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Residents Do not Want Corona Vaccines Can Go to Prison

It looks like a fine of $7000USD, that or jail term of 1 year. I’d rather face jail, then get the vaccine.

Revelation 14: 9 And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,
10 The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of A’HâYâH, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the Qadash (Holy) angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:
11 And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.
12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of A’HâYâH, and the faith of Yâsha’.
13 And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Master from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.
14 And I looked, and behold a white cloud, and upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of Adam, having on his head a golden crown, and in his hand a sharp sickle.
15 And another angel came out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud, Thrust in thy sickle, and reap: for the time is come for thee to reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe.

The vaccine is a possible Mark of the Beast, so it’s best to refuse it at all costs.

Gocc has done videos which show that Right hand in Greek also means right Arm


CNN Indonesia | Monday, 11/01/2021 04:06 WIB
Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej said there were criminal sanctions for people who did not want to be injected with the corona vaccine. Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej said there were criminal sanctions for people who did not want to be injected with the corona vaccine. (ANTARA PHOTO / JOJON).
Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej said there were criminal sanctions for people who did not want to be injected with the corona vaccine . Because, covid-19 vaccination is mandatory.
Edward stated that the criminal sanction could be in the form of a fine up to imprisonment, or even both at once. This refers to Law (UU) Number 6 of 2018 concerning Health Quarantine.

Article 93 of Law Number 6 of 2018 states that every person who does not comply with the administration of health quarantine or obstructs the administration of health quarantine can be sentenced to a maximum imprisonment of one year or a maximum fine of Rp100 million.

See also: Increasing 9,640 Cases, Positive Covid-19 to 828,026 People
“So when vaccines are mandatory, then if there are citizens who do not want to be vaccinated, they will be subject to criminal sanctions. It could be a fine, could be imprisoned, it could be both,” said Edward in the National Webinar: Legal Studies, Citizen Obligations to Take Vaccinations, Saturday (9 / 1).

However, this criminal law is the last resort. This means that this is done after other law enforcement has failed.

“This means that socialization from doctors and medical personnel is important to create public awareness,” said Edward.

According to him, the government and medical personnel can disseminate the importance of covid-19 vaccination. Thus, there is awareness from the public to want to be vaccinated.

“Without any coercive measures, law enforcement in the context of the crime does not need to be done,” said Edward.

Breaking News LA Requires Vaccination For Students Returning To Class

Banned video of Trump on Twitter

FALSE FLAG CONFIRMED: “Viking” who stormed the Capitol Building previously photographed at BLM rally wearing the same outfit


You can see the woman get shot here;https://banned.video/

I know your pain, I know you’re hurt. We had an election that was stolen from us. It was a landslide election and everyone knows it, especially the other side. But you have to go home now. We have to have peace. We have to have law and order. We have to respect our great. People in law and order, we don’t want anybody hurt. It’s a very tough period of time. There’s never been a time like this where.

Such a thing happened where they could take it away from all of us, from me, from you, from our country. This was a fraudulent election, but we can’t play into the hands of these people. We have to have peace, so go home. We love you. You’re very special. You’ve seen what happens. You see the way others are treated that are so bad and so evil. I know how you feel, but go home and go home.


Why Was Founder Of Far-Left BLM Group Filming Inside Capitol As Police Shot Protester?


Moderna describes what they inject for a vaccine is an “operating system.”


Altering Human Genetics Through Vaccination


It’s a biological construct called coronavirus out of the Middle East and the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. It’s made its way into Europe to a certain extent, and eventually because of, you know, air travel, it will reach around the world. And it’s another example of where inoculations or vaccines are being derived or you’re trying to drive for. That, again, I always like to go all the way to the end. What’s the purpose? What’s the goal? If you have a man made a man made or engineered virus?

Why was it created? Is it simply just to kill people? Well, that’s one part of it. But if you go further and you go deeper than that, it is to get people to demand a vaccine, a shot, if you will. Why would if you’re in a position of control, of power, of ultimate power. Why would you want people to demand a vaccine? Well, it’s because something’s in the vaccine that you want people.

To then have as a part of their body what is in the vaccine that you want everybody to have inside their body? It is a DNA manipulated modifier. I mentioned earlier third strand DNA. There is already you can find this one here now in existence, the third strand of DNA constructed. So, again, we go back to the silicon chip and computers. The third strand is made of silicon and is also coated in gold. If you talk about nanotechnology and nano layers, this is extremely thin coating gold down to a billionth of a millimeter of gold that is coating the silicon from which you are building the third strand of DNA.

The purpose of the gold is to increase the surface area around the Strand so that more information can be digitally imparted. Reprogram you’re essentially what you’re doing is you’re creating a third strand of DNA. You are transferring that. We’re importing it into a person’s body through a vaccine that that person is demanding because they’re afraid of contracting the virus or avian flu or whatever it may be. And so the government, if you will, or the powers that be set back and they kind of chuckle when they say, well, we couldn’t force people.

To take this vaccine or to take this hidden third strand of DNA, they rebelled against it. But if we create the problem and present the solution, people will demand the solution. Thus, we achieve our ultimate goal of having this DNA in every person changed. Let’s go deeper. What’s the goal? What’s the purpose? Yeah, you go around, change everybody’s DNA, what do they become, they become a hybrid. The insidious part of this is that once a person is injected almost immediately, their DNA undergoes transformation.

Almost immediately. They lose all awareness of the fact that they’ve lost their independence, their ability to think on the right to make decisions and to affect them on a moral level, their moral independence, their beliefs, religious, moral, ethical, legal, all of those go away. If you remove the independent thought and that awareness that you’ve lost, your independence is gone. What then do the powers that be do with these new forms of human hybrids?

They can control them, they can turn them into a surf class. That’s you are surfers, SARS, a class of slaves to serve the elite, to serve the reoccurs wells of the world who want to achieve immortality. But they need to have labor to manufacture, develop all of the technologies and they have enough technologies. Now, the technology, the scientific world, if you will, has reached the level where they don’t care about fighting it anymore.

Their agenda is so far advanced, both politically, philosophically, their sense of morals and technologically, that no longer are they worried about you and me as the surf class and the coming surf class. They’re not worried about what we think. They’re not worried about us rebelling. And in fact, we want Rebelle partly because right now we’ve been so dumbed down through a variety of mechanisms. But once people demand the virus and they truly are dumb down to where they’ve lost that awareness, that something’s happening to me now, they can do what they want with us.

They are achieving what I call the hive mentality, like a beehive. Worker bees, soldier bees serving the queen, the queen, in my estimation, is this elite class that’s in power and it’s not the politicians forget the politicians. This has nothing to do with Republicans, Democrats, Tea Party libertarians. It has nothing to do with political structure or classes. It has to do with the small group that is in control and has been in control since ancient times.

“New world order pledged to Jews” 80 years ago


New World Order based on the ideals of “justice and peace.”

For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. Matthew 5:18

The entire world is being run with voted laws (Serpents Laws). Roman Ship Laws, common laws.

Women are “menstealers” (1 TIMOTHY 1:10) taking children from men and extracting divorce payment(s). It’s to be the man who submits a letter of divorce, not women causing divorce for money. Broken relationships with Churches playing only rock music and light on scripture. They want a world where the woman who was deceived by Satan to rule. We live in a world now where both man and woman work jobs and still can’t make ends meet. Robots will free up even more labor with time.

Current Israel does not follow Torah law, they follow Voted Laws! (Serpents Laws).

That is why I’m building the Yasha 𐤀𐤄𐤉𐤄 A’HâYâH Scriptures in many languages, to help teach the Torah Law and the true names of the Creator/Son. It seems the current goal of the New World Order is to prove that the Messiah is a liar! The current power structure seems bent on building a New World Order with Satan’s laws.

The Harvest Is Plentiful, the Laborers Few. Matthew 9:35-38

Most Major Western Media Outlets Take Private Dinners, Sponsored Trips From Chinese Communist Front

A host of corporate media outlets including CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and MSNBC have participated in private dinners and sponsored trips with the China-United States Exchange Foundation, a Chinese Communist Party-funded group seeking to garner “favorable coverage” and “disseminate positive messages” regarding China, The National Pulse can reveal.

Other outlets involved in the propaganda operation include Forbes, the Financial Times, Newsweek, Bloomberg, Reuters, ABC News, the Economist, the Wall Street Journal, AFP, TIME magazine, LA Times, The Hill, BBC, and The Atlantic.-

Learn More:


This is who’s seven and the world is a stage. Set this for some time, but when you start to see some of the examples, it becomes clear when we take a look here at what’s happening with our Western media that has sold us out anyway.

Controlled by politician, lobbyists and other interests, we can now see the China stepped into the fray. And not only have they stepped into the fray and they started to take out all these different people in wine and dine them, but they have this whole group, it is a Chinese Communist Party funded group. It is called the China United States Exchange Foundation.

And they are the ones who created it. And they back it in pushing because they seek favorable coverage in the media of China. Trying to remove anything negative on China out of the media. Now, some of you were going to be surprised to hear that your favorite outlet is involved here. Others are not going to be shocked to hear some of these names. In terms of this, they say that other outlets involved in the propaganda in this whole operation includes.

Forbes’. The Financial Times. Newsweek. CNN, The New York Times, Bezos is Washington Post. MSNBC. Bloomburg. Reuters, ABC News. The Economist. The Wall Street Journal. AFP, Time magazine with its horns, L.A. Times, The Hill, BBC in the Atlantic that rounds it out. And that’s that’s a lot. There is a lot that are wining and dining with the Chinese. And you don’t think that this isn’t a world stage and we have been sold out, wake up, going to break this down further on the next livestream, make sure to join me Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9:00 p.m. Eastern over on Delord.

Make sure to hit that subscribe button as well here on YouTube, because a lot of people are complaining they’re not getting notifications. We also find a link to parler below much love.

WHO chief scientist, not confident vaccines prevent transmission

Even people who have received the vaccine could infect others, Dr. Soumya Swaminathan warns


Less than half of French want Covid vaccine: poll


Swiss Patient Dies Shortly After Receiving Pfizer COVID Vaccine


In Saskatchewan, the first wave of COVID-19 caused about fifty deaths out of 1.1 million people. In the second wave, the total still is about 150 deaths out of 1.1 million people. In other words, one death from a new vaccine is too high and not worth the risk!

Red Cross chief urges vaccine ‘fake news’ fight


Frankie says “In Wisconsin a pharmacist was arrested for saving over 500 lives by destroying the so-called Moderna vaccine!”

Wisconsin hospital worker arrested for spoiled vaccine doses


“I’m Choosing The Risk Of Getting COVID”: Over Half Of Health Care Workers At California Hospitals Refuse Vaccinations

California’s health workers are refusing to take the new COVID-19 vaccines – with over half of frontline workers at one hospital unwilling to take it, and between 20% and 50% of workers at other facilities who feel the same, according to the Los Angeles Times.


UK scientists worry vaccines may not protect against S.African coronavirus variant


A Nursing Home Had Zero COVID Deaths. Then, It Vaccinates Residents And The Deaths Begin


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Covid-19 and 666 the Mark of the Beast

GOCC put out a good video, which I have transcribed so that you can quickly find out what you are looking for.

We think of such pain, life took a step away. Did some things, but it’s not over. So can we forgive and forget? Remember the ups and downs he travels through, see, there is no one on this Earth who can replace. You saw my blood, the. So many people say we love. There’s tiger blood. Where did you go, pick up the phone. Oh, brother. Do you call? S. I apologize to.

This bumbling. I remember the ups and downs of trials we did through. I can’t got you. This, too, should hold no grudges. My brother. No matter how close it is, we must. In the news, this comes again, the. You go back down. Matter. Yep, that’s what’s needed, brotherly love, that’s what’s needed, brotherly love.

