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Pope Francis Calls for “Global Governance” and Vaccines for All.

It doesn’t surprise me to see Rome pushing the vaccines and Global Governance.

Coronavirus Variant Affects Vaccinated People 8 Times More Than Unvaccinated


Good Friday was yesterday???

Easter and other pagan holidays!!! With my Beautiful Wife Evangelist Louise Kay Eads April 3, 2021 by Repent Radio • A podcast on Anchor.m4a – powered by Happy Scribe

Voicemail at 12.

Hello, everyone, this is evangelist James Leeds and my beautiful wife, evangelist the week, Shalom and Shabbat Shalom, everyone and blessings.

And we’re sure blessed to be able to rest on the Sabbath. That’s right.

And Shabbat shalom, everyone.

And, you know, this is a special weekend, according to a lot of Christian churches. But is it really?

Because we celebrated Passover and ended last Saturday night at Sunset Passover and based upon leavened bread. But then a lot of the church down. They call it. They started last Friday night or Saturday night and going through till. Sunday night. As what they call goes into commemoration of Easter. But is that really? Scriptura.

Because they start off Easter with what did they do, they go, Here comes Peter Cottontail hopping down that bunny trail, hippity happy Easter’s zone its way, you know, about wearing all them big hats and Easter egg coloring and Hackney’s eggs and White and Sunrise service.

Have you ever really researched what all that means? People. You really think your shire did that? Would he go and let the little children and hide Easter eggs for the little children to find? Would he and we were taught that by our parents because our parents didn’t know any better either. So our children participated in it and now we’re trying to wake people up to really. What we’re supposed to do in this life, and that’s follow you Shi’ah. So we’re out here passing out tracts and telling people the truth and trying to wake them up in finding a spiritual warfare all at the same time.

That’s right, it’s a constant battle if you’re out doing hire’s work, you’re going to be attacked that you cannot get out of it.

But your full name and it’s the name above all names. And when we use that name, we see things happen.

And it’s changed a lot of things in our lives. It’s the most powerful name that we know.

And we thought that their name was powerful. But it’s not not compared to your shire, your side is more powerful than the name Jesus is everything we’ve come a lot of miles in the last few weeks.

And been over a lot of territory.

And it’s been a rugged battle, but with prayer and faith, you have to endure, OK, I was sitting there to the end the same and say, keep the commandments.

And repent. But what kind of food they eat for Easter, because, yeah, that’s what we’re focusing on tonight.

Everyone is this Easter. And we may get in a little bit about Christmas, Halloween, now these. Pagan holidays and where in Sabbath Shabat. And a lot of people are doing this, what, Good Friday? Is it? Yeah, they did, and I did Good Friday, and then now they’ll go and color the Easter eggs and hide them. And we even heard a grandmother telling a little boy about a tooth fairy. That’s not true. People.

There you don’t lose your teeth in a tooth fairy, come and take your tooth. And put a quarter down for those are things that we were taught and, you know, it’s so sad. So we were able to leave a track with this lady and she had taken the covid-19 vaccine. And that’s one of the things that our tracks say, don’t take it, but she took this track. So we’ve been on quite a journey and seen a lot of good things.

But there’s definitely a pagan holiday happening right now. Yeah, and the thing about these pagan holidays, I mean, there are laws banning once a year.

But right now, Saint Nicholas, it comes down a chimney and brings your children toys. Those are the laws that we taught. We’re taught. And you’re not supposed to put up these Christmas trees. It tells you plainly in the scriptures.

That’s right, the Christmas trees in scriptures under Jeremi Chaptered to James and I were talking and I and there’s only five books in the Bible in the Scriptures that we know for a fact was written by a higher the most high I am. Weren’t we, James? Yeah. I do think the books are. Inspired, inspired here in the Bible and, you know, Bible verses don’t add and don’t take away. And they took away a bunch of books out of there, the Apocrypha.

Yes, they did. How many books was that? And there’s there is different kinds of gap between 15, maybe two, and the names were one of the things that they added.

They took away the name and put and if you really lower than. Easter is a what is that, James, exactly? Istar. Is the white Easter is is Easter, which is the goddess of fertility. That’s why the Easter eggs. But the reason, my God, another God. You’re worshipping another God called is Shekar. Way, if you’re not a white God, because I go in at sunset. I mean, at sunset, at sunrise, I to bring my children out.

I’ve tried to bring my children out of that stuff because I knew now, you know, I mean, yeah, we changed, right, James? I mean, once you learn the truth and you read it in the scriptures, then you go by it. You keep the commandments and then when they say eight man, that’s another God, eight man, and we post this stuff all the time on Facebook and we share it in videos.

And then back to Christmas for a minute. What about, say, on a radio program broadcast, he’s another God because of the fact that he knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, he knows when you’ve been bad or good.

So be good and then think about Dad. Better watch out.

You better not say in class that sounds like God because he’s the only one I hire is the only one only one that can see everything you do.

And there ain’t no Santa sit down a chimney, and I know my little granddaughter is probably going to think that we’re promoting the oh God, cause we’re seeing her giving out reindeer cookies for the reindeer that not before that Christmas and milk and cookies out for that St..

Nick, come in.

Oh, wow. Oh, dear.

And I had I participated in that. I’m glad I woke up. I used to tie Bales’ and make a meringue like it was the reindeers, you know, so people need to repent and realize, you know, those are lies straight out. And, you know, it says that you will go to jail for lying if you do not lie. Am I correct? I mean, is that a commandment? Homebuyers who have their power. Yes, it’s really serious, folks.

We preach repentance like Yashida did. We got to repent. Yeah, and turn from your wicked ways, huh? You can’t fornicate, you can’t commit adultery, you can’t lie still, covid. You got it, you got to do what’s right and do a net pagan stuff isn’t right. You’re not supposed to put up no Christmas tree tells us. Down in Jeremiah. And you don’t give Easter egg baskets. Oh, and go hide, especially the church is supposed to the church building is supposed to be the sanctuary and every time before radio broadcast, we get attacked and it’s the best broadcast ever.

They just keep getting better. And people, I believe, are going to start listening Kittner hearing these broadcasts. Yes, the church sanctuary supposed to be reverenced, but it’s supposed to this is anchor radio one hour represent I do not represent an Easter Bunny. There’s a lot of churches going down. Supposedly the House Bahadur. He’s I think he’s happy with everyone having Easter egg hunt. At their churches that they’re supposed to be worshipping the father. At Halloween, I had to say, do that Halloween to.

These churches do. Yeah, they call it trunk or treat or in and fast festival. People, wow, this is the world, this is Satan’s world, we don’t we’re not we’re not of this world. You got to come out, all that stuff. It’s what it says. That’s right, we got PDAF Bibles that are the clean. We got we can get you one of these clean caves. Yes, go have the pagan names. It’s lowered and lowered is bail.

Yeah, I mean, paleo Hebrew, 11, six, eight, 11, 67 is bio. And if you look at bio and what it is in the strong concordance means, Lord, the daily scripture that I usually share that verse of the day, the scripture of the day.

Yeah. We saw what happened today. The I was but by the scripture that I normally would sin would come from Bible Gateway and instead of how you showed us a completely different scripture. So wow. Father’s powerful. And I’m not sure that to die. Oh, no, I don’t even get into none of that stuff, do you? And not wait for February was Ballantine’s. And we’re not forced to do that hero.

St. Patrick, I mean, now that day in that Fourth of July was green, and then I’ll tell you what, they all want to be at the bars.

I mean. Father, he’s separating the wheat and the tears and all of that, it’s coming down more in the last days. Now, today’s scripture was given to me by the Ruark Kadosh.

Yeah, and it’s James one twenty one where for lay apart all filthiness and Sloup superfluity of naughtiness and receive with meatiness, the engraft did word which is able to save your souls.

Now, that was the scripture of the day, but the one originally was about this pagan time, what’s Good Friday? What were they talking about? Oh, this is a day Good Friday is supposed to be the day that they’re. Reticle says.

Death celebrating Yochai is death, and there was only certain things that you Shi’ah attended, he didn’t attend these pagan things. No, he didn’t. He did the Passover. You know, we always share also that we have this prayer and praise and testimony and.

Blueline. Four zero seven four seven six seven one six three. We are trying to share that in every radio broadcast.

And James, tell them what it’s about. It’s where you call in, you can call in for prayer, counseling and testimony, letting people know what your side is doing for you or you could preach for three minutes. Yeah, you can even sing a song. Just give a high praise. Yes. Anything.

In the numbers, four zero seven four seven six seven one six three, and we’ve received a call, as a matter of fact. It came in we’re in the midnight hour, by the way, and we’re broadcasting from Oklahoma, aren’t we, James?

