your house hell to the
note you’re not gonna be advised here it is i’m doing all the preparing
with teaching we’re getting people together we’re going through consoles we’re
dealing with issues we’re bringing brothers and sisters together we’re healing people with
we’re doing everything we can daily and you sit back looking at us prepared so that you can have what a cakewalk
that’s right no folks it’s going it’s about to be real not just here in america but in other
places also but there’s refuge there there’s refuge in our meetings boom i get it i get a
[Music] another brother called my plate listen the disciples traveled in twos
i’m like brother you ain’t going nowhere unless we go in twos we’re not going to lose no brothers we’re going to do
everything like christ said they’re not someone pop up on my skies and say hey yeah elder eldar yeah by the
way i’m about to purchase his property in ghana
i’m like oh we got two gold we got is that other areas even places within the united states
that will be sustained for time with protection not just with our people but others who
understand what this is folks i’m going to tell you right now there will be a christian
front of defense against evil and they’re not going to be black christians there will be white
christians the bible tell you even the gentiles folks
it says the gentiles folks is going to be there as a refuge in time of trouble
i’m gonna tell you folks this thing is way deeper than what you believe because the most high know that our people
aren’t preparing so he put it on the gentile christians to stand up
and to protect some of the righteous in that time here’s another thing and i’m gonna tell
you don’t think he didn’t don’t think he don’t have a heart in these christians
to stand for what’s right even if there aren’t black listen to what i’m showing you today
brothers and sisters when you look at those what you would call
you have pro-choice and you have the other is what pro-life right
pro-life pro-choice is you get you had a choice to kill your baby pro-life is your for
the life of babies that you know that abortion is murdered but when i look out and see the people
standing up pro-life are they the people who are being
affected through abortion and our children and their population are being affected by abortion
so who’s standing up for our black israelite children before birth these are white christians folks
i don’t see no black groups getting together saying pro-life and it’s not their children being
aborted it’s ours and they’re standing up they’re standing up they’re already
praying and fighting for the next generation of us some of them and i need y’all to
open your eyes folks the most times gonna help let me tell you people talking about you’re the white people
just do listen the most tired if the most tired can speak to a donkey he can do whatever
he wanna do he can use whatever people he wants we’ve always been helped
we’ve always been helped but the ultimate help comes from the most high
that’s the ultimate health it’s our faith and enduring in this truth that’s going to allow the gentiles
to actually witness a deliverance which with much amazement we’re gonna make it folks we’re gonna
make it you’re gonna make it but you must endure you must listen you must prepare i’m not
trying to put fear on you it’s not fear mongering only thing i’m saying to you
is exercise the faith in you because one day i may fall we can you you may need to carry me over
that’s what this is about brothers and sisters you are the modern day real christians
and everything that’s going on in the earth is aimed towards you like it was aimed towards our
forefathers in 70 a.d one more scripture and then after that festivities
understand folks with this tabernacle and guess what i was in y’all knew i came up
i came up it was israeli school of upk and then it switched to israeli
church of upk y’all know my background i’ve told you everything concerning that even in the academy and
i’ve actually i learned the holy days growing up
in that officer captain general one shield two shields three show up to
nine chills or whatever the case might be but i would read the holy days but
didn’t fully understand them i knew we had to follow them back then but i thought it
was just keeping the law we’ll come back and we’ll just keep it as a sabbath and that i’m looking here
and we’re actually doing not just reading the holy days we’re doing it like our forefathers did
when we are living prophecy folks the most high scene this day even other barney of the day sending me
messages of man elder the fast showing that paul and the disciples did the fast
which they told atonement that we did the other day in the new testament and now we’re here in tent
now i know paul celebrated tabernacles because what did paul do pull in
he built tents what do you think he learned to build 10 sets the feast of tabernacle
i’m sitting here as soon as i came in and i had to take a picture in a video of
brothers young brothers they had to be no long no no no older than 15
16 building tents right in front of my dwelling there building elder lawyer’s tent and i’m looking at these
young guys and one guy like y’all been doing this before he’s like well no i never did
this before just from north philly of different parts of philly and another guy said yeah my
father take me camping all the time but he was a leader with the youngest of them all
and i’m checking out these young men i’m like these are the leaders
let me tell you folks what i seen walking up almost broke me down when i seen those young guys
saying elder where do you want the tent how do you want it they sit there helping each other coordinating with
each other loving each other it’s fully in the mode of preparing shelter for elders
and i’m like we’ve never learned this in our dwellings how to build a place or a shelter for
ourselves and then i walked among the cans and guess what we walked among the camps
and guess what there was nothing but love there was no vitriol there was no
variance there was no hatred being embraced through care and love man i’ve never witnessed a church like this
and and you know i’m just privileged to be a part of it i’m privileged
brothers and sisters we’re gonna need each other when i say that circle the circle starts here i don’t want
anyone to believe that i was talking about making some circle and you know i want a
plane somewhere get do your own no what we’re saying is in this time you’re gonna have a plan
within a plan within a plane you got the elders playing but i gotta what plan do i have
if things get cut off who in my neighborhood i know what i’m going to say okay we have to down click together
so we get the point and point b and i’ll feed you there elder and now to something and guess what
the circle will have more so that’s how you start thinking you have to look at who’s
around you and who can be useful around you and develop that circle for worst case scenarios
and practice that with your families that’s what i was talking about when i said make sure your circles are
tight because the first circle starts with in the home
[Music] if you’re fighting each other embarrassing with each other
what are you going to do when you come amongst the bible you’re going to bring that abrasive
negative which is a demon amongst the body and it’s going to manifest itself and harm someone
let’s put our cares the most high through atonement have forgiven our sins and has given us another opportunity
here with tabernacles in preparation for when we are one on the crisis tent and it’s coming folks
we’re gonna make it through this but the question is and i have to put this out there who
[Music] will endure until the end who and if you think that’s you
stand up [Applause] this is
now we have our security guy with us here your rock your rock is there anything
you want to say to give any advice to people security wise that you think the brothers and
sisters can benefit from everybody yeah huh quick get it no just keep in mind
that uh you know there’s a public situation around us so if you know not everything
is suspicious you know some people are just you know they’re here they were here
first so uh you know don’t get so alarmed just but just speak to turn his volume
turn his volume up uh don’t you don’t have to be over alarmed or anything just speak to a security person if you notice
any any funny business but uh just keep in mind there are people that have the rvs
and things out here so we don’t we don’t exactly look normal so we try to peek in time so but other
than that you know just just you know just continue to do what we’re doing
you know helping each other i haven’t seen anything negative as of yet if you can give them some advice that
they need to know for their homes what would that be for their homes in general yeah okay
all right well i would say at this point you know we already gone over the food thing although i will say
that when we tend to research this stuff it seems like still we’re only some people we only
have 30 days worth of things if that so if i was to say one thing for one like you know it was always said
you know start giving up otherwise you know other situations outside of cities but making sure that you should
surprise in this time where no one’s ever actually out there you know doing much are kind of picked
up here a little bit you know stop dipping into the stash and and you know and just thinking every
time you go you’ll go extra that’s all so but you know other than that you know i wouldn’t say from a security
standpoint i wouldn’t go into too much especially you online stuff and all that stuff but i would say just understand
that we’re in a serious time and it’s not time to be passive about how
you uh walk in this okay so take the advice from putting out you know especially with the uh you know
elders who tell us for years these things take the advice and follow through okay because
it’s gonna come a time where we can’t hold everyone’s hand chest will be no more okay so other than
that you know not much so you know like i said we’ll have private meetings with security and uh to
kind of have a uniform thinking we can all speak the same language across the country
and across the world really and we’ll do more things on that side with the uh the men
and also assisted aspects as well beware of a person who comes to you in the spirit of panic
beware of that because the only thing that they can really focus on is the now they can’t focus
on what happens once they’ve made certain decisions on the outside of our health
so when you see someone panicking and saying we gotta do this and do that make sure you let them know that’s fine
the elders may be thinking the same things or the deacons of those in forward over the
churches may be thinking the same thing let’s bring it to them
don’t ever deal with a situation where you are planning something if you’re baptized in this church
outside of the body don’t ever do that because eventually most when the
economy goes and there’s no finances the church is going into all things common
we have to bring everything together and distribute and use resources to get from point a to
point b and we cannot do that with wrong people just uh uh buying for themselves selfish people
saying well well i got to do this on my own now well why do you have a body why do you have
leaders why do you have a church so don’t let nobody tell you folks [Music]
the elders just confirmed what i knew already go ahead dude go ahead go why do you have to link with somebody
in the church with your dreams so they’ll come to you and say man they’d be dragging me whatever listen
folks we’re going to do as we’re guided by the almighty that’s it
that’s it so what are we gonna do okay and we’re in this with you okay i wanted to put that out there do
not panic it happened over and over even in the
wilderness what did he bring us out here to down let’s go back in the evening you had
these guys panicking doing what whipping up what you would call a mob against leaders
and then the first time i’m going to show you how how blessed our god ohio is
the most high had it rained manna and the manor listen to this the manner had a specific flavor
for each individual’s taste so when you ate manna it was good according to
your pilot and it tastes different for each individual and check this out
[Music] don’t you know we complained about that all we got is
the chicken all we got is man in the day how long the most high had us eat angels food and
we complain he had us with sandals and made sure that the angels did something
under our foot where the souls wouldn’t run down one pair of shoes that would never run
down and how many jordans you look like and it still wasn’t good enough let’s be grateful
like today amongst the elders and amongst the body this is like home you know what i am
i’m grateful because this work even you all you brothers and sisters this work in itself was more than
anything that i could have ever imagined in this world i just wanted to teach
i didn’t see all this i was just prophesying what the most high told me to prophesy and i’m just reading
what i knew and you know what i picked up the problem that doesn’t matter have i been
perfect no but i never put the plow down and understand that
and i’m gracious i’m gracious i’m just asking you all to pray for your elders
continue and pray for us the prayer of the righteous amount of much the most high here before it’s
strong pray for us because i’m because i know eventually folks we’re
praying for you i know eventually they’ll be like well hold up those these guys are the problem right
here but it’s okay whatever we have to endure but you brothers and sisters the elect
of the almighty born in babylon and beyond finish
finish your time is here shalom [Applause]
so we’re going to hand it back over to who’s going to lead us with the braid and wine
you can leave uh we’re going to get ready for the uh communion
so let’s get ready uh to receive the body and the blood of christ but and also i think officer greg said there
was a someone missed the key or the key was found so if you lost your key please he
uh officer uh gray okay if someone lost their keys [Music]
um we’re going to stop the youtube for the uh i mean we’re going to stop it for youtube because
we’re going to do communion just amongst the church i want to say blessed all the churches
throughout the corners of the earth blessed are those who are without who will one day
be baptized and become a part of the work blessed are the jews the israelites and guess what blessed are the gentiles
who believe in christ’s sacrifice who are called by the most high’s name
blessed are the children of god so you brothers and sisters on youtube don’t worry about it
listen you’re still our family just a matter of time it’s not too late don’t sit back and think
oh they closing the door no as long as we’re before you we’re here for you there’s water everywhere let’s get it
shower [Music] so at this time one of

Time 1:45 / 1:14:48 Yashua’s Birthday Party! That is actually YASHA’s birthday party!