Yeah, it seems as if the most tie is moving everything into a new phase to a degree where. It’s really time to focus on getting to the other side. OK. Getting over our past hangups and. And the unforgiving spirit, the battle them one against another. Which is operating in the spirit, you know, she so need to be right. And just focus because a. The devil’s at the door, OK? Yes, I know, I’m shocked, a lot of you just coming in tonight.

Usually we do Wednesday, but I jump right in because a lot of what I have to say and show. You really can’t I can’t wait until tomorrow. Oh, yeah, you can get that song, Brotherly Love, this song that I did while I was overseas. And brother Maestro Michael from Houston, he did the music, we did that together called Brotherly Love, you can actually go go to royalty music by Sheppard Dotcom. I’ll just type it in there and you can get it after we talk about this and a lot of other selections.

Royalty Music by Shepard. Dotcom, go there, there’s a lot of different selections like hi is calling back Israel and, you know, just good music, OK, and music from the heart, music the way it used to be, you understand, and is from the the project. We did music with the purpose. And I’ll tell you, we came up with that video about a year, a year ago, less a little less than a year ago last year after the fires gone about, you know.

I see people running and I know some of you have seen the video. Some of you probably have, and I probably play it afterwards if you want to see it. But I think it’s kind of.

It’s it’s the irony of right after that video, after we were talking about what the most I was showing us and, you know, and put it to film and then, boom, what happened right before Passover?

Did you understand the beast roll out? It was nothing more than that. What we’re living in is the beast rollout and. Hey, I titled. The broadcast this evening jumping right in six, six, six, OK? No monolog needed. What is six, six, six? Well. The most I made it clear when he said. That there shall come there should be a famine in the land, not of bread or water in the Book of Osia, but of hearing the word of God.

And we’re in a time now where it’s really not about converting people anymore. The most I know who’s here is, and just like it was, you know, during the time of near 70 A.D., they that the true Christians, those who were under Peter and those who were holding the doctor, and after that, they were doing what they have to do in preparation for the onslaught that was coming, called the desolation that ties in and teaching as they as they as they went.

So we are beyond beyond the time of Internet battles and whatever the case is, one person talking about another who’s right, according to Scripture’s folks.

Everyone at this time will begin to cleave to their own kind, like his written over in the Book of Jeremiah, we’re not even into that no more. We’re not we’re not even going into trying to listen. Whoever we feel, what they’re dealing with is correct.

May the most time be with you, Godspeed. Right now, it’s time to find out who’s who in the spirit of the most high and operate together for the sake of not just physical but spiritual, spiritual preservation of our nation. So I’m going to break this down.

To its lowest denominator, and if anyone doesn’t believe that the mark of the beast will soon be rolled out and that this so-called what they call vaccine or whatever is in a part. A Segway into that, then do what you have to do. All right, and you have to make your own decisions based on what’s right for your family, for our family. You have to do what’s right for you. But understand that. Some of the decisions we are about to make in the earth will determine whether or not we’ll be able to freely make decisions after that.

And you have to understand that if you make a decision, you can’t get offended with others who decide to take previsions or not provisions, but take precautions with those who made that decision. Six, six, six is our. Discussion tonight, let’s call it a discussion. Well. There’s some encouraging news. There is some encouraging news. This was sent to me. AOL News here. Some US black pastors, key players in covid education are hesitating to push vaccine now.

If we’re going to give pastors or black pastors a hard time pushing paganism and not being forthright, protecting the gospel in our communities, if we’re going to come against them for the advent of of destroying faith through the prosperity movement, when something like this happen, we have to also give credit where credit is due. There are some black pastors that isn’t going for it, and that’s. Positive. Some U.S. black pastors, key players in covid education are hesitating to push vaccines.

That’s reedit. This is and some sources from Reuters and others, so you can understand that this is mainstream media, not my opinion. We’re going to not my opinion, which is going to give you the facts this evening. New York Reuters When a major health care organization organization asked A.R. Bernard, the black head of a Brooklyn megachurch, to sit on a committee tasked with boosting acceptance of covid-19 vaccines in communities. Let me pause this sometime, that stuff just come on by itself.

Would boost an acceptance of covid-19 vaccines in communities of color in New York City, he demurred. Bernhardt, who leads the Christian Cultural Center Center, the largest church in the city, said he turned the all. He turned down the offer because he worried some members of his congregation could view his participation as joining forces with the system to use African-Americans as guinea pigs.

As guinea pigs. For vaccines that have been developed. In record time. Now, folks, right now, the face of who they’re using to push this, unfortunately. Are black women. Are black women. OK, putting it straight out there, the faces of this right now, they’re like for some reason and what they do in every initiative that they actually push out there, they usually try to use our systems as the test dummies. So it is upon our sisters, you know, eventually to realize how they are being used by the system and what the most is about to do, a lot of us is going to snap out of that and say, you know what, I don’t want no hand in actually destroying our people because because I don’t think these systems are purposely in their mind.

Destroying their people. I think these are choice people that are chosen out of our community, community under sheer ignorance, who are willing to do certain things that they think will help people and benefit them financially the same time. I don’t think these people are just malicious. Some of them are just sheer ignorant to what’s going on. OK. Let me read this, like most of the dozen black faith leaders rooters interviewed Bananaland, and what is this obsession they have right now in America and in the Earth?

In pushing this on black people. What is this about? It seemed like the conversation is over and over, they’ll go this way and deflect that way and it always come back to black people. You notice that we’re going to go into that in a moment. But anyway. Like most of the dozen black faith leaders Rudi’s interviewed, Bernard did not yet want to show public support for an inoculation he does not know enough about and risk jeopardising his community’s trust.

Now, well, if this minister, if he ever on one of our videos, he’ll know everything you need to know about this relating to six six six the beast. There’s no Christian anywhere or anyone who believe in the Bible who should be a proponent for what they’re rolling out.

Now he says, we’re concerned about it being tested on persons of color, said Bernard, referring to people who would get the vaccine early in its public rollout.

First of all. Is it Gartley to test drugs or test something that’s on any people? They rolling it out as if, OK, well, we don’t have enough black people being tested with this experimental thing.

But is but is it right, according to God, to test? You know, drugs on any person. What is that about? This is the pastor was hospitalized with the virus in March and said he wanted to wait and see more information on the vaccine side effects.

OK, I’m going to yeah, I’m going to make sure the elders, Iraq and all that, you probably know I’m broadcasting you ought to jump in here because what we’re not going to have is people going off the rails because this is a very important broadcast. And if anyone go off the rails, we’re going to time them out until tomorrow. Let’s not ban or block anyone because they may need these broadcast down the line. We’re not going to ban or block anyone.

But if anyone is off the go, off the rails or doing things, they have no business. They’re timed out until tomorrow. They’ll be obedient if they want to act like some people, act like children, would treat them like children. And we’ll put them in the corner until tomorrow. OK. Now. The pastor was hospitalized with the virus in March and said he wanted to wait and see more information on the vaccine side effects. The hesitation to recommend vaccinations is striking because black pastors have been playing a key role in educating their communities about risk of covid-19.

Now, I don’t see no articles about like this, you know, at nauseum when it comes to white people in America who are the majority population of any group, as they claim. I don’t see people saying, well, white people, white churches, white clergy, I don’t hear people talking about Chinese people, Chinese Buddhist temples, Chinese restaurants.

What they say was that with this what is this, this obsession? Aimed aimed at black people, the black pastor said, well, no, even though he said he came down with something, whatever, that was a cold or whatever it was, because all this year, all of a sudden, there’s no cold flu or anything that we used to get. Everything is one thing now.

But he says I even because you know why he probably disagreed because he was diagnosed under that earlier March and he’s perfectly fine right now before any without any thing getting injected into his bloodstream.

But they are concerned about this pastor. And black pastors are now coming together and will tell you. But hey. At the same time, they are talking about rolling out a vaccine, they don’t want anyone getting to get within six feet of nothing, but all of a sudden, c.B in news maker makes a report that and they talk about a numbers are shooting up in California and all that.

But no, as soon as they roll out the vaccine the same day, the next day, this news article comes out, Los Angeles finally agrees the Supreme Court were ruling no pastor or church should have to choose between worship and prison. So here it is in a place in which they’re saying that they try to lock the whole state down or saying that people need to go out and go to church y same time. Because they know that black people are 75 percent.

Of the church population who regularly goes to church. So if they tie this stuff to what, your job? To your social programs, your house, your EBT card, your your food, nine times out of ten are people who share ignorance and and the population who just think that it’s OK. You take this stuff and then you go to church and then guess what? Suppose you begin to spread stuff in there. At the same time, they telling everyone else to stay home, don’t do anything.

Right. I’m going to go there in a moment, but this look seriously suspicious that now the Supreme Court is ruling in California at a time telling everyone to stay home with the whole state locked down for black people and others to go out and go to church.

So keep an eye on this, and I keep my eye on this to see if this is related to them opening up the churches for the Jab’s, I’ll keep my eye on that. Let’s go now. Six, six, six. Six, six, six, I know a lot of you are happy with the good news. The good news. And here’s the good news. That politicians everywhere, even in Australia, are doing us a solid.

This woman from Australia says, like the other politicians, you had falsey, who they stop all reports on TV today and and rolled up his sleeve. You got the woman from Australia, another, you know, politician with the red dress on.

And you know what? She’s going to inject confidence in the world’s population by actually getting her shot right before right before everyone on camera, you should feel good after this perfect push for Queenslanders like the premier to get the jab.

Really? Oh, the cap still on. She didn’t feel it. The cap is still on. Really, she didn’t feel it. She didn’t feel it. If that don’t hey, if that don’t heighten confidence, I don’t know what will. Right. She didn’t feel a thing, but there’s nothing to worry because why, according to WebMD. Black scientists plays a key role in covid vaccine. I mean, I mean, you know what? There’s nothing wrong with this because every time a white scientist does something.

The title. That’s right. In bold. The headlines state tells us it’s a white scientist’s. OK. So there’s nothing racist about this whenever a white person or white sign a white person does anything. I mean, there was there was there was some firemen came to my house and they, you know, and they got the cat out of the tree. And guess what? The headline, white firemen get cat out of tree.

So I wonder why all these when it comes to this thing, the 666 thing, they have to black scientists. Yeah, they have to tell you it’s a black scientist and you wouldn’t believe that Foushee calls this woman Kizzie. A black scientist plays a key role in covid that scene, folks. Kizzie, I know you all remember Kizzie, they are hoping to actually jog something from our subconscious for those out of our subconscious, for those who remember the roots days, Alex Haley roots.

That’s right. One of the main characters was Kizzie.

Kizzie was one of the main characters. Kizzie plays a key role in the covid in the Jack Kizzie. I remember that. I don’t know if I’m showing my age. Oh, yeah. Yeah, eventually, yeah, Kizzie, and, you know, confidence, we should all feel confident that a black woman, right. Is actually, you know, got our hand in making sure that it’s nice and it’s safe. She’s sitting right there. Go Kizzie right there next to Donald Trump, right, left, playing against the middle.

There she is. Now. Normally, I would be kind of alarmed. No, you know, I would probably have some confidence in this if it wasn’t for what I’m about to show you here. A woman by the name of Eunice Rivers, Lori. Now, who is she? Pray tell. Eunice Rivers Laury, born 1899, died 1986, was an African American nurse who work in the state of Alabama. She is best known for work as the Tuskegee as the coordinator of the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment.

From 1932 to 1972, so it doesn’t surprise me that if they claim a black woman had a hand in something that was, you know, had young men and young men in particular aimed at killing the black seed, where black men, mainly black men, were living with syphilis for over 40 years without being untreated, so that the government can see that, you know, the effects, the side effects of the poison that was administered through this woman right here made the most.

I bless her soul. So this is not the first time that they ruled out a black woman concerning the disease, is it? There you go. Kizzie. From 1932 to 1972, the Tuskegee experiment was an inhumane study that deliberately let me blow this up. Oh, there you go. There you go. That what? That deliberately allow black men to develop syphilis while there was treatment for the disease. There were treatment. There you go. Right.