Yeah, right here. That trust and we could have been anywhere we wanted tonight, but our trust, this little red truck is our home and a high is showing us different things, isn’t he?

Yes, he is.

And Shabad also came on us because we did travel right. Underland 70 miles today after two hundred and sixty three miles yesterday.

Right. And we’ve been on the road for at least two months, it seems. How long?

Yeah, two months and. Two days since January 30, first was when me and we made it back to Oklahoma where we left from.

Yep. And in about another week we’re going to be headed a higher well and up north to Chicago and we’ll be ministering in this area while we’re here.

Wherever the walk leads us. But during this Sabbath, we’re resting. We have been on the road for constantly about two months. So we’re resting.

But we’re going to do these broadcast the most high, a higher willing and encourage people out there and let them know that we’re being we’re underneath the wings of the most high, the shadow of his wings. And. Kingdom is coming. And he wants every man everywhere and every woman everywhere and every child to ripping. Yes.

And that’s why we’re here. Doing these broadcasts, that’s what it comes down to. Is people repenting because if you want to make it to where because we’re just passing through, you have to be ready always, you can’t be doing these Easter egg dang’s really seriously.

Celebra and another thing about Easter, you’ve got that ham Easter ham and you’ve got all this other stuff that goes with it.

Airable, what is? I think it’s OK, it’s pork. I know somebody just the other day said I got a big ol hog in my freezer. And I’m like, you know, supposed to eat pork, so maybe they’ll listen and maybe they won’t. Maybe they will. We pray. They do, yeah, we pray. They listen.

You know, there’s pork in your cigarette filters. I’m not pork, but the pig blood. Yeah, pig’s blood in no cigarette filters. And it’s in the vaccines. And what else is in those vaccines, James, baby parts from the aborted and you got in the Caribbean vaccine, you’ve got MRSA, RNA that changes your DNA luciferase and you’ve got also luciferase, which is counteracting with the five G.

Oh. Wonder if they know that. OK, here we go, we’re going I see the call is right here and we’re going to play this call that came in at around.

It was 12 something and we’re in now to twelve forty six a.m. and. Well, here we go. This is a call that came in from Idaho for sure, kind of startling things.

You hear someone is listening to a kind of freedom of press. Also, the song is good only to half. Hello. Well, here, kind of a startling thing here with you. We start with essentially two I’ve kind of prayed about this. Also, someone who said that only two and a half percent of the people living in our world today, actually, yes, they come out of room, follow our science, and they get to have their seven point seven billion people living in normal, seven point seven billion people.

And it’s set at I’m almost seven point seven million people, only two and a half percent or two and a half percent. So almost 90 percent of them, only two and a half percent of them are truly fall out. The and the person to take them to the mall after he. I come. I will welcome James or not, because we’re going to come and then we go on science, but don’t do as well and get called workers and equipment.

Is staff happen to many religious people in that can’t point to only two and a half percent of people in our world are actually going to make you feel just shy of the other 97 percent of people in our world are going to end up murdered in an eternal fire for all of eternity, if you imagine Chapter seven, a very narrow way straight. Narrow ways are believed to have a democracy across and ourselves feeling lonely. And the shy of pointing to the 1990s when he says, We look for 1833 and we come to me and does not forsake all and yet cannot be my sight, I want to give the world and everything from shape.

I can’t watch the movies. I can’t play. The video anticipated a pagan holiday, all that worldly stuff. The people love to do it. People who go to church, I can’t love it. I’ve had to forsake it all. I have to forsake everything system. I know that they have to forsake it all and they have to go out and say I’m giving up their lives to slaughter. Tell people to repent in a minute to people need to go to the abortion to tell them that their sacrifice will be and then you stop doing it.

But there’s very few of us who came before they’ll come out of the world’s most important church around the world. Mean things to me once. And they don’t want me to. Very few people truly want me to do that and give it up. Higher return of the things will to give it a wish. I had found many of them making promises that were 21 to 23. Serious. We’ve got to get them ready. We’ve got to those have come out with the follow after so you can make it in.

Wow, that was evangelist Boyd, rather, evangelist Boyd in Idaho. Yes. And he said real good. He tells you to come out of your sins and repent and follow after you, Chhaya. And that was a powerful message. And usually he don’t bring a message quite like that.

That’s right.

On Easter, they bring out the death, burial, resurrection, but they make it like that, just kinda happy about it that they don’t try to tell everybody.

The reason why he died was because our sins, because the truth of the matter is we’re all on our way to hell. We’re on our way to hell. Fire to burn for eternity.

I mean, think about.

Put a lighter. Take it and put your hand over the flame, see how long you can hold it there. And you won’t be able to. And they know heart burn and you’ll be jumping back and everything. Well, imagine your whole body burning like that. And it’s going to be for eternity. I mean, they’re nowhere to go except you’re in this fire burning.

Let’s play this other call that came in. Brother Evangelist’s Voight in Idaho is a very dear brother. And as you heard him speak of us, we’re very dear to him and his family and has supported our ministry. And we have seen prayers answered and we pray for one another in every prayer gets answered. So I’m we’re in decisions about selling the motor home and, you know, to get scriptures around the world, because we’ve been having this radio program for years and we’ve had this prayer line.

James knew I had this prayer line when you and I first met.

And Brother Evangelist’s Boyd, he’s probably been calling about ever since, and he’s a faithful caller that encourages us so much and goes into the ministry and he doesn’t have a Facebook, but we communicate through text and through email and we can be reached through our email and we put that on there for people. We have a YouTube. We don’t do a lot of that. We do mostly radio because of us being on the road. But are you willing in the future will do some YouTube broadcasts when we get stationary?

We usually, since we’re street evangelists, are on the on the road and we plan on even going over to Africa. Actually, where. The true Israelites are from. Am I correct? You told me that earlier, James. Yeah, awarded the silver fetal tissue doesn’t sound very good, does rather than point one and we’re praying for all of you need to keep the supporters here, have a bunch of us win the presidency because the winner tonight gets 60 miles per hour.

They’re a little bit calmer than what they said. We still have like 30 mile an hour winds. And thank you for praying for the are here and for my whole life. And I want you to stop feeling like that. I was even put some stuff in there, if that’s not good for me east. We’re praying for that. It’s easier for me to be your prayers, to be the person that. But it doesn’t sound it afforded me.

So, you know, that’s horrible. Avoiding all of the murdering and sacrifice and all of the millions and millions and millions of me just think of what’s going to happen to doctors and stuff that are performing even worse, Your Honor, thousands, thousands be. And then we based that judgment revelation chapter in the book. From everything we know to be waiting. There is all recorded in the book that is written and awarded in sacrifice and thousands of maybe.

How’d you like to be one of those doctors the before you cited our father as having a high and have what’s open and it’s written that you’re a murderer. Sacrifice our values. The pain when you face that judge sat down with thoughts the before and aborted thousands of innocent people and never had a chance to live. Best of luck to you. When you meet shiny you murderers, doctors, murderers, you better repent. I’m telling you a horrible, horrible thing.

They don’t even think about some of these, not kill them and don’t even think about. I have no conscience, no nothing, no conscience at all. Murdering those babies, not even caring about it. But this important piece of fetal tissue we’re talking about, just because I’m part of the Johnson and Johnson covid-19 that the vaccines, if there are any side stuff in the vaccine now, they can wipe your DNA and stuff like that. People I know and I’ve heard of many of these people died from the vaccine.

But I know people are taking the vaccine. Every six put in this Johnson and Johnson covid-19 vaccine. They have aborted me. So fetal tissue, how would you like to have that stuff in you? Would it be so fetal tissue put into your body? Horrible, horrible, horrible stuff. Evil. It’s wicked. It’s bad, as people said to me. Did I tell you that even Stephanie Kennedy shot? Likewise courage. And I would suggest that you do not get that Johnson Johnson vaccine and have that Stephanie.

Well, he says it plain and it and there’s a lot more calls like that, and you can call two four zero seven four seven six seven one six three.

These calls have been coming in for about five years. And he’s a faithful caller our way and back to where. But I would say in about. The reason your shire did die for us. Was because of our saying. And like I was saying before, you put a lighter like that, just imagine your whole body burning. For eternity. You don’t want to go there. You want to make Kevin in any one way to make heaven is through your Shi’ah, any one that hurts one of high is children.

They ha you don’t like it. He said it’d be better that you have a millstone tied around your neck and thrown into the sea. So think about that. Anybody out there listening that has heard a child, you better repent. And you better turn from your wicked ways. Yeah, everybody, you need to turn from your wicked ways and turn to higher through your Shi’ah. The sun. And you don’t know me so well, she did that or he did that, so I did it.