Sukkot is the Feast of Tabernacles! Just as the Messiah was born in a Stable

Amalek’s attacks against Israelites

all right all right all right okay we good we are shalom brothers and sisters make sure if you may that uh you hit the like button hit the like button we are about to begin the lesson [Music] our father which art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done [Music] on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread [Music] and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors let us knock it to temptation but deliver us from evil for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] our father which are in heaven hallowed be thy name [Music] thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth [Music] as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever a mind a mind [Music] [Music] shalom brothers and sisters i’m elder ricarchiar along with elder lawyer and of course elder rock in the background for our sabbath lesson we’re going to jump right in one of our more important lessons to date our particular lesson today is titled and you can see it right there before you amalek attacks against israelites amalek attack against israelites now the reason why we’re going into this is because the most high through his word through the most high most ties god of israel’s prophets of the old testament even up into the time of christ in the disciples ministry it was actually highlighted all through the bible that that man of sin who who who always through history attacked the israelites would would be revealed excuse me there’s so many complex thoughts going through my head and i want to take my time so i can make sure it’s not all coming out at once that that man of sin at the very end would be revealed who opposes himself against all that is right right now under this covet plandemic the children of israel are under attack okay our people are under attack and one of the most frustrating pieces in this whole scenario is our people don’t realize by who okay well you’ll never understand that if you don’t understand historically who are the israelites and who are the [ __ ] we are under attack by amalek now the reason i’m going in here so you can understand that amalek’s tactics has been chronologed so that so that man of sin can be revealed you can go into the bible and identify his traits his tricks his deception from one generation to the next and by default we come out with the understanding of who that man of sin it has been amalek attacking us throughout all of history hiding himself as the people of the bible let’s put it that way so if you want to know where bill gates fit in what his true plans are it has nothing to do with what they’re saying on the news if you want to know what the rockefeller’s plans always was throughout history if you want to know about the rothschilds rockefellers in their hand and and everything that’s going on in the earth today you’ll find out today why and what to do now amalek has a few traits okay that we must first highlight and understand an amalek also another thing amalek is what the bible calls the chief house of satan he’s the man on earth executing satan’s will and power and authority against us okay now amalek cannot do these things without deception trickery listen to me clearly and help so i’m going to tell you a lot of i’m going to tell you a lot of a lot of blood is going to be spilled with the sword being yield on every from every angle this sabbath amalek cannot achieve his objectives without help that’s where feminism comes in at and that’s where separating our women from us come in at our women don’t realize they were tricked by amalek to a degree in which now it’s all coming to a head amalek will begin to attack and destroy the women he helped destroy the chosen men of god listen to what i’m showing you here because that’s one one of amalek’s tactics one thing you can always point about point out about amalek he takes care of or go against the weak the feeble the helpless first and then he attacks the man that’s my mama let me let it let her know i’m teaching okay let me turn this off no more disruptions let’s sit on that that’s it no more disruptions i’m turning this off power off there you go amulet cannot do what he does without the help of not just women our women now that’s why the bible says repent that’s why the bible says come back under righteous order because now amalek has has beg has begun to attack his helpers right now last week we identified to some degree who’s eat them we started last week the sabbath elder lawyer yes sir went into edom and then we segued into who’s edom in the academy right now we’re going into amalek’s attack against israelites who is amalek in the earth and how can we identify him now what we’re going to do too as a caveat usually we do this in the academy but this is for you brothers and sisters uh um uh study library to actually get your you know your study acumen up we’re gonna go into the jewish encyclopedias today to show you that the information that we’re bringing forth isn’t our own what you would call conspiracy theory when it comes to the banks and what their role is in using finances in the bank system led by amalek to attack us okay we’re gonna show we’re gonna show you in the jewish encyclopedia where they actually tell on themselves so now first and foremost before we dive in we have right now it’s 2155 people in and only 1200 some of my likes so what i need just help me out real quick just do me a favor brothers and sisters i know some of you just came in just hit the like button so that we can drive this up uh okay as you come in for now i wanna hit the like button because the history we’re gonna bring out what we’re about to bring out like i say the sword is gonna be swinging either way but it’s gonna take some level of self-reflection to come into the knowledge of the mosaic to be under his protection during this time do not take this personal do not take anything personal take this as constructive criticism and a spiritual warning from the almighty to come under god’s hedge so do me a favor we had 1400 you’re doing a great job with that do us a favor hit the like button if you haven’t already if you’re in hit the like button as soon as we get this at 2 000 likes i’m going all the way in elder lawyer i need you to first get amalek out of the jewish encyclopedia yes sir now what i did brothers and sisters i ordered some of the oldest encyclopedias that could be found on earth understanding that they’re revising a lot of this and taking the information away from you everything good books here one second what did it hit did you hit the power there yeah yeah okay good all right you good yes sir all right great want to make sure everything is still we’re still here now i went out all right just move that over there so that don’t happen no more all right they gotta kick back in all right we back okay we’re back okay okay i’m sorry about that it went out for a second it’s good okay right now we have the likes at 1800 let’s move this up to another 200.
if you’re coming in we have 2 300 and only 1800 likes get this up to 2000 as you come in so that we can jump in so i have to stop and ask about the uh the likes anymore all right hold tight and we’ll be right back with the amalek attack against israelites get that get those likes up bible [Music] is it hard to understand when it comes to reading the bible the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that this is the word of god the seals have been broken and the truth is here and we go throughout the scriptures and we go through our extra biblical records they find that the language that god employed that he used to create the heavens and the earth was the hebrew language christ said i came for the lost sheep of the house of israel but yet no one no religious leader no religious church out there anywhere can now identify the 12 tribes of israel can we god is quite simple but it seems as if man makes understanding him hard what are those mysteries the truth of your book and the truth will make you the hebrew bible academy you’re invited yes you are invited and thank you for getting the likes up to over 2 000 thank you and we appreciate it when you come in just hit the likes let’s jump right in amalek attack against israelites you notice for the last last year we’ve been hearing about this rise in anti-semitism and how there should be some orchestrated front with all races and races and ethnicities united against anti-semitism i don’t know if you’ve noticed that where they had jay-z and all the other black artists and all that and actors coming out as a front uh against what they call what you would call the political anti-semitism well folks you’re gonna find that’s a cover that’s a cover why because as keep in mind as we come closer to the end people will begin the research like we’ve done and understand who was always behind our destruction our divide they knew it would come a time when we we would start pointing out those who’ve been attacking us behind their glass walls looking in their glass ceilings that we cannot grow past we’re gonna find who made the box we’re contained in like contained under fighting each other like crabs in a bucket so they started these campaigns understanding that eventually the pendulum will begin would begin to swing their way and identifying them as amalek with an agenda so that’s why we going into this so you’ll know you won’t get caught up into the coronavirus thing the covet thing the mass thing folks this thing is way deeper than some stinking virus there is no virus okay there’s no virus so let’s stop the nonsense the laws that they’re implementing right now is what it’s all about they’re coming after the children of israel this is jacob’s trouble so we’re letting sisters know right now you notice the last couple of weeks i’ve been bringing it out about sisters understand where you are it’s time to come under protection amalek have systematically socialized you and use you against us knowing that at the end time you you would have no protection you will be out there by yourself and the first line of attacks will be against women children and elderly here we are women children and who you got it elderly that’s where the attacks will go first because amalek has always used these same tactics let’s go in israelites amalek’s attack against israelites you notice at the end of 2019 there was a run-in a run-up through media demonizing israelites saying that an israelite even though there was no connection anywhere with any israelite people who have ever gotten together to corroborate these particular media stories of some israelite going into a synagogue doing something that cannot be corroborated by anyone who got together as israelites saying that he somebody came in in a market and then loosely they were connected to some israelites in new york and guess what the story came and went away and could not be get corroborated was never corroborated right so they started demonizing the awakening even up into this time where it’s almost criminal for a black person or a person of color to state claim to being an israelite okay so they’re demonizing those who are coming back to their truth that in fact that we are the people of the bible that’s my pre-lock let’s go in elder lawyer we have it marked in the jewish encyclopedia matter of fact let’s get another jewish encyclopedia because i think the page fell off of this one what happened to this discrepancy all right oh my god this is how old these books are i have to tape this up jewish encyclopedia folks all right and we’re gonna see what they say uh within the jewish religion we’re gonna give you some some background on who they say amalek is so that so that now you can now identify the attributes of the unseen hand okay it’s time for us to end this crap about talking about white supremacy which is ambiguous even though there is white supremacy they allow you to say that because it’s ambiguous it doesn’t identify the trait according to god that we must identify or the people we must identify the enemies against israelites so they’ll let you say white supremacy because that’s ambiguous we need to highlight amalek because amalek is the head of the nations he’s he’s in control get amalek out of the jewish encyclopedia elder lawyer yes sir just to highlight it yeah yeah it’s just a highlighted part yes sir amalek the defeat and capture of the amalekite king agag the only amalekites name preserved by saul seem to be referred to also by balaam it is not known what locality is meant by the city of amalek which evidently was situated in the valley that is in the plane now when you read about the amalekites the most high god told prophet samuel the prophet samuel to to give a decree to saul the king the first king of israel before david was set up to do away with amalek the king why because amalek had a continual campaign to avenge his father to avenge his father and by a vengeance father that means to destroy the children of israel and eradicate them out of the earth that was amalek’s plan so our god said listen make sure you take care of this king get rid of this king now saul being disobedient disobeyed the most high kept amalek alive to a degree where some of his sons escape eventually even though saul you know even though excuse me samuel ended up killing a god some of his children escaped they’re in power today and i’m going to prove it and this information isn’t secret folks i’m going to we’re going to chronolize this through the jewish encyclopedia today to know who exactly is amalek the enemies of god the enemies of israelites and this is why they try to do everything they can to demonize israelites because we know now the man of sin will be revealed today on this sabbath what page you had on the other side elderly yes sir page number 483 come on in rabbinic literature amalek the first foe to attack the people of israel it says in rabbinical literature amalek was our first foe to attack the children of israel re after they had come out of egypt after we came out of egypt so when you read the stories i’m gonna go there in the bible folks this is chronized that amalek began to attack us on the way into receiving the promised land but not just attack us because they were smart enough not to engage the men at the beginning of our camp or at the height or of our power in our camps they made sure to go in the back and destroy the elderly the women and the children so usually when they attack they don’t attack us frontal they attack us without us knowing we’re being attacked so that’s a tactic amalek has used since the beginning and is still using till this day read it elderly yes sir it says amalek is the first foe to attack or or to attack the children of israel uh when they came out of egypt as a free nation twice designated in the potential as the one against whom war should be waged until the memory be blotted out forever until this memory be blotted out forever became in rabbinical literature the type of israel’s arch enemy in the teneck haggadah of the first century amalek stands for rome and hold up amalek stands for who amalek stands for rome now make sure you write that down in the jewish encyclopedia it tells us amalek stands for rome now i didn’t make that up so the roman catholic church and those that are behind what you see in the earth today are from the families of amalek christ identified them when the disciples ask in matthew 24 when shall the end be and the sign of thine coming and christ warned us about them saying first take heed let no man deceive you many shall come in my name and say i am christ and shall deceive many what was christ showing the disciples that right after i die and you lose jerusalem by the romans they’re going to come in and use my name and set up a babylonian religion and through this destroy the children of the kingdom they’re coming after you after that christ was identifying amalek right there in matthew 24. they’re the romans and i know some of