Deliberately targeted black men to develop syphilis when there was treatment for the disease.

She was a minister and minister in the disease. For the doctors. It was called Caldrons Stylization, Early Death, you name it. But don’t worry about it. You know why you don’t have to worry about it, because they just told us that Kizzie, a black scientist, plays a key role. In the jatt, there you go to. Nothing to worry about, nothing to see here, Kizzie got it, Kizzie has it. Don’t worry about nothing, Kizzie has it, see that white jacket?

It’s time to deal with and go into the science of it now, let’s deal with the science of it. The science. Because some people might think that this conspiracy theory, whatever the case is, and you know, this ain’t no different than any other, but believe it or not, all the jabs we got up into this time has prepared us for this one. We are used to wonder why they would have to put time Mirasol in medals and all that into this stuff, liquid metal, thimerosal is mercury, a neurotoxin that attacks the brain.

Look it up. When I was growing up in school, it we didn’t have the temperature, we didn’t take our temperature like the high tech way of doing it now where they can, you know, put something in front of you at, you know, at your head or aim it to you and get your temperature. Not when we were growing up. Our mothers used to put in the nurses in the school, used to place the mercury, feel thermometers in our mouths, and you would see the mercury go up with our temperature to gauge whether or not our temperature was normal or if there were there was a fever.

Right. And these two have mercury field thermometers, they probably still have them out there. I think they got done away with them now how toxic they were as far as which means if one thermometer were to break in, the nurse in the nurse’s office, they would have to eat. They almost had to evacuate the whole floor because a thermometer broke in the nurse’s office. That’s how toxic mercury is. It’s a neurotoxin. It attacks the brain. So why would anyone in their right mind put liquid metal thimerosal, which is mercury, liquid metal?

And shoot it into. A person knowing that it goes straight to the brain and start giving you, you know, it can make you crazy, it can even kill you to some degree, depends on the doses of it. But yet they will put liquid metal and inject it in a child or inject it into. I used to wonder what was up with that, but it all makes sense now with this six, six, six breaking down the six six six and how it all comes together.

So let’s go into the science real quick. 666, the science. Let’s go into the science of this. Suspicions grow. Let me let me hold on here one second here, Webb. OK, make sure I have yeah. There you suspicious grow that that nanoparticles in Pfizer’s jab trigger rare allergic reactions.

So there’s suspicions out there already. Now, of course, this is a this is science. There’s not a conspiracy theory. OK, AAA says you could become a member, they have journals, scientists go there, reparable doctors, people that own higher, that has a higher pay grade than Kizzie. Who probably was getting the coffee during the time that they were making this stuff and they claim she had a part in it.

That’s right now. Let’s deal with the science on this. OK, suspicion grows that nanoparticles in Pfizer’s jab can trigger allergic reactions.

Let’s talk about it. Severe allergy like reactions in at least eight people who received the jab produced from Pfizer and by tech over the past two weeks. May be due to compound in the packaging now they’re going to talk about compound and all that, all of this stuff, right?

It says now check this out. PTG has never been used before in an approved jab, but it is found in many drugs that have occasionally triggered a knife. Alexis, a potentially a potential put up a potentially life threatening reaction that can cause rashes, plummeting blood pressure, shortness of breath, a fast heartbeat. Some allergist and immunologist believe a small number of people, they always go to a small number. It’s rare, small, rare.

That means I was fine before this was injected in me, though. But afterwards, I’m dealing with all these issues.

See, but. What what the science does tells us that there’s nanoparticles and we need to figure out what’s up with these nano particles. What does this have to do with six, six, six one might ask? Nanoparticles. These my new particles. That goes into the bloodstream that can be tracked through. That’s right, a computer system. Where now it’s not about tracking your phone, no, you are in the system now. OK. You and your whole biology, every part of you now belongs to the beast, they don’t have to track your phone anymore.

You’re plugged in as an antenna now they know that once I must show you the science. Now they know that our natural biology that the most high have given us would normally fight against this, they know this.

They know that our biology would fight against it, so that’s why they have not just one jab, but you have to have a follow up jab that a really tip it over to a degree where you have no choice eventually but to get that next thing they’re going to roll out.

That will fix all of the issues. On the surface. OK. Why do you think they stuff it? They stick in something all the way up your nose strictly to get a test. You think that’s about them testing something?

No, no, folks. That test, they had one person who went to the hospital because it pierced a part of someone’s brain, it touched their brain in a nosebleed, that wouldn’t stop folks.

What they’re doing is don’t forget John the Revelator on in Revelation 13, seeing this where someone will be putting chips in the head. And the hand so they get in passage is ready in people’s head to push something straight up through their nose into their brain, a neuro chip that will stabilize what they are doing. That will be connected to everything. It be connected to. That’s right, your bank account, your credit card, how you do business, everything, and you will now be assimilated into the Borg.

You will now be a part of the beast, but they first must break down the defenses of what would normally fight against this. OK, they must attack your brain with the stuff they’re shooting in you. OK, now listen to what we’re showing you here, nanoparticles that science. I was read an article from Science Direct. Science direct, now these are all. Reparable journals that are read by scientists and doctors all over the Earth. So I said, let me let me do some research pre quote unquote, covid to tie this together to prove that this is a Segway into the 666 mark of the beast system.

Bioluminescence is an imaging technique that utilizes loose of luciferase. A family of of of oxidative enzymes that emit light upon oxidation of a substrate. And this is from Mitchelmore Stromal Cells 2017. Bio Luminescence Encyclopedia of Analytical Science, Second Edition, two thousand five Bioluminescence is what? Live in light, this is what they’re looking to shoot a new folks. Is the name given to the visible light emission from living organisms? It is widely distributed in nature. Six six six Genaro from 13 Phyla.

Some some representative examples of bioluminescent organisms are shown in table one in the marine environment, it has been estimated that the dimly lit mid-ocean between two hundred and twelve hundred meters, ninety five percent of the fish and eighty six percent of the shrimps and squids are bio bioluminescent, not people, folks. And it goes into how they look and through this, they’re able to track and do certain things if if they can get people to be bioluminescent like these animals, they can now be tracked all around the earth without without, you know, with no problem with the machines and all that they have.

They’ll know who was under the bee system and who’s not. And it says he named the he liable cold water extract luciferase. Now, why I keep on mentioning luciferase loose Lucifer it folks keep in mind. It tells us in the Book of Isaiah, how has now fallen from heaven or Lucifer, I just showed this Sabbath that Lucifer is the spirit of the beast. Christ said in Matthew twenty four, as in the days of Noah, then show the coming of the son of man be.

They are marrying given in the marriage, he had to destroy the earth because Lucifer tainted society. So then you look at this luciferase. Let me go here. When you examine the luciferase, it says a fusion protein. It’s fusion, it’s fusing with our biology, our temple. We are merging with something.

So they put this stuff in you and you begin a metamorphosis, you begin to change because you’re fusing with something. So this don’t have nothing to do with a flu or cold, or you fill in the little symptoms and go home for two weeks or whatever the case is. Someone isn’t telling the truth here. It says luciferase 2013 sort of. You all think this is something year 2013, folks. They had this stuff before there was any such out that’s keeping everyone in their home due to media like we see in folks.

There’s nothing different outside now than it was last year outside of their campaign to roll out the best system to come against the children of God.

Luciferase is our enzymes that produce light when they oxidize their substrate, the gene for the most common luciferase comes from the firefly.

You ever see the fireflies light up? So now what they’ll be able to do with this bioluminescence, the luciferase guess what, folks, they’ll do these nanoparticle technologies into your bloodstream.

Guess what? You don’t need an x ray or nothing.

They’ll be able to pull you up and know exactly what’s going on in your body, turn you on or turn you off any time they would like. They’ll know if you got a fever. They’ll know if there’s a foreign agent coming into you all that you’ll be totally controlled from someone’s computer somewhere. Your fool biology will connect you with the beast.

Some people, they may not do nothing much at all to these people if they can utilize them.

Oh. Let me drop it here. Luciferase, an enzyme that produce light when they oxidize their substrate, the gene for the most common luciferase comes from the firefly now. So they’re changing your biology. They’re connecting us. It’s like fusing us with an insect, folks.

But there’s other agents in it, folks. If they put vitamin D in this stuff, think about it. When your body receives a poison automatically, it may. That’s right. It may develop a counterreaction or. Enology against it, because it thinks that it’s trying to attack the body. So suppose they put vitamin D in this stuff. Where your body will begin to think that vitamin D is the enemy, you go outside and now you can’t even get any sun because the sun is your enemy and you must stay indoors like lupus.

That’s right. The sun gives us so, so, so many vitamins, so much energy. Suppose they make it where you like a vampire, that you cannot go outside, you cannot even get the sun because the sun becomes your enemy based on this metamorphosis where vitamin D becomes your enemy and folks without vitamin D, we’re done with.

We’re talking about an attack on our melanin in attack on our melanin. And they’re not even telling you none of this, folks. This is why they focus on black people or we have a black doctor. Hey, we have a black woman who’s who had a hand in it. Why is it black people participating? Black, black, black, black, black, black, black. And I’m looking at all the science of why are they talking about black?

They’re making it weird. If you get this stuff, folks, your melanin can become an enemy to you.

Right. So we know that Satan’s name, Lucifer, is a part of this technology beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, we know that Lucifer’s name is in the pattern and you would never guess the pattern, you would never guess the pattern that they have for this stuff, the pattern for luciferase. You can’t make this up, folks. For for the jab and all that, the pattern is six, six, six. You can’t make this up. They’re not even hiding this.

They’re not even hide in this Vokes. More papers that looked into. Let me read a few things here. All right, this comes from you got it in CBI resources, no conspiracy theory. Nanoparticles in modern medicine, state of the art future challenges. Nanoparticles Mattos. Bioluminescence, what does this stuff have to do with a disease, FOX? Fusing genes. With an entirely different species. Nano particles in medical imaging, nano particles can provide significant improvement in traditional listen.

But but biological imaging of cells and tissues under fluorescent microscope micro. Microscopy, as well as in modern McNatt Renaissance imaging MRI of of various regions of the body, chemical composition distinguishes the nanoparticles using these two techniques, a summary of the application of the nanoparticles and imaging. Check this out. They will be able to see imaging of your what? Lymph nodes, long blood vessels, tumors, all of that. Optical imaging, they’ll be able to see everything you can just they’ll get to your doctor, be able to just be beyond Zoom, which you will be on Skype with you and pull up your whole body during a checkup.

You will no longer have to go to the doctor anymore. OK, then I’ll tell you none of this stuff. This is why they did zoom in all this. So I’m going to be able to look over like this and pull your whole biology up and tell you, OK, I see a cancer developing.

You can come in for chemo next week. Yeah. This Detny other. That’s right, bioluminescence luciferase. Cancer detection. And they’ve already said that there’s a few tests with a large number of people came up HIV positive or having 40 tests negative of HIV and all this crap. So suppose you take this stuff and you getting all these readings and now you can’t you can’t even fight the diagnosis.

It’s not up to you to go to a doctor and say, well, I think I’m feeling something. They coming to you saying, well, no, we know you’re the disease. Come on.

We’re taking you out of there. We’re extracting you. No second opinion, no nothing. You’re connected to the BS. Luciferase, and guess what, the pattern is six, six, six with his folks. Luciferase. Luciferase assays to aid your Jap research luciferase are enzymes that use a substrate called Lucifer it along with oxygen. Oh, let me give you the source here. Molecular Devices Advance in Discovery, November 20 20 newsletter so that you cannot this is reputable, mainstream information.

No one can claim it’s a conspiracy theory. No, these are doctors papers. Now, there’s a lot of stuff that I can’t go into on this stuff that usually we do in the academy because there’s certain things that I say.