Well, you better repent for the sins of your ancestors. Your forefathers. You need to do that, too, because if you read in the scriptures, the Israelites did that they had to pray forgiveness to knock out the curses of the generation generation or curses. They had to ask forgiveness for their fathers to. The sins of their fathers. So that it wouldn’t affect them anymore or their family, think about it, if he did not keep the commandments.

And you hated a higher it would go down to the third and fourth generation. And we’re supposed to repent for the sins of our forefathers. Yes, we do. And well, anyways. People we pray for, everybody ask forgiveness and a lot of people want the land healed. Like it says in the Second Corinthians, chapter seven, verse 14, if my people count, but my name will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and I will forgive your sins and I will heal the land with the four stipulations for that is.

If my people. Called by my name, would humble themselves and pray. And turn and seek his base. You’ve got to think his face and turn from their wicked ways, then he will hear from heaven. And will forgive your san. And.

We’re here, your land, so you’ve got to do those things, we can play that clip that evangelist Boyd in Idaho sent to us in the email.

I don’t know how long it is. Can you see? You know, I think it’s 12 minutes. Yes, 30 minutes. We learned. And I want to call this weekend. We’ve got to turn to assure you the son of our father, never a high out of a cross for our sins, follow our keyshia. We’ve got to finish our sins and wicked ways. Repenting is so important. And I’m going to show you the scriptures how important it is to read.

And in this chapter two, verse 11, for the grace of a bring us salvation out of fear. Be teaching us that denying and godliness or anything less. We should live solely, righteously. And God in this present world looking for that was the hope, the glorious appearing, our great savior Jesus Shine, who gave himself for a city.

Where does the pain of it appear, finally? So your views, those of yours works. That’s truly being born again. From John Chapter three, you showed us that we cannot enter the. Kingdom heaven, unless you’re born evil, can’t enter the kingdom behind us, we’re warning. That’s talking about that right here in the forest. You might we give this to all of you for a little sense that we truly need it. We stop doing all we can to get us off course from all the empirical evidence so far, appeal your people zealous, some good works.

And we look for you to be do other things. So living in sin instead, sort of fired up for no, you know, preach the gospel to preach the gospel every week that passes you. Mark Chapter 16, verse 15 says Gore will preach the gospel. Every preacher and my name, the way the hands will sit and a soup will recover. So where to pray for people that are sick? Langerhans or sick people seem to feel that to get the gospel preached to the world or to share testimonies.

Revelation 12 11 about the desire to help people overcome or to help people in need. Feed people, call people and help others from the parable sheep from the goats. Matthew Chapter twenty five first thirty one forty six. Someone is truly born again John Chapter three. And who’s crucified though says truly it is that out of love for our father in heaven. A high and low for you Chaya. We’re going to be falling out of silence good in the world.

Those good works being redeemed from all Nicoli being born again. Coming true, we have you truly tarnished you it and repetitive your sins. Because a lot of times you know what people say that you shyamal go to church and they’ll have homosexual ministers in the churches, people Forna can’t commit adultery. The churches you’ll come across, ministers and people like me that have going going why? There are normally doing it, and that doesn’t work if you don’t repent, it doesn’t work.

And I’ll show you right here if someone is wrong, they’re seven twenty one. Everyone said, would you ever read this exactly as it’s written here? Not everyone said to me, more and more people out there, many people are saying no more calling on Israel. They’re saying more and more in these churches. But everyone is saying to me, Lord Lord Callender and the Kingdom of Heaven. And he knew what the will of my father, which is in heaven, the Wilhite.

Many will say to me on that day, Lord, had we not prophesied. I mean, so the name of your son and his name. And as I now know, just out those in the name of the many wonderful, many wonderful things in these churches, in the name of your Chhaya and then one professor, then I never need the part for me work. And that equally is sin, that inequality is sin. And we have to repent of that return to Australia and to surrender our lives, to follow after him.

And you are well, we can’t just go to church every Sunday, only Christian Bolivianos and never do anything you say wants us to do. And we don’t treat you as well and don’t truly repent. Since then, there’s a good chance for you to stand before him, as you say, apart from his work and did what he says could happen to me, religious people. So a lot of people going to church has many, many, many people in our world say that that they are falling out of sky.

You know, I leaving it if you to see a lot of people got to live free shyamal to animal sins, you’ll find out what’s in their life. They’ve got to be killed. If you don’t agree with the road and going after the adulterous things the world Jesus for were to come out of the world is also a sin. And a lot of people don’t want to repent that they want the pagan holidays. So watch or filthy movies and entertainment stuff, it just pollutes your mind.

So we’re supposed to come away from and a lot of people don’t want to put it out also. So a lot of people are going to say they’ve got a lot to repent, to throw leanness of the sin and these different things. And where they stand before you say it, they’re going to think they’re saying he’s going to say, you didn’t do my will, you seen your life, you didn’t choose me apart from you that were connected to me.

And many of these people are calling you. You are going to end up to a week of fires. You see how often it is to truly turn. You say it and repent. Here in Matthew, Chapter four were seventeen from that time. You Shi’ah begin to preach and to say repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is here. When you started to preach, what did he preach from that time? You show up in front preaching to say, There it is, repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Repent, repent. Thirty three, I tell you nay but accept you repent. You shall all likewise perish. So we’ve got to get these sins and this worldliness and this stuff out of our way. Don’t truly get born again of stuff and follow after you say it right here in first Corinthians six nine through eleven. Knowing that the unrighteous show might inherit the kingdom of God. This is true for means what it says. No, you are right to show my head the kingdom of our Father in heaven.

A you be not to see. Don’t you see if fornicators were in gold reserves or so. Don’t put all that stuff in the world before I go and you say it the right to see here fornicators indexers for adulterers or or abuser themselves. Mankind that’s homosexuals are thieves, covers all drunkards and whose drug use naughty drivers nor extortion shall inherit the kingdom of a father have a right and such were some of you. We’re all sinners and such were some of you.

But you are right. But you are saying to fight, but you are justified in the name of your shame by the spirit of our Father in Heaven. Are you all right? You see those of us who have repented. Our sins are forgiven, wiped clean, and we’re going to hell. But we’re saying we could preach this message of repentance. You of the world, have you read it? Have you read it? I tell you, they.

Except Pitt, likewise, Parrish. How powerful it is, how important it is to get out to the world and tell people to repent, repent, repent, because the whole gospel messiah began to preach, talk about repent of those wicked ways, repentance, wicked ways to do good and follow after you say look for him to come across your suffering, follow after you say it instead of living in sin. Nine twenty three. Twenty six. Or you if you say you have you repent.

Are you ready. You say you will be welcome in heaven or see a part for me either. And I never need your father having a. When it comes down, the is this is a powerful message. We want to pray for anyone who this to be able to repent. You know, the scriptures, it talks about you overcome them little children because greater scrutiny than you, it’s in the world, we can do all things to your child, strengthens us, whatever the city is right now, we’re praying for people to be able to overcome an attorney, a child, a born again.

We can help people overcome the problems. Like I had my wife drug use. The drunkenness was fornication, adultery. I want to come away from the things the world was for, for daughters. And I don’t know, you know, the future for the way I was. I knew that you were a father and having to hire anyone was a friend of the as an enemy of a hired help us to come away. A horrible, dirty, rotten, filthy movies, entertainment stuff, pagan holidays, all this horrible stuff in the world that people do that just pollute our souls and minds, the bodies of us to come away to a separate, holy, righteous people that lives for you say and preach the gospel to the world and helps people get St.

Paul for St. Peter. The adultry and worldly things Rowena’s prostitution, homosexuality or people that people are aborting, babies are supporting. Those babies are killing babies everywhere it talks about. We’ll go to a church choir, help us to rekindle what we believe in. They’re healing our world so can’t be supported by people who are called by my name homosocial principly. Star of the review is all forgiveness and healing. When we ask you, are we a nation, really promise that can’t for a wicked ways if I out to destroy it instead, we thank you in the name you say I pray I was a powerful message.

It’s all about purpose. Please turn to slide into the weekend of your evil one week with follow after you say it so you can be saved and make it to heaven. Help us to repent it. Yeah.

That my brother evangelist forward Thomas Mann, an Idaho. And. People, we are to repent of our sins. That was power turn from our wicked ways.

And we need to know that you’re sire, our messiah is the only way to the father. The Easter Bunny cannot say beer, neither can the name Jesus, the only one who can say beer is just Shalu, which is the true son of the living Lohan.

The son of a high. He is the only one who can save. By repenting of your sins. And. Surrendering your life to him were to deny ourselves, take up our cross daily and follow your Shi’ah. Because he’s the only way. And. He is our teacher. When you come to Christ. You’ve become a new creature in Christ, sire. Remember that people we must turn from our wicked ways and turn to Yochai for salvation.