you were deceived in america to believe that the europeans are jaffa they’ll let you you can put that in the same trash bin as white supremacy it’s too ambiguous when there’s no place in the earth that says that japheth is going to rule israel in the last days okay that’s that’s something another fable that was created by them and we’re going to show you how esau amalek got into rome i’m going to emphasize that today so amalek according to the jewish encyclopedia are romans right now last week i went into the battle between jacob and esau let’s go to genesis 36 elder lawyer no there’s more hairy woman no yeah get everything read everything you have there and then we’ll go yes sir go ahead it says here in the tener attaniatic haggadah of the first century amalek stands for rome and so does edom amalek stands for rome and so does edem in the bible last week you’ve learned esau was upset because he after he sold his birthright he lost the blessing okay so now by default eventually when christ brings the kingdom he will bring the kingdom for our people who are scattered under a curse that would be the end of esau’s empire amalek’s empire and that’s why all of these empires have serious serious vitriol and hatred against jacob who we are that’s why they’ll set up the news and claim that an israelite did this and an israelite did that and now they they just staged the whole thing where they saying israelites are coming in to engage or go against our synagogues and all that so right there they were doing a public front showing well okay this is who we are waging war against through their media first and then after that 2019 rolls around the ball drops after kendrick lamar and all of them for the last year or so been saying that we’re the true children of israel and it can no longer be hid now 2019 comes and go and now all of a sudden the year after they demonize israelites they shutting everything down attacking all black communities saying that these are the communities that need to to be vaccinated first who need to be targeted first you got to watch how amalek worked his cunning crafty evil and he’ll frame it in a way in which it sounds like it’s it’s something you know it’s advantageous for them to do something but when you when you pull the layers back folks it’s evil it’s maniacal then they’ll say on the news well don’t worry about it well then they’ll say put out questions like this which group should we test first [Laughter] after already subconsciously programming people in the world to believe that the biggest issues are amongst black people that’s a that’s an amalek tactic so now that we’re revealing who amalek is now they started off with psychological warfare their media so that they can now end up coming full circle against who their enemy according to the bible they believe that we are their enemy and we became their enemy when we took as they claim the birthright and the blessed okay finish reading other lawyer yes sir a kinsmen of the israelites a kinsmen of the the israelites amalek nevertheless displayed the most intense hatred towards them he inherited esau’s hostility to his brother jacob he inherited esau’s hostility to his brother jacob go on when other nations hesitated to harm god’s chosen ones his evil example induced them to join him in the fray like a robber he waylaid israel like a swarm of locusts like a leech eager for blood like a leech eager for blood now check out how in a jewish encyclopedia they identify amalek as a leech a leech will latch on to you and suck you dry they’ll become one with you to make you believe it’s here it is they just suck you they’re sucking all the life source out of you so they’ll latch to you now the leech has no qualities of any benefit in in itself it it’s its benefits come from not what what it has but how it can attach itself to something else and benefit huh you want to talk about that they’ll leach on to a talent and suck it dry and here it is that talent won’t have anything left to give an inheritance to his children or to her children because the leech then sucked all of the life source out of it leave you to dry throw you in jail or kill you or something and then go to latch onto some other person must i go down the line michael jackson whitney houston r kelly on and on and on sam cook james brown must must i say more so amalek according to the jewish encyclopedia is a leech a blood sucking leech a vampire come on according to some he also used witchcraft to secure victory for his men so he used witchcraft to secure victory for his men three moreover he mutilated their bodies making sport of the abrahamic covenant and he mutilated their body now what people are behind the frankenstein surgeries today of mutilation oh you want to become a man oh you want to become a woman mutilation and all that frankenstein medicine are all what you would call the traits of amalek now the witchcraft you have to realize the witchcraft of esau is his power through incantation okay what is incantation because don’t forget christ himself called them the synagogue of satan they’re top sorcerers these are amalek is a is the top sorcerer on earth to use media to make you believe there’s something outside when it isn’t is high magic magic is not you think of hocus pocus and pulling a rabbit out of the hat no it’s to make you believe it’s it’s selling you an alternate alternate reality that you must live in even though your inward thoughts and common senses fighting against it you realize well this ain’t this isn’t what they’re saying it is but i’ma go along with it top magic now esau has power through incantation amalek now in incantation what esau does is and this is why he set up the kabbalah the kabbalah because they worship many gods the kabbalah they were able to noun use good and evil and understand okay who are all the gods starting from the top god in heaven who made all and what they was able to say is well okay since we understand who all the gods are we will insulate that power for ourselves and use the god which is satan as the key god to teach the world to have the world understand god we’re going to teach them from one of the lowest levels in the kabbalah and present our god satan as the god and any other god they serve under our god automatically give us by default power over the nations if an ishmaelite serves allah well allah is a lower god our god takes precedent we have power over ishmael if the east indians serve another god lower than the god we serve on the kabbalah by default we become the first over them the top sorceress and they must pay homage to us that’s how it works well guess what god is above all gods that they know a higher and has purposely concealed that name from the world because they know that god is our god and what they did was they exposed the earth to the tetragrammaton which has always been even in ancient times before they came on the scene the fourth god in what they call incantation yahweh the four-letter god was revealed to the world after jerusalem was destroyed before then our people knew the name of god it was revealed to moses the only time that our people through archaeologic archaeology or antiquity followed yahweh was when we began when we became disobedient and sacrificed to bail so you will find history of us with the tetragrammaton but that’s why the most high destroyed us the tetragrammaton is the four letter name of god and let’s now refer back now to the jewish encyclopedia elder lawyer in the jewish and so because if we’re gonna reveal amalek we must reveal the god that they worship that they gave to you okay it’s in there it’s in there let’s get the tethered grammar to an elder lawyer incantation read that yes sir incantation page 586 come on the invocation of magical powers the invocation of magical powers all people civilized as well as savage have believed and still believe in magical influences and effects come on jumping over during the hellenistic period of jewish history during the hellenistic period of jewish history hebrew incantations were used among both the jews and the pagans hebrew incantations were used where among both the jews amongst the jews and the pagans and the pagans as appears from the magical papurai published by wesley the tetragrammaton and the divine names eloae and adonai were most frequently used what was more frequently used in jewish magic read it again the tetragrammaton and the divine names eloah and aldonai were most frequently used was most frequently used for their witchcraft over the earth that’s satan folks the technogrammaton is satan huh and it even tell you in the book they purposely made you believe that a ahaya and yahweh or jehovah means the same and is the same god it’s in their books so we cannot identify we will not identify amalek without exposing their god that’s what paul was talking about in thessalonians that the son of perdition that man of sin must be revealed you must understand the power they have by you acknowledging the god they gave you as your god automatically i don’t care if you’re an israelite and you claim you hate esau and unite down with the white man if you’re dealing with detective grammatide esau still has power over you now the bible elderly yes sir let’s go to genesis 36 and identify amalek real quick out of the bible yes sir genesis chapter 36 verse number eight go ahead thus dwelt esau and mount seer esau is edom esau is edom in the jewish encyclopedia idiom edom is identified as who rome who gives rome their power hold that elder lawyer and let’s go to revelation let’s see who gives rome their power revelation chapter 13 verse number one now speaking of this and i’m glad you it just came to my mind because i said before the academy today i mean before the the class today even though this seems like an academy class that what i’m going to do with the four beasts of daniel this time is fused two lessons the four beasts of daniels and the secrets of the times okay all in one breaking down the jubilees from the time that rome ruled up into our time okay and there’s not much time left i’m gonna be breaking that down in the academy the four beasts of daniel and the secrets of the time under one lesson okay but now in identifying that why i say that because we must go into where it was prophesied in our book when esau would actually gain power he will be in full power to execute his amulet vitriol and hatred against his brother jacob who we are well in the book of revelation it says what god would give him that power let’s read revelation 13 verse 1 and i stood up upon the sand of the sea and saw a beast rise up out of the sea close it he say yeah go sir yeah go on having seven heads and ten horns and upon his horns ten crowns and upon his heads the name of blasphemy read that again revelation 13 verse one and i stood up upon the sand of the sea and saw a beast rise up out of the sea now this is the fourth beast of daniel reid having seven heads and ten horns the seven heads represents the seven mountains which rome sits on the seven hills of rome reek and upon his horns ten crowns and upon his horn is ten crowns which are who the ten countries of the original eu all european countries today the eu of the world read of europe re and upon his heads the name of blasphemy and upon his head blasphemy blasphemy are lies so the lies would come from the roman empire the people of the beast read verse two and the beast which i saw was like unto a leopard and his feet were as the feet of a bear so it would have what the leopard represents alexander degree it would have the same ingenuity and and military might as well as the religion of the greeks and they say it stood on his feet as the bear it would also have the bear which is who the persian medo empire it would it would actually have some of their power within it all the power of the nations that were taken down prior beforehand will now be consolidated into this one beast who would control them all up until the time of christ’s return re and his mouth as the mouth of a lion and the mouth of the lion is who the lion represents nebuchadnezzar babylon the lion body with the head of nebuchadnezzar it would have the religion of ancient babylon it would have the military might of greece and the takedown of greece it would have the power of of the persians and the medo empire and it would have the religion of ancient babylon what is that the roman catholic church consolidated all of that esau edom reed and the dragon gave him his power who gave esau his power and the dragon gave him his power satan gave esau his power when esau lost the birthright when esau lost the blessing he turned to the god of the canaanite satan he turned to satan in mount said genesis 36 read and the dragon gave him his power and his seat and great authority and great authority he was not set up by our god he was set up by satan to do satan’s will on earth and satan’s will is to destroy all of mankind on this earth and get back into the heavenly realm now i need you to look at your screen when esau went into i’ll get this in a second one second when esau went into canaan or mount sir he ran into canaanites or hittites folks in your jewish encyclopedia here’s a picture of the hittites now here’s a picture of the hittites they are not black they are not africans folks these were the women esau was laying with to bring forth children see that now i’m going to blow this up a little bit so you can see that a lot of their physical features till this day are seen in a particular race of people on earth and this is why they determine their race through their mother see this isn’t a jewish encyclopedia see they know who they are this is why they determine their race or nationality through their mothers because they give more credence to the canaanite side than the abrahamic side this is why they need plastic surgery and all these others because this is how the original hittites looked look at their ears look at their noses look at their facial features and you’ll understand what family mixed with them amalek amalek mixed with them esau mixed with them and initially and the f the amalekites came out part hebrew from abraham’s side and part nephilim from the canaanite side okay now i’m just getting information out of the jewish encyclopedia right now point out amalek real quick yes sir verse number 12. re and timna was concubined to eliphaz esau son and she bare to ella fast amalek and she bare to elephants who amalek and malak right now who was amalek in the jewish encyclopedia we read it bef we read it earlier amalek is wrong we read it in the jewish encyclopedia so if you came in late when you re-watch this you’ll see clearly in the jewish encyclopedia it tells us amalek are the romans elder lawyer yes sir now let’s go into some of the attributes of amalek and how we can relate him to bill gates and others today amalek tactics let’s go to exodus 17 oh yeah what page was that of that of of the of the uh the ammo that you just read in the jewish encyclopedia uh amalek or incantation uh let’s get let’s get incantation first what page is incantation the tetragrammaton which is satan yahweh is satan folks uh 568. 