Or do you all know what happens with sensate? So I’m giving you the regular journals. You can actually go into yourself that you can’t believe that this is some type of conspiracy theory and understand what all of us are up against.

Look, there you go, a firefly. I know you want to become part firefly. I know you want the inside of your bloodstream illuminating, like, you know, like the devil. Totally.

I know you want your whole biology that the most high God gave you changed to being to be controlled by falling entities. Yeah, no problem.

Luciferase are enzymes that used to substrate called Lucifer, along with oxygen and ATP P and an energetic process that produces light like the yellow glow of fireflies.

I know you want that right now. What does it have to do with someone getting a cold or flu? The power of luciferase has been harnessed by scientists to devise reactions whose light output is used to monitor biological processes, including gene expression, bio monocular, binding bonding. So something is bonding with you and cell viability. Measuring luciferase expression using the spectrum, Max Glos study luck report as kid. These are kids for this. They’re going to have stuff in which they can actually see your biology on a computer, you’re walking around normal and they check out everything about you, not only can they track you, and if they can do all this, they can also they can have some of this stuff in you if they feel you are a dissident against the powers that be, hey, they can have your organs and all that.

They can attack your biology by being a whole nother state, a whole nother country away from you.

Dual luciferase reporter, monitor, monitor, indef, KBE activation with this with the sensitive dual reporter s.A. Detect dual luciferase expression, what are you using to detect this stuff, a highly sensitive dual luciferase detection with spectrum tags or dual lock? They’ve already got the they got the trademarks and everything ready in reserve for this to roll this out and telling us, well, I wonder who the first people are going to line up for this. And they already got the patterns and everything.

And people some people say it sounds fun, I’ll tell you what, you know what? Hey. You can count, you can currently get get the dose if there are those for me, if you want it, you can go get that.

Just tell them, though, because they’ll say, you know, you can have is. Looking at technology. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? You think it sounds fun? Until they have your brain. OK, you think it’s worth until they get your brain? Now, Lucifer, how was that fallen from heaven or for some of the morning and that’s Azira 14th chapter that did weaken the nation’s. Let me look up, Lucifer, real quick on here.

Lucifer, let me look that up real quick, Lucifer. Here you go, pull up my sward. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let me pull it up.

Yeah. East Ward, let’s go directly to Isaiah 014. Isaiah. 14. That’s probably that’s part of the 12 verse here, How art thou fallen from heaven? Oh, Lucifer, Sun of the Morning. And guess what? Lucifer is another name for Lucifer. The illuminated one is Halaal.

Like you’re a halal meat, that’s so to you by. That’s right. The pagan Arabs who call themselves Muslim, they worship Lucifer.

Halal meat is Lucifer’s meat.

Hello, what does it mean? I’ll give it to you right here, to you on the right of me, you can read Hello. Brightness, the morning star from 1984. So let’s get from 1984, which reads Halaal, that’s right, like your halal meat, see that look right here. Look right. You see it look right there like your halal meat.

That’s Lucifer. That’s right. He’s the God of your Christian church and he’s the God of your Muslim mosque.

It says to be clear, to shine luciferase. To make a show. OK, light to celebrate the light, Lucifer. The God of this world, so because you don’t have the power, you don’t have the power, our God has to communicate directly through all this darkness. That’s why that’s why Satan is looking to interrupt these bodies, because he don’t have the power. Our God has to communicate. Without using. That’s right. The elements within this realm, so because Lucifer was Satan and he’s there’s many Satan, his name is Samuel.

OK, the God or we eat them. That’s his name on Earth. Once he fell, Samael, the God of Edam.

OK, Lucifer don’t have the power to communicate like us. So in order for him to have that power and which he can influence our thought in all of that. And come into our minds and all that, he must fuse with us using the elements within the Earth. OK. Now when you read this, let me read, OK, how about the fallen from heaven? Oh, Lucifer, Sun of the Morning, how I cut down to the ground, which did weaken the nation’s for thou has said In thine heart, Isaiah 14 and 13, I will ascend into heaven.

I will exalt my throne above the stars of God. I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation in the north side of the north. I will ascend above the clouds, the heights of the clouds, and I will be like the most high. Now, in order for him to be like the most tie, he must create something artificially in this earth. That could do what that can connect to all people like God is able to like the most high is able to, so luciferase is what.

That’s right. It’s segway into that. It’s a way in which it can morph or change our structure in which it cuts off that connection with the almighty and it allows Lucifer.

To be the God ruling within our temple. Now. Let’s go to Revelation now. Let’s go to the Book of Revelation, John was shown this on the Isle of Patmos, the Isle of Patmos.

OK, one moment. So what’s in this stuff is a fusion protein, you’re fusing yourself with the devil Nephilim C. Change in your life is changing your biology. You’ll never be the same after this stuff. Let me show you something here. Let me pull this up so you can see it. You see it yourself. One second. And I’m going to blow this up so you can see it and follow us here. Six, six, six right there.

So you got Lucifer’s name and you got his number six six six, which will be connected to what you got at cryptocurrency system using body activity. And this is from WIPO IP Portal Patent SCOP. See that? Six, six, six, the number of his name. OK, there’s a pet cryptocurrency system, which eventually would mean that after they Segway, they’re going to Segway from this now that you are now in a controlled.

Empty vessel to be utilized by Satan next. That’s right, they’re going to give you the physical currency where now it links with what’s in your body and you become the currency you become.

The currency where you need a person or a body or your biology to spin, no one can spin for you. It’s not like someone can go spend something for, you know, you are the wallet.

OK, so they got to make sure everything you purchase is specific to you, for you, not for anyone else. You will become a part of the cryptocurrency. And a matter of fact, once you take this stuff, guess what? They will be trading humans human biology on the next market, the beast market, like they do in water now. Well, the people that get this stuff in them, you are going to be open for trade next.

Human, a real human resources being used by Satan himself.

Now, let’s get back into the Bible because it was the Bible. Which foretold this, so all these cats out there, conches community Muslims, all the people down to the Bible, tamper with the Bible isn’t true. They don’t have no answers at all and haven’t prepared themselves for what’s to come because they denied the only book.

That could crack the codes and lead us into safety by denying the Bible, they have denied our God to someone, then we try to tell them over and over and to the point where people that even know the Bible or or claim to know the Bible because they’re not linked in the spirit.

Will become willing servants of Satan. They’re going to be proponent’s, they’re going to push this and you’re going to know those that are pushing this are of the devil. They are sent from Book Devil. Now, let’s read. I’m going straight to it, he calls of all both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond to receive a mark. The receive breaks down to what to give. And then you go to the word mark, let’s get to the word mark here.

It’s pragma to receive a mark pragma.

Look over there. Look over there. It says a scratch on etching that is a stamp, a badge of servitude, so something else under your skin will become a badge of servitude.

You are now a servant of Satan. Why? Because now you are a part of him.

So all those people who say that lose, lose, if they don’t lose, will, there is no Satanist, a white man and all that. Let me tell you. It’s OK. Just learn again.

Just it’s OK to learn again, I hope it’s not too late. The greatest trick the devil have played on the world was making you think he didn’t exist. And it says receive a mark in their right hand or in their for here. That’s right. They’re going to be. Yes, right. They showed this movie a long time ago by Arnold Schwarzenegger showing this big thing, somebody pulling the chip out of his nose, coming up to his nose.

So this is why they push this stuff up in your nose. Folks with these are the tests for this stuff.

It’s really the cavity in which they open in the area in which they’re going to be putting it in your forehead, OK?

And that’s those that are already been broken through this, through Satan’s SERM that that will get injected in our people. And when it happens, when when when it starts with this stuff, start multiplying and people started getting sick and all this stuff, they’re going to rope off militarily the infected areas, that’s what’s going to happen. But I digress. That’s for another time. Let’s break it down to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads and that no man might buy or sell except say that he had that mark or he the mark or the name Lucifer.

Of the beast or the number of his name, the Patin number thirty first say, it says listen and that no man might buy or sell it, that he had the mark. That means the technology, the name Luciferase Lucifer of the Beast or the number of his name, 666, the patent.

Here is wisdom, let him that have understanding count the number of revelations, 13 and 18, count the number of the beast forward is the number of a man and the number is six hundred three score and six, which is what? Shy six stigma, and when you hit that word stigma, it goes to Greek for seven four two stigma, which says what? A primary word stigma means to stick like a needle, that is to prick under your skin, a mark incised or punched.

For the recognition of ownership. To stick, that is to prick, that’s right. So the most high God, our God, nearly almost two thousand years ago, through the Spirit of Christ, show this to the churches, showed it to John the Revelator. People getting stuck with what needles and becoming obedient servants to Satan, Lucifer, the fallen one. And guess what? He will be judged and those connected with them will die and be judged with it.

Now, listen, I just broke that all down. And if anyone listen, if anyone out there want to go get it, go get it. Anyone teaching people to get it, that’s when you. We beyond the points of arguing or listen. We’re not debating it no more, what we’re doing is looking within our church and looking at the people and saying, well, listen, let’s get the number of the people we have to protect from this and advise them what to do so that they don’t infect us.

And it’s great that if we can have many, but guess what, if it’s only a few and we all come together through the spirit of the most time we used to be and guided through this, then so be it. It’s not even about proselytizing and convincing someone to live anymore. If someone said, well, what about my job, hey, would you rather be jobless? Or going all together, connected through the blood lines of Satan, which your brain totally taken, and another and another being sitting as a you know, you’re no longer over your body.

You choose a host at that point.

To be used and guess what, folks, they’re going to be able with this stuff in you, they’re going to be able to trick you, trigger you to make all types of stuff. Just if they want you to go do something, you just do it.

They are assimilating mankind into the machine. No more virtual reality and playing games, no, this is reality, you’re going to be inseminated into the beast. The Beast is a computer system that was in Belgium years ago and it’s still there and it’s inseminating everyone into what you got at the Nephilim. See, that must be destroyed by Christ. The Romans are behind this. The Jesuits are behind this. But there’s going there is a spiritual elite few in this earth who the most is going to use to oppose this.

And help guide others in to protection. The angels are on our side, the god of Israel is on our side. So either you exercise faith and stand on the right side, understanding that eventually there will be a new heaven and a new earth and the most he’s going to give us everything anyway or. Succumb to the pressure, but don’t try to blame us. Don’t try to blame us. We did our job. We put it out there, anybody out there?

This is and guess what? This is not to be debated with this is not to be argued with. Guess what if you don’t believe it isn’t the vaccine, you just came out, what, a couple of days ago. Go for. If anyone see this and still decide to do it, they’re dead anyway, Skull and Bones. And how can a spiritual person who believe in Christ and God subject themselves and others and promote such evil in Satan’s name, it’s literally in Satan’s name that don’t even admit what is called luciferase?

Are you kidding me? I thought our people were spiritual people. I thought we claim we had a relationship with God. I thought we claim that, you know, we can do all things through Jesus who gives us strength. And where’s all that faith? Christians.

So I made it clear I spoke to the people of the family I love and all that like listen.

Hey, you know, you’re not going to be triggered against the elect, not against us, not. If you choose Satan, that’s your family, that’s you going. You’re not going to infect me with your evil. Shabbat shalom, Sorano, and whatever other language, you know, that translates to Baba. All right, let me open up the lines real quick. Let me open up the lines. I think the lines are already. OK, I think Elderberries says that we have.

Let me see Elda Goodbar. You know, the bar, no one better to give me the information better than you. So let me just call you in. Right, let me call Helda Gabbar. He said he wanted me to make an announcement. Hmm, OK, there is. Shalom, elder goombah, oh, OK. Oh. So know that, can you hear me? Yeah, we can hear you loud and clear, you say we wanted to make an announcement.

You might as well make it. You wanted me to make it. What’s the announcement?