And remember the death, burial, resurrection? Because he died for us and for buried. And on the third day rose again, so that one day we will be resurrected to. And have a blessed evening. Goodnight, everyone, shalom, Shabbat Shalom, Shabbat shalom from the Yael and Shabbat is Sabbath.

And it is the Sabbath, Friday at sunset to Saturday at sunset. And you’ll be blessed in your is mighty name, peace and Shalom. And to on the next broadcast.

Mark of the Beast 666 coming soon!

Revelation 13:16‭-‬18 YASAT

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is χξϛ1 (or ☭ )(or ΧΙϚ´=616) Six hundred threescore and six.
1χξϛ G5516 Transliteration: chxs
Phonetic Spelling: (khee xee stig’-ma)
Word Origin i.e. chi (600) xi (60) sigma (6)
See Mark of the Beast in Pagan Terms.

Vancouver anti-lockdown protesters shock people with creepy silent march


Warning censorship. Warning censorship. When you when you’re yelling and chanting at people like you’re wrong or wake up or take off your mask, all these things, even though we’re coming from a good place and we’re trying to wake people up to certain agendas, it’s very as soon as you tell somebody, you know, something they don’t know or, you know, they’re wrong, you know what I’m saying?

They get a little say, OK, we love your people, but you’ve been psychologically you’re literally wow them saying they get a little.

And then now there’s now there’s a separation and it doesn’t really work. So we thought, well, what if we could just have a unified message and just put up signs and basically spoof the movie, which basically said everything. So we thought, let’s take this and just get people to think and we realize the power of silence, that unified silence and let the signs do the talking. The saying, don’t rain on my parade. Well, that certainly applies to freedom marches, especially when it comes to how they’re portrayed in media these days.

We’ve seen all of the defamatory titles and headlines, whether they get called conspiracy theories, anti maskers, anti massacres. And more recently, we’re seeing across the board that they’re being tied to hate. These are people who have legitimate concerns. They’re law abiding citizens concerned about things like the increase in child suicide, elder abuse, what isolation is doing to people, the rapid loss of freedoms that keep us all safe. Or what about our pandemic of overdoses?

These are the concerns that get expressed at such meetings. But nevertheless, the voice is not allowed to be heard. You know, I was watching a global news report just recently. It was a shocking report. Apparently, there’s been at least seven black Muslims attacked, Muslim and black women in particular, that they’re linking it to matters of hate. You know, I was shocked to hear this and definitely wanted to have this exposed and figure out who’s doing it.

But halfway through the report, something more shocking happened. There was a shift.

Take a look at this with, you know, the tiki torches that we saw here in Edmonton as part of the anti mass rally last month. You know, I think there is a needed conversation about ensuring that symbols of hate are are properly recognized tiki torches.

Are you kidding me? Those have been for sale in dollar stores for years come springtime. Nobody said anything about them being symbols of hate then. But when it comes to freedom for all protesters, we’re all just supposed to know this and what’s going on here. They knew the age of one of the people who did the attacks and they didn’t like them at all to a freedom protest. So why then are they making the shift there that these protesters are linked to?

Who’s assaulting these poor women? And how about this? Why use these assaults? Why use these women? And what’s happened to them as an opportunity to further the agenda, the slander campaign against freedom protesters, instead of shed the light on where it should be, asking people if they have tips so we can figure out who’s actually hurting these women. So it’s disgusting. But today I’m at a protest, a different kind. They’re going to actually listen to the messages that the mainstream media and our government want them to do.

They’re going to obey. They’re going to shut up. They’re going to not express freedom of thought. They’re going to watch TV. They’re going to isolate. This protest is based on a 1988 movie called They Live. And it’s very creepily related to how we are living today. Take a look at this silent march and I’ll meet you afterwards. But. What do you think of that? It’s kind of different. Yeah, I was pretty surprised about Soyland or something.

I agree with it, though, when you think about it, I mean, it’s their lives they can feel how are they want to feel and they can believe whatever they want. But I personally don’t agree. But it’s none of my business. All right. Well, that’s the great thing about Canada, right? Yeah.

All right, this is Sasha and Nikolai. You guys were the visionaries behind this, and I got to say, I’m pretty impressed. I thought it was very effective. So let’s just start with why you guys fought to do this. Well, I’ve been coming to these for a long time. We’re really passionate about the movement and, you know, fighting for people’s freedoms, getting people to realize what’s going on. And we just noticed a certain, or at least for me, a certain amount of hostility, like when you when you’re yelling and chanting at people like you’re wrong or wake up or take off your mask.

All these things, even though we’re coming from a good place and we’re trying to wake people up to certain agendas, it’s very as soon as you tell somebody, you know, something they don’t know or, you know, they’re wrong, you know what I’m saying? They get a little and then there’s now there’s a separation and it doesn’t really work. So we thought, well, what if we could just have a unified message and just put up signs and basically spoof the movie, which basically said everything.

So we thought, let’s take this and just get people to think. And we realize the power of silence, that unified silence and let the signs do the talking. We just thought it’d be really, really powerful. The idea just came. We don’t even I don’t even think it was just like it came from ferbos, like it was the universe. Those like you guys got to do this and we just said yes. And that said it had to be done.

Yeah. I saw some people it was like, this does not compute. Like some people are like I thought it was an anti massacre protest, but they’re wearing masks, like, so confused. Let’s talk a little bit more about the movie just shortly that it was based on. Yeah, sure. So the movie I was made in nineteen eighty eight for John Carpenter film called They Live. So I mean it’s ancient so to speak. And yet all of it’s really popular today really.

I mean we did one version of this on the 14th with only signs from the movie where we took literally the same font, the same signs we created PDF. So they’re on our telegram channel for anyone to use so anyone can join that and check it out, essentially use us, print them up, do this anywhere in the world. And then this time we thought it would be good to do twenty, twenty one version. You know, if this movie had been made today, a lot of those signs would have been different.

And so we put some of those in today to really shift the narrative a bit. And I think it worked. Yeah, I saw some of those different signs you had. Was it hugs are dangerous and dangerous. Stay away from strangers, you know, social distance. Be afraid to go knows best. Yeah, humor. I mean, I am a comedian. You know, science, science prevail. Science prevails. Yeah. You know, well, I hope that this is more effective for the movement.

We do know mainstream media loves to call you guys anti maskers, anti basker as conspiracy theorists. And I would say they’re moving into the hate agenda, too. So this was the most peaceful protests you ever could have attended. So how often will you guys be doing this? It’s going to be sporadic. So we have other ideas that we want to use and it’s not going to be just from the movie they live. That was the first one that spirit just gave us this message.

You guys need to do this in March. You know, the thing now is really prevalent to what’s going on today. And bringing some of the zombie character masks in was really epic. Those came from the movie as well. So we have other ideas we want to use. And we do also want to give the space for no new normal to have their events as they have been. So we’re not going to take anything over. But every couple of weeks sprinkle in a different unified message that really kind of can rally the troops around.

That’s what what our goal is. And I think as long as we’re going to be doing this, we might have to do this for a few more months. So. All right. Well, it was a pleasure covering the story. Thank you, guys. Great.

Thanks so much, Superfunds. Well, I had a lot of fun, it’s nice to shake things up once in a while, especially since the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a difference. Good luck trying to cover that as not peaceful and hateful and all of those things. The mainstream media has their hands full. My guess they’ll just completely ignore it. Now, if you like this report and you want more of it.

Make sure you keep in touch with us by heading to after You Tube dotcom. That’s we’ll you’ll find out all the platforms we’re on and we’ll make sure to keep in touch with.

AstraZeneca vaccine batch Austria has halted use of, went to 17 countries

VIENNA — Austria was one of 17 European countries to receive doses from a batch of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine that Austrian authorities have stopped using while investigating a death and an illness following their use, a senior health official said on Tuesday.

A 49-year-old nurse in Zwettl, a town northwest of Vienna, died as a result of severe coagulation disorders after receiving the vaccine. Another nurse from Zwettl who is 35 and received a dose from the same batch, ABV 5300, developed a pulmonary embolism and is recovering.


Moderna boss- mRNA jabs are “rewriting the Genetic Code” we call it “information therapy” (Ted 2017)

I have backed up the YouTube article in case they smack it down,

So I started my professional life about 30 years ago as a nurse in the pediatric intensive care unit, and I remember this one infant, let’s call him Jonathan, who came in really, really ill. Seem to have a rare genetic defect in those days, gene diagnosis was still in its infancy, so we couldn’t really figure out what’s wrong with him. And in the years since, as I’ve trained as a physician scientist, we’ve been living this phenomenal digital and scientific revolution.