568 is the incantation of yahweh or yahweh that a lot of israelites are calling not realizing every time you call that name you’re you’re actually subjugating yourself to the amalek powers they have more power over you because they know the names of god in incantation that’s over the god you’re calling on okay now let’s go into the bible and break it down now let’s go to uh some of the attributes some of the things that you can i’m going to call it attributes how how how deceptively evil they are some of some of some of the tactics of amalek our our god is warning you he’s giving you some insight on your enemy in the earth let’s read exodus 17 and eight let’s read it exodus chapter 17 verse eight yeah then came amalek and fought with israel in rephidim and moses called unto joshua or said unto joshua choose us out men and go out fight with amalek tomorrow i will stand on the top of the hill with the rod of god in mine hand so joshua did as moses had said to him and fought with amalek and moses aaron and her went to the top of the hill and it came to pass when moses held up his hand that israel prevailed and when he let down his hand amalek prevailed now why you may ask why is amalek our brother fighting against us in the wilderness after being freed from the land of egypt why is amulet coming against us you know why because we are about to take the land of canaan where the god of esau the god of amalek owns that’s his territory right now from mount sina all the way to the land of canaan was ruled by yahweh the god of the shashu in the egyptian language in the egyptian languages is edom so amalek is coming out to fight against us to stop us from getting the promised land why because amalek believed that that land would one will one day belong to him now it wasn’t until our modern times our present time that amalek was able to deceive the nations and actually take that land but this is why even us when we came out of egypt folks this is why you read in the old testament amalek fighting against us because his god satan was ruling the land of canaan there were hittites gurgashites amorites and even parts of [ __ ] was all amongst them in the land of canaan so now they’re coming out as an infantry to try to stop us from getting the land satan’s people read verse number 12 but moses hands were heavy and they took a stone and put him and put it under him and he sat there on and aaron and her stayed up his hands the one on the one side and the other on the other side let’s go straight to it because it’s things i want to get let’s go straight to it i need you to go straight to write this go to the 14th verse and read the 14th one now verse 14. and the lord said unto moses write this for a memorial in a book and rehearse it in the heirs of joshua for i will utterly put out the remembrance of amalek from under heaven our god ahaya said i will put out the memory of amalek from under heaven i’m going to take them all out see and this is why amalek is against our god and the anointed son christ who was prophesied to take down them and their god see re verse 15 and moses built an altar and called the name of it a hyanissee for he said because the lord hath sworn that a heart that the lord will have war with amalek from generation to generation from generation to generation now go to deuteronomy 25 and 19 let’s read it yes sir deuteronomy 25 i’ll start in verse 17. yep deuteronomy 25 verse 17 remember what amalek did unto thee by the way look rem and then god told moses and the israelites and we warned our people remember what amalek did by the way read when you were come forth out of egypt how he met thee by the way and smote the hindmost of thee even all that were feeble behind thee so amalek usually in war attacked the feeble first the elderly okay the elderly the children the women the less astute of the people he usually target the weak first and that’s what we’re seeing right now on a global scale the people that are volunteering themselves up for tests the people that are nothing is wrong with them but they’re going into these places being put on ventilators getting their organs taken from them the social programs in the neighborhoods who have now separated families and all that and women have no protection now the hospitals and doctors and all that are preying on these women telling them to come on in their children come on in in every in all warfare amalek targets the feeble or the weak first he did this when we were coming out of egypt he didn’t come to try to confront the men head on no what he’d do is use trickery he’ll use the media and say well look at these israelites they are this and they’re that and they’re negative so that other people will actually stand and fight in their place so that they can get the public relations on their side against the people so that now by doing so it totally deflects what they’re doing they’re deflecting it off themselves and then they point the israelites as the enemy or they’ll create an enemy and engage them through trickery so this is what they did folks coming out of egypt they did what read it again other lawyer it says remember what amalek did to thee by the way when you were come forth out of egypt how he met thee by the way and smote behind most of thee even all that were feeble behind thee when thou was faint and weary when we were tired and he feared not the most high now the same way and he feared not god because he’s a satanist same thing that’s going on today we’re as a people at are at our most vulnerable state as a people and amalek know it the only help now is for us to come back to the most high he see us leaving these christian churches that are controlled by them he see our people waking up and saying well listen the system can’t help us because what unless you’re going to now give us what we supposed to have and solely for us we don’t want to hear we don’t want to hear anything about your handouts anymore they see us they see god moving us from their socialized control over us they see that so now they’re beginning to it to attack the feeble tell your mama to come in and that that now your mom is on a ventilator and you sit there scratching your head saying whoa and then you confused cause she was fine just a week ago and now you you’ve been tricked in into having them put your mother and your father down like a dog only so you can brag around amongst the amongst the the uh you know amongst the hood or amongst your community to have your own covet story oh yeah that’s real kobe is real man it took my mama took my daddy and they just sitting back somewhere laughing because while you’re focused on that they’re planning more and more and more against you like esau like like amalek he doesn’t stop now you’re towing his line you’re spreading his sorcery so now it’s now it’s them they don’t have to lie they begin to lie it’s you carrying the lie carrying the water this is how they work witchcraft sorcery sleight of hand using you to do their will see this is how amalek works he’ll sit back as the puppet master and watch it play out just watch it play out that’s what amalek does he he’s not going to confront you face to face he’s a weasel he’s a liar he’s a snake what he’ll do is he’ll use his finances and hire some people against you military mercenaries and all that and then after that he’ll kill them that’s how it works okay finish reading verse 19 therefore it shall be when the lord thy god have given thee rest from all thine enemies round about in the land which the lord thy god giveth thee for an inheritance to possess it that thou shalt block out the remembrance of amalek from under heaven thou shalt not forget it thou shalt not forget it thou shalt not forget it now during the hixos period when we ruled egypt under joseph our father jacob when we came into egypt you can read that in uh and in exodus the first chapter genesis 47-49 you can read these chapters where our people began to become the superpowers over egypt we were the brains of egypt that made egypt great okay today in in greek history and and what you would call mesopotamia history they purposely hide the name israel the names we were under during that time they called us asiatics or they would call us hebrews or a better name that you can find in history hixos 17 about round seventh the 17th century bc we started ruling egypt only a small family only jacob in the 70s souls along with joseph who’s always ready there came into egypt while we were there esau had a son a grandson by the name of zepho zepho would begin to war against us this is more of esau and amalek attacks against the children of israel now back then at that time there was no such people as israelites folks there was no such people as israelites because we didn’t we we didn’t become an israelite nation until we left under moses some 210 215 years later from the time that joseph went into egypt okay so we left like four generations after that and then we became israelites so don’t let nobody tell you well there’s no proof of israelites ever being in egypt we don’t have the history of israelites that’s garbage because israelites didn’t become a nation until after we left egypt but there there are there is proof of shamanic existence throughout egypt asiatic existence throughout egypt which later beneath those an egyptian historian named us the hixos the shepherd kings because we were shepherds don’t forget jacob he was able to get all the flock and sheep and all that from leban his father-in-law so we were known as being shepherds but also king shepherd kings why because joseph was set up as royalty in egypt for saving egypt from a seven year famine so when we came in we became the kingship the authority of egypt under the hixo’s period listen to me clearly so that’s why you can’t find israelites in ancient egypt and that says israelites we weren’t israelites okay we were we were we were the semitic children of jacob living in the land rule in the land okay now while we were there and while i had to frame that while we were there folks esau’s grandson zepho came in to try to attack us we’re gonna show you where zepho went we’re gonna show you where zepho went first get genesis 36 and pull out zepho in genesis 36 first because we tired of all this it’s time to actually consolidate this information so that our brothers even if there’s israelites out there who don’t ascribe to what we teach and all that follow the clues and teach it you don’t have to say you got it from us we have to stop carrying amalek’s water you must reveal him at the very end whether you agree with the gathering of christ church or not we’re going to use their records do your research follow the clues no longer out there claiming that that the european romans and all that are jaffa throw that crap away that’s a lie you are helping amalek sustain his power over us by lying through omission that’s what you’re doing okay let’s get zepho read the other lawyer genesis 36 verse number 10 through 11. these are the names of esau sons eliphas the son of adol the wife of esau reuel the son of bashimoth the wife of iselle esau and the sons of eliphas were timon omar zepho and gatam and kanaz now let’s talk about zepho real quick because zepho used finance as being this cunning hunter he was a cunning hunter to actually do what pay mercenaries to continually war against us while we were in egypt this is esau’s son he was relentless against us okay let’s go into the book of jasher real quick now for those who don’t believe in the book of joshua that’s your problem but this is what the bible says concerning joshua let’s read it real quick let’s read it real quick wisdom is known of her children so if you have somebody out there saying that joshua isn’t spiritually inspired it’s not right you’re dealing with a low-level biblical a low-level bible reader that’s that’s who you’re dealing with there okay what’s going on there is that what they’re reading in jasher is conflicting with their doctrine that’s all so instead of them admitting that they were taught lies they’d rather say that the book of jasher is incorrect but that’s their problem like i said earlier wisdom is known of our children this is why we read the book of joshua read it real quick elderly let’s read it joshua 10 verse 13 and the sun stood still in the moon stayed until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies is not this written in the book of jasher in the book of what is not this written in the book of jasher so you discredit yourself by claiming that the book of jasher is incorrect you’ve discredited yourself because how can you now how can you now convince people to believe in the bible when they read the book of jasher in the bible and says book of joshua and in that same bible you said that they must believe in you claim isn’t a valid book see so to a learned person they gonna look at you be like why should i believe anything you say if the bible referred to the book of joshua before your behind was born who are you to come and say that it is invalid and why should i believe anything in the bible now that you tell me that the book of jasher isn’t correct when the bible refers to it see now the book of joshua for those who don’t know is joshua wasn’t a man i know it sounds like a person it’s the book of the upright ones there was a record from before the flood it’s almost like a diary that all of the elect the righteous left and before they died when they gave their last testimony to their sons they would give the record to their son enoch methuselah all the way down to noah noah had a record and now when it was given to him he had to begin to chronalize his life so that he can hand that to shem shem would hand it to abraham on and on and on and on and on and on that’s how it went up into the time of moses is that simple okay it’s just the book of the upright ones read it again joshua chapter 10 verse number 13 and the son stood still and the moon stayed until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies is not this written in the book of jasher is not this written in the book of joshua now in the book of joshua and and in the book of samuel it tells us the book of joshua and the bible says before two or more witnesses let all things be established so if samuel is talking about this and joshua is talking about this the book is valid and this is why amalek don’t want you to know about this book because because it identifies when amalek began to do what travel into different areas to set up strongholds to rule from he would go into the land of jaffa and rule there and you would believe through history oh that those were japhetic people no they weren’t drathetic people they were [ __ ] hiding amongst the nations they conquered okay that’s how he saw rose it’s like he’ll come over to america and the next thing you know he’ll destroy the north american indians and then he’ll be over in 2019 2020 he’ll be over the pa he’ll be given pow wows where all the north american indies can come together and do some uh dances around the totem pole and they’ll be sitting there with paint on them and all that with feathers while talking about their gadis that’s what they do they’re chameleons so you have to watch them because really everything they do is with an objective it has nothing to do with being solid with you or respecting your culture no wow wow i’m north american indians because i’m indigenous and i’m going to get that indigenous money and property wink wink wink wink that’s how amalek do it and as soon as he gets to cut the check he’d go in the house and throw that crap off and take a shower and go skiing with his family like listen i’m only indian during the day okay around you folk that’s how i am electro they’ll sit there and take everything from you claim to be you and then if you start saying well hold up let me do some research i’m like no you you black american that’s what you are you annoying then get out of here you black go ahead go ahead over there somewhere get get get with the rather the rest of the black lost people and try to figure out you know what did god intend for black people okay there’s nothing in the bible to tell you that black people get something so you north american indians don’t worry about that you negro too get over there with the black lost people okay that’s what you do there’s nothing empowering by saying i’m black what’s empowering about that there’s there’s no inheritance for black people in the bible folks that’s why they allow you to hold that as some type of banner uh to be proud of black means lost destitute without hope there’s no nation of blacks that’s going to receive anything we’re israelites now let’s go this is the book of joshua chapter 61 verse number 12. and when zepho saw the son of eliphaz or when zeppel the son of eliphaz let me put the book of joshua up there with that i put the book of joshua on the screen for you what chapter are you at uh chapter 61 verse 12.
