Yasha Ahayah Bible Scriptures (YABS)

More websites built!






Also working with Paul in Australia building a KEY for converting modern Hebrew into Paleo Hebrew.

Built a new website! Two new translations coming along!

Built a site dedicated to the false rapture dogma;


Also have made progress in the translation of the Yasha Ahayah Scriptures into Portuguese and Tagalog (Philippines). They are starting to compile Genesis and Exodus. So progress has been made from my team.

I hope these groups of compilers will help finish the job as I would like to see the word reach other countries.

Built a new website


Built a new site. Bought a presentation application called Slidebeam so that I can make a video on why the Letter J and Jesus is NOT his name.

Also bought an online photoshop like tool called YouZign which will be helpful in making youtube previews and Facebook image posts. I bought a lifetime deal on both tools, so while expensive they still fit the budget.

Amazon.com has sold out of the YASAT!

I built 36 new mobile friendly sites to have advertising for the second edition Yasha Ahayah Scriptures. Sales the past 3 months has almost matched Christmas time selling, which is good. The YASAT has sold out and people have been buying books for $300+ a copy. Today I put at the bottom of the websites, the first edition YABS Yasha Ahayah Bible Scriptures, with also a link to my Store where they can buy a YASAT for $150USD. A sale came in on my Ahayah.com site, so everything appears to be fixed from the Attacking crash posted earlier.

I can now start focusing on building new websites, now that the basics are done.

Invested in 2 advertising campaigns for 3 months, to see if they can help wake up the masses. The advertising campaigns were cheap, so hopefully this will help spread the word.

Ahayah.com under attack

My storage on my legacy sites reached the limit, an error log file would grow by 10% a day! I finally rebuilt https://ahayah.com it was a 3am ordeal. Amazon is no longer selling the YASAT, so hopefully they will bring in stock soon, or people will buy from my Ahayah.com store.

Sales for the next 3 months have been doing well, not quite as well as the holiday season, but well enough that its my second highest commission. The investment into new domains to advertise the Yasha Ahayah Scriptures has so far paid off.

I’m still working full time through this whole Coronovirus Pandemic. More people die from Cancer etc, then through this whole new plague, I think its designed to crash economies. I have now 2 houses up for sale at a time when most Canadians cannot afford to be buying a new home during lockdown. My sister does not want to rent them out because she knows they could just get busted up and the tenants don’t have to pay rent for as long as this lockdown is to happen for.

I knew the Coronovirus and cheap oil would crash the markets

Nearly half of Canadians on the brink of insolvency, survey finds


Forty-nine per cent of Canadians believe they are teetering on the brink of insolvency, according to the latest MNP Consumer Debt Index published Monday.

We were already worried about the debt levels of Canadians and the situation has gotten worse. Since December, Canadians have become more worried about their consumer debt than ever before. Almost half (46 per cent) are worried, according to data compiled by Ipsos on behalf of MNP Ltd. earlier this month. That is a 10-point jump since December and the highest level recorded since the insolvency firm began tracking in 2017.

About half of those surveyed said they are $200 or less away from not being able to pay their monthly bills. This number includes the 25 per cent who say they are already unable to meet their debt obligations. As more households lose their income, anxieties are only going to mount. Thirty-four per cent surveyed said they were worried about job security.


Here Comes The Next Crisis: Up To 30% Of All Mortgages Will Default In “Biggest Wave Of Delinquencies In History”


And unfortunately this time the crisis will be far worse, because as Bloomberg reports mortgage lenders are preparing for the biggest wave of delinquencies in history. And unless the plan to buy time works – and as we reported earlier there is a distinct possibility the Treasury’s plan to provide much needed liquidity to America’s small businesses may be on the verge of collapse – an even worse crisis may be coming: mass foreclosures and mortgage market mayhem.


Americans will be $60,000 more in debt for getting $1200 COVID assistance!

The biggest wealth transfer in History!!!


Haven’t written much since the Coronovirus hit. Been glad that I’m out of debt, own my own house, working full time etc. Glad I bought some great domains to spread the word, wish I still had my silver, but you can’t have everything.