And I’m here today to tell you that we’re actually hacking the software of life and that it’s changing the way we think about prevention and treatment of disease. So here’s all the biology you need to know in 30 seconds. Our body is made out of organs, our organs are made out of cells and in every cell there’s this thing called the messenger RNA or MRSA for short that transmits the critical information from the DNA, our genes, to the protein, which is really the stuff we’re all made out of.

This is the critical information that determines what a cell will actually do. And so we think of it like an operating system. And it’s not just in every cell of our body, it’s actually in every cell of every organism alive. It’s the same thing. And so if you could actually change that, which we call the software of life, if you could introduce a line of code or change a line of code. It turns out that has profound implications for everything from the flu to cancer, and I’m going to demonstrate that with three short examples.

Let’s start with the flu. So many of us get a vaccine. What is a vaccine?

It is an injection in our arm where we get bits and pieces of the virus, the proteins, and that teaches our immune system to recognize the virus. And so when we get infected, we’re not sick.

Now, imagine if instead of giving the protein, we would give the instructions on how to make the protein, how the body can make its own vaccine. That’s an MRI and a vaccine, and here’s what it looks like from the cell. So the traditional approach has protein floating around your cells and Nemani vaccine approach has the cells themselves in your own body making the vaccine. What’s more alarming, a stranger prowling the neighborhood or somebody who’s just broke into your ground floor and tripped the alarm?

That’s what happens with an emergency vaccine. You’ve tripped the alarm wire and now the cell is dialing nine one one. It’s calling the police at the same time as it’s making the protein and saying that’s the bad guy. That’s how an emergency vaccine works, and for the last several years, we’ve shown this actually works in a whole multitude of animal models. Earlier this year, we published the first actual study in people, and it actually works in people.

We took a group of volunteers and injected them with a messenger RNA vaccine against a variant of flu influenza. And all of these volunteers got the immune response. We were hoping to see the side effect profile was pretty benign, what you would see with any normal type vaccine. So we’ve proven the principle. This actually can work. It works in people. And now we’re going to be developing a whole slew of vaccines against diseases for which we don’t have one.

So that’s infectious disease. Now, for the second example, let’s talk for a minute about cancer. Horrible disease, cancer has affected the lives of many of us and will affect the lives of many more of us as we age. The problem with cancer at the cellular level is that the DNA is screwed up. You’ve got these mutations on the screwed up DNA leads up to screwed up information that makes screwed up protein. And so the cell loses control.

Now, how do you figure out what is actually screwed up? Well, you got to figure out the whole sequence, right? It took us decades and billions of dollars to sequence the human genome. And we’ve done that. We achieve that in 2003. And now we’re less than 15 years later and it takes us a week. And we can do it for every patient. So now we can go and figure out what exactly is screwed up in a patient and we can use that information to make a vaccine.

We take that information, say, a patient with lung cancer, and we take it. We take the biopsy, we figure out the sequence, we figure out their immune system. And that all becomes information. It goes up in the cloud into a bioinformatics algorithm and then automatically makes a vaccine that we administer into their normal tissue, into the muscle to try and wake up their immune system.

Now, the challenge, of course, is that every person’s cancer is different, mutations happen by random chance. And so to do this, you have to make it personalized. So this is me. But if every patient is different, where we’re going to have to do is make a personalized cancer vaccine for every patient. And that’s exactly what we’ve started to do.

Every patient gets a vaccine that’s based on the sequence and their own tumor.

So when we started to do this a couple of years ago, my CEO stopped by one evening and said Tell. I get the idea, but is this going to work? And I said, looks Stefan, I don’t know, but we’ve got all the pieces to try and answer the question, so we should try. And today, I can tell you that I still don’t know if it’s going to work, but I know we’re able to actually run the experiment.

Earlier this week, the first patient was treated with a personalized cancer vaccine we made just for her.

Thank you. So in the months and years to come, we will know the answer of whether we can actually wake the immune system against some of these cancer with a personalized cancer vaccine. So stay tuned. I’m going to finish with a third example of something called Methyl Malartic Hassidim, or make for sure. Now the name doesn’t matter. OK, this is just a disease that is caused by an enzyme that’s critical for metabolism and children are born and they lack this one crucial gene.

And so their body is not able really to fight infection properly or any time they have any sort of stress, their body goes into crisis. They have one gene that’s gone awry and it causes a really significant disease, if you look at what happens over time for these children, about one third of them don’t make it to the age of 10. You see here the survival curve, whether the gene is completely lost or whether there’s just an aberration in it.

The survival is impaired and. What do we do? Well, there’s not much you can do because the missing protein is actually missing inside their cells. So what do we do? Well, here’s what we do. We take out their liver and we transplant the liver from a donor that is healthy and normal into these kids. Think about it. They’re missing one critical piece of information. And what we do is transplant an entire organ.

It fixes the problem, but what if there’s a better way? What if we could fix the missing information?

So based on innovations, nanomedicine, a new class of invention that Bob Languor across the river at MIT in Cambridge has has been inventing, we’re now able to package this information and messenger RNA with a goal of giving it as an infusion and then having it go to the liver to replace that missing information.

Is this going to work? Well, we know the biology works, so together with the National Institutes of Health, we’ve studied this in a mouse model and this mouse has been engineered to have the exact same problem that the kids have. They’re lacking the one, the same gene. And you can see in the red line what happens to these mice when they’re born pretty much immediately they die. They cannot cope with stress. But if you inject messenger RNA that codes for the one missing protein that replaces that information, these mice, all of them survive, as you can see in the green line.

And if you look at them, they not only survive, they’re actually growing. They’re gaining weight.

They look like they’re healthy, littermates. We’re hoping to start the clinical trials in the near future, and the idea is the same thing here. If you think about what it is we’re trying to do, we’ve taken information and our understanding of that information and how that information is transmitted in a cell, and we’ve taken on our understanding of medicine and how to make drugs. And we’re fusing the two. We think of it as information therapy. I started by telling you about Jonathan, and 30 years ago when I was a nurse in the intensive care unit, I worked two night shifts and Jonathan came in when he was about 12 months old and very quickly became dependent on a ventilator.

And for the next 15 months or so, every time I came into the unit, he was my patient to care for. You know, bathe, feed, treat, play with. He couldn’t talk, he was on a ventilator, but he was very much alive and you could tell you could play with him as I would follow me after a while, he would recognize me. Until one day I came into the unit for my shift and he was no longer there.

He had died because of an infection and between shifts. Imagine a world where we cannot just diagnose, but we can actually use the information to create vaccines to wake up the immune system to something like cancer and to fix the missing information for children with diseases like Jonathan so that they can live the ICU and live a healthy life.

CDC says vaccinated should STILL wear masks…


Face masks that contain graphene may pose health risks


Mandatory Vaccinations and Vaccine Passports


Rumble — The things revealed in this video are explosive. The Covid Vaccines will allow future coronaviruses to enter your body and multiply without resistance. Thus, when the Chinese Military weaponizes the next coronavirus EVERYONE VACCINATED WILL DIE.

This current mRNA vaccine is preparing the world for a mass DEATH EVENT when BILLIONS WILL DIE ALL WITHIN A FEW WEEKS. — This is their intent. All the Vaxx companies are infiltrated by Chinese Military Agents and are compromised to prepare this.

Dr. Merit explains the medicine behind the warfare method. And gives a lot of details about this new form of warfare.


And so let me just point out, we have never made it through an animal study successfully for this type of virus, we have never done this in humans before. At least we have maybe the Chinese haven’t all talked about that in a second. But that’s that’s why we don’t really have a track record of success. This vaccine was rolled out to distribution centers before they even made a show of caring about the FDA approving it. Do you realize that? I mean, it went out to poor distribution.

I know in Nebraska it was in the distribution center within days before the FDA even said they were going to approve it.

What do you get the sense that medicine is being weaponized against our freedom and that this coronavirus is being used to trample our rights? Well, you’re not alone today. We have a very special guest with us. Her name is Dr. Lee Merritt, and she’s got a bio that I could spend all half an hour on on her bio. I go through it real quick. She started her medical career at age four, doing house calls with her father. She’s a lifelong member of the Alpha Omega Alpha ONR Medical Society.

She’s the past president of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons, which is a wonderful, wonderful group of doctors. She’s a former board member of the Arizona Medical Association. And this bio is just incredible. Classically trained physician got her medical degree from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. She was an orthopedic spinal surgeon for twenty seven years, studied bio weapons, did her internship at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, in internal medicine.