61 verse 12 book of joshua let’s read it joshua 61 verse 12 and when zepho the son of eliphas saw that angius the spirit of going forth to battle with the egyptians zepho fled from angeas from africa and he went and came unto kittem and he came into kitten kitten is cyprus kittem is cypress okay that’s an island between europe is an eastern europe island between europe and the east it also it borders is 75 miles from syria but it’s an island in between the eastern country where israel in syria is and on the other side it begins eastern europe so this is esau going into eastern europe this is not a jab fight here come on finish reading other lawyer verse 13 and all the people of kitten received him with great honor and they hired him to fight their battles all the days and zepho became exceedingly rich in those days he became rich this is esau noun reid and the troops of the king of africa still spread themselves in those days and the children of kitten assembled and went to mount captusia on account of the troops of angius king of africa who were advancing upon them and it was one day that zepho lost a young heifer and he went to seek it and he heard it lowing round about the mountain and zepho went and he saw and behold there a large cave at the bottom of the mountain and there was a great stone at the entrance of the cave and zepho split the stone and he came into the cave and he looked and behold a large animal was devouring the ox from the middle upward it resembled a man it resembled a man from the middle up and from the middle downward it resembled an animal and it was an animal a satire he see okay this is what’s really going on on the outside of these cities folks nephilim part people part animal okay all of all of what he’s seen is actually worship folks amongst a amongst these secret witch and sorcerer circles i just want to highlight that that those things are real go straight to where zepho end up going into rome what we call rome let’s go down the line let me get it here hold on right here uh we’re get it right here for them right right here let’s go down to the 20 [Music] fifth verse the 25th verse we’re at right we’re 61 down to and i have it in front of you so that you can follow it follow us yourself where are we of the lawyer uh 6125 and 25 zepho let’s read it uh this is the book of jasher 61 and 25. hold on hold on hold on all right let’s read the other way it says and their king zepho went at their head and made war with tubal and the islands and they subdued them and when they returned from the battle they renewed his government for him and they built for him a very large palace for his royal habitation and seat and they made him a large strong or they made a large throne for him and zepho reigned over the whole land of kingdom and over the land of italia over the land of what over the land of kitten and over the land of italian what verse you had there 25 25 and it came to pass in the 91st year of the israelites going down to egypt this is giving us chronology here a time period from the time that joseph all of us when they went to egypt it says zepho the son of eliphaz the son of esau over the children of kittem the children of africa came upon the children of kittem to plunder them as usual right let’s get where it says italia where you at uh 6125 61 and 25 one moment you sure and king zepho went is down here right here and king zepho went at their head and they made wolverta ball in the islands and they subdued them when they returned from the battle they renewed the government for him go ahead of the lawyer it says here they renewed the government for him and they built for him a large a very large police for his royal habitation and seat and they made a throne for him and zepho reigned over the whole land of kitten and over the land of italia over the land of what otalia over the land of italy let me blow it up here over the land of italy zepho began to rule brothers and sisters over italy italia see that that’s in the book of joshua the original hebrew translated out of the original tongues when you look at the book of jasher identifying where our brothers fled and began to rule see that zepho reign over the whole land of of who of italy of italy of italy the roman sorceress satan would set up his sorceress in italy rome amalek esau got it you got it okay one hour okay that’s good with the one hour mark hold tight like i said we’re doing two hours a day hold tight amolek attack against israelites we’ll be right back [Music] is it hard to understand when it comes to reading the bible the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that this is the word of god the seals have been broken and the [Music] we truth that the language that god enjoyed that he used to create the heavens and the earth was the hebrew language christ said i came for the lost sheep of the house of israel but yet no one no religious leader no religious church out there anyway can now identify the 12 tribes of israel can we god is quite simple but it seems as if man makes understanding him hard what are those mysteries the truth of your book and the truth will make you the hebrew bible academy you’re invited yes the hebron bible academy you are invited for those who’ve just come in uh yes we are about to go into part two amalek attack against the children of israel you must identify the enemy to figure out what’s really going on in the earth okay the attack right now under the so-called covet has nothing to do with a disease it’s an attack esau amalek attacking jacob all throughout the earth that’s what’s going on leading to a mark of the beast system and this is the political construct they’re using to engage god’s people in the last days so you must understand the enemy he attacked who the women the feeble the less astute he attacks them first before coming against the men that’s his tactic divide and conquer go you didn’t know it you got something all right what else you had something else elder uh you’re right all right yeah just expounded or something all right good all right that’s enough of joshua let’s jump on in now since we already know that now the seven heads and ten horns are wrong that rome is amalek or esau and esau also we’ve proved that zepho went into italy some seventeen hundred years before christ was on the scene giving them enough time and sting to build themselves as a superpower in rome by the time christ would be born the savior of our people this is why harad the greek who they call herat the great wanted to kill the child kill the baby because this baby was prophesied to give the promise and the blessings and the and the birthright territory and rulership to our people okay this was before the quote-unquote eugenics period okay that we have in our present time one moment let me i got something going on in the background here right okay one moment okay sorry about that jumping right in now okay now we understand amalek is a little sneaky little deceiver using witchcraft he worships yahweh he’s against god’s people we we’ve identified him going into italy right now i need you to get out of the out of those books real quick um uh your rock i need you to get cause are how did you get cause are out of there out of out of the jewish encyclopedias as well as khalsa and basilians b-a-s-i-l-e-a-n-s get causals out of one book and get basilians out of the other book for me okay all right i need you to get psalms 83 elder lawyer if you if you may [Music] it might be marked get cause and basilians and you get psalms 83 elder lawyer and also i need you to get revelations uh 12 revelation 12 for me all right let me know when you have it all right yes sir i appreciate it you have it just mark that for me eventually yeah but silly you got it yeah all right now now now i’m in the jewish encyclopedia real quick right and i have on page page one one of the jewish encyclopedias within the seas and the d’s and you can see it says causars and dreyfus okay cause ours and dreyfus because see they try to throw you off with uh with with claiming there’s a lot of different false claims of them being in causaria converting into what we call judaism today a lot of false claims of how that went down well believe it or not they created some of those falsehoods to throw you off the trail too to make you believe that if they was in khalsa or different parts of turkey or kazaria then they must have been japhetes or from japheth right now esau even became kings all that in that land you would have thought that they were jaffa but without tracking their bloodline you wouldn’t realize they were esau zepho and others who came into that land all right at one time all right but i’m gonna give you some more information to show you how after we fell rome sent [ __ ] into causar out of their book let me read it khazar a people of turkish origin whose life in history are interwoven with the very beginnings of the history of the jews of russia it says historical evidence points to the region of the euro as the house of the causas among the classical writers of the middle ages they were known as causars casers accusers and caterers and the russian chronicles as the qualisis and your gree bay now listen to this the armenian writers of the fifth and following centuries furnace ample information concerning the people the corgans was the king of the north sounds familiar the ruler of the causars and the queen was chaton history of armenia that’s that that’s that’s what you would call eastern europe history of armenia because first came to armenia with the basilians in 1 9 8 198 a.d that’s the second century after we fell the khazrs first came to armenia with the basilians now let’s see who the basilians are yeah it says yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah basilians come directly from basil type in saint basil folks of the roman catholic church okay the roman catholic church went into causaria and established what they call the serpent people these were the causarians who converted into judaism we see today between the 8th and the 11th century during the time of the crusades so while you’re looking at the conversion of course ours and saying well these were japheth people who converted into into judaism no folks these were [ __ ] sent by the catholic church playing on either side and they only they only converted for political reasons the whole thing was orchestrated by the catholic church the whole thing when you see what’s going on in the middle east today with those people that went into the land after world war one and world war ii they’re no different than the people ruling in rome right now two legs of the same beast revelation 12 other lawyer revelation chapter 12 verse number one come on and they appeared a great wonder in heaven a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet and upon her head a crown of twelve stars and she being with chow cried travailing in birth and pain to be delivered and they appeared another wonder in heaven and behold a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns upon his head come on and his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven and did cast them to the earth and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered now the dragon that stood before the woman ready to be delivered was an edomite by the name of harad the greek the royal families of europe as well as those that are over in america their bloodline links either to the idumian families uh that links directly to harad or they link to the families of zepho in italy okay read verse number four and it’s telled you the third part of the stars of heaven and did cast them to the earth and the dragons stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered for to devour her child as soon as it was born come on and she brought forth a mad child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron exactly so because the angel told christ his mother and father joseph and mary to run into egypt to flee the sword of harad the edomite the amalekite amalek reed and she brought forth a man child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron and her child was caught up unto god and to his throne that’s christ’s resurrection reed and the woman fled into the wilderness where she have a place prepared of god that woman is israel we’ve ran into the wilderness after what after the fall of our land jerusalem 70 a.d we ran into different parts of africa and we ran into different parts of the earth fleeing roman persecution fleeing the sword of esau reap that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and three score days come on verse seven and there was war in heaven michael and his angels fought against the dragon and the dragon fort and his angels and prevailed not neither was their place found any more in heaven and the great dragon was cast out that old serpent called the devil and satan that oh serpent called the devil in satan who no longer had entry into the gates of heaven okay after christ’s crucifixion now lucifer the god that’s being worshiped by the synagogue of satan has no more access to the heavenly throne he cannot accuse us like he once did job and the righteous in the old testament where he would go before the throne of the almighty and accuse and tempt god after christ’s resurrection after he shed his blood on calvary satan had no more access the gates the doors of heaven are now closed to the powers that fell to this realm okay so now lucifer the man is worshiped in the earth and no longer have access to the heavenly realm now he’s angry so what what’d he do he began to give esau amalek the tools the technology the understanding the wisdom of how to come against us he can’t destroy christ because christ christ got victory now and it’s only a matter of time now that christ was crucified satan’s time has begun to tick down now on earth okay so since he have no recourse against the heavens he’s now setting up amalek to come against us that’s what we’re seeing right now in the earth re and the great dragon was cast out that old serpent called the devil and satan which deceiveth the whole world he was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast out with him come on and i heard a loud voice saying in heaven now has come salvation and strength and the kingdom of our god and the power of his christ for the accuser of our brethren is cast down the accuser of our brethren are cast down read which accused them before our god day and night that satan read and they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony and they loved not their lives unto the death exactly and that’s what that’s what’s going on right now we are holding the christ’s blood his testimony his sacrifice for us and that’s the strength through crisis power that will bring the children of israel through this trouble read verse 12 therefore rejoice ye heavens and ye that dwell in them woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea for the devil has come down unto you having great wrath because he knoweth that he have but a short time he know that once christ was crucified that eventually his time will be at an end he knew that it was just a matter of time before rule of [ __ ] righteous rulership would come to this realm see santa satan began to panic and the people who uphold and worship him are now panicking it’s time now you notice we’re in revelation 12. when you go to revelation 13 it talks about the mark of the beast being revealed the mark of the man i went over that last week i don’t have to talk about it again we’re going to show you the man he would use and the mark of the man today exposing amalek’s tactics against the children of israel read verse 13 and when the dragon saw that he was cast into the earth he persecuted the woman which brought forth the manchild so we when he could no longer go against christ he persecuted the woman who brought forth the man child the woman is israel our people that were scattered throughout the earth the 12 tribes who are now being oppressed by the roman empire there’s a lot of teaching in the christian church talking about the woman is the church that’s a straight lie the woman is the children of israel physical people okay read verse uh 14. and so the women were given two great two given two wings of a great eagle that she might fly into the wilderness into her place where she is nourished for a time and times and a half time from the face of the serpent that 1203 score is not talking about what you think is talking about it’s talking about brothers and sisters years of jubilees years of jubilees all right finish reading verse 15 and the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood so then esau came up with a doctrine that would do what destroy the minds of the children of israel scattered once esau amalek began to colonize then he would do what re-educate us the water the flood is the lies that came through esau’s education his religious education and his academia education these are lies okay read verse 15 and the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman that it might cause her to be carried away of the flood the floods are what the religions of the earth that’s why when they set up america one of the first things they set up was what freedom of religion to confuse the people who who was without religion slaves that’s why they set up the freedom of religion because when when chinese people come over here they already got a religion there’s no need for you to proselytize amongst chinese people they all are buddhists 99.9 of chinese people in china are buddhists so they set up these religions to capture us to confuse us see that was the flood that came from the woman the woman i mean that came from the serpent the serpent has a people amalek amalek set up institutions and allowed all the other nations to come through and rape and rape and pillage us and destroy our minds so that we could never understand our true purpose as rulers leaders people of god people of law they started confusing us throwing all this stuff at us and they’re working in the back the whole time amulet read verse 16 and the earth helped the woman and the earth opened her mouth and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth come on in the direction and you know what the bible began to swallow up the lies when you read the true doctrine of the bible the bible directed us to the other records that the roman catholic church and and ishmael the arabs began to hide over over there in the east and in egypt okay it wasn’t just esau by himself he worked with ishmael it was a catholic church that funded that’s right the muslim and islamic churches and maas they funded them and aimed islam in the arabs against us that was part of the flood the flood didn’t wasn’t just amongst esau esau also was in tandem with ishmael and they both conspired against us okay that’s the lion christianity and the lying islam that i’m going into and going to rip apart tomorrow in the academy read on verse 16 and the earth helped the woman and the earth opened her mouth and swallowed up the flood which go ahead with the dragon cast out of his mouth come on and the dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her seed which keep the commandments of god which keeps the commandments of god and have the testimony of you shy of the anointed so what is our shield our weapon our hedge against amalek according to the bible we must keep the laws of god and have the testimony of yeshua whom this world ignorantly call jesus we have to do both we have to keep the law and be covered through christ be baptized confess our faults to the most high be cleansed of sin and follow god’s law going forward do what our forefathers uh fell off from doing unto christ and that will begin to hedge us as a people okay the these are they that the enemy is fighting against no soon as our people everywhere started claiming we were israelites look what happened in the earth folks esau is like well listen we have to shut this whole thing down and do what fast track the system fast track the mark so when they found us in the americas who found us in the americas eventually another amalek christopher columbus i went through this last week even before my our people got here there were the ten tribes that were already in america the north american indians the bolique indians the aztecs the mayans over there in mexico and all that the colombians all these were israelites folks give me that book real quick i showed this in the academy last week this book fallen apart the lost tribes in the promised land where this white guy said well listen he proved in the book through historical records that the indigenous people of america were the 12 tribes of israel and a matter of fact they lied and claimed that christopher columbus sell the seas to find out whether or not the earth was round or flat i mean you know someone is having a laugh with that garbage who’s going to spend at this time what amounted to trillions of of of dollars to have someone sell a boat straight to see if it’s going to fall off the end of the earth with your money no it tell us that in the dr lees and and christopher columbus’s own memoirs that he knew that the children of israel was in the what was it was over here and he he this is what he used he used the bible in the apocrypha to set the trail to find the lost tribes of israel in the new world huh and he was amalek okay he was amalek read that real quick elder lawyer about the d’ali what page are you at on page 77. yeah all his life columbus’s ideas about geography were permeated with a peculiar religious mysticism come on he kept the book of prophecies in which he collected quotations mostly from the bible mostly from what mostly from the bible come on often those dealing with aisles far off that seem to prophesy his own discoveries his personal copy still in existence today of pierre d’ales imagino mundi a copy or a kind of christian plainian synthesis of world geography contains numerous notes handwritten and the margins that are of a similar religious import so we’re going to need i went over the whole thing in the academy we’re going to go through all that real quick because we have a lot a lot to cover in a short amount of time but here the book is falling apart too we have the records it was a lie claiming that christopher columbus wanted to puke whether or not the world was round or flat and all this garbage nah no he used the bible to find the lost tribes of israel he knew who he were when the romans came here they knew we were israel here second edge was 13 and 39 let’s read it they’re liars they’re deceivers second ezra’s 13 verse number 39 come on and whereas thou saw us that he gathered another peaceable multitude unto him those are the ten tribes which were carried away prisoner out of their own land in the time of hosea the king whom solomon nasser the king of assyria led away captive and he carried them over the waters over the waters and so they came into another land but they took this council among themselves that they would leave the multitude of the heathen and go forth into a further country where never mankind dwelt that they might there keep their statutes which they never kept in their own land and they entered into euphrates by the narrow passages of the river for the most time then showed signs for them and helped steal the flood till they were passed over for through that country there was a great way to go namely of a year and a half and the same region is called arcera and the same region is called azerith now you have other people who are saying well azeroth is in america azerith means lost land i need you to grab hold up here we go here we go giddy go the jewish encyclopedia do the jewish people know what azerite where azeroth is let’s see azareth in your jewish encyclopedia under the a’s page 160. azerith listen to this here hmm there’s so much azrael the name of the land beyond the great river far away from the habitation of man in which the ten tribes of israel will dwell observing the law of moses until the time of the restoration according to 2nd address 13 and 45.