Hey, man, I want you to go into the. Well, before we go to that, I’d want to just lie back on what you were saying, that because of, you know, the the boldest I think of it all in regards of actually naming this day, you know, Lucifer, whatever they call that Lucifer medicine, whatever it is, and actually naming it six, six, six, I mean, the bonus of these people is insane.

I mean, I just don’t have any credible reporter. Well, look at this will be a valid argument because it’s like let’s say, you know, we are all wrong. There’s a whole conspiracy theory. We all there’s not you know, this is all we mistaken. Somebody with a lead say, oh, maybe we should not call it Lucifer. Just for the marketing perspective, just for the yet for that we are a Christian nation. People read the Bible and, you know, we don’t want to be attached with something that is considered satanic.

You know, it. So a thing that clearly showed that the bonus of these people, of naming these things straight up, Lucifer, it all having the six, six, six, all numbers attached to this thing, it’s like they just telling us. But but the crazy thing is that they’re not if people to take this, you know, it’s so, so difficult to pray for people. But I just want to just add that, you know, I’m a to open again.

Fortunately, we don’t we’re putting things back on and we’re going to be adding, you know, chirgwin a clothing as well. So that’s coming back on. But we don’t have all that much back off. But you could just check from time to time. And, you know, also the cell blocks, we’re going to be put them back on on next week. Great. We are. You know, so that’s coming up. That’s coming shortly.

So I don’t want to make that offer to our panel. It’s open. Oh, also, we have a new line. I fit that also. And I have a pyro. So those that are looking in a fit world and want to get fit, you got to we got Cody for that as well. So I want to go down, but our panel is back on. We also going to be having a telephone number or hotline. You can call us directly.

If there’s any issues or anything you want to address, you call it directly or e-mail us, you know, but you could be able to call it. We’ve got to be coming up. That should be up by tomorrow. Don’t make this announcement to let people know that I am a proud man.

I really appreciate the book. I really appreciate it. I mean, I think. Yeah, yeah. Thank you. So I am a Paros back. I’m a pound down. Oh you’re back. And you say we’ll have the cell blocks where they can actually protect their privacy with their cell phones. We have a new design and everything for those where they’ll be able to protect, put their phones away and all that. We’re going to make them for any computer system, put a computer in so that you don’t want to be tracked through your devices.

Then you can get the cell blocks, what we own and who I am. I mean, do you know through I am a pro, so if you need to get your cell blocks, you can order those, what, next week?

Gomorra, you said, hey, we’re going to be taking preorders next week. You know what we want to do? Because we were really we really underestimated the value. Yeah, the demand. Yeah. It’s as you know that, you know, you don’t be the same. So we are trying to have enough and we have what we’re trading. You people are more starved because we were really ready for the volume. So we want to make sure that when we open up that we’re going to get value, that we do appreciate everybody’s support and it’s going to cost.

OK, we want to season for one. Oh, man, what a good bar. I really appreciate it. Margaret, I talk with you later this season. All right, let’s go. All right. He’s free on Tuesdays for one, because we did. covid-19 survivor has quite a story to tell, and he is telling it exclusively.

Oh, no, y’all got to see this. Thank your people will be sending me some good stuff. Brothers and sisters. You know what I mean, a, I tell you what it’s all about, it’s all about love, you know what I mean? You know, Loserville want you all to spread a little love, you know? At this joyous time of year. Losable would love for you to spread some love, OK? I need you to check this out.

Oh, yeah. See what I got to do?

I got to make sure to make a sports books for free first, but even less risky. Oh, here you go.

Loose if I want you all to spread some love this satanic time. And in the spirit of Santa Claus. Satan, Claus. Let me get it for you. Oh, yeah.

I know you are going to be lined up after seeing this one. All right, you’re going to be lined up, you’re going, you know me. You’re going to get this thing. Because then I tell you, is changing your biology and everything is jacking people up, destroying their biology, morphing them with all types of animals and all that.

Yeah, let me see if I can pull this up. So that, yeah, I’m glad someone just showed this to me. Yeah, here it is. Once again. Check this out, folks, you can’t make this up. You see, where is that? Oh, yes, here it is, folks, love and direct. Let me let me pull it up. You know what I mean. Don’t worry about it. Kissy kissy, kissy mixed Ibru for this so you don’t have to worry about it.

Kissing and Kunta Kinte makes the brew for you. So you really don’t have to worry about anything, it’s OK. Let me let me move this out of the way. Let me get this one here. All right, let me move it out of the way. Check it out, folks. Can’t make this up. Someone has a rare side effect is what they do with our people, man. It covid-19 survivor has quite a story to tell, and he is telling it exclusively to KHOU 11 News.

Anthony Jones was intubated in the hospital and when he regained consciousness, his tongue was so swollen he couldn’t close his mouth. So we came to Houston for treatment for this rare side effect. And we want to let you know, some of the images are graphic. Stephanie Whitfield reports.

Hold up now. What’s going on here? Tell me, don’t use this as guinea pigs, folks, after the year he’s had. Anthony Jones is grateful to have a smile on his face when you hear, what a year ago Joe Jones got covid-19 in July. His wife says he spent three weeks in intensive care on a ventilator. They were trying to heal his lungs. His lungs was messed up real bad, so they had to turn him on his stomach for 12 hours.

Doctors say being in the prime position, lying face down, helped his lungs, but caused extreme swelling in his time. He lived like this for three months.

They was like, I don’t know what to do with it. Nobody knew what to do with the all but a specialist in Houston did.

Let me tell you, we don’t see how people stand a chance on this. We don’t stand a chance.

Well, it’s about trying to get out of these cities and getting away from getting away from those who are going to believe what they see. And we’ll tell you right now. And hey, I have a meeting already. Put it out there Friday at two p.m. we’re going to have all the elders meet me Friday at two p.m. The email then went out. And it’s time for us to start, you know, recalibrating things based on what’s about to go down.

Worst case scenarios when it comes to people we around, those who have made wrong choices, whatever the case is, that conversation will be two p.m. amongst the Elders Friday. And I have another meeting for the UK and Europe Monday. At two p.m.. All right, read the lines. Let me open up the lines now. Lord have mercy, government. Open up the lines. OK, well, the lawyer we have elder lawyer. We have the lawyer man in the conference right now getting the people in.

Right, right. So let me call. All right, all right, great. Now, before I before I open up the lines, let me make an announcement. I thank you all for hitting the like button. I appreciate it. Doesn’t cost you anything to do. So we have currently three thousand people in. That’s excellent vote if anyone get this stuff after tonight’s class. There’s nothing I can say we did our job. And if anyone is telling you that they’re going to get it or they’re going to advise another people to get it, I don’t have to say anything.

OK, you know who to avoid straight out. OK, now, real quick. Oh, man, we’ve got over 3000 people. And I’m glad you hit the like button. I appreciate it. I appreciate all your support. You all support the church. And, hey, we’re going to make it work. Whatever you give us to support and support. Hey, we’re going to turn it over into something tangible so that when all this stuff goes, we’ll have something.

We’re going to grow food. We’ll do whatever we need to do, understand at the times. But above all, keep in mind, folks, if we’re not living our lives right, if if if we’re not keeping the commandments, treating each other, you know, like we like we ought to, and it’s all for nothing anyway. If if we sin and against the Almighty, if we don’t have the spirit of forgiveness, if we’ve forgotten what it means to love.

Then it doesn’t mean anything. OK, so at the end of the day, the most have given us, even through this year, to do a lot of self reflecting, to correct our ways so that the most I can make that new man to push us going forward as the righteous leaders we were meant to be, that that the most high God made us to be OK. I want to put it out there that October I mean, excuse me, January 10th will be our new installment of the Academy.

And man, in the midst of everything going to prophetically, you know, you don’t want to miss this. We got new groundbreaking information that I believe that once brothers and sisters hear and understand, it will automatically help us recalibrate how we’ve been trained to to go against each other in a totally, totally recalibrates when we understand that, you know, with the research and the white papers of the universities, how they were able to create something new in the earth.

With black slaves and how they were able to actually go about it, we have that research scriptures and everything breaking down what really happened in slavery and how to overcome the spirit of the curse. And that will be in week three of the Hebrew Bible Academy. Please be there because there’s a lot of information Accademia information both. We were a case study for a long period of time and they begin to roll out these studies to make a new born slave out of us.

Right at the time that our people knew and was teaching in America in the eighteen hundreds that that our people we were teaching the eighteen hundreds that we were the children of Israel, the original churches. We all knew we were Israelites.

So tell you folk we all knew coming, we came off the ships off the shores of Africa, we knew we were from Israel, we weren’t just dealing with tribes of Africa. All this information and others and more, we broken down academia papers as well as as as research, secular history outside of anything we’ve ever brought forth before. Also, we’re going to show you the psychology that they were able to utilize that would put us under Perpetual. Fighting one amongst another, that they would try to build a man against the woman and the woman against the man, the whole thing and how it plays out in real society, subconsciously, they have triggered us to hate each other without us even knowing.

Well, don’t worry about it. All that will be broken down week three in the Hebrew Bible Academy. Now, who knows? Down the line. I may bring up the information online any way down the line. But usually when we got when we have things in a class setting like this, academia, papers and all that, we love to present those things in the academy first. So it’s not like we’re leaving all of you out, but there’s certain things that can only be taught and actually absorbed.

In a class setting, because in a class setting questions and answers all that, you got the paperwork before you you know, you know, it’s entirely different thing than just getting on and saying something real quick. See comments and leaving. It’s a structured class for what? The long term retention. And you can we can only do that to a class. So if you want to be a part of that, it’s only one hundred and fifty dollars.

It’s seventy five dollars for the first two months. The third month you don’t have to worry about. And you have more information. You’ll learn more about this Bible and one. Session in one day. Then all the days of your life in any religious institution, and we guarantee you it doesn’t matter if you are the Israelite use with some of the Israelite group and they were saying some stuff about us, not doctrine is wrong and all that. We challenge you to come in just for one lesson and check it out, if you will, Christian.

And whatever doesn’t matter if you an atheist, come in and you you will find you, you’ll get a new found love for that book called The Bible. If you like to enroll. I’m what I’m going to do now. You can see here history, Tom’s dog. But let me put it here, his three times dog. What really happened in slavery? I can’t wait for that lesson. But anyway, all right, so let me open up the lines real quick.

Let me open the lines. And I thank you all for your participation. You can call on in the numbers on the line. The conference call, seven one two five four one zero four three nine with an access code one six eight nine three four six six six. Hold tight. We’ll be right back. And one moment. Let me call the number here. This is a lot of people for an impromptu broadcast and there’s a seven one two four or five one zero four three nine.

And guess what, folks? I wanted to say it. I appreciate you all being here. I appreciate all the support you do. And I’m gracious and thankful. And let me tell you, brother and sisters, your prayers, your support, all of this encourages us. You have to understand we have bad days like everyone else. But to know that we have an extended family who believe in see what we have, see what we know we think the most, and it encourages us.

So I wanted to put it out there. We don’t say it enough. Thank you. OK, hold on. Let me call into the conference line.

Thank you all for waiting one moment here. All right. Let me let lawyers know I’m in. OK, I’m going to let the lawyer know I’m in one moment and we’ll come right back with the phone calls. Hold tight if you have something to say. Do you have any questions? Whatever the case is, now is your time. OK, now is your time. So who? One moment. And we’ll come right back with the calls. Don’t go anywhere.

One second, we’ll be right back. Hold tight, folks. The Bible. Is it hard to understand when it comes to reading the Bible? The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that this is the way to go. The SEALs have been broken, and the truth is. And get the language to God and boy, that he used to be the heavens and the earth was like I said, I came for the loss of the House of Israel.

No one, no religious leader, no religious church out here anyway. Hebrew Bible Academy. You’re inviting. Hebrew and Bible Academy, you are invited, and for those who missed it, got your perfect push for Queenslanders like the Premier to get the job.