And then she did residency in orthopedic surgery at San Diego Naval Medical Center. She spent 10 years as a military surgeon all over the place. She she was awarded the Lewis Goldstein Fellowship in spinal surgery, the only woman to have ever received that. And just incredible bio. She’s been a speaker at Doctors for Disaster Preparedness, a wonderful conference if you’re not familiar with it. And she is something of a free thinker. And so, Dr. Merritt, thank you so much for agreeing to be with us today.

Well, thank you. Thank you. It’s been an exciting week. I was in Washington, D.C. before this, so.

Oh, wow. I bet that was exciting.

So tell us a little bit about your thoughts on this, this covid and how it seems like it’s just the perfect excuse to take our ride, shut down our businesses, destroy our economy, overrule our personal bodily integrity. Now they’re saying we’re going to have mandatory vaccines. What are your thoughts on this covid? Is the virus? Does it really justify the level of hysteria we’ve seen and the massive expansion of government power that we’ve seen?

Well, the simple answer is no, it does not. And, you know, when I gave my talk in August that the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness, that the talk was sars-cov-2 and the rise of medical technocracy. Now, I had been asked to talk and I I had come up with an idea years before that literally I’d started thinking about a talk with them over the last couple of years because I go to the meetings periodically and my talk was on the weaponization of medicine.

The problem is by the time I actually was ready to give the talk, I had to change things so rapidly because they they did it. They did kind of what I thought, you know, and I really do believe we’re at war. We’re not we’re in an unconventional, unrestricted war, the kind that the military, Chinese generals talked about 30 years ago. And I’m not saying this is just coming from China, but but that’s the proximate military militarisation of this.

And my thought before I even before all this happened, when I was just theoretically thinking about this was, you know, warfare has changed over time. You know, we started just hitting each other over with clubs and then we went to setpiece battles and then we went, you know, we as Americans, we kind of pioneered guerrilla warfare, shooting behind trees. And the British thought that was unsportsmanlike and on and on. But but in our lifetime, what I call Military Conflict 4.0, and I made this up before I ever even heard people now talking about fifth generation warfare.

But that’s really what we’re talking about. 4.0 was when we were fighting, say, ISIS or the tower or al-Qaida. And you you knew maybe who the enemy was by the Geneva Convention. They appeared like a standing army. They had uniforms, they had training, they used group tactics and things. But you really weren’t one hundred percent sure who the enemy was because you don’t know who was funding them, who was sending them with weapons, who was really doing the training.

So there was plausible deniability. But what if you could take it the next step further? So what I what I’ve called what I’ve learned actually some other people have called warfare five point. What if you had a weapon that was so stealth that not only did you not know who the enemy was, you didn’t even know you were being attacked. So it looked like nature. OK, and that’s really what we’re in here, in my opinion, is that kind of scenario.

So what the. They’ve done and this is again my thinking about this, I didn’t read this anywhere, but I know about how this thing came about. One of the things I learned and I actually learned from a somewhat I figured this out, but then I was confirmed by a Taiwanese engineer on an airplane I was on one night and he said that they don’t listen. The reason they didn’t get hit badly with this virus, they figured it out right away is that they don’t listen to what the Chinese Communist Party propaganda, their news.

Listen, they don’t listen to them. What they do is they have a whole department that screens their social media. And when they see something get censored, they start looking at it. That that must be the truth. Now, that’s something that we should start appreciating here in America today. Wow. So so I’m going to tell you, I believed early on in February that this was a biologically manipulated bioweapon because the minute that anybody popped up with data suggesting that they were censored, you know, the old military pilot dictum that when you’re catching flack, you’re over the target.

So I believe that. And I think there’s a I we don’t have time to go into it. But I think there’s a host of evidence that shows coronavirus is a naturally occurring, very benign virus that doesn’t even give most people the cold, but the most to give you a common cold. Right. Doesn’t kill you, doesn’t make you very sick. But what they’ve done is it’s the transmission device. So think about how we were years ago when we first came into the nuclear age.

We couldn’t easily distribute nuclear weapons. We had to drop them from onto the Japanese cities of Peterschmidt, Nagasaki. So we had we just had to take them in a plane. But now we have the hard part is actually the guide guidance missile, the guidance missile technology. So in bio weapons, what we had is we had a lot of bio weapons over the years. And the one I was very worried about was smallpox. But some of these most of these bio weapons were either hard to distribute or there was treatment for them or something.

And the problem here is, is distribution. So here, like, remember, the anthrax thing came out in the envelopes. It went to Congress. It’s hard to distribute anthrax. It might be deadly to some people, but it’s hard to distribute. So let’s pick let’s make a missile. And the missile is coronavirus, which is a huge, highly transmissible, very small particle virus. It can’t be masked away. No matter what the propaganda is.

You can’t hide from it behind a plastic little screen that cost businesses too much money. It’s just incredibly transmissible, but it’s very benign. Now, add to that the basically the warhead and the warhead is a little protein that they tacked on that attaches to your E two pathway. And human beings have these two pathways that somewhat genetically determined. And when you when you put on this hook this what they call the spike protein, then it gets into these two pathways, which now is in your heart, in your lungs, in your testicle, in your brain.

It can kill you. Now, I believe what happened here is that weather and we can argue I kind of think it was let out purposely, but I can’t prove that it was either accidentally released or it was let out purposely. But whatever it happened when it first came out, like many viruses, I believe that it was it was worse. The first generation was more deadly, OK, so that it came out. It did kill a lot of people in which it did kill people in Lombardy.

I tell people, you know, there’s a problem when doctors are dying and doctors and nurses in Lombardy were dying. If we can’t save ourselves, we’re in trouble. That’s the time to go to your basement. Does help to go to your basement, but you can’t then go out to have a beer or go out and go to the grocery store. That’s that’s just shutting down people’s business for economic warfare. But real isolation, like against smallpox worked.

So anyway, it first came out the Lombardi, it went to New York that was probably first generation virus. And it did kill a bunch of people initially. But just like most viruses, almost all viruses that I know of, you know, as they pass to the human host, they get weaker. This is just an adaptive advantage. If you’re the Napoléon of viruses and you want to take over the world, you don’t want to kill every host you come across, you’re not going to spread.

So what you do is you become less, less deadly, more transmissible. And that’s what this has done over time. That’s my belief about the big picture here. But what happened is as soon as the sun came out, it became, you know, it’s very easy to piggyback onto things and weather, like I say, weather. If this was a planned release, then we’re talking about plan warfare. If it was an accidental release, then we’re talking about warfare that was piggybacked on to this accidental release, because what they’ve done is they’ve made it.

They’ve used it to create fear. And fear is an incredible psychological manipulator of populations. If I want to make everybody if I want to, they’ve taken a look at like you said, they’ve taken down our economy. They’ve taken they’re taking down our generation of children with these stupid masks. They’re damaging us in all sorts of ways. And it’s a sign up at this point because here’s the other thing we learned, and I don’t think they I don’t really think they expected us doctors like myself.

I mean, we had nothing to do. We were shut down. We were sitting at home. And what do we do? Our response is to study. And we learned lots of things. In fact, I found out that we had treatment for viruses probably going back into the nineteen late seventies. And so I graduated medical school in. Nineteen eighty, so I’m an old fart, but my son graduated much later, just recently, and he’s a general surgeon, I asked him, I said, have you ever heard in your entire medical education all the fellowship stuff you’re doing?

You ever heard we could treat viruses with Biola, with these antimicrobial agents? No, we never heard it called my friend in Florida, 40 year internal medicine professor, real medicine doctor. He said, you ever heard that we could treat viruses with some kind of antimicrobial agent? No, he never heard that. So this is the biggest lie. I tried to publish a paper called that, but they may be changed. The title is something I can’t remember, but it’s about the fact that they’ve lied to us for forty years about this treatment.

So here’s the big picture. If you have if you bring out a virus like this. You don’t need when we talk about vaccines and things, why do we have vaccines? We have vaccines because we didn’t have treatment for for smallpox. We didn’t. And it was a very deadly disease that made sense to have a vaccine. We didn’t have treatment for polio initially. So it made sense to have a vaccine. But this even without doing anything, this disease has a ninety nine point nine nine one percent chance of survival in last viral season.

I’ll call it a viral season because it really isn’t just a flu season anymore. But, you know, in the winter season, that’s what our last season. That’s what our horrible including New York and everything. That was the overall survival in the world as opposed to a standard viral flu season. It’s ninety nine point nine nine two percent. You see the big difference. So so, number one, it’s not that all, but number two, we actually have a treatment for this that works extremely well in spite of all the propaganda and the attempts to falsify the medical literature, which they’ve gotten caught at and the attempts to dis just dismiss anything they don’t agree with, we not we have treatment for it and it really does work.