columbus identified america with this land jewish encyclopedia this just your encyclopedia folks is from the late 1800s it’s from the late 1800s the same time they had us picking cotton and trying to figure out what’s going on they knew that the people over here including us were israelites in your jewish encyclopedia let me read this again on page 160.
the name of the land beyond the great river azerith from the habitation of man in which the ten tribes of israel will dwell observing the laws of moses unto the time of the restoration according to 2nd address 13 and 45 we just read that columbus identified america with this land see careslings christopher columbus translated by dr c gross page 15. so they got other historical references that goes into further detail that they knew that the jewish man amalek came over to the americas and used the bible to to receive finances through royalty to find the ten tribes here huh let’s put that over there huh now we have more later on they had to set up a system of socialism that would have it where they could actually sustain our families without what the families having to depend on men in the home because all through slavery we didn’t know who we were as a people some of us didn’t but we didn’t know who who the enemy was and that’s what kept our that that’s what kept our families tight that’s what kept our communities tight for the sake of self-preservation don’t go over the tracks don’t go this way don’t go that way because we know that these people over here aren’t for our turn so we begin to build a whole society within ourselves for the sake of self-preservation amalek was looking at that and say well how do we break this bond of these families how do we break the bond we must set up a socialistic system in which to in which we provide the security we become the dependent i mean we become the one whom the dependent must depend on we must set up socialism and separate that woman from her man at the very end we need banks we need banks look at your screen check out your screen let me get him out of the way and let’s show you real quick now give me the rothschilds let’s get the rothschilds real quick that’s it now this is in your jewish encyclopedia this is not a conspiracy theory here this is not show the book so that people can’t think that we’re trying to smear someone this is their book right i didn’t make this up on your screen nathan mayer rothschild it says here there’s a few things i want to go into here in a nutshell it breaks down how there was the dispersion of the brothers of the rothschilds in which under nathan mayor rothschild they would need to put a rothschild in position over every country controlled under rome it happened over in europe first okay we need to set up a bank system because this is the way individually we’re going to do what have the whole earth serve us through usury if you need a house you got to come to us you need land you got to come to us you need education you have to come to us we’ll give the loans and buy the loans you will be forever in debt in the bible a debtor or someone who owes debt is a servant is a slave see that’s why they they had to kill that christ because christ was about forgiving debts under the law you cannot now char charge entrance interest on a loan which means if i pay you back i’m no longer indebted to you they’re like no not only will you be indebted to me your children will be forever indebted to us we are amalek and we’re taking back our father’s place and you will serve us as the prophecy said that you should serve jacob listen in the head now now i just wanted to show you that real quick to give you his picture but i’m still in the jewish encyclopedia and i’m i’m on the page i’m on the page titled the rothschilds we got the rockefellers too for you right in the jewish insight because when you bring this out and usually talk about this other lawyer immediately people say well that’s a conspiracy theory about certain people controlling certain things in the earth i’m reading what they set up that’s still in place right now and who set it up amalek set it up i’m not going to call them i’m not going to call them the names they would like to hide themselves under okay they’re amoled now look at your screen oh this double keep popping up here it is right here okay okay one moment i think i have two of the same pictures one moment here i have one more for you give me one second one second under the posted right yeah yeah i’m going to read that where’s the poster all right sure show where it’s at if you don’t mind with the green highlight yeah one second folks you have another layer okay great all right we have it here i have it all right hmm all right right here there we go all right sorry i had to grab something quick hold type we’re bringing nothing but the facts today this sabbath brothers and sisters all right all right just under 30 minutes okay i got you matter of fact let me blow this up so you look at this look at this here’s all the countries what you’re seeing before you are all the countries the rothschilds loan money to to gain political and financial power so the rothschilds sent their sons this nathan mayor rob child now rav chow means what red shield red shield is rothschild that’s their family crescent the six-pointed star of moloch is their crescent the red represents the blood blood shield red shield of edom so now edom have to consolidate power by setting up banks in the jewish encyclopedia i need you to read that elder lawyer it says here as early as february 5th 1817 the rothschilds had taken up a prussian loan of 1.5 million golden at 5 and by the end of the following year the brothers in their collective capacity were reported to be the richest firm in europe though they had not conducted any of the great loans of the preceding three years ehrenberg therefore thinks that they must have gained their fortune by speculating in the loans issued under the auspices of the bearings probably by bearing operations which were so successful that they forced the government’s concern to allow the rothschilds to participate in any future loans it says the rothschilds during years 1817 to 1848 as far as these men can be definitely ascertained they make a total of 654 million 847 thousand go ahead i’m listening yes sir uh the above is a list of the loans issued by the rothschilds during the years 1817 to 1848 as far as these can be definitely ascertained they make a total of 654 million 847 thousand and 200 that’s 130 uh million 969 440 euros the profits on these loans were at first very great solomon rothschild in 1820 declared that the brothers in that year made six million golden probably on the two austrian loans and etcetera about 10 percent now here’s my question right now you know this is nothing i was going to talk i wasn’t going to talk about it just came to my mind real quick i’m reading the jewish encyclopedia right which breaks down the religious history the practices and all that of what we call jewelry my question is here what is the bank system of the rothschilds doing in the jewish encyclopedia what is it doing there because this is what they were going to use as amalek to consolidate power by putting the whole earth in debt if you can control all the products if you can now take the currency and devalue all the currencies on the earth by default those people in that country doesn’t matter how many people it is they become your slaves you create poverty you create whatever you want and now you have access to the to the people after creating the poverty and you have enough money to bring solutions your solution usually leads to death destruction mayhem their solution is what revelation 12 says would be their solution the destruction of the woman who brought forth christ the children of israel that’s why it’s in there they’re honoring the construct that gives them power and that gives their children perpetual wealth throughout perpetuity the bank system and i didn’t make that up this is them bragging about how they was able to consolidate power now how does it get to us now if i could mention before you can send you guys to put this in perspective in context these are not personal loans for a house a personal loans for a car or even they’re loaning money into countries to countries and i’m glad you you highlighted that because now these countries are in debt to them now if they’re in debt the politicians in place must do what they must play ball or be out of the game you play ball or you’re out of the game we’ll pay another politician to progress our initiative against these so-called blacks these are not just black people we must systematically keep these people oppressed we must set up a class system that keeps them on the bottom and reward those who help them who continually help them to keep us on the bottom because once israel arrives once that lion rise once jude arrives it’s over now look at your screen for the sake of time i’m going to break this down quickly one second look at your screen later on down the line the rothschilds would make agreements with and out of them would come the rockefeller foundations which would deal in banking finances as well as religion and philanthropy religion and philanthropy which means now that we’ve created the problems we’ll become the solution and all this is being funded by the roman catholic church folks philanthropy where we can bring in modern medicine technology certain things to help the poor people who are suffering through what the oppressions that have happened through circumstance control through banks they create the issue they create the poverty so that now we must now open the doors for them to help our children okay they’ll destroy the water cause diseases all of this the banks will do set up mercenaries come in and destroy villages so that now we can go to them and say please amalek please child of the devil please bring us a solution now when you read this let me read it real quick here i need y’all to look here where it says here this is the rockefeller foundation funded through what the american red cross the american red cross red cross means red shield wrath child they’re all in it together the rockefeller foundation red cross is red shield now let me go back down here to 2000 it’s going all through the years look look it started off with the mass this is all their plan then you go back to 2019 then you go back to all rockefeller foundation look who they have here organizations in which they would empower black women who would progress their their hot stinking mess and i’m gonna go there in a moment huh okay i’m gonna grab that in a second 2017 leading philanthropist including richard chandler bill and melinda gates jeff skull romish and kathy watwani and the rockefeller foundation announced co-impact a global collaborative for systems change for what for systems change to move everything into a new system this is funded by the rockefellers as well as the rothschilds to switch things around a new system with 500 million in planned initial funding for multi-year investments in what health education and economic opportunity that’s 2017 all of this is being funded through the banks the raw childs the rockefellers as long and with philanthropy to do what to bring forth the mark of the beast in which that will be the end game into what killing the children of israel who are left in the earth who keep the commandments and the laws of god i was up this morning checking out the rockefeller foundation folks you talking about some evil wicked and sadistic people follow the money and who control the money amalek what are they what are their plans their plans is to kill off the children of israel who we are red shield six-pointed star which is the star of moloch the star of satan the mark of a man see the star rimfam this is the this is the star of child sacrifice six point stars now when you look at the six-pointed star why is it a mark of a man a man have six members two arms two legs a head and what a member a sexual organ all this makes up the six-pointed star the star of satan what man did he set up the red shield the rothschilds who’s the rothschilds amulet who are they the enemies of god how do they attack through witchcraft cunning deceit and who who who do they attack first women and children and the weak they make feeble they make sick they thrive off of it okay they create sicknesses and thrive off of the energy of making the whole earth weaker than them let me vaccinate all their children and while we bring forth strong vibrant untainted nephilim seed now i want to go too far the beaten path here now that we’ve identified amalek in their plan to kill off the righteous who are our people revelations 2 9 revelations 3 and 9 elder lawyer because christ identified them and said ye are your father the devil and the lust of your father ye will do you were a murderer from the beginning he was speaking of what the spirit of amalek and this is why the most i wanted amalek out of here because amalek was operating with the spirit of cain and amalek is over industry over banks and guess what you got it he’s over the covet 19 initiative this this is one great sadistic party for him to see everybody running around with masks going with absolutely nothing going on outside to make it where you can get together and protect yourself and protect your family from their attacks the same way they attacked us from the back of our caravans coming out of egypt is the same thing they’re doing now with this campaign to get us isolated by ourselves in their institutions to kill us off one by one or in tens or in droves this is their plan because they’ve always worked like this in darkness in plain sight but in darkness the same way they went behind to begin to kill women and children and all that that’s what they’re doing now they’re playing on the fears of those that are left out there and getting you isolated through a phone call to bring you in to be either tested or killed off altogether this is how amalek worked you said you have something yeah on the of rockefeller come on come on in all right well it says here and this one here rockefellers ain’t no it’s afro germans okay afro-germans okay and and what is the source here wikipedia afro-germans afro-germans in germany were socially isolated and forbidden to have sexual relations and marriages with aryans by the nuremberg laws and continued discrimination directed at the so-called rhineland bastards nazi officials subjected some 500 afro black people um german children in rollin in ryland to force sterilization now i’m glad you’re bringing this out because when we hear about what happened in world war one world war two we hear nothing about what happened to the black people in germany who was getting killed in the black sisters who were getting sterilized under the aryan nazi agenda and guess what the nazi agenda didn’t start in germany it was created in america it’s right here and this is this is what is this source this is wikipedia when it goes into it says you’ll be interested to know that your work is not stuffed okay after the eugenics movement the eugenics we understand is bill gates melinda gates but even before that margaret sanger bill gates father was a eugenicist a killing blood sucking eugenesis matter of fact let me show you him right here you you want to see some