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Slowly turning black into white

100 years of climate data DELETED from Canadian government policy report

link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FP7q86hzbc

Deanna Unruh Sorsdahl was in Melfort this Summer!

I found out today that Deanna was in the city of Melfort this summer, yet she did not try to contact me so that I could see Elayna (Ahlayna in Paleo Hebrew). She had moved to British Columbia and with that distance knew it was almost impossible to see her. Its been 8 long years since she left me and has not given me any access to see Elayna at all. I have only had one photo for 8 years and 2 new ones this year (likely old photos). It is not fair that I don’t get to see my daughter, considering I’m still paying child support after settling out of court for $30,000 given to Deanna. That might explain why I saw a POF.com profile of Deanna in Melfort saying she was separated?

Since I have not been able to see my daughter, the only thing I can focus on is slowly building my wealth. It is a painfully slow process, no one likes going without but that is the only way to save. Slow growth, but you have to plan for the long term. Someday I will see her and when the time comes I will have something built up to show her or help her with.

Scripturally I have found the truth and published it in the Yasha Ahayah Bible Scriptures. When Deanna left me she put a corrupted NIV Bible under my pillow. She wanted me to learn and the more reading I did the more I found out what Deanna was doing was unscriptural. She is a Menstealer, she stole my daughter, did not allow me to help choose a name and left and stopped all communication. I don’t know why she hasn’t talked to me after I have uncovered the truth to the Trinity (invented my a man Tertuallian), found the truth of the word in the KJV and am a firm believer in our creator Ahayah. She wanted me to accept Trinity, wanted me to leave the house I bought. My friend was under the same circumstances and he left his house, the RCMP came when he tried going back in the house, and his girlfriend ended up owning his house as part of the “settlement”. Nothing of todays laws follow the Holy scriptures. Its tough, but there isn’t anything I can do.

Global warming? The SUN is cooling off!

The current solar cycle began January 4, 2008, and appears to be headed toward the lowest level of sunspot activity since accurate recordkeeping began in 1750!


Years ago I prayed to Ahayah and Yasha for cooler weather. Looks like my prayers were answered and this global warming religion will hopefully end.

Nitrogen kills the Climate Religion Cult!

scientists have just discovered a massive previously unknown source of nitrogen that could turn the Global Warming nonsense on its head.

This new discovery may dramatically change those dire global warming forecasts that are now a religion.

The findings were published in the prestigious Journal Science, whereby the previous eco-science assumed the only source of nitrogen was the atmosphere. Scientists recently discovered that the planet holds vast storehouses of nitrogen, which is essential for plant life, in its bedrock.

Climate scientists have long known that plants offset some of the effects of climate change by absorbing and storing CO2. But climate scientists assumed that the ability for plants to perform this function was limited because the availability of nitrogen in the atmosphere was limited.


Bought a book called Everyday Millionaires

According to a study from Spectrem Group’s 2017 Market Insights Report,

there are almost 11 million millionaires in the United States today. That’s more

millionaires than ever before. That same report, though, shows the number of

people living paycheck to paycheck is on the rise, with one in three unable to

cover a $2,000 emergency with cash. You may be surprised to learn that even

some affluent two-income households are struggling to make ends meet too.

What’s going on here? How are there more millionaires than ever before and

more people living paycheck to paycheck than ever before at the same time?

What do the millionaires do that everyone else doesn’t? That’s exactly what we

set out to discover.


Since it is boring saving a small amount each month for investment, I figured a book on becoming a millionaire might help especially with the magic of compound interest.

I thought you might like a book on research into Millionaires and how anyone can get there. A lot of millionaires whom lost their wealth have found ways to get back there. This book might help you, it is from a Christian Dave Ramsey foundation.I just bought the book to read myself, as my goal is to also save a million.

There Has Been Just One Buyer Of Stocks Since The Financial Crisis

This was taken from the article;


It shows that corporations have been buying stocks while consumers have not. As the population gets older pensions will continue to sell off shares.

I don’t know when a crash will occur in the market. There has been an inverted yield signalling a market downturn. The world banks are going into negative interest rates as well. Even though its been less then a month, my 20K TFSA is already up $400! Since I am out of debt and saving CASH each month I can afford to take risks. I hold $13K in Cash to buy on a market crash, that or fix something in the house if it breaks.

My sister Kathy is handling my investments. I will continue to buy each month or save up cash for a year and then invest. Consumers might be missing a lot of growth even after a 10 year bull market run up. Only time will tell. The one thing is for sure, consumers have missed out on 10 years of gains in the market. My time was spent getting out of debt and building the scriptures.