Here is a good video which will explain what we will be going through. Canada half of the country is out of work and looking to get a handout by the government. The government has never had such a large part of the population on unemployment, its going to bankrupt the country, or get people used of getting a handout like communism does and eventually receive the Mark of the Beast.

My sister invested another $20K ($40K total) of my funds at the height of the stock market. It would not have been my move, but there is nothing I can do about it. The losses were high but the FED is trying to re-inflate the debt bubble. Russia and Saudi Arabia will be buying things on lows while they dump oil on the market during this slowdown.

I have turned off reinvesting in LendingLoop and am starting to raise CASH.

I get another royalty commission in April. I was going to buy another year of domain renewals, some art supplies and maybe $500 in silver. Right now hard supply of silver is drying up, with the shutdowns https://silvergoldbull.ca/1oz-various-silver-round

On paper silver has crashed, but supply is dwindling

I sold my silver to buy premium website domains to spread the word. Today on the markets silver has crashed, but the availability of buying coins supply has decreased substantially with a 20 day delay in deliveries. I’m happy that I got the domains, only problem is I wanted my physical silver/gold to avoid the Mark of the Beast. I’m out of debt and there is increasing scripture royalties coming in soon.

Silver price crash;


But supply is decreasing rapidly as I expected;


As of March 16th they are OUT OF STOCK on the cheap physical coins.

Physical silver has not dropped in price, as I expected. I had been waiting for 10 years or so to get Catholic.icu etc. website domain as all others were taken. In the very end silver will be thrown in the streets, but likely silver will in the short term be worth lots. In Venezuela when there was a crash an ounce of silver would buy 6 months of food! Real silver is holding its value, so is Gold. People whom buy on margin are likely getting margin calls. LOL

Lots of wild market swings. I’d hate to be in debt right now. Someone is trying to buy up the world and we all know whom that is. I’m happy I live in a small town/city where I can walk to get everything I need. I may buy some more bags of rice which is cheap just to have food in case there is a lockdown. I just bought a small bag, so I’m good for a week or so. I personally think the virus scare is overblown, I’m not afraid of dying knowing the Name of the creator and His Son. I also know bananas, garlic, onions, chocolate, coffee and other herbs and green vegetables along with a zinc lozenge can help prevent a virus from causing too much sickness. I don’t use any soaps that are antibacterial, with Bitrex etc, so the natural good bacteria will help develop a resistance to the coronovirus.

Decided to offer a 30 day money back guarantee on the Yasha Ahayah Scriptures PDF and was up to 3am adding it to the websites. The PDF’s are a pain to make, but hesitant people will get the research and clean word, while still buying the truth (proverbs 23:23). Book sales are doing well, so the word is getting out there. Web hits on the newer .icu domains are spiking at points quite well, I’m happy with the Lifetime investment in GroovePages and acquiring the website domains. Time to spread the WORD! People could use CLEAN WORD to have their prayers answered.

I may have to look into buying paper silver and looking into how much it costs to convert those shares back into physical silver. I may have to open an account with ScotiaBank etc. just to make the trade. I’m not in a hurry to get it, as delivery will take a while, its just nice to own some of Ahayah’s currency.

Posted some research on Catholic.icu

Updated the site with research fellow Yasha Ahayah Believers feel about Rome.

My research on how the Catholics with their Clemintine Vulgate were adding other Gods, idols and men see;


HelpDesk support added to .icu domains

Got all the Yasha Ahayah advertising .icu websites updated with HelpDesk support, now I just have to finish adding corporate quality video streaming to the webpages, then I can start building more sites.

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There are plenty more terms in the scriptures that are PAGAN (SATANIC) which you use everyday.

Reading CLEAN SCRIPTURES will help train you to follow the REAL CREATOR & HIS wishes!

Only the YASHA AHAYAH SCRIPTURES fixes all the pagan idols and false GODS, so that you follow and worship the REAL CREATOR & HIS wishes!

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