weird pictures let me let me show you bill gates father look at bill gates father oh i gotta blow this up what is he doing with these children what is he doing with these children folks i’m gonna tell you i’m gonna tell you these people aren’t right but i digress they use the banks to to pay for mercenaries and and and to or orchestrate the destruction of all the communities they know the children of israel resided before the the cal before colonizations so that now we’ll be dependent so deprived that we would need to to allow a devil in pedophilia killers and blood drinkers in chess so that we can sustain this philanthropy they’re using they’ve always have always been evil and wicked folks let me read this after the eugenics movement was well established in the united states it was spread to germany california eugenesis began producing literature promoting eugenics and sterilization and sending it overseas to german scientists and medical professionals so what they was doing to us they sent that information over to do to us in germany so what they’re hiding in all of this is when they talk about what happened in world war one world war ii what the what they’re really hiding is what they did to us and what they’re doing to us till this day by 1933 california had subjected more people to forceful sterilization than all of the u.s states combined california again the force sterilization program engineered by the nazis was partly inspired by california’s california have always been the satanic liberal progressive evils against society they usually do it first in california where bohemian grove is okay all their liberal agendas are usually cooked up there first and then hatched throughout the earth the rockefeller foundation amalek helped develop the fund various german eugenics programs including the one that joseph mendel worked in before he went to auschwitz see folks give me that other thing you had on your phone earlier the plan i’m talking about no i’m talking about the woman the pregnant woman because don’t forget folks really it’s all about them attacking the weakest of the people first they feed off of that they get energy from that is that it’s not like fighting and actually uh taking some level of uh accomplishment from actually actually defeating someone stronger no they’re backward they feel more empowered when they’re taking the strength from the weak when they’re taking what’s left of the weak that’s what empowers them it has to be babies before they were born babies in the womb women who were scared and isolated to themselves this massive masochistic type of evil and wicked mindset this satanic mindset look what we have here a pregnant woman they’re not showing any woman black women researchers found amalek news researchers found i’m being funny it’s bck researchers found that pregnant black and hispanic women are more likely to be exposed to coronavirus let me say it again researchers have found that pregnant black and hispanic women are more likely to be exposed to coronavirus why what are they setting the table for here when you go to have your baby if you have coronavirus they will now take your baby and separate your baby to protect your child from you oh no we just got to give you a two week period because we got corona here you can stay isolated while we take care of the child while we brain kill the child for 14 days since you black people then figured out that you know you won’t voluntarily let us kill you through vaccinations or we can tell you unfortunately the baby you know died of coronavirus because you had coronavirus and uh you know we’ll probably go ahead and sell it to you know sell it to a a new fit family an alternative fit family who can teach that baby right there’s many lbgtqs that need babies and we’ll just tell you a doctor corona and don’t worry about it we’ll take real good care of it huh vaccination get them skewed exactly so here it is you go inside that room and say you don’t want vaccinations they’ll go upstairs and begin to talk with the administration and say you know what let’s pull covert on them let them know that we need a test oh we already tested him already while she was pregnant and the test came back positive get that baby all right that leads us to this okay last but not least and this will segue us into our wednesday class right our wednesday broadcast the serpent couldn’t take down adam he had to do what he had to go to the weaker vessel he had to go to eve and use eve to take down adam being the serpent well christ said to to amalek year of your father the devil right so amalek will use the same tactic the same trick he said well listen i’m going to have to separate that black man from his woman and here we are through socialism that the banks were set up to actually pay the woman to do what to be empowered against the man who would save her at the very end from that same enemy who empowered you now that they have completed their task and perfectly separating the family it’s like look don’t worry about it we don’t need the woman no more we don’t need her it’s time pull the plug well don’t worry about it you’re gonna let them out there by themselves of course i’m gonna let them out there by themselves we didn’t you thought we was for the woman you thought was for abused people you thought we was we should no we just needed her long enough to fight against him so that we can consolidate all power to crush all of them starting with her and her baby first we just needed households with no men so that we can have access for sacrifice and to do what we would like to the women what about 9-1-1 9-1-1 they can’t call 9-1-1 anymore we’re going to defund 9-1-1 you gonna leave them out there like that hey no one told them to not like the man of god they took the bag they took the bag they took the bag and now they’re out there like what am i gonna do oh my goodness you mean to tell me yeah the man that you thought was nothing that you chose you thought everyone was greater than that’s the man that the most high had born we were born in the earth to help save you they don’t get they don’t give a d about you and here we are here we are folks satan satan told he told amalek listen the strength is the image of god you must take that black woman from that black man because that image is the image that will one day judge you so they empowered the woman getting education and getting this and getting that i got my own money i got all that now the banks tricked you your power don’t come through money your power comes through us that’s who your power will come through [Music] okay let me drop it that’s where you that’s where your power comes from your powers come through us you know what and i thought about it and i looked at him like before the civil rights movement elder lawyer mm-hmm the knockoff of what obama and michelle try to make themselves out to be was what martin luther king and coretta scott that’s the real example where they were practicing to try to be that real first family and i need you to check out the power of martin luther king and the humility of coretta scott you rarely heard her say anything highly educated and all that but the power was in her humility and her reverence up to that man i need y’all to check something out because they had the fbi talking about they had secret secret audio of him out with other people and doing all that trying to smear his reputation to his wife they would they would actually play on the phone him saying something to another woman and all that and not once did you hear publicly coretta scott say that i’m better off by myself i don’t need a man the man is no good not once folks it was socialism and the civil rights that began to put a wedge between the image of god who the black man is the black man that leads the black woman and vice versa when i say vice versa anything the the woman gets was supposed to be given to him to do what to increase his power and status okay and everything you receive any glory you receive was supposed to be through him the same way any glory or anything that we would receive in this earth as men go back to the most high the most talk covers man and man covers the woman they’re like you know what we need to make strong women that would oppose the man i’m going to show you where we’ve gotten then i’m going to pick this up wednesday folks while we’re here the banks set up socialism and use the money to domesticate our families so that we could no longer be dependent on one another we’d be socialized like animals and by doing so now many people will be in line for what covet subsidies and all that up into the time they are chipped with the mark of the beast because they’ve been socialized they would not have been able to do this if they didn’t first separate the families they made women into brawlers now the other nations their women aren’t perfect right they have issues too but guess what their women knew not to go against their man why because their man holds the bag you say something against us you out of here and you down there with them so it couldn’t affect them this feminism and all that the way it would affect us negatively because they know that there’s certain places their mouth can’t go without being thrown in the heat with us but our people took it on i want to drop this real quick and i’m going to go into it i want to talk too much about it because i’m well past the time now the devil in the beginning of the serpent had to use the woman to turn again so so that he could actually gain power so amalek seeing us close all the way up into the time through slavery and all that and say you know what we need to make an independent woman an independent woman is is evil eve wasn’t meant to be independent she was meant to help meet her man her man is her power you were deceived by the serpent and into believing that you can have any power without your man leading it now you’re left out there a lot of our sister left out there because they believed amalek they believed the devil and they made you believe that we were nothing now i’m not going no two more hours you you come here wednesday you’re going to get the business you’re going to get it right here all scriptures elder lawyer get revelations 3 and 9 in revelations 2 and 9. revelation 2 verse 9 i know thy works in tribulation and poverty but thou art rich and i know the blasphemy of them would say they are jews and are not i know the blasphemy christ says i know the blasphemy of them which say they are jews and are not they’re amalek they’re romans but are what but are the synagogue of satan but are the synagogue of satan they sat back and said you know what we’re going to fund the total destruction of family we’re going to make these circular arguments in which there’s no resolve within the communities so that now adam is blaming the woman and saying that’s the woman you gave me that’s why i took of it and ate the woman you gave me and the woman is not gonna and the man is not gonna take ownership he’s gonna say up you gave me the woman the woman is not gonna take ownership oh no the serpent you may beguile me no one is going to take ownership and it’s going to be a circular blame while amalek is killing everyone no soon as it brought out well listen it was eve that that presented the fruit to adam no sources brought up it’s like well hold up i need i need to find a man that i can actually you know bow to and be that woman too the most i didn’t say that you’re supposed to be a one woman of god and what and through humility and love regardless of what that man is you’re not supposed to say well it’s cause and effect i’mma be wicked because he’s wicked i’m gonna change my obligation to the almighty because he ain’t right no don’t work that way that’s that circular argument no it’s time to take ownership either you’re wrong or you’re right so amalek did what that’s right folks the reality is he weaponized our women against us and a lot of them don’t even know any better they just thought it was just a natural way of you know growing up in a western world or in america they didn’t see it as that they seen it as opportunity they seen it as freedom they didn’t look at it as as as them being weaponized against us but you know what i don’t see on the news you know i don’t see on tv i don’t see jewish women speaking against jewish people jewish men i don’t see chinese women on on news and in front and on programs talking about chinese men and and guess what they doing all types of wicked so you can’t say because because of me well they not they doing their business no let me tell you they drinking blood they’re raping kids they’re doing all types of stuff out there that that we would dare to do so you can’t claim it’s because their men are their men are right and we aren’t right you can’t claim that no they understand the integrity of power they understand how integrity works aligned with power if i tear down the man i’m tearing down the institution of my nation i i’m not here to represent the weakness of my nation if i tear down this man then i’m tearing down all he did to make this this grand power i call the nation for me this same man had to go conquer had to go the war he had to take down in order for me to sit here with my opinion living on his land and they respect that so is there a solution absolutely there’s a solution because they’re not about blame it’s too late in the game to blame we just have to admit where we are to fix it right so it’s not about blame if we’re gonna point out amalek we have to point out how he weaponized us against each other too because amalek couldn’t do it without bribery and that bribe was used to divide us socialism welfare council housing all of that took the power from the man and made it where i can i don’t need you daddy or take care of me but now daddy is requiring payment now i need your children okay i need you to take the mark of the beach you can stay in your house your council housing i need you to serve lucifer okay and i’m going to take your children it comes with a price and where else do you have to go how long have you have how many generations of welfare and council housing have you dependent on me i know you it’s not even in your mind what to do to escape my venom but the most high has a plan i don’t need revelations 3 and 9. let’s get this real quick with that paper that i just had i had proverbs real quick yeah proverbs 21 and 19 let’s read it proverbs 20. see the whole thing is this one thing we can’t argue with with brothers and sisters you get mad at me for bringing it but you cannot argue with facts again let’s read it real quick proverbs 21 verse 19. it is better to dwell in the wilderness it is better to dwell in a wilderness than with a contentious and angry woman then with a contentious an angry woman a woman always and they’ve developed this they’ve created this within our communities women that are running walking around with chips on their shoulders as if they as if they are is it everyone is against them angry and mad okay and the bible says it’s better to what it says it is better to dwell in the wilderness than with a contentious and angry woman a contentious is a woman that’s always talking back arguing back always have something to say and eventually according to the bible this person ends up alone and blaming everyone else for why they’re alone but this is