So we don’t need to say why would they hide treatment? Well, I can come up with two reasons. One is that you’re sixty nine billion dollar vaccine industry goes to zero if you have an effective treatment for all these viral airborne diseases. Right. So mumps, measles, blah, blah, blah, it might help all of these. We don’t know completely yet because they need to be clear.

You’re talking about things like chloroquine hydroxy chloroquine. Right. And ivermectin there, probably others. These are called lysosomal tropica agents. And and I can tell you that my one of my friends called me he’s a he’s an anesthesiologist, but he’s trained in India initially. And and he was so excited. He called me in the middle of the night when we first kind of we heard about it before. Trump said that because it isn’t I first thought that they said, oh, they didn’t want to go along with us because Orangeman bad, they just didn’t want anything that Trump said was bad, but we actually knew about it beforehand and it’s much bigger than anything to do with Trump.

So he called me and he said, I think I know how these things work because he got out his old textbook of infectious disease and biochemistry basically from India and he figured it out and I said, OK, well, if that’s the way it works, we should be able to find other medications. And then I found the term lysosome atrophic agents, and I started looking for these. And it turns out there are a number of them. But the bottom line is, why don’t they want you to know?

Well, the sixty nine billion dollar vaccine industry goes to zero. But even more than that, if we are at bio warfare right now as a part of this multidimensional warfare, if you have a treatment in your back pocket, they cannot terrorize you with vaccines, I mean with viruses. And that’s important because even if the way they’ve made this experimental, it’s really not a vaccine. But whatever this thing is, you want to tell that they’re calling the Spizer vaccine, this Moderna vaccine, this RNA thing.

It doesn’t prevent transmission by their own admission, and even if it did, it is created to act on the on the warhead part of this deal, the despite protein. So next year, these guys and these bio weapons, which one of the other things I learned, sadly, is that there are these bioweapon errors all over the country and that we literally have funded them. We’ve literally funded think about this. We have funded a play virologist to come and work in our Army bio weapons lab.

That is the height of insanity or treason and the People’s Liberation Army for the folks out there, not familiar with the charge that is communist China.

Yeah, right. Right. I mean, it went under. The Clinton administration, by the way, it was completely illegal to have non-aligned foreign students. So if you were from Iran or in or someplace that was not one of our allies, you couldn’t even work in a biology lab that worked with lesser pathogens, you know, any pathogens that could be used as a as a bioweapon. So so suddenly we’ve gone from that stance under the Clinton administration to under the Obama administration actually funding Chinese communist virologists to work in our bio weapons lab.

It’s absolute insanity. But I found out that there are these guys we have more bio weaponeers than I than I anticipated I knew the Soviets had and they were probably around, but I didn’t realize how many were in the world. So they now get another little thing to go on this coronavirus. Now they got the missile technology. They can put whatever they want on there. And every year you’d have to have a different vaccine. So don’t think that even if you believe vaccine, this type of vaccine will work, which I don’t.

Even if you believe that it’s not a permanent solution. Viruses are all around us. They’re part of nature. We lived with them for millennia. We’ll live them over for them. Hopefully, if we survive, all this will live another few millennia with them. But, you know, we have to have a solution that doesn’t involve a vaccine of any kind and that we have those solutions. We have treatment and we have prevention. So not only is hydroxy chloroquine and chloroquine good for treatment, it’s good for prevention.

But the other thing is you can improve your own immune system through supplements. People, the big pharma doesn’t ever want you to do that. But there’s no question the I I was when I was sitting at home kind of getting mad and watching the computer, and I kept kicking the screen saying, you know, for all the billions of dollars we pay the CDC, why do they not drill down on the people getting really, really sick and dying?

Because have you noticed that there’s kind of a there was a bimodal distribution. There were people that were from, you know, walked away from this thing. Most people, 90 percent of 90 plus percent of people just they never really get sick with this. They get a little sick or they get a flu like they but they walk away from it. And then there’s a very small percentage of people that are in the ICU or dying. Who are those people?

Well, the CDC, for all that money, never looked at it or they didn’t tell us, but the Indonesians did. And they looked and they found out that it was almost the biggest. They looked at a bunch of different things. But the biggest, biggest thing is what your vitamin D level was. If it was above 30, your chance of being in the ICU was less than four percent of high of sick people in the hospital. So much less when you’re looking at the big population.

So the biggest thing people can do is get their vitamin D level up and the sun doesn’t do it. So that’s my big overall view of this thing. And I do think it’s part of a take down of America. That is absolutely fascinating, Dr. Martin, you know what’s funny, without being a medical professional, without having read all the literature, I was coming to similar conclusions just from from what I could discern from what was in the press.

So I want to drill down a little bit more on these vaccines. It’s a hot topic. Just yesterday, Biden, we’re reporting on Thursday, January was today, the 14th or the 15th and just the 14th that just yesterday Biden put out a tweet that he’s going to ensure that every American gets this vaccine and like, oh, that does that.

Do you have any concerns about the safety of the vaccine? And what I mean, would you recommend to your patients if you’re practicing to take that, what would you do? It depended on their risk profile. What do you think? I have lots of concerns, not the least of which is for the integrity and the moral turpitude of of the medical profession because, you know, we never force people to have a medical treatment. And no matter how you look at it, having a vaccine of any kind, whether it’s a flu vaccine or this is a medical treatment, nobody should be coerced or forced to have it.

And by the way, that’s what we hung the doctors after World War Two in Germany. But that principle for violating that principle and we shouldn’t be doing but the medical the safety thing is this. So I always tell people I’m not going to tell you whether to get a vaccine or not. You have to make your decision, but you should be allowed to have informed consent. And that is getting so bad that if you put up the package insert for a vaccine on your on your Facebook, you can get taken down.

So let’s just keep in mind here, we’re not getting informed consent here. We might think we are. We’re not. So if you look at the history of these vaccines, just real quickly, these are these are not these are experimental biologics. I don’t even like to call them vaccines because classically the how vaccines work is this. You grow a bunch of the pathogens. So let’s say it’s measles. You grow the measles in vatan eggs, and then you take a portion of that and you make it less strong.

You attenuate it, you make it weaker. And there’s different ways of doing that. And then you inject it into people and their own immune system sees that we can pathogen and then they react to it just enough that it puts it in their immunologic memory. And then when they’re exposed to it, the next time they memorize it and theoretically they can better respond. That’s what your real body does when it gets sick. You’re just without all this vaccination stuff, you get sick with the virus.

You get perfect lifelong immunity for the most part, and it’s over. So but how is this different? Well, this is not they’re not giving you a passage or a piece of a pathogen or a small piece with an adjuvant, which is a chemical that makes your immune system react more. What they’re doing is programming and RNA and RNA is a little piece of it’s it’s it’s like DNA, but it’s the messenger RNA. It’s what it’s what makes proteins in the body.

It’s kind of like a computer chip that you put into a 3D printer and then you tell it what you wanted to make and it print it out. Right. That we have that in engineering and this is the biologic equivalent. I make up, I make some RNA and it tells your body to produce certain things. Well, in this case, what they’ve done, they’ve made a piece of this marnay to create in every cell of your body that spike protein or at least part of it, and that spike protein, you’re actually creating the pathogen in your body.

So, you know, this is where it gets a little wishy about how much of that spike protein is actually being created. And I don’t know how to find that. I can’t find that. But I’m sure somebody knows. What happens is the problem, and this is the problem, and I’ll tell you what happened in the animal studies, there have been four different vaccines and three different animal studies that I know in ferrets in which the other cats with cats have a natural thing to coronavirus.

So it’s cats and ferrets. And I think something else, they started after SARS. They did cats and then after murres they did which it all coronavirus pathogens that are more deadly. And they they after murres, they tried it in ferrets is something else. And what happened is all the animals died wasn’t subtle, but they didn’t die of the vaccine. What they died from was called immune enhancement or antibody induced enhancement or antibody dependent enhancement. They call it AIDS.

But it’s it’s they used to call it immune enhancement. Here’s what happens. So they make the RNA. And so you’re getting ready with this. You get the vaccine and you do fine. All right. Now, you challenge the animal with the virus that you’re supposed to be immunized against. So when they charged, when they challenge those cats with with with SARS, what happened is instead of instead of killing the virus or weakening, what they did is you’re the stylised emotional response that they’ve built into your system, went out and coated the virus.

So the virus came into the human the cat’s body, like a Trojan horse unseen by the cats own immune system. And then it replicated without checking and killed the cat with overwhelming sepsis and cardiac failure. And that happened in the ferrets that happened every time they’ve tried this. And so let me just point out, we have never made it through an animal study successfully for this type of virus. We have never done this in humans before. At least we have.