This race really got you captive on unmuted muted.

Gotcha. I didn’t feel that, of course, you did fill in the gap is still on. But don’t worry about it, he got us. All right. All right, lawyer, open up the lines, my brother. Open up the lines.

Open up the lines, brother. All right, I’m here. Don’t worry about it. Kissy kissy was giving out tea and cookies doing during the trials.

There’s nothing to worry about. Let’s see, unmuted, OK, lawyer, we’re good to go with the calls, let’s bring them in, right?

Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Don’t worry about it. Kissy kissy was making chitlins and and and Kunta Kinte was fried chicken during the Colbert trials. We don’t got nothing to worry about. Let’s go. All right, so we got first first call coming from the Baltimore area, the last four digits, nine three, one, two.

You know, I’m using a little satire because this is how they roll this out. Like, that’s all we about, eat watermelon and all that old crap. This is what they look like.

It looks like some type of a Sambo show. Yeah, we know Kizzy was born Juhan of vaccines. All right. Come on. Let’s go. Let’s go.

Hey. Hey, sunshine. So you got this thing on speed dial, huh?

Let’s go out.

It’s just so amazing to think of because just yesterday, this topic is just it hits home for me. Just yesterday, while in the post of this whole thing about the fascination with this whole question was raised and the vaccine is here in the islands right now. I was just told yesterday that some were shipped in and it’s going to medical personnel and workers in the emergency effect. But I don’t see how it could easily trickle down to the elderly to to the you and I even spoke with a nurse this week that said that she felt it finally safe, that she believed in policy and Bill Gates and that she can’t wait to get the vaccine through this other.

And so it’s just amazing to see just exactly how many people have fallen into this whole belief system. But I’m so grateful over that. We’re just holding on that we know the truth and that we’re not going to push towards that. And I only have one question, Elder, if you know how we usually decide to do when even the little things we say, oh, should we just hold a man at this time? Well, listen, leave that up to the teachers of prophesied to the witnesses right now, which you need to do it right now and it’s time, you know, to circle the wagons and make sure your family’s good.

Make sure you get in ready with you and your family. Don’t worry about let let let let us teach you to the when you take care of those children.

You know, a trial that also goes to the scene in the military academy, we’re already missing this one. Oh, yeah. Hey, man, listen.

Hey, did you see some of the books we pulled out on our on on the Tindale Bible?

William Tyndale, I’m giving you a call from the academy is blowing me away. My mom is in it, too. And she just told me that she she’s already missing it. Oh, hi. I’m just so grateful. I’m so grateful.

Well, thank you, sister. Great praise the most.

And we’re going to take the next call. And I’ll tell you this. We’re going into the judgment of the gods. That’s right. Gods are real. They are lesser gods, but they rule all of the governments, all of the politicians, when it comes to the Freemasons, all of them, all of them have a ruler, is not just one sating. OK, we’re going to break down their judgment. OK, we’re going to break down the judgment, the judgment of the gods and the battle of Armageddon.

We’re going into that this Sunday. Thank you, sister. Bless you. All right.

God bless you. Let’s get the next call, Helda.

Yes, sir. Moving on to the next caller, we have the seven to five area code, last four digits, zero seven seven seven. Other Shillong, how are you, right? I’m doing well, I’m out of the Los Vegas body and it’s it’s one of those things that I’ve spent the past 18 years in the health insurance program that I spent the past 17 years in the telecom industry. So I do a bi weekly zun lesson for everybody.

And just yesterday, I discussed the precise things that you just brought out almost to the letter. So I wanted to say that it is fascinating how the spirit is working. And I mean I mean, I’m saying you even talk about the firefly, but I just brought out yesterday the luciferase that I just brought out yesterday. Everything that you just said, I brought it out. But there are some things that prove it to me, being in both industries that I wanted to just add it.

So, you know, I have that opportunity on the last call. Well, go ahead. So the floor is yours and the floor is yours?

Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. So last week on the previous Zoome lesson, help us from that idea for our bodies I brought out. However, the covid test itself is that exact sequence.

You know, sometimes we got to watch how we use that word, you know, is all, you know, even when it comes to that other word that bear, you know, sometimes I say Heineken. Yeah, but the Heineken virus.

But but I got it. Absolutely. So that particular test is actually part of a vaccine sequence. So I brought out how when you take that when you take that Sokol thing itself that we don’t want to mention, they use the nasal passage to insert those nanotechnologist that nanotechnology because it’s the fastest route. Yeah, it’s the fastest route up to up into the brain system, and it immediately delivers that that biological weaponized virus. Now, that’s my transition. You know how we use the word smart TV smartphone.

Smart is smart that well, that acronym actually stands for secret militarized armaments and residential technology. A lot of people don’t know that. So when we tie into luciferase, when we tie the luciferase or we tie in the light in a nano quantum technology, you were spot on when you mentioned how they’re going to be using us as the beacon, as we’re the ones that are being used to be altered and being tracked, because that’s why the word Tesla is X.

It actually stands for transmission of electromagnetic linnear energy. And all of everything that’s involved in technology is in our bodies, is electromagnetic tied in with everything that CERN is doing, tied in with everything that 5G is about. It’s it’s all one and the same. So I just wanted to bring that out and say it’s fascinating how the spirit is moving on you to bring up the exact same stuff we talk about over in the last week body that the spirit has moved me to do so.

I’ll it to the most able to tell you the most.

I tell you that we are aware of the same body, of the same spirit. I’m telling you, that’s the closer we come to the end of this, the more I realize how you know, how deep that is. I mean, it is to the point where certain thoughts I have immediately in my mind, I was having a thought today and Elvira called me. I was I was thinking about not. Not celebrating California, allowing pastors to open up their churches at the same time that they’re rolling out the vaccine, and I’m thinking in my mind, it might be a trick.

How are they doing this? And brother, believe it or not, the moment I thought that your rock elder, your rock called me, he’ll tell you and say he says elder recall. I mean, there’s something fishy about them opening up these churches at the same time they rule it out. The vaccines, the split second of that thought, he called me. So with the same thought. So, brother, it’s not. Don’t forget, this are the most is going to operate in the spirit, but we’re not going to have to talk to each other about certain things when it comes to life or death scenarios.

We’re going to know together because the most of communicating with that body.

So so I mean, we’re dealing with it on a low level. But just check it out. You was talking about something and out of nowhere I was going to have no broadcast tonight. Out of nowhere, someone came in my mind and said, you know what? Drop this. Don’t drop it tomorrow night. Drop it tonight. And that’s why I’m here now, brother, the spirit that we end with the most has communicating with us like this is what is called the Holy Spirit, and that’s the spirit that’s going to guide us through it and have it where we can.

We trust we trust the signal. We trust the voice that we’ve all been baptized under that truth. We’ve been baptized on it. But this is the spirit is going to guide us, brother. So, hey, when you said that you almost got killed, because I’ve been since I’ve been dealing with this more and more and more when it comes to people in the body, when they’re saying things.

And I’m like, man, I just thought that this is getting crazy.

But yeah, I can appreciate you saying that because I can tell you my wife and I have had this conversation a million times over. Seems like I said how many times that when the other bring up with the broadcast that I just bring that information out on a newsletter that I wrote for the biggest body. I mean, it had it had happened to everything that you keep bringing it out. I have actually put out a newsletter right before you brought it out.

And so my spirit is really working and something about elder record myself that despite all that, we laugh about it a lot.

Well, well, well, brother, it’s not elder recording yourself. It’s is the body of Christ. Because like I said, I do this year out and it’s happening, which is all, you know, this is confirmation that we, you know, the most. I gathered the elected to the elect. All right. Well, thank you. I’m a place you on hold. And hey, thank you for the information. I’m sure the people out there appreciate it.

All right. Let’s get the next call. Eldard. All right, moving on to the next call, we have the two to nine areaCode, last three digits, three one zero two.

Yes, confirmation. Yes, this is the latest from Albany, Georgia. Yes, I’ve been in the truth now for like seven months and. When you mention that the Holy Spirit is like gathering, they are left to the left. I mean, I truly feel it in my spirit. And this is my third academy and all praise to the most part, to me coming in to the truth, when I saw the toilet from the Israel charter and I saw the trouble, Benjamin, I was like, what?

That me and I thought of watching you last night, the night I started staying up to like one or two or three o’clock in the morning, just study. And I finally got me got to a body, which is the Atlanta body, and I got baptized and I did the best day of my life, man. I mean, you can hear the nervousness of my voice, of course, and everything. But I just want to say thank you.

Elizabeth is one more thing I want to bring out before you get to the next call concerning the topic. And. There’s this, so I’m not sure if you have a network. I’m pretty sure you may have I don’t want to assume, but I just want to say it to the congregation that late in right now there, the so-called stress Armstrong and the flexibile. Basically, the episode on and on Episode one. Now, episode one, Season one, episode or whichever one it is, but basically it’s a device called Smart More.

And that, Mark, just when you read Revelation 13, the 16 verse a while ago, before you open up the line. That show right there basically has where the citizens of that town take the mark in their right hands. And the citizens are completely oblivious to like what they’re taking and they’re these heroes called the flip side. Right. And basically they can see what nobody else can see. So basically, they’re trying to warn their family members and other friends and whatnot from the schools and all that not to take them.

And basically, this is basically tied into what we’re talking about. And I just sent you guys the link. I don’t know if you’ll be able to play it tonight or not. One of the broadcast.

Well, I just sent me the link and forgot it. Don’t worry about it. I will show it, but not tonight. OK, brother. All right. I appreciate you taking my call. Oh, OK, man, I love you, buddy. Yeah, you spoiler.

I tell you that I like to say to myself, what is it? They know another thing.

No, no, no, no, no, no. Hold tight. I’m going to place you want to voice for you something else.

Don’t worry about it. All right. But we will place you at home. Yeah, but yeah. They’ve been, but they’ve been cygwin signalling this for a long time, and, gee, I’m kind of, you know, I’m kind of flabbergasted at some of the brothers. That are out there that are saying that they’re going to take this and they believe that, you know, they want other people to take it and it’s fine. Would not they want they going to encourage people to take this stuff when Lucifer’s name on it?

And I’m going to tell you folks, that’s what Christ, that’s what that’s what the the words of the prophets tells us in the book of Isaiah, that man, if he would have went to any other people, they would have, you know, if you and acyclovir, if he was we were said to a people of a strong speech.

They would have converted already. I mean, you would think some learned people who know this Bible, who think they know the Bible, would know not to not to encourage someone to take something with the name luciferase in it.

And not even and then then the technology is out there where it’s telling you that, yeah, we’re going to change your biology, we’ve got to change how God made you into something else. And it’s just right out there. But hey, the kingdom is full is for for you what’s what’s next until the next call? OK, our next call is coming from the three three zero area code, last four digits, two zero seven zero. What did you say, hello, did you say to zero yet?

We said you oh, hi, shalom. I’m playing to your background and can you hear me? Yeah, I’m playing your background, Ana.

OK, I turned it off. Thank you. OK, I have a question. Shalom, everybody. Hello. I have family that have taken the test. And did you mention that if you took the test, if something was injected into your brain?

Well, the whole thing is it’s not absolute, but there are nanoparticles that they are using with the test first. That will actually that test when they show things in you is actually opening the cavity in preparation for what’s to come where they’re going to be using. They’re going to use a device to put you go through your nose and place in RFID chip there or in the hand. OK, now it’s not the mark of the beast, if that’s what you are concerned about.

Those tests aren’t the mark of the beast, but they’re definitely, definitely Segway in the tests. OK, the test, but but then this injection, this injection is the thing is, is is to transitioning your body into transhumanism, into the beast, where now you are part of a computer system to be tracked and controlled, and then that once your body breaks down, it’s going to need the next technology to operate with any level of normalcy. So once once you take this up is going to break you down to a degree in which you unless you’re looking to be a vegetable, you’re going to need that mark of the beast technology just to just to operate to any level of normalcy once they break you down with these injections.