the this is the person the serpent had to create socially engineer to keep the children of israel to keep the man from ever coming into his power the system had to create that contentious type of person and there is no reason for it because we can come up with reasons but how does that feel do you feel like do you feel good being combative contentious or are you tired of it and this is why the most i said you know what christ says repent i didn’t make you that way you don’t have to be that way don’t let society make you believe that you have to be that way repent become a woman become a woman it’s not every uh it’s not everybody else’s every it’s not everyone else’s fault that that if you are alone that you are alone or that you cannot keep a relationship it’s not everyone else’s fault they created a system that would empower contentious women and men especially with men waking up now men aren’t going for it anymore they’re not like we’re not doing it it’s too late in the game i can’t fight the enemy bring forth the kingdom and fight you too can’t do it proverbs 25 and 24. proverbs 25 verse 24 3 it is better to dwell in the corner of the housetop it’s better to dwell in the corner of the house top that means a man of being his own castle but he’ll isolate a little part of the house for himself for peace reap than with a brawling woman then with a what a brawling woman a brawling woman a woman that’s always want to go back and forth and fight and in a wide house in a wide house we have to stop the fighting and there’s some crazy statistics that’s out there and i’m like man we’re here we are here if you look at what’s going on and and i’ve been looking at this for the last couple of weeks folks it’s bad if you were to release everyone out of jail and every man speaking of black and men of color if we were to if everyone was married right now with even the people in jail being married there will be two million of our women still unmarried in the earth i mean in america in america by itself that’s scary that’s scary so now the way the devil is looking at this satan is looking at this with amalek is like it’s time to strike right now these people are out you know how many people are alone with children with no men to protect them here it is we can actually feed the beast on these women and children we can do it now we need to strike while the iron is hot covet they’re alone they’re going they’re so afraid out there by themselves if we bring forth the mark of the beast these women will acquiesce they don’t understand what’s going on we can we can now re-educate the next generation through these women that’s what they’re thinking right now they’re dependent on us for shelter there’s no man around there’s all these different children hey these are our children they belong to us so how do we get it together this is how in a nutshell because isaiah the 13th chapter tells us that the women’s are going to be ravished they’re going to allow these men to come in and do all types of things to women this is why they made it contentious and put that wedge between a man and woman for this time now to get access to the last children that they would utilize for the b system here we are let’s get isaiah four and it’s deep that when this stuff is taught uh a carnal mind will go directly to the flesh and say polygamy see that’s a carnal mind that’s that’s carnal okay let’s get isaiah four and one isaiah chapter four verse one read it and then that day seven women shall take hold of one man now a carnal man would look at this and say that’s talking about okay let’s go sex up some women when it’s not talking about that look how many people were in moses’s home during passover night when the deaf angel passed over even moses mother-in-law was protected by moses’s shield or mark that was on the doorpost he wasn’t married to his mother-in-law but every woman under his hedge was protected so each man has a seal when we talk about the hundred and forty four thousand you can have a church where there’s one bishop over it and they may be 15 20 maybe 50 single women in the church but they’re being guarded and hedged by that bishop he’s not married to these women he’s guiding these women okay see but that that’s how they have they’ve broken the men’s mind i’m talking about the women they have totally bent and broken the the man’s mind for us to believe that something that that the most high will create a carnal solution to a spiritual problem okay that’s where men are broke at you ain’t gonna fix this with your wand okay doesn’t work that way finish finish reading again and then that day seven women she’ll take hold of one man saying we we will eat our own bread we will eat our own bread and wear our own apparel well where listen we’re not going to be too much trouble on you just help us just protect us read only let us be called by thy name only let us be called by thy name like i said a carnal person will look at this and say oh flesh you called by someone you take on a name through marriage that’s not an absolute because each man is written in heaven under that mark okay you’re being hedged by that 144 000 who’s going to guide you doesn’t have nothing to do with you taking on that person’s name personally when to some instance that will happen but that’s not an absolute the majority of women are just going to be coming under the protection of a righteous man to guide them okay read only take away or to take away our reproach only to take away our approach that reproach is shame how is shame taken away by us confessing our faults and being baptized and have that old man or that old woman die in the water and come up with newness of spirit and saying listen i was programmed to be that way that’s not what god intended the the world shaped me in iniquity and and began and and began to celebrate me being a shameful person a shameful woman i was celebrated in this world but god is not going to accept me like this in his the women you have to humble yourself when a man is speaking when a man is bringing something forth you’re gonna have to humble yourself okay the 50 50 we both equal all that stuff they told you was alive and now the devil is about to cash in on that lie you’re gonna need protection the bible tells us in that day a man shall be like pure gold so you have to start looking at your man differently and looking at the men out there differently too they might not have everything in the world but guess what they’re going to be they’re going to be able to stave off more in this war than you amalek is coming after israel that’s what cove it is that’s what corona is it has nothing to do with the cold the israeli army was teaching the police force in the united states how to choke people out last year and that was in our academy news what we’re seeing happen in america now is israeli tactics on how to kill black men the war is here repent be baptized and sisters no longer allow amalek to put a wedge between you and your man you’re gonna need your man through this amen through this and guess what when if you if you somewhere over there talking about and claiming that you’re married to jesus you’re gonna be sorely disappointed when them jack boots come through and jesus is nowhere around okay that’s another lie these christian churches have convinced people into their own delusions claiming that you married to jesus and you don’t need a man guess what christ set up man the man is married to jesus okay or you’re shy yeah anything no just some of the comments are just crazy because if we were to say something about a brother or whatever doing something wrong you wouldn’t hear one peep in the comments of saying not all men but as soon as you say certain things it’s all these people that run and start saying not all women not all women as if we actually said all women right well i don’t think yeah what what what elder your rock is saying is deep in itself because immediately when these things are brought out you’ll hear someone say well not all women they not they don’t even realize you’ve been taught to deflect and not receive through your answers your answers is deflection your answers are deflection you’ve been taught to automatically start blocking it out it ain’t me i’m not all women yes you too anyone that any woman that was raised in the western world you’ve been taught to be contentious that’s the western world way independence hypergamy okay i’m an educated this and educated that all women have been programmed and shaped in iniquity the same way all men have been shaped in iniquity so no more deflecting all of us have been affected by babylon it’s wrong by saying not all women all women when a man is speaking you are to assume the role of a woman and not try to over talk a man and try to be out of bounds all outside of your space you can’t be in a man space it’s me it’s man time now or when the jack boots come through you you you get you’re going to follow a man one way or the other and the bible to isaiah 13 tells us that the women are going to be ravished so you on instagram and showing yourself fall out and all that listen i’m not even going to try to make no videos and say stop doing all that guess what there’s some foreign troops somewhere up into some held up right down into some hotel saying i got her you get her here’s her cousin right here here this is where they live at you gonna have this one i’m gonna have that one and when they come they gonna come already knowing the woman they’re gonna rape and ravish okay so you only thing you’re doing is displaying you’re displaying for the foreign troops they’re already looking at the women they’re going rape they know where you live at they know what you like to eat they know your name they know your family’s name they know exactly they already got it planned on what they’re going to do with you isaiah 13 tells us that these women are going to be ravished you’re going to be held as prisoners ravaged over and over and over again by different men and you’re not going and you’re not going to love it that’s the bible that’s talking about these hey you’re going to you if you listen to a man this way or you listen to a man that way anything other lawyer i was actually going to read it a lot of people come on bring this out they you know isaiah chapter 13 verse number let me see here let me get straight to it uh i’ll read verse 12 first isaiah 13 verse number 12 i will make a man more precious than fine gold i will make a man more precious than fine gold that means what rare rare out of all metals what what makes gold what gives gold its value is that its rarest of all metals you can’t find as much gold as any other metal it’s talking about the chosen man reed even a manned in the golden wedge of o’fare jumping down it says verse 15 everyone that is found shall be thrust through and everyone that is joined unto them shall fall by the sword everyone that is joined to babylon in the mindset of babylon will be what everyone that is found shall be thrust through and everyone that is joined unto them shall fall by the sword fall by the sword that’s why you listen to what’s going on in the news and you following that whatever you following guess what folks you are building your own tomb following babylon opposed to the most high the most high has given us a way out of this if you follow what’s over there the bible says you will be thrust through the war is coming their children shall be dashed to pieces the children shall be dashed to pieces before your eyes you sit there looking at your children being killed and guess what there’s no mandate to help you they’re already i’m reading an article right now they talk about taking babies from the women at birth lying and to claim it with these bogus corona test that you got corona read it says their children also shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes their houses shall be spoiled their houses shall be spoiled and their wives ravished and their wives women ravished they keep they use the term when we talk like this this is bashing women right who says bashing women that’s what i’m saying so look check it out is that bastion women because that’s what’s coming yeah that’s what’s coming listen listen uh listen i wouldn’t be let me let make it clear i wouldn’t be foolish to even think that we can do this without women and women would be foolish to think the kind you know think that they could they they can do this without men mm-hmm so we’ve been programmed to believe that correction is bashy and there’s parts of our makeup and our characters that needs bashing okay it’s the truth i’m seeing so many scenarios where women are doing what they want to do going into different countries like what was on the radio the other day women in another country saying why don’t you come over here to jordan and all that listen i already know what’s going to happen to these women everyone wants to be sarah but no one wants to admit they’re jezebel hmm you ask a woman what do you know about jezebel um i don’t know how do you know you’re not walking in the spirit of jezebel everybody want to be the pure the majority of the people and women in this earth are taught to be jezebel how can you be somewhere in another country a woman trying to guide people into the middle east where a bomb is about to drop [Laughter] let me read this real quick go ahead read it romans 3 23 for all have sinned for those who say not all not all for all have sinned and come short of the glory of god that’s the reality that’s the bible exactly here we are here we are brothers and sisters amolek attack on israelites we know what amalek is but understand that amulet could not have done what he’s doing right now without a tool and sisters it’s time for you to pull yourself back and say you will no longer be utilized okay you will no longer be utilized repent from that act that independent woman crap and acknowledge and begin to speak in favor of the men of the most high because that’s who we are even the man that you may think is nothing right now the most time may have plans for mm-hmm that’s right now think about that we have to start speaking favorably with our mouths for our family for our men women sisters all your power till this day going forward goes to a man if you don’t know how to do that it’s okay you can learn it okay it’s it’s all goes with femininity not speaking out of turn okay speaking with virtue and honor not the outward appearance is what you’re showing forth but who you are in the inside it’s time for you to start doing this putting more work for the inside than what we would actually put towards adorning ourselves and that’s what i’m going into wednesday with that get ready amalek is at the door and we know he’s the enemy he’s looking to attack children and women don’t fall for their tests don’t fall for their deception through media don’t fall for their black lives matter don’t fall for their protests get up under the most high get up unto christ repent and be baptized and let’s do this let’s move this to the next level as the children of israel they want to highlight us we’ve just exposed them jalawa see you tomorrow in the academy in which we expose ishmael we will destroy the religion islam tomorrow in our hebrew bible academy shalom stay prayed up send not we will soon see zion the bible

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