Buying gold and silver is also a good thing to do. My fellow Brother has been building a great Shimatah list which shows historically the important scriptural and news events leading up to the “end times” http://walkinthelight.ca/Timeline.pdf

There may not be much time left to get your house in order. So the stock market may continue to go up as corporations own more and more of themselves.

Divorce My Wife Because She’s Overspending? I did not get a choice, an answer was handed to me.

99% of the youtube comments said the man should divorce her. You can read the comments here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMfO_-XYXh0 I like this video because the man makes a similar income (not great). In my case Deanna divorced me, I didn’t have a choice, she took our child and moved to British Columbia. She took a $30K settlement out of court and we are done.

When making monthly payments on the house and groceries it came out of “my rental income money”. Deanna’s money and income playing and teaching piano was kept to herself, I don’t know what she did with her full time income. When she pressed for divorce the $30K settlement was enough to pay all her student loans, car loans etc., so I don’t know how she is doing now financially.

Financially I am out of debt, paid off 3 houses and just put $20K in a TFSA this year, with 13K CASH in case a furnace breaks or a roof needs replacing as I have no credit cards. Deanna really put a lot of pressure on me to accept “Trinity”, which after 5 years of solid research was invented by a man “Tertullian”. I could have spent those 5 years making more of an income, but being married into a Pastors family and having a near death experience means my responsibility to find the TRUTH was of upmost importance. Now that I found this little known truth and Yasha and Ahayah, it is my duty to the FATHER and SON to spread the TRUTH.

I’m well educated and that 5 year research window could have been spent making a better income, but I was charged with finding the Truth. I have now spent more years finding and building a Holy set of scriptures. I did not want to risk my soul accepting Trinity to make Deanna happy and now I know its a false pagan term made by a man and not Holy at all. Now that I’m 52, my goal is to continue to work my full time job and save what I can, with what I make. There simply isn’t time to go chasing higher paying jobs, this last year my income will jump quite a bit from my union seniority and at least the job is stable and matches pension plan savings.

I will continue to work full time paying child support and saving what I can. I am also working on making a line of t-shirts with the holy name of Ahayah and Yasha so that others can easily spread the word and the truth. Hopefully this balance of saving money, working full time and spreading the truth is the right balance in Life.

I tried contacting Deanna to thank her for posting 2 old but new to me images of Ahlayna (Elayna), she deleted her ad that said she was “separated” and did not reply to my email thanking her for the photos and educating her on why Elayna was a bad name chosen by her as I have known the day she gave it to her. I don’t log into POF.com but I know she does quite a bit, so she has been looking for another man. I wanted to call my daughter Sarah and did not get a choice on the name chosen, but I will call her Ahlayna because at least that is Paleo Hebrew fix and does not use “EL” or Satan in her name.

My goal now is to simply practice good spending habits, save some money for when Ahlayna is older and be there to teach her the WORD and sound money practices, by showing her what I have learned.

Must watch video less then 2 minutes long!

The Truth About Carbon Dioxide and Global Temperature

Jay Lehr, an internationally renowned speaker, scientist, and author, explains just how insignificant anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions are with regards to global temperature https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNd0HEvFWLs

Climate change the new phlogiston theory

A friend sent me this email. That example would work for many things, including the correct name of the Creator. There are lot’s of Phlogiston type beliefs out there.

For almost a century it was thought flammable materials burned because they contained a colourless, odourless, tasteless substance called phlogiston. Phlogiston is a nonexistent chemical that, prior to the discovery of oxygen, was thought to be released during combustion. In this theory of combustion, all flammable objects were supposed to contain a substance called phlogiston, which was released when the object burned. When loopholes were identified in this theory they were patched up with new variations and new terms – such as assuming that phlogiston had negative weight! And objections were consistently countered with new information.

The phlogiston theory received strong and wide support throughout a large part of the 18th century until it was refuted by the work of Lavoisier, who revealed the true nature of combustion and the role of oxygen. He reasoned that oxygen had gone into the burning substance (rather than phlogiston coming out). At this time experiments switched from purely observational efforts to quantitative analysis that tried to measure changes and reactions without giving in to notions of fancy expanded from what the eyes alone observed.

Phlogiston teaches us that just because a theory is widely accepted among scientists, is believed to explain all the evidence, and reigns supreme for a long time, does not mean that it is true. Phlogiston seemed to explain so much. But it was wrong. False theories such as ‘climate change’ are propagated today. If ‘climate change’ is real, why do thousands of the ‘elite’ continue to live on the oceans?

More info:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phlogiston_theory

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