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They are burning down the forests for Climate religion!

Seems the left is bent on burning down the forests.  First in BC, California and Ft McMurray.
Now this year there is severe forest fires in the Amazon and Africa https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-28/snyder-experts-brace-apocalyptic-future-earths-forests-burn

Anything to paint a higher CO2 concentration, to make their climate religion.

Rent in Ottawa out of reach for low-income earners, report finds

CBC/Radio-Canada 2019-07-18


For workers earning minimum wage, Ottawa is one of the least affordable places in Canada to rent an apartment, according to a new report.

In Ottawa, where the average rent for a two-bedroom unit is $1,301, an employee earning Ontario’s $14 per hour minimum wage would have to work 75 hours per week to afford the rent. An employee working 40 hours per week would have to earn $26 per hour, or nearly double the provincial minimum wage.


I’m glad I’m not renting because its just wasted money. Owning a house in a smaller city and making higher then minimum wage is better. My wages are currently $14.32/hr and moving to $19/hr in one more year.

Americans are more in debt than ever

The average American has $38,000 in debt — a quarter of which comes directly from credit card charges. In December 2018, consumer debt overall hit a record high $4 trillion.

Experts say a significant amount of this debt can be explained by what they call “money disorders.”



I’m getting close to having $38,000CAD in CASH. I just put 20K in a TFSA and I have 13K in cash in case a furnace breaks down or a roof needs replaced. I now have 4.5K in Lending loop. I just switched banks to save on bank fees, I have 2 bank accounts I need to close, to save on fees. I have no credit card. I paid the delinquent balance off.

Found 2 new photos of Ahlayna (Elayna Sorsdahl-Unruh) today!

I refuse to call my daughter Elayna, because EL is a false deity. EL
The KJV uses Elohim as do many other Bibles which means demon.
The Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volume 1, page 817, we find the information that El or Elohim simply means demon.
A. In The OT. 1. Daimonism. a. Daimon. The Hebrew equivalent of “demon” (daimon) in the original sense is simply or (‘elohim), commonly rendered “god.”
EL was the given name of the chief deity of the ancient Canaanites. The Canaanites were the peoples who were settled in the area which was promised to Abraham and his decedents, which we now recognize as the area of Palestine and Israel.

So Ahlayna, I finally found 2 new photos of her on a dating site. Her mother still lists her profile as separated and she viewed the profile recently. I rarely ever go on there, but it was nice to see some photos of her. She has fine hair just like me.

She has a nice smile.

The Average U.S. Farm Is $1,300,000 In Debt, And Now The Worst Farming Crisis In Modern History Is Upon Us

Looks like farmers are overextended. In Canada they are buying steel grain bins in an attempt to store the harvest and sell later to China.

U.S. cows and pigs gorge on bakery rolls, pet food as corn prices surge

U.S. cows and pigs gorge on bakery rolls, pet food as corn prices surge


I knew with the cold winter and wet and cool spring that corn was going to be wiped out. Now cattle are being fed substitutes. So much for Global Warming, that is the biggest scam going.

Top Rabbi in Israel: We Must Build the Third Temple

The former Rabbi of the Old City of Jerusalem and one of the leading rabbis in Israel said: “we must do everything in our power to build the Temple”.

Well the 3rd temple will likely be for the AntiChrist. So we are getting closer to the end. I don’t know if they will build on that Mosque or if they will use the second location which is more likely it.


Nearly half of British Columbians within $200 of insolvency

I’m glad I bought a cheap house in a small city in Saskatchewan. Now I can save CASH to be able to buy something in a market correction.

Hidden Third Temple Chambers Discovered by Western Wall

This has been built for the AntiChrist and Satan. Few people know about it.

Climate change under pressure

The article has now changed and basically backtracks on climate change.https://neonnettle.com/news/8201–no-evidence-for-man-made-climate-change-new-finnish-study-finds

I did find another article 

Climate change bombshell: Humans are NOT to blame for global warming claims shock study

A SCIENCE journal is set to launch an investigation into a controversial study it published claiming global warming was not a man-made issue but one caused by the Earth moving closer to the Sun.

By GURSIMRAN HANSPUBLISHED: 03:32, Tue, Jul 23, 2019 | UPDATED: 18:44, Tue, Jul 23, 2019https://www.express.co.uk/news/science/1156605/Climate-change-news-global-warming-hoax-fake-proof-study-research-science-sun-space

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