OK, so as long as they don’t take the vaccine, they will be OK.

Well, this is what you have to understand. You have the Bible, says Jacob Seka, the sign. Right. Right now, right now, life is is helping me determine life in people’s choices, are helping me to determine who I’m going to eventually have to avoid, even if they’re my family, if they’re making these stupid choices out here based on the news media and all that, I know they’re going to be an issue. I’m not saying anything because they’re grown people.

They know how I feel. They still making choices like, well, how do you know? The news said this. The local news said that. And I’m not arguing with them. I’m saying, well, OK, Skull and Bones right there. You’re not coming around me. Look zombie out.

That’s what I’m saying in my mind. OK, I can take this person off, but.

Well, you know what I’m not saying and I’m not the sister is no time to go back and forth about this anymore, you know?

OK, I mean, no, I’m not. I’m I’m I mean, I told them not even I told them not to take the test because I told them I didn’t trust it anyway. Yeah. But went on I took the test, but they said that they aren’t going to take the vaccine. OK, well, keep your eye on them.

Keep a keep. You know, I found out what you said, what you just said tonight, that that that test will lead to some type of particles into the brain. It does. And in a I just see.

But see, because they would have listened to me see what that’s enough for your body to reject. But what was going to be shot in your bloodstream when Lucifer get up in you?

Yeah. Hey, that’s when that’s when the body starts. All right.

OK, all right. Okay. Well, thank you so much. Run around blowing in the other. All right. Bless you.

Stay prayed up. Watch you. Yeah. Okay. What’s next? Losable. Go have a party in your temple. Let’s go. All right.

Next, we are B nine one six areacode. Last four digits or five four four.

So I want a family so Charlebois are be going to be on for another 15 minutes, so we’re going to try to get right to these. Talk to me, Brother Charlebois.

So on this observation. So this first round of this vaccine, if they don’t get these people, this vaccine, but shortly after they came up with the vaccine this week, they immediately went to this new variant. So how serious the vaccine is going to cause people to have this this issue and the numbers are going to spike, but they’re going to blame the numbers on this new variant that they’re talking about in schools that they’re talking about now getting behind it together.

It’s like they’re trying to be one step ahead or whatnot. So that was just an observation that was kind of peculiar. Are they already talking about a very. Yeah, now, so they can explain why, because they claim once everybody took it that things would be fine, but they already got the check back out there where now the new variant making it way is really spiking now. And let’s go let’s let’s go drop off these Negroes. Oh, OK.

Let’s put an invisible line around a martial law lesson. But these Negroes are zombies, OK? And the Latinos hanging out on the avenue, we’re going to throw you all up in there to OK as I go through it, sir. Yes, sir. All right. So they are they are already putting the trick out, they say, because they claim that if you do it, that automatically the number should go down. But they go like, well, no, the numbers would have went down.

But that new variant that we talked about that we just discussed in the boardroom is happening now. Wink, wink. So so you really got to get you got to come for a double dose now.

And what the new variant they already talking about, this is something that’s probably going to be necessary for a year, any type of vaccine to come out. So now they are already planning to just keep pumping this stuff into people. So that was my observation. But the whole thing is OK.

But we have to we have to understand that we have to have we have to have a discussion on what happens when they zombified our community. How do we save ourselves from from these people who we who who who were once our loved ones walking around, being control to do all types of crazy things that they can blame on black people. OK, so we have to we have to now strategically talk discuss that about how they are going to wired people up like nut jobs, Manchurian Candidate, sick, sick of fans.

And I mean, they’re going to be able to do they’re going to be able to do whatever they want. Once we get this stuff up in us to demonize our people, they’re going to use it to demonize us on every level. So that’s a discussion we have to have. How do we protect ourselves from these Manchurian Candidate who acquiesce to Lucifer, these agents? That’s a whole nother discussion. Probably go over that next week.

All right. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes. All right. Thank you for the call. Appreciate it. No problem, Sheila.

All right, next, we have the one area code, the last four digits, five three nine three again, apre one last four digits, five three nine three oh. Oh, yes, she lives. Well, I would like to know about the mistake of letting the. In robots, yeah, I heard about that. OK. OK. Yeah, everybody’s going to tell everybody out. Yeah, go ahead, explain, Greg. The floor is yours.

OK, so they took the embryo to four and they did something to the embryo, but they made it so they can control the cells in the embryo. They broke it now and they figured out how to control it, so they need it like a living robot. The cell phone. Yeah, I was wondering what they usually technology in that. Yeah, because you have to realize what they’re doing is transhumanism and it’s and the biology of of of actually fusing different animals and all that, just like in the days of Noah.

So, yes, they’re going to be fusing all that with people. OK. I’ma tell you, folks, and they really test on rats and and frogs and all that stuff first mice, pigs first, but really it’s all lead into what they’re looking to do to people to make it where they’ll have the biology of something that looks like what God created but is really a living host. For demons to be controlled like a robot. But first, but first, they must get you to roll up your sleeves and and hand over your spirit or your brain to them.

OK, so, you know, little steps, you know, Rome wasn’t built in a day. That’s not a plan, you know, and don’t worry about it because Kizzie helped make the brucke kissy kissy. Got you get. Let’s called the next cop the No. All right. Next, we have the 832 area code, last four digits, one five three six oh Chalamont out.

How are you doing?

I’m blessed by the best. And his name is Isaiah. Yes, sir.

Yes, sir. I just wanted just to say thank you and thank all the elders around for bringing out all the information that job and bring it all over this time of year. Yes, a lot of things been going on with me. You know, I recently just lost my dad and it was kind of hard. But, you know, I thank you all for being diligent and just bringing out those lessons. And it’s been helping me to stay strong and continue, you know, building with my family and making sure I’m doing my part as a man.

And I just want to say to are the bank you so much for everything?

Well, brother, you stay strong. And you know what? Make your father proud. You do what you need to do. And at the end of it, guess what?

You see him on the other side, OK? Spirits are eternal.

Do what’s right on this side and you know, you’ll be waiting in the bosom of Abraham where everybody you see him again. OK. All right, thank you, Bill. And for those who don’t know real quick, why, why I said why I made the statement that kissy kissy godi let me let me get let me get him out of here. I said Kizzy got him were kids. He got you. Because the black scientist plays a key role in covid vaccines.

Who knows, maybe she was falling, you know, falling people’s fingernails or something, you know, in a waiting room. Who knows? Black scientist plays a key role in covid vaccine. What role that was to be determined. But it was a black scientist. That’s right, it wasn’t an East Indian because they would have said East Indian scientists if it was it wasn’t a white scientist, because it would have said white scientists if it was it wasn’t Chinese science scientists, because it would say a Chinese scientist plays a key role.

For some reason, they have to emphasize in state black, as if they’re looking to convince some some people that they think are stupid. But her name is Kiss Kiss. Mikio Corbitt, Ph.D.. She is an African-American who has been praised by top infectious disease experts for a role in the vaccine. That’s right. And guess and guess what? Don’t don’t think you can’t make this up. Faraci called her Kizzie. Yeah, Kizzie, she’s been she’s just been been a team player, I want to Kizzie, I remember Kizzie Route’s.

Masa’s say we can’t run too fast if you try to run. If you try to run, he’s going to send them after us and I don’t have enough rations and you know, I only got about four pieces of cornbread left.

I only got four pieces of cornbread. How are we going to make it back north? Hizzy. What’s behind what’s behind the vaccine, so the confidence should be up 100 percent, no problem, a black woman was behind it. But the only problem I have with this is the last time they told us that a black woman that you had a sister helping them with something. The last time they did this, it was a woman by the name of Eunice Verdell Reverse.

Laurie, who is she?

Oh, look at her. She probably she probably made a mean pot of green soup. But guess what? Who is Eunice Rivers? Laurie. She was an African-American nurse who worked in the state of Alabama. She is best known for her work as the coordinator of the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. She was used to coordinate an experiment on black men.

The Tuskegee experiment was an inhuman study that deliberately allowed black men to develop syphilis when there was treatment for the disease they are going up in to see every day the devil, the devil play the same tricks over and over and over again on us.

Why? Because they work. Because they work. There’s always someone willing, you know, to make a few coins. You know, who cares if a black man suffered for 40 years with a disease while the cure is out there, right there out in front for us. Don’t worry about it. There you go, Hegazy. See? It is no problem at all. So a feel good, feel good, feel good about it, feel good about six.

The bees feel good because you are because Kizzy got you. She got you there, she got. For that photo op, looking all serious, all right, who knows what she you know, she helped during the experiment, who knows what she was doing, but, you know, she was helping.

A black face, and because we because we don’t know any better, they think we’re stupid. If they say black people, that means it’s safe, is good for us. No, and when kids see this, you go right there.

Huh, I’m not going to run down north now. And as I say, we can’t run that I know. All right, let’s get the next call lawyer. History does good. Massa says there’s no right, Massa says those bad things are good for us, just like honeysuckles. All right, what’s next?

All right. Next, we have the two one six areaCode, last four digits, zero two two four. So while builder Shalom, talk to me. OK, I’m from the Cleveland body. My name is still liberal, and I just want to thank you first and foremost for bringing out all the information about the market. The be and I’ve been aware of this for since I was a young woman and I taught my children about it and I told them not to take the mark.

They get their hair cut off. So, Elder, I thank you, because a lot of my family I’ve been trying to share this with them, not to take the vaccine. And about the luciferase, some of the family said they’re not going to take it. Someone said that they are keep up the work elder. Keep sharing that with people. Keep letting us know what’s going on. And I thank you for it because I’m 66 years old and I didn’t think I would live to see this, but I’m here since the U.S. born for this moment.

So will we. And we want to make it through with faith. Yes. And careful planning, according to the word. Thank you, sister. Yeah, yep. All right. All right, the lawyer, we got enough for about two more calls and then we wish you all Godspeed and we’ll talk with you soon.

Yes, sir.

That’s what we have here is seven zero eight AREACODE, last four digits, six nine three.

All right, we’ll go to the next one. All right, next, we have nine by one, one for the last four digits, one, four, five, six. Oh, and Amelda, yeah, shallow water. Lawyer, elder abuse, guitar a the bar, what of this amount? My question was. What about all the other brothers and sisters that are more and more areas that are not able to hear us say Internet or not to hearing about the church being in those areas?

What are we going to do? What’s going to happen about them?

Well, we have a role that we have an initiative in which we’re going to rule out and go to these different cities and prophesy and preach OK into these areas. But I going tell you right now, folks, and this is what I find. I find. So that’s more prevalent. More prevalent than anything is that I don’t know too many people, it doesn’t matter where you are that haven’t heard of Israelites who have at least seen these teachings, because what’s more effective than, you know, someone just around the corner from you, just on the corner somewhere is the Internet.

Everyone we know in this has a phone. And as a way of reaching out, so I’m I to tell you, it’s it’s we’re going to roll out into these different areas and try this and we’re going to have some initiative to do so. But I’m I tell you, we can find our way to deal with mischievous things all over the Earth. Using the phone, you got people meeting people from other countries, buying into other countries and doing all these networking and things over the phone as we speak who have seen teachers who know that they should have been in that Bible.

OK, so what I’m saying is it’s really no excuse the Bible tell you, Tom, and can’t happen to all men. So we’re going to get to as many people as we can. But the reality is what you’ve got to look at, even before covid, how many people just outright rejected the truth when they had access to the information? Right. So you can’t we can’t ignore that. So some people just, you know, they don’t want to hear it.

That’s the reality of it, too. So. So, yeah. But I understand what you’re saying. We’re going to do the best we can to get the Gilberte, huh?

