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Interesting times in the markets

Well my sister invested 20K at these market highs of my funds without telling me, now I’m currently at a loss. I told her the stock market was bad as the markets were at historic 10 year highs, but she did not agree on Lending loop to invest funds. Lending Loop is still doing well, although all my extra money has been going into webpage domains to spread the word. At least the only good news is she has decided to take my wages and put it towards another car or new tires. She wasn’t giving me an extra dime from my allowance of $150 a week.

Coronovirus fears and China and Saudi Arabia dumping oil on the market. Not much you can do. Saskatchewan and especially Alberta will reel from these low oil prices. Since Kathy manages $1000 a month of my income, at some point we can invest in these lows.

Website development is coming along well. I figured out how to post ad free videos using https://www.kaptiwa.co/fregif/

I also figured out how to get PalDesk working on my Groovepages websites, as they fixed the code embed function a little better. I’m busy updating my existing sites so that people can email me any questions.

Added Protestant Churches

Hopefully this will help spread the WORD!




Putin proposes to enshrine God, heterosexual marriage in constitution


Well they don’t have the name of the Creator right, it should be Ahayah, but they are doing more then most other countries to start following the Torah LAW. Good news!

Bank of Canada preparing for digital currency

Canada preparing its own digital currency
Canada preparing its own digital currency

Bank of Canada lays groundwork for digital currency


This is end times type of stuff. Where they can track every transaction through Bitcoin like digital currency. Canada has no gold reserves, we have gold in the land, but no stockpiles to cover a crash.

Amazing progress!

Had amazing progress from a fellow believer in Ahayah and Yasha in the Philippines on why Rome instituted Sunday worship. Will be adding the new research to the YASAT. Blew my budget buying protestant domains and now have a lot of work to do building them! Will keep you posted as progress is made.

The conversion of Constantine to Christianity left a mark on Rome in 314 AD with his final victory over Maxentius in Oct 312AD. He dreamt of an angel dictating a prayer addressed to the highest god (summus deus). The text of the prayer resembles the Pagan prayer from another soldier, when Constantine proclaimed the observance of Sunday rest for his army and most of the city in 321AD, according to bishop Eusebius. So Sunday worship started based on a Pagan prayer.
Summary from pg 481-484 The Representation and Perception of Roman Imperial Power (Impact of Empire) by De Blois, Lukas & Paul Erdkamp, Olivier Hekster, Gerda De Kleijn, Stephan Mols ISBN 9050633889
Constantine worshipped Summus Deus or Highest God (not at all unlike Zeus Hupistos) as well as Sol Invictus the Unconquered Sun. THE word, “devil” comes from “deus” (Latin) or “diva” (Sanscrit) meaning God. When you speak of the Devil you speak of God.

Flat Earth?

Added sites that talk about Israel (Yasharahla)



I’m hopeful that Israelis and people searching for Israel find out the TRUTH, that the real name for the Promised Land is Yasharahla. I’m hopeful that the websites help bring in new viewers whom do not know about Yasha and Ahayah.

Added 2 new websites



I have bought the domains regarding the Bible, because they have been polluted with other gods. Hopefully mainstream viewers will stumble across the site and find the truth

Added new website

new website built: http://yahu.ca/

Trinity.icu is now up and running

Now maybe it will wake up some people whom are asleep following a false term trinity, rather then Deut 6:4 Ahcad (ONE). Check it out! https://trinity.icu/

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