Maybe the Chinese haven’t all talked about that in a second. But that’s that’s why we don’t really have a track record of success. This vaccine was rolled out to distribution centers before they even made a show of caring about the FDA approving it. Do you realize that? I mean, it went out to poor distribution. I know in Nebraska, it was in the distribution center within days before the FDA even said they were going to approve it. What I mean, I’ve never seen that happen before.

And the longest they’ve really followed people after the vaccines. Two months. Well, you see, that’s that’s not enough time to know that we won’t have that antibody enhancement problem. And I will make this military point. This is a perfect binary weapon. You could you could there you there’s no way I know exactly what that moron is programmed to, and neither do you or neither do most doctors. The doctors can’t get at that data. That’s the guys the guys at the very top of this project.

OK, they know, but we don’t know. They say it’s to the spike protein. But how do we prove it? We don’t know. So if I were China and I wanted to take down our military, that’s easy. I make this. I’m just do like we’ve seen happen. I make it prote. I make it to a something I something I could hook on to this coronavirus, like the spiked protein or something else, another protein.

And I just, I just make an MRI to that. But I know it doesn’t exist in nature, so nobody’s going to die from the vaccine. And then two years later, I released the whatever it is that I made, you see what I’m saying, the counterpart, and it causes this immune enhancement death. So it’s a delayed death. That’s what Binoy binary poisons are. They’re delayed. They’re I give you part one because I and then I can walk away and then you accidentally get in contact with part two and die and you can’t trace.

And that’s not a hypothetical threat.

The fact that there was a leak of members of the Communist Chinese Party out of Shanghai and there was hundreds of them working in Pfizer and AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline, the companies that were making these vaccines, that is absolutely terrifying.

But we’re going to trust them right now that they’re acting in our best interests. Where do we go from here, Doctor?

Married in the last few minutes that we have left, what are your concerns about what’s coming on the horizon? I’ve talked to doctors. They’ve said maybe we’re coming up to a covid twenty, twenty one. Some variation of this they’ve talked about. This coronavirus mutation is now supposed to be 70 times more virulent. I don’t even know what that means. I don’t know how you how you measure this. Well, I can tell you.

Yeah, that’s actually what they’re that’s the one from Britain. Don’t even worry about that. Just just chump change. What they’re saying is it’s more transmissible. That’s like saying I was just going ninety five on the freeway, but now I’m going to go ninety seven. OK, don’t worry about that. Transmissibility we don’t care about this is so transmissible it’s making a little bit worse. It’s not going to be the problem. Lethality is what you’re worried about and that’s what we’re not talking about that now.

They could come out with something else. But again, if you come out with something that’s based on these airborne viruses like Corona, we pretty much have a treatment, which is the hydroxy chloroquine or the ivermectin. So why are they trying so hard? So they’re they’re what we need to do is we need to take back our world from the from the virology bad boys by having a supply of. Of ivermectin hydroxy Clerck when available now notice that, too.

What’s the chances to hydroxy chloroquine? Plants burn down and they say, oh no, they weren’t hydroxy chloroquine plants. No, they made the precursors to hydroxy chloride one. Right. So, you know, you’re being lied to at every turn. But what we need to do is we need to stand up. Now, I’m I’m proud to say, Governor Rickets in Nebraska. He’s one of the five governors who’s not not restricted to hydroxy chloroquine in any way, shape or form.

We need to everybody needs to pay their governor to stop signing this stuff that’s being brought to us by the medical universities. They’re all being paid by Fouche in the NIH. Let’s get over this and let’s give your people the ability to defend themselves. This is like saying, OK, we’re going to have missiles incoming, but you can’t build sand sandbags. You can’t have a basement, you can’t have a bomb shelter. No, that’s not right. You should be able to have a defense doctor should be aware of the defense.

We’ve got to quit lying about the defense and we need to tell people there are five or six things. I have a little covid kit in my office. It’s Nasse, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, selenium and corseted six things. And if you do that, you can improve your immune response and your immune and your own ability to fight this off and not get terribly sick. It’s possible that they are going to come around with more dangerous things, though, in the future, and then we need more than that.

So that’s why we have to we have to we have to get the truth out. People have to push around the the news that we have treatment and patients are getting it, which is sad. Patients are afraid to go to hospitals because they know they’re not going to get the right treatment. That is sad. But doctors and I would just make this point to doctors. I get it. If you’re in training and you can’t speak out, you’re stuck.

You’re not I don’t fault you. I do fault everybody above that. The people that are taking the money from Foushee, the people that are taking the money from the NIH that are willing to take that money and push them, does a beer and kill people, not because necessarily killing them when one does severe, but they’re killing them by omitting treatment early on is outpatient. That works. And the doctors below those that are out of training, they have to make a moral decision here because you can’t we should be prophylaxis people in nursing homes.

We could be saving lives for five dollars a week. We can be saving a lot of these old people, but they don’t want to. Those are those are what they’re considered kind of not contributory to society. That’s where the Nazis went with this. People that are not worthy of living. We have to get over that because you guys, the doctors that are making the choice to to be quiet because, yeah, they got a mortgage, they got two kids, and they don’t want to lose their university salary.

It’s time to rethink your position. I think everybody needs to in the medical community. We need to man up and be honest here. Then the information’s out there. Don’t tell me there’s no evidence they’re lying to you about the evidence. If you really make any effort on the Internet, you can find the evidence. And if not, you can go to the I’m a front line doctor. You can go to America’s front line doctors offloads dot com.

You can go to the American Bar Association, AAPS online dot org. The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and many other organizations are speaking up now. Excellent, Doctor Mary, that’s the last thing I was going to ask you, any final websites that people should visit, the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons, which is a phenomenal group, the front line doctors, any other groups and any parting words of wisdom for us, Dr. Merritt?

Well, there’s the Berrington declaration. And I mean, there’s just so much on there. If you just kind of go to alternative sites, sort Dorgan out, has lots of good articles. I would say if you want to get out of the pandemic right now, it’s really easy. You turn off your TV, you take off your mask, you reopen your business and you live your life. You hug your relatives, you go see your old old relatives and you have neighborhood parties.

Because let me tell you, we cannot live in a basement. Even if you think masks work, don’t do this to your children. How many decades you going to do this live? Every winter. Every year in a mask. Bernau on? No, not doing a man mask in a room.

And you know what, Dr. Maria, thank you so much for spending some time with us. Thank you for sharing your incredible insights, folks. As Dr. Lee Merritt, please share this video out. You know, just as well as I do, is probably not going to be up on YouTube very long or on Facebook. So, guys, get this out, send it to your friends, to your relatives, to your mailing list shared on alternative social media platforms.

This information is absolutely critical, folks. Lives are on the line. Our freedom may be on the line. So help get this information out, visit those websites and share it with everybody you know. Dr. Merritt, thank you once again, folks. Thank you for watching. And God bless you all.


Australia burning up from Climate change? Nope!

Israel vaccinations

Maybe so but the fear of the risk of prion disease with this virus and or the mRNA vaccines are serious.

And the direct deaths from the vaccine are also downplayed I think.

Vaccination in Israel: Challenging mortality figures?
Feb 18, 2021

Hot Off the Press: Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Admits Israel Is the ‘World’s Lab.’
Feb 27, 2021

The results of this Pfizer-Israeli experiment aren’t necessarily encouraging. Though it may be possible, as some studies suggest, that most vaccinated people have at least short-term protection from Covid-19, no one can deny the astonishing fact that in just 8 weeks of mass vaccination the total number of Covid-19 deaths in the Jewish State almost doubled from the number accumulated in the prior ten months.

Since Israel morphed into a nation of Guinea pigs, a virus that used to prey on the elderly and those with severe health issues has now changed its nature completely. After just 2 months of a ‘successful’ mass vaccination campaign, 76% of new Covid-19 cases are under 39. Only 5.5% are over 60. 40% of critical patients are under 60. The country has also detected a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases amongst pregnant women, with more than a few in critical condition. In the last few weeks, new-born Covid-19 cases saw a large 1300% spike (from 400 cases in under two-year-olds on November 20 to 5,800 in February 2021).

The evidence collected in Israel points at a close correlation between mass vaccination, cases and deaths. This correlation points at the possibility that it is the vaccinated who actually spread the virus or even a range of mutants that are responsible for the radical shift in symptoms above.

The following collection graphs point at the undeniable correlation between mass vaccination and an exponential surge in Covid-19 cases and deaths. The spike in cases is often detected just 2-3 days after the launch of the mass vaccination campaign.

Death Rates Skyrocket in Israel Following Pfizer Experimental COVID “Vaccines”
Mar 01, 2021

Are More People Being Harmed by the Pfizer Experimental “Vaccine” than from COVID? Israeli Population Now the World’s Lab Rats Sold Out to Pfizer

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