No, I was going to say to them and say, all right, well, I’m happy, oh, I’m going to drop egads so over my reservation in 2016, are people there or are brothers and sisters over in that area? They didn’t have like with only 70 percent of them didn’t have running water or electricity. Now recently they barely coming on with electricity. So far the Internet goes OK and they’re not really hip to it or not understanding. That’s what I meant.

OK, well, that is what I’m trying to. OK, no one is trying to say for everybody. So, OK, so you’re talking about us.

You talking about a specific case where brother is like this though.

Right. This is this is what I’m talking about is this is the power. When it comes to the body of Christ, the fact that you’re there, the fact that you’re there, we can baptize you and get some brothers to go there with you and get it done. See, you had you have to realize that, you know, the bodies all over the Earth, so when there’s certain missions that may be your work, that’s your work that we must that we must help you with.

So if you have if you ever work in particular that you need done for your people, you get with us. We get some people, we get some elders to fly here and boom, we make it we make it happen at the reservation. That’s what the most I have you on the phone for.

Oh, control, I believe both sides will it will be done regardless, so, no, no, no, no, no.

But it must be done by you. So where are you? I’m actually over here in the California body, OK? Southern California. What but what reservation in particular you like us to go to? My reservation, the Navajo reservation over in the Four Corners. OK, when when would you like to go to the Navajo reservations and drop what we just dropped tonight, when would you like to do it? I don’t know the president, not my, my, my, my, my.

I just wanted to say ask questions about it. I don’t know. Nobody. Anybody doing anything. Anything. No, no. Listen to the most. I will not listen all along and get this.

Rather, we can’t what we can’t do is put something out there and not be willing to finish it. You said you wanted to get to the people, you wanted the knowledge to get there, right. You know where the people need need it. They’re your people. I’m saying let’s do it. Let’s do it. No. So when you want to do it. Whenever you are ready, you OK, let me aoh, the lawyer put his number down, we get some brothers from California and we’ll go to the Navajo’s that sample.

Some of the animals say, let’s get it. What’s your name again? He’s a brother, sister, my brother, my brother, NSD, Caesar was the name of that.

He was the name of that that high character. I mean, the main character in the Planet of the Apes that broke free and destroyed and organized, organize all the apes against against oppression and put all of them under subjection. And that’s the irony there. OK, Susan. All right, you have no other way. Yes, sir. OK, Macy’s is about to round up some Navajo’s. Hey, watch out, Edom. What’s next? Last call.

Right. The last call we have here is coming from the seven or to. Yeah. Last four digits. Five eight seven zero.

A lot, shalom, shallow talk to us. What’s going on, brothers to Vegas, to Utah? I wanted to say thanks for that, that allow you to get baptized? I wanted to bring up that. We’re kind of bringing up pictures for that, a pretty predictive program. And you said something about 1984 or something like that had something to do with Lucifer.

Because there was a new movie, a new movie that just came out and it just keep pushing out like Stumbo, W-W 1984, 1984, and I was just wondering what that 1984 had to do with again or if it had something to do with the Red Sea floor plan that they’re rolling out.

Well, I know for sure that Rick. Yeah, I know that Rex 84 was really a revision of the King Alfreds plan that would include Hispanics and Latinos in the round up. So I know that for sure. So I don’t know, 1994 in particular, but I know that Rex 84 was the plan, not not 94.

It’s called Rex in 1984. There’s a new movie that just came up and you said something about it had something to do with Samuel Taylor and make recordings or so again.

Oh, no, no, no, no. I did the Hebrew. I was going into Hebrew and breaking down the Hebrew numbers and all that. Look, just look at again, you got a lot of things jumbled up. But no, I didn’t know. I didn’t say that. OK, sorry, I was just kind of wondering it just kind of jumped out at me and I was wondering about that, sir, no problem. No. Once again.

Thank you, sir. Bless you. Bless you. One more caller deloy, let’s let’s go one more, aigo, one more. All right, next call here, we have five zero seven last four digits, nine one six zero. Shalom, elders, I was calling in to say, first piece of glass was the elders and respect to you guys. I was watching, you know, watching you for a few months now. I’m new into this.

I was brought in and was learning with a friend of mine, Curtis Baker and also Damian Morgan. I was watching the videos that you were showing about the people getting the vaccinations, one where the plunger was not depressed. I’m a nurse with the plunger, was not depressed and there was not really a shot given. And then I was watching the one today where you were showing with the lady with the red dress, the cap was not on I’m sorry, not taking off the needle.

And they were giving her a shot. And she says she didn’t do anything. I know it was something that was the right word in the first place because they didn’t wipe the with alcohol and after the supposed it shot, they didn’t wipe out again and put a bandage on it. When you get a shot, they inject anything in you or even draw blood. They always wipe and put a Band-Aid on. They didn’t do any of that in the nervous system here, smiling like, OK, I do this all the time.

This is just the thing to do. No, this is something with the Kowit. You got to be careful with whatever it is that they’re giving you. You don’t want to waste any of it, but. It doesn’t make sense that the way they’re doing it, they’re lying to people and you see Bill showing you that they’re giving this shot to black people, but when it comes to white people, they’re not showing them given the actual shots. Now, in all the states I have seen giving out shots, some people have had a reaction.

They stop giving those shots. They’re not giving those shots anymore. With this lady, the black lady that they use to make the call that her role in it in the making of this vaccine is, oh, we’ll put this black lady in here to show that it’s OK to get this shot. We had a black person in here. They’ll be more confident and wanting to do it. That’s her role. But the people that are in this group that know and people that really sit and think about it, they’re not given a shot no matter who they put in there, because she’s just a face.

She’s just a front to try to throw us off. Now, I’ve been talking to a lot of my family and speaking to them about what you’ve been saying as well. I have a YouTube channel and I speak on there of what you have been teaching me. And I keep telling them I can’t teach them, but I’m telling them and I’m letting them know, hey, this is not something that we want to do. You can lead a horse to the water, but you can’t make them drink and all praises to the most high that he brought you into everyone’s life to help teach us about what they’re doing to us and this truth.

Praise, the most praise be to the most high and. Now, like I said, I’ve only been in this for like a little over a year, I haven’t been into one of the academies yet. I started out watching my husband off doing his own thing. But in him seeing my faithfulness and listening and my persistence in listening, and he’s here in a different way. I’m talking now. I got humorlessness presence to the whole idea of him, all the glory, because now my husband is faithfully listening in to your words of what you’re saying of the truth.

And we’re going to try to be the very best to get into this academy come January. Well, sister, you don’t want to miss. We’re coming in if you don’t want to miss. I don’t believe you want to miss this.

I’m going to I’m not going to either go to my home page or whatever I do. Rob Peter to pay. Paul, I’m coming. I need to find a body here where I am in Minnesota. Now, when you were saying you advise people that they need to get out of the city, the more had moved me from the city years ago. I’m pretty much in the country. We I’m so far in the country that if you sit you in the next town and we have a hard time getting Internet, that’s our country.

It is where I am. I can walk in to a farm in either direction. OK, well, well, I need to find a body here to. Get me forgive me, I have motivation, but I need other like minded people with me.

Well, don’t worry about that because we do. We do. We have we have people there. So let’s do this. Let me get your name out the lawyer. Make sure you write her name down a number. And we’re going to give that number to elder Yurok to call her. To call her. So you and your husband should be looking for a call. She should be expected. Expect a call. All right, Susan.

But everybody is she what’s your name again? Morning, Ritchie. Well, thank you, Bonnie, and welcome, welcome to the Truth. With that, I’m going to say shalom and basically.

Thank you and peace and blessings on to you and your family in their respective places. Thank you.

Well, thank you. And make the most happy with you. Shalom. OK, well, brothers and sisters. That concludes our broadcast for this evening. And in case you didn’t know. They did something to instill confidence in into the world population when it comes to Satan serum. The devil’s needle, perfect push for Queenslanders like the premier to get the job. Oh, this is really and. Feeling. I didn’t feel it, I’m sure you didn’t.

I’m sure you didn’t. But don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about it because you know you know why we shouldn’t have to worry. This is why we as a people shouldn’t worry. At all. Because not just any scientist, not just any old scientist. We have black scientists. That plays key roles in Macon’s, Satan’s stinking needles say, you know, they don’t make you feel good. I don’t know what will because not Chinese scientist, not white scientists.

That’s right. That’s how dumb they think we are. And, you know, they say black scientist, maybe maybe we’ll listen to Kizzie.

You know, Kizzie going hook it up for us, you know, I mean, you know, I take my blackey, you know, she probably was in the room and Trump said, listen, I need my coffee.

Black two lumps lightly stir. And then you got Eunice Rivers, you know, midwife back in the day, Tuskegee, hooking us up on the black tip. Younus Verdell Rivers’ was an African-American nurse who worked in the state of Alabama. She is best known for her work as a coordinator of the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment from 1932 to 1972. The dusky experiment was an inhumane study that deliberately allow black men to develop syphilis when there was treatment for the disease, that is.

It’s all good and beloved. She probably make a mean, mean tray of mac and cheese, though.

OK, so you all can get the double serum if you want, we good if you take this eventually, you know, and follow Satan’s trail, you’ll be following Satan’s trail to hell. OK, well, nothing to do with the most high god of Israel got us. And we got next, you know. OK, so back up these temples. This temple don’t belong to you, devil. This temple belongs to the most. And guess what, we’re the children of Israel.

And we are back. These shallow. The east is where the twelve tribes is like 721. The saliently took us down, we found with a great escape with you, Fritzie Lord Hill, towards. To a land where no man can’t live. We went to the 12 tribes of Israel and we’ve been in the protests, but you them for a while. The Lord has called the back is of American man. Sami Medicaids is gathering by the Arabs.

Africans told us at gunpoint to get their wives and children. And so this great ship traveled by the rivers of Babylon, found our brothers in a high. Economic growth in the second of case. Economic growth in Australia, the second the that’s so we be. But been for a it at the hospital while. I think. He declines, let’s hear. Well, the Chevy. Single Coming Common-Law.

Internet censorship coming to Canada Bill C-10

I hope that Bill C-10 fails. It’s been nice to own great domain names and spread the WORD.

It has been done with great expense but waking up the harvest is the thing to do!

Let me know in the comments section if you like free speech!

COVID-19 Green Passports coming out!

The scriptures say you won’t be able to BUY or SELL without the Mark of the Beast!


This is not a good sign. Won’t be able to buy or sell without the MARK?

I’m not getting the vaccine; I will ask that they kill me first!

LA begins issuing digital vaccine verification which could be used in the future as ‘passport’ to gain access to flights and venues – but critics warn it could turn into a ‘data grab’

  • LA will begin offering the digital receipts for vaccination starting this week
  • Plan is being carried out in partnership with tech company Healthvana 
  • It’s initially aimed at ensuring people get the correct second dose of vaccine
  • But critics fear a looming system of ‘vaccine passports’ required for travel
  • Raises questions about civil rights and people with immunity after infection 


Spain the first country in Europe to register citizens who refuse a COVID-19 vaccine


Apps Now Being Developed for Global Vaccine Passport


Long article but a good one!

Vaccine passports are here and expected to become “widely available” during the first half of 2021
The passports will be attached to cellphone apps that track and trace your COVID-19 test results and vaccination status
The Commons Project and the World Economic Forum created the Common Trust Network, which developed the CommonPass app that’s intended to act as a health passport in the near future
The app allows users to upload medical data such as a COVID-19 test result or proof of vaccination, which then generates a QR code that you will show to authorities as your health passport in order to travel or attend certain events
Getting health passports to become a new normal has been part of the plan all along for the Commons Project, which began developing software that tracks medical data well before the COVID-19 pandemic
Now partnered with the World Economic Forum, CommonPass represents the beginning stage of mass tracking and tracing, under the guise of keeping everyone safe from infectious disease; it is part and parcel of the Great Reset and the fourth industrial revolution

Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce join a push for digital vaccination credentials.

Tech coalition working to create digital COVID-19 